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RT @thatbilloakley: Four minutes ago when I heard Roger Stone had been found guilty on all 7 counts I laughed just like George McFly watchi…
I could see why some of the boys took him for snobby. He had a quiet way about him, a walk and a talk that just wasn't normal around here.
You love to see it https://www.cnbc.com/2019/11/15/trump-friend-roger-stone-found-guilty-of-lying-to-congress.html
After a few days of D+, my only MAJOR issue is that it doesn't remember what you've watched so you can easily pick up where you left off. I'm sure they'll add this functionality. Otherwise, there have been a few relatively minor glitches and that's it.
"This massive new streaming destination is a little glitchy and some old Disney movies are kinda racist. F-." I've got a few issues of my own but it's brand new. Let's take a deep breath and give it like 3 days to work out the kinks, gang. https://gizmodo.com/disney-is-embarrassing-1839836190
It’s almost like he’s an evil senile moron who doesn’t understand how anything, including his own job, works... https://twitter.com/poniewozik/status/1195369929811406855?s=21
If you'll only read the Constitution, you'll see that it doesn't mention the name "Donald Trump" even a single time. Check and MATE, motherfuckers. https://twitter.com/LisPower1/status/1195372163127283712
You know that scene in the mob movie where the guy is testifying against the mobster and he loses it and stands up in court like "You're dead! Your whole family's DEAD!" It's basically that but the president. https://twitter.com/NBCNews/status/1195367728607039488
RT @Myers145Jacob: @Jason @TWistartups @brianalvey @steepdecline @Lons Congrats @Jason Super inspiration and entertaining story telling! De…
Is it really "Peak TV" when new episodes you want to watch go live in the middle of the goddamn night? Somehow, we had primetime television figured out in 1965 and now it's gone?
INTERNET: Hey! Can I interest you in feeling sad for Taylor Swift! ME: Pass. INTERNET: Maybe this argument about whether YA books should be taught at universities? ME: Ugh, no. INTERNET: Let’s see... Well, Lindsey Graham— ME: When does “Mandalorian” go up?
A regular person not doing actual piracy on a pirate ship would be a passenger or stowaway, not a pirate. Therefore, a cat on a pirate ship is just a cat, not a pirate cat. https://twitter.com/sarahwendling/status/1195218544016994309
RT @BabieBazile: So I tried finessing this guy into sharing his Disney+ account with me and this is what he sends me 😭 https://t.co/KLcF6Q3…
@Lons, @steepdecline and I reflect on one of the greatest moments of the podcast - me telling @travisk back in 2011 how @Uber would be his Billion Dollar company 🔥. Episode 1000th 🎈 Full episode 🎥: https://bit.ly/2QeCpgE
🎈@TWistartups Episode 1000 @brianalvey, @steepdecline, @Lons and I talk about the... 🎶 "Money is the Root of All Evil" theme song 🎙The first episodes of TWiST 👤Brian Alvey's experience as the first guest Watch the full episode 🎥: https://bit.ly/2QeCpgE
This is amazing and the most 2019 thing imaginable. https://twitter.com/ASFleischman/status/1195154378338000902
Still a bunch of stuff I want to check out on Disney+ but... I don't know... might have to go with MILLION DOLLAR DUCK next... https://uproxx.com/movies/million-dollar-duck/
There are 85 Starbucks locations in Alabama.
This yutz must have heard someone making fun of "oat milk" and thought they said "goat milk," which is SUPER awesome. Also, it's 2019. Everyone loves a nice latte. That has not been a fancy person food in literal decades. https://twitter.com/ddale8/status/1195164308709265409
RT @mousterpiece: Still waiting for George Lucas to make the correct changes to this scene. One day.
RT @AltMayo: oh my god
There's a lot of crime out there But it'll all come out... in the wash Mr. Clean | 2021
In a dirty world... He ain't no scrub The Rock IS Mr. Clean Coming in 2021
The Notebook https://twitter.com/colbertlateshow/status/1194844690413056000
Analysts agreed that while the testimony had Zazz! and Zing!, it lacked both Zork! and particularly Kapowza! https://twitter.com/NBCNews/status/1194830580896145408
I hear Rongo the Strongo's family isn't happy about his portrayal. I mean, there's no way Brad Pitt could beat him up. Come on.
Circus performers teaming up to free Dumbo and his mom from their cruel imprisonment is basically Disney doing a Quentin Tarantino revisionist revenge flick.
So, wait, the Tim Burton remake of DUMBO was actually... pretty good? Did not see this coming.
RT @Chris_Hanna: Céline Dion is incapable of giving a boring answer to any question. Here she is talking/singing about her favourite food:…
UPDATE: This happened in 2012!!!
I would also accept: - Double Rainbow - Supa Hot Fire - Conceited:
Wouldn't you rather live in a decade where this was the Meme of the Decade rather than, I don't know, the dog in the house that's on fire or the man who's no longer attracted to his girlfriend?
It's definitely not Dat Boi but I think we should declare it Dat Boi anyway. https://twitter.com/GenePark/status/1194722113183264768
The greatest trick Hunter Biden ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.
There's just no way that Quibi is a real product. I think Elizabeth Holmes is behind it. https://deadline.com/2019/11/nicole-richie-nikki-freh-quibi-comedy-series-1202781883/maz
Geez, I don't know, you think so, Chuck? Maybe they were gonna put "Love Connection" on Disney+ or something? https://twitter.com/brat2381/status/1194690157288386560
Is @JoeBiden the biggest loser today or @realDonaldTrump?
Is this a Fox News poll?
First no Ernest movies and now THIS?!?? https://twitter.com/FrankAngones/status/1194403889480491009
Want to be a glamorous and in-demand writer of newsletters, like me? https://twitter.com/Jason/status/1194712078348509184
.. and not shower daily while working in your PJs
Then they stayed up for 70 hours and plotted out those next three Gerard Butler "Has Fallen" sequels. https://twitter.com/Newsweek/status/1194668808327376902
RT @NickGreene: Disney Plus: —$84 per year —Glitchy, doesn't work right —No 'Night Court' 'Night Court' Seasons 1-3 on DVD: —$27.99 one-ti…
RT @mikeryan: This hearing has gotten out of hand
RT @screenjunkies: Hobbs & Shaw somehow managed to be Faster and Furiouser than Fast & Furious. #HonestTrailerCommentaries ➡️https://t.co/…
“President Trump is working too hard to watch this popular TV show about himself” is the worst lie I’ve ever heard. At least come up with a plausible cover story, Steph. https://twitter.com/yamiche/status/1194657331537207296?s=21
All you need know about the philosophy of modern American conservatism is that they picked this chud to represent them on television.
You’d think right-wing commentary would produce at least a few CLEVER frauds willing to lie for profit, as opposed to this endless parade of sneering simpletons.
You can’t bribe people with MONEY. It’s meant to be exchanged for goods and services! Check and MATE!
Imagine thinking this would work...
Also you all should know that Michael Scott's one-time girlfriend Jan Levinson-Gould plays the nightclub singer in this movie.
"The Rocketeer" remains terrific SEND TWEET
Episode 1000 🎈Retrospective with TWiST lifers @steepdecline, @brianalvey, @Lons & @JacqKD 🔥 https://www.pscp.tv/w/cJuJ2DEwMzQ1MXwxZ3F4dmdieWVNektCbc9YsWqbtctLKrBalNclGIYAhAf5XyxjfMqw9B4d8q0=
RT @TWistartups: .@Jason is joined by @steepdecline, @brianalvey, @Lons & @JacqKD for the 1000th episode of This Week in Startups!! https:…
@Jason is joined by @steepdecline, @brianalvey, @Lons & @JacqKD for the 1000th episode of This Week in Startups!! https://youtu.be/FUiI0Xfj56k
Obviously, I'm excited to get a look at MANDALORIAN, but I'll be honest... The first thing I do when Disney+ goes live might be revisiting some of them classic @xmentas episodes. Been a while.
It's weird this hasn't just been available to stream somewhere forever, right? Could be turning a whole new generation on to some of these characters. These characters are basically not being used at all right now.
They’re blocking me 😂
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