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In a letter to her House colleagues, Nancy Pelosi said: “President Trump had a temper tantrum for us all to see.” This is not true. I was purposely very polite and calm, much as I was minutes later with the press in the Rose Garden. Can be easily proven. It is all such a lie!
Local toddler throws temper tantrum about not thowing a temper tantrum
You're really like whatever.
RT @TheOnion: David Brooks Decries Incivility Of Modern Plumbing After Tripping On Feet And Falling Headfirst Into Toilet https://t.co/swyi…
What is our purpose on this planet? Is there a universal morality? Slow down, Heidegger, we're still figuring out whether a hot dog is a sandwich.
In case you thought it was ever possible to actually get to the truth about anything at all, there are still ongoing disputes about who invented email. https://twitter.com/techdirt/status/1131252753454587905
“Last Year at Marienbad” but it’s just Moby insisting to strangers that they used to date.
In the future, everyone will pretend to date Natalie Portman for 15 minutes.
Weirdly, most of the Mueller Report is also about Moby being a creep.
Night gathers, and now my watch begins...
RT @notcapnamerica: OMG!!!! Brienne predicted the end of Game of Thrones! I’m shook! 😵
Also the chiptune version of the song played behind the first few levels of the "Aladdin" video game, which I was terrible at, so it just got implanted in my brain from endless hours of trial and error there as well. I may just have to live with it now. RIFF RAFF STREET RAT
I rewatched the '90s ALADDIN this weekend and forgot how insanely catchy "One Jump Ahead" is and now it's in my brain forever.
I want whatever drugs the 2% of Americans who haven't heard anything about Trump are on. https://twitter.com/CarrieNBCNews/status/1130898665571344385
I'm fine with this but I'm also fine with it just being Stuntman Mike and he's ageless and eternal. https://twitter.com/FreddyInSpace/status/1130863438396383232
Ha ha! I am brutally unqualified! https://twitter.com/SecretaryCarson/status/1130922949060571137
I'd prefer a prequel about the early life of Vigo the Carpathian. https://twitter.com/ThePlaylist/status/1130923228740718592
I've been chanting "Lock Her Up!" at my desk for maybe 45 minutes now. How do I know if it's working? https://twitter.com/thehill/status/1130575428983431168
RT @screenjunkies: #Braveheart is your dad's 300 - http://youtu.be/ev7DCzaiPGM
- Maybe she died, but probably she's just back home. - Literally who cares? - They are buried under rocks now. - Turning them into new White Walkers https://twitter.com/latimes/status/1130731213247995904
Jerry obviously won "Seinfeld." That's totally clear. Jim and Pam split the victory for "The Office." "30 Rock" goes to Jack Donaghy. And I know "Curb Your Enthusiasm" isn't over but Leon basically has this in the bag. Gina won "Martin."
I prescribe taking a few deep breaths and reminding yourself that Isaac Hempstead Wright doesn't actually get to become a king after this. He'll probably do a Hulu series after this. Meanwhile, Emilia Clarke's already doing movies! It's gonna be fine.
Starting to think that the main issue was "Game of Thrones" kind of setting itself up as having a "winner." People got emotionally invested in the result like it was "Big Brother" or something. It'd be like if Joey won "Friends." Chandler fans would take it personally.
- So, tell us about your new show. - Gonna be pretty fun. My character's definitely gonna download some apps. - ... - ... - ... - ... - OK, coming up next we've got some new recipes from Mr. Food. Stay with us. http://collider.com/true-lies-tv-show-disney-plus
RT @pattymo: The ending we the fans deserved
This brand tweet is incredible on a few levels: - The dog is wearing sunglasses but is otherwise nude - The Big Dog wants to be king? Why? - The whole point of the finale was that there is no more Iron Throne - This brand still exists https://twitter.com/BigDogClub/status/1130523031258976261
This shot is brilliant and should be shown in any film study class
If I ever come up with a really popular idea for a TV show, I'm turning it over to the FBI and going into witness protection.
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Also, all those chairs LOOK Middle Ages-y, but they were just built last year. And those aren't real Westerosi people. They're just actors, mainly from the UK. The same country where the show is made! What a bunch of phonies. https://twitter.com/Snoodit/status/1130369271224082432
RT @mattsIdeaShop: It was always gonna be House Crane.
I do have a question: What are The Unsullied going to do in Naath? "Hey, I'm Grey Worm. I used to date a girl who was from here." "OK. That's weird, but OK. Why did you bring an army with you?" "No particular reason."
I now realize that a bunch of people had tweeted me spoilers - I guess based on leaks - several weeks ago that I had just ignored because I assumed they were full of shit. See, avoiding spoilers is simple! Just don't listen to anyone about anything, ever.
Already mentally moved on to Westworld 3. https://twitter.com/HBO/status/1130276959970242561
Please know that anyone sending me conspiracy theories about how the showrunners tanked the series on purpose will be responded to in the harshest possible manner.
I have a TON of thoughts on the extremely controversial Bran stuff, but I will save those for #CasterlyTalk.
But any time you're piloting a massive vessel like this... any decision you make has trade-offs and consequences. Despite what the internet says, there's no PERFECT ending. I think this was a largely fair trade-off.
It still felt very rushed... I do wish we'd had a standard 10-episode final season... but I thought a lot of the moments here were exceptional. The final episodes are grand, visually striking and cinematic, and we sacrificed some of the detail and intimacy to get there.
RT @robfee: Bran’s ending makes sense. There is nothing more accurate than the son of a powerful leader doing absolutely nothing and still…
RT @vornietom: The theme of Game of Thrones was ultimately “I’d vote for a woman but not this woman”
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RT @Seinfeld2000: what if game of thrones still on tv?
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I think Dan Stevens and Michael K. Williams for the main space pirates. Ted Cruz could be played by three differently-sized bags full of garbage stacked on top of one another, like a snowman.
Maybe the only good thing about "Game of Thrones" ending is that it clears space on HBO's schedule for the inevitable Ted Cruz vs. Space Pirates series.
I have definitely seen a GIF of Emilia making a face that could only mean she detests the show that has turned its back on its characters and fans. So I guess Benioff and Weiss pulled a gun on her and made her write this. Only logical explanation.
But wait I thought she hates it now because of bad writing https://twitter.com/Variety/status/1130206248668979200
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