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But she gotta get that Skyfall script love if she get a Spectre script we’ll be set back another 50 years 😔...#007 https://twitter.com/trenarcisse/status/1150821731227095041
James Bond is a black woman. And no I’m not saying colorless person. I’m saying Black Woman. I’m here for this 😏 #007
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The second verse of Ice Ice Baby is about Vanilla Ice successfully evading the Police after being involved in a shooting. Your downfall will be your lack of thoroughness. https://twitter.com/tomilahren/status/1150476156371533824
Favorite Episode? I wanna know! 🧐 #BeatNPath now streaming @ http://LupeFiascoBNP.com @LupeFiascoBNP @StudioSVStories
Soap is a purifying force. https://twitter.com/devonxtaylor/status/1150450832506347521
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I mean @TheRealSadistik when you look at “Kick It Like Lui Kang” on that level it’s kind of a mini masterpiece simple but elegant and somewhat open because “kick it” can have multiple connotations and uses contextually (depending on what you aim it at) 🤷🏾‍♂️ #SOSA @SOSAguild
The KLLK is so satisfying tho. 2 liquid consonants sandwiched between 2 plosives which is reinforced by the word “like” which contains both & is centered. The structural elegance just on that front is 😋 Plus the initial double short i assonance & the simile itself is pure 1 to 1 https://twitter.com/therealsadistik/status/1150196362983530497
Sometimes the best way to go is to stay.
Cancelling goes both ways.
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Casually ran into a couple Japanese FGC LEGENDS at the airport...😏 @gachikun0423 & @magotto3
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Be able to be talked to. Even by your enemies. You never know when it will become useful.
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So many great craftsmen and craftswomen in this thing we do. Still learning and growing 🙏🏾 https://twitter.com/therealsadistik/status/1148383209643749379
Meanwhile over at Boxden...🌊
💀 https://twitter.com/fazeswan/status/1148389049348042757
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Which one? https://twitter.com/chitownguevara/status/1148386810030174208
Everything is already deep. https://twitter.com/_naneee_/status/1148384727453319168
“High as a 747 going to heaven” On that line I knew he came over to the darkside lol... When he went on 106 and park and listed his entire Top 5 as Jay-Z I knew it was a problem. Pro-tip: If you want to become a great lyricist all you have to do is meticulously study Jay-Z 👍🏾 https://twitter.com/v_jack21/status/1148380714993430528
Never said he did. (Ran Out Of characters) continuing on the quantity of verses between the 2 to me is resolved in that Wayne 2.0 has probably 4-5 times the amount of verses that 3Stacks has. If 3Stacks is 100% & Wayne is around 90-95 he still edges out in terms of volume of 🔥 https://twitter.com/quoteprod/status/1148378513914900481
Lil... Wayne’s bar and line count is just way too high to match and I think his concepts are more elegantly executed. 3 stacks has better overall tone, musicality and creativity. Lyrically it’s a tie but 2nd generation Wayne just has more lyrics and very few wack verses. https://twitter.com/everesco21/status/1148376282276802561
*calmly talking from another room Bar for bar and line for line, I say Wayne... https://twitter.com/daylyt30/status/1148293396961742848
Then you don’t really know what’s next. https://twitter.com/lowerintestine/status/1148343919836631040
Find out why then find out what’s next.
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Have You Checked Out My New Show #BeatNPath??? http://LUPEFIASCOBNP.COM @LupeFiascoBNP
Rapping in London with @robertglasper @derrickhodge & @Chrisdaddydave in like 2 hours. 10 year drought...☔️ ☺️
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