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No fiat currency has survived dropping to zero value (or within .05% of zero) in 300 yrs. Why would anyone think the current crop of fiat around the world is any different? ⭕️
RT @TrustNodes: Bitcoin’s Hashrate Reaches All Time High as Price Nears $9,000
RT @durumcrustulum: "3 out of 5 cryptographers get Shamir Secret Sharing jokes." 😂
RT @peterktodd: Saying Layer 3 isn't as secure as Layer 1 is dishonesty by omission. On a per-tx basis, Layer 3 isn't as secure. But for l…
RT @CryptoCobain: Don't let anyone lead you astray. We didn't dump because of the vegeta memes. We dumped last time because there were not…
RT @hangman522: Homestar Runner is trending and that’s just super awesome.
RT @KaBeeM_One: @MadBitcoins @DanielArsham
“We the cypherpunks are dedicated to building anonymous systems. We are defending our privacy with cryptography, with anonymous mail forwarding systems, with digital signatures and with electronic money.” #bitcoin @UNCHAIN_Con
RT @TuurDemeester: Bitcoin Lightning nodes: 5x in 1yr
“I think of myself as a janitor or a plumber. I do the things in this industry that other people don’t want to do.” @brockpierce on Gox Rising: the plan to save Mt. Gox
@brockpierce speaking at @UNCHAIN_Con #bitcoin
@brockpierce talks about his history playing games and collecting Magic cards. @UNCHAIN_Con #bitcoin #berlin
I bought the best #bitcoin stickers at @UNCHAIN_Con #berlin #madtour4
RT @stalcottsmith: National currencies are a 20th century anachronism.
RT @NASAJPL: 🖖 Dunes, lava and wind are responsible for this curious shape on Hellas Planitia, Mars. Boldly go: 📸…
RT @HongKongFP: “The urgency of passing this bill within this term has maybe disappeared." Leader Carrie Lam said pro-Beijing lawmakers ha…
RT @HongKongFP: Video: #HongKong has suspended a controversial extradition law bill until further notice after months of protest and critic…
RT @WhalePanda: @La__Cuen @CamiRusso She made 4 completely false claims in a single tweet, anyone would've been called out for that, no mat…
RT @Cryptopoly: That was an eventful ~24 hours! Great day with @CommerceBlock & @CoinSharesCo, amazing talks by @aantonop & @pamelawjd at…
@Room_77 #bitcoin @UNCHAIN_Con Where is Jöerg?
Hanging out in #Berlin with @louisaalexa #bitcoin
#Bitcoin ATM @Room_77 #bitcoin #berlin
Donate now. Buy me beer. Lolz. @Room_77
Das ist keine kartofflen. Nicht!
In the style of Rocky/ Jöerg! Jöerg! @Room_77 #bitcoin @UNCHAIN_Con
This is Isabel. She used to be a futurecoiner. Now she’s a Bitcoiner. Be like Isabel. Become a Bitcoiner. Magic Internet money. Join us! #bitcoin #LightningNetwork #reckless
Never mind the #blockchain @Room_77 #bitcoin
You can eat out in Britain for £5 #bitcoin
I made it to @room77_berlin in #berlin #bitcoin! But where is Jorge? Das ist Jorge! @theog__ @HillebrandMax @WorldCryptoNet
More Sunset #Berlin (Because you’re such a good audience.)
This is a rough job. Somebody buy this guy a drink.
Dude, it’s like the fucking wall again, right. #Berlin
Really, more #bitcoin conferences should have boats and jazz bands. @UNCHAIN_Con
#Bitcoin price has no top because zero fiat currencies will survive the next 10 yrs.
“Keep the glass I’ll bring the bottle.” she said. #bitcoin boat @UNCHAIN_Con
I’m eating a hummus wrap and drinking wine at the same time while tweeting. Difficulty Level: Advanced
Everyone on the boat is telling me #Cardano is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Discuss:
I’m in #Berlin on a boat. WTF right?
There’s a #bitcoin fullnode on the boat @UNCHAIN_Con @CandleHater @rootzoll @fulmolightning #lightning
RT @Vaultoro: Here at the amazing #Unchain19 event in Berlin as @MadBitcoins takes the panel through the alchemy of converting filthy fiat…
I’m on boat. with a jazz band. #bitcoin
Looks like I’m not going to get to meet @fluffypony. #prerecorded time!
More #bitcoin Conferences should have a jazz band. @UNCHAIN_Con
Check out the latest @ToneVays livestream... you just might see @MadBitcoins =[8-)
@HillebrandMax interviewing @DAppNode at @UNCHAIN_Con #berlin #bitcoin
My new interview location is au natural. @UNCHAIN_Con #bitcoin #madtour4
The #MadTour makes #bitcoin prices go up. Imagine if people donated, I’d never stop traveling:
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