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Which @marchmadness No. 1 seed should you root for? Take this baller quiz to find out! #MarchMadness #MarchMadness2019 #NCAA #Basketball
Two 7-seeds in the #Elite8? Kenny Smith is a believer in @LouisvilleMBB & @GoBearcatsMBB! Fill your bracket out here: πŸ‘‰
Which sleepers have a guy that can take over a game? @TheAndyKatz's Top 10 players on double-digit seeds: 1. Ja Morant 2. Amir Coffey 3. Myles Powell 4. Kaleb Wesson 5. Max Hazzard 6. Jordan Ford 7. Jordan Bohannon 8. B.J. Stith 9. Terrell Brown 10. Vasa Pusica
Longest Active NCAA Tournament Streaks: 30 years - Kansas 24 years - Duke 22 years - Michigan State 21 years - Gonzaga 9 years - Cincinnati 9 years - North Carolina 7 years - Villanova 6 years - Kentucky 6 years - Virginia #MarchMadness
Top 10 #MarchMadness Players from @TheAndyKatz: 1. Zion Williamson 2. RJ Barrett 3. Ja Morant 4. Grant Williams 5. Rui Hachimura 6. Brandon Clarke 7. Cassius Winston 8. Carsen Edwards 9. Markus Howard 10. Dedric Lawson
Struggling with bracket decisions? @TheAndyKatz breaks down today's 3 most intriguing #MarchMadness games.
RT if Round 1 should be a national holiday! #MarchMadness
Struggling with bracket decisions? @TheAndyKatz breaks down today's 3 most intriguing #MarchMadness games.
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Take a deep dive into the absurd odds of a perfect bracket: 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808. Fill your bracket out here: πŸ‘‰
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I’m betting Murray State +4 (the 12 seed)...Softer conference yes, but they are 27-4 @marchmadness #MarchMadness #SportsBetting
Congratulations πŸ‘ Division I student-athletes are graduating from college at record rates.
β€œThis is like a fairytale ending… Hopefully I set a legacy that keeps going on.” @SunDevilHoops' senior Zylan Cheatham connects with @TheAndyKatz after advancing to Round 1! #MarchMadness
Bobby Hurley got back to his #MarchMadness winning ways! Congrats to @BobbyHurley11 on earning his first Tournament win as a head coach! @SunDevilHoops | @DukeMBB
#ForksUp πŸ”± #MarchMadness | @SunDevilHoops
Sun Devils still Dancing! πŸ•Ί #MarchMadness
Hear from @StJohnsBBall after falling to @SunDevilHoops in the #FirstFour | #MarchMadness
Luguentz Dort led the charge for @SunDevilHoops with 21 points in the win! πŸ”± #FirstFour | #MarchMadness
Arizona State stamps their spot in Round 1! 🎟 #FirstFour | #MarchMadness
Hear from @SunDevilHoops after advancing past @StJohnsBBall in the #FirstFour! | #MarchMadness
No freshman jitters for Luguentz Dort! πŸ”± #FirstFour | #MarchMadness
"I was just fighting for my life to get this win." Bobby Hurley earns his first #MarchMadness win as a head coach! πŸ‘
Wire-to-wire W for the Sun Devils! πŸ”± Arizona State downs St. John’s for its first #MarchMadness win since 2009! #ForksUp
The Sun Devils are NOT letting up! πŸ”₯ #FirstFour | #MarchMadness
Arizona State extends the lead with a TOUGH bucket from Kimani Lawrence! 😀 #FirstFour | #MarchMadness
Rack attacks in Dayton! 😀 #FirstFour | #MarchMadness
Steal ➑️ SLAM! πŸ”₯ @StJohnsBBall trims the lead in Dayton! #FirstFour | #MarchMadness
6-0 run for @StJohnsBBall! πŸ‘€ #FirstFour | #MarchMadness
Luguentz Dort starts out strong with 11pts for @SunDevilHoops! πŸ’ͺ #FirstFour | #MarchMadness
Sun Devils bringing the heat! πŸ”₯ #FirstFour | #MarchMadness
The Bison are rumbling into the First Round! #MarchMadness | @NDSUmbb
Now THAT'S a put back! 🀧 #FirstFour | #MarchMadness
β€œThese kids - they become your children… They’re part of our family.” NC Central’s @LeVelleMoton gets emotional when talking about his seniors after a tough loss in the #FirstFour. #MarchMadness
FROM THE LOGO! πŸ‘€ #FirstFour | #MarchMadness
Steal & SCORE! πŸ€ #FirstFour | #MarchMadness
The final matchup from Dayton is underway! πŸ‘€ #FirstFour | #MarchMadness
The final #FirstFour game is about to be a BATTLE! @SunDevilHoops & @StJohnsBBall coming up next on @truTV! πŸ‘‰
How can @NDSUmbb take down Duke? Doing what they do best - shoot that ball. #MarchMadness
Tyson Ward delivered time after time for the Bison! The @NDSUmbb junior dropped 23pts in the #FirstFour W. #MarchMadness
Sliding into the next round like... #MarchMadness | @NDSUmbb
Target acquired. 🎯 @NDSUmbb has its sights set on Round 1! #MarchMadness
BISON STAMPEDE INTO THE FIRST ROUND! North Dakota State surges late to advance past NC Central! #MarchMadness
The Bison are getting FANCY! 😎 #FirstFour | #MarchMadness
WHAT A PLAY! πŸ¦… #FirstFour | #MarchMadness
Eagles have caught πŸ”₯! #FirstFour | #MarchMadness
NC Central has come all the way back to take the lead! πŸ’ͺ #FirstFour | #MarchMadness
Here's our facepaint in 2015 when we lost by 2 pts to @LouisvilleMBB in our 1st appearance in the @marchmadness. We did this every big game back in college for @UCImbb . Can't wait for friday!!
Tickets acquired for Friday @marchmadness in San Jose for @UCImbb vs. @KState . 8 of us.. Now buying face paint.. maybe body paint ;) Go EATERS!
I'll be flying back up for this friday! Anyone know the best site to buy tix for @marchmadness ? Or friends with hookups? I'll be in facepaint, with a bunch of friends!!! Go EATERS!
Letting the dog pick our brackets and learning she doesn't like upsets. @marchmadness
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