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Pls don't follow OJ. Pls don't feed the dumpster fire. Stupid little things like this actually matter.
before i became a dad and a workaholic i would sometimes get bored and just walk out the front door with no plans and no agenda. 9 times out of 10 i'd run into someone who needed a little boost and it always felt amazing to give it. i don't don't do this enough anymore.
We need more great teachers.
Try not to watch Aquaman on an airplane, through the seats, without sound. Doesn't really offer a lot. Have a nice weekend!
And you are all going to see the brilliant @mindykaling’s LATE NIGHT in theaters this weekend, yes? Brendan Deslaurier insists!
If you are dealing w/anxiety & depression... pls do not give up. You can get through it. I suffered for many years. With medication, exercise, sleep, therapy, meditation, etc I now have it under control. I know it can feel hopeless. But it’s just a cloud. U got this! ❤️
i stopped throwing away my feelings and put them in that recycle bin and i'm not sure if the universe is actually recycling them but i think i feel better anyway
RT @emilybest: I'm crying, you guys. Just a few years ago, I thought I was gonna make three films and launch a little platform to help film…
MY TWO DADS reboot but it's about Jesus realizing his two dads are God and Joseph and they made up the whole immaculate conception situation with their kooky neighbor Mary. CBS. Tonight.
if u r feeling lonely or sad tonight i am sending u a ton of love and support and am gonna close my eyes for 30 seconds (join me?) and send all my positive energy that u find happiness and connection and fulfillment very very very soon...
In case you’re tired of ever sleeping again ever.
the reason i know the people of this country can ultimately come together is because there is ted danson and there is not one person alive who doesn't like ted danson
RT @BigBoyler: People can be so brilliant. Crying at this.
If u got it in you, we could all use your kindness tmrw. Generosity and thoughtfulness also wanted. And the day after, too.
Argue for your side all you want, but the amount of gay bashing in this #VoxAdpocalypse debate is downright sickening. Let's ALL call these homophobic assholes out. Let's be better than this. This behavior is absolutely disgusting.
The Sea And Cake. The Fawn. Still good.
I promise you there is someone out there who thinks you are fucking fantastic.
CHERNOBYL on @hbo is a painful story but it features people with moral integrity who strive to tell the truth so, in this way, it’s the feel good hit of the fucking summer.
Of all the books in this room, this one makes me feel the most special. Bc it is written by a very special, smart, funny guy named @peteholmes.
Hey Everyone! @duplaselton and I are raising funds for one of our favorite charities @BlinkNow. We're matching every dollar up to $10,000 but are only 40% there. Please give if you can and help us spread the word. Every dollar counts!
booksmart and long shot are still in theaters if u wanna feel good booksmart and long shot are still in theaters if u wanna feel good booksmart and long shot are still in theaters if u wanna feel good booksmart and long shot are still in theaters if u wanna feel good #FYI
many of u r about to graduate and if u don't yet know your path pls consider a life in service to others like teaching/mentoring/lifting up those in need or if u wanna be really successful and rich that's cool too just pls use some of that extra cash to give back... good luck!
Sending love to all of you feeling like shit today. Hang in. You got this.
RT @juliaioffe: "He speaks and his people sit up at attention. I want my people to do the same." Trump on Kim Jong Un…
Loved THE SISTERS BROTHERS. Loved this one, too. Patrick DeWitt... is the shit.
RT @PeteButtigieg: This is not a show. Our military is not a prop. Ships and sailors are not to be toyed with for the benefit of a fragile…
RT @birbigs: These people matched my $1k donation to the Dayton Food Bank!! @MarkDuplass @mulaney @jimmykimmel @mollymcnearney @SalVulcano…
Yes. Thank you @netflix and @Disney for joining the chorus and standing up for women’s rights.
Why aren’t you guys going to see BOOKSMART?!? Everybody needs to see this movie!
RT @danacbell: This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen and the more I look at it the better it gets
RT @oliviawilde: Anyone out there saving @Booksmart for another day, consider making that day TODAY. We are getting creamed by the big dogs…
Making this with the great @julianwass and Bryan Tyree Henry broke my heart and then put it back together. #Room104 @HBO
Also, want to say this again. I saw LONG SHOT and now all I wanna do is start a family with @Sethrogen.
RT @BusyPhilipps: I'm obviously horrified at the current wave of extreme bans on abortion happening in this country. TOMORROW MAY 21st, joi…
Yes she did. Go @heidibschreck!
"I'm almost as upset about the national attack on women's rights as I am about the Game of Thrones plotting and preponderance of anachronistic beverages left in the frame." - e'rybody
RT @TheRachelFisher: Sansa in front of absolutely everyone: “Bran’s dick doesn’t work.”
Thank you @RealRonHoward and @batemanjason for pledging to boycott filming in Georgia if this draconian legislative attack on women's rights is not overturned. #WomensReproductiveRights
I understand that this issue is complex. No one wants these jobs to go away and to hurt local workers. Respectfully, some perspective on how these jobs won't disappear, and how this issue is bigger than just Georgia.
when i say men u say stand up men stand up #WomensRights
RT @kumailn: I donated to the Yellowhammer Fund to support reproductive rights in Alabama. Please donate if you can. If you can’t, spread t…
RT @KenTremendous: Listen to me. Listen carefully. It's very very important that you listen to what I am about to say, and that you underst…
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