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RT @BradStone: Must-read report that delves further into the jaw-dropping corporate intrigue that has dogged Softbank and its struggling Vi…
IBM Is Latest Tech Giant to Cut Jobs in Midst of Pandemic - scoop from ⁦@livcarville⁩
Do I even need to say that this (along with the rest of the Apple AR glasses stories in the past week) is complete fiction?
Congrats @apollozac
Story with @Lucas_Shaw: Apple is ramping up push into original podcasts by seeking leader for initiative and has begun buying two types of exclusive shows: spinoffs of TV+ content and podcasts that could eventually become TV+ shows.
RT @technology: Shopify will allow its 5,000 employees to work from home indefinitely
RT @KurtWagner8: Mark Zuckerberg in an interview: “I’d rather have our employees teleporting to work with VR or video chat than sitting in…
For those using the Brydge iPad keyboard. I haven’t tested it personally, but I’ve heard from users about the trackpad experience on the Apple model being superior. This might *Brydge* the gap 🤦
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RT @alistairmbarr: Apple, Google relent a little on giving health authorities more data through their Covid-19 tools…
Apple, Google Release Covid-19 Exposure Notification Tools — states that have said they’re in include Alabama and North Dakota io
Apple and Google’s Covid-19 contact tracing system launches today with iOS 13.5 (now out for all) and an update in Google Play. The companies say they have provided the API to 22 countries and a number of states.
RT @markgurman: New story: Facebook will limit offices to 25% occupancy, put people on multiple shifts, update shuttles, move to grab and g…
Apple TV+ is getting a new sports documentary series with LeBron, Alex Morgan, Tom Brady. *worlds collide*
There oddly isn’t an iPad/Magic Keyboard shortcut for dictation, like there is on the Mac. The workaround (which I think most people aren’t aware of) is long pressing on the down arrow in the bottom right corner of the screen to open the virtual keyboard.
RT @business: Facebook to limit offices to 25% capacity, require masks at work
For those curious about Apple, here’s my story on how Apple is bringing people back to its offices =9hGJlFio
New story: Facebook will limit offices to 25% occupancy, put people on multiple shifts, update shuttles, move to grab and go meals, require temperature checks, and more when it lets employees back into workplaces beginning in July. Story with @KurtWagner8 hGJlFio
Not this is feasible or likely (for a number of reasons), but if Apple threw in 1-2 iTunes movie rentals per month with a $4.99 TV+ subscription, they would probably get a huge boost in subscriber numbers.
RT @Lucas_Shaw: Also worth noting: Apple had TV+ had ~ 10M subscribers as of February, but only 5M active users. That means a lot of people…
RT @KurtWagner8: I spoke briefly to Zuckerberg Monday about Facebook's new Shops product. I asked him if he's worried about setting off reg…
I can’t keep track of my active pissing matches on Twitter.
not to start another one but these feeble attacks on @markgurman are getting old.
The move represents a subtle shift for Apple TV+, which launched in November with a lineup of original programs. Still, company plans to keep TV+ focused on original shows, and hasn’t yet acquired any huge franchises or blockbusters for its back catalog.
Story with ⁦@Lucas_Shaw:⁩ Apple is acquiring older movies and shows for its TV+ streaming service, aiming to build a back catalog of content that can better stack up against the huge libraries available on Netflix, Hulu and Disney+.
Give me 10 more episodes of the #LastDance. And maybe a few more episodes on just Dennis Rodman. I think they definitely would have won in ‘99 too.
RT @daiwaka: Is Apple's comms head job still open? Is this an audition?
Apple Pushes Back Against ‘False Claims’ After FBI Criticism
Updated story with @cstrohm, FBI Gets Into Pensacola Shooter’s iPhone, Finds an Al-Qaeda Tie — with Apple’s response
Apple responds to FBI getting into Pensacola shooter’s iPhone and FBI chief saying, “We received effectively no help from Apple.”
iOS 13.5 GM (update for the pandemic) is out for developers.
FBI Gets Into Pensacola Shooter’s iPhone, Finds an Al-Qaeda Tie, story by @cstrohm
Apple employees can also now buy up to 10 (up from 2) with their discount. These things are clearly on the way out.
RT @markgurman: Apple plans to open 25 more stores in the US this week across California, Oklahoma, Washington state, Colorado, Hawaii, Flo…
For my friends in Arkansas, stores opening there as well.
Apple plans to open 25 more stores in the US this week across California, Oklahoma, Washington state, Colorado, Hawaii, Florida. Plus, 12 stores in Canada opening next week.
Edison Mail rolls back update after iOS users reported they could see strangers’ emails
RT @QuickTake: Apple plans to start returning more employees to its major global offices soon, while other tech companies are continuing wo…
RT @sarahfrier: @markgurman @filipeesposito @michaelpotuck @bzamayo Yes, Facebook tells me they would know what gifs are being used on what…
The iMessage app on iOS has a built in “#images” iMessage extension/app for sending GIFs. It sources images from a few primary sources:, including Giphy (which now belongs to Facebook, and GIF Keyboard from Tenor.
As @sarahfrier points out, the built-in GIF button in iMessage is Giphy. At the very least, Giphy theoretically could know what GIFs iMessage users send. Unclear if or what other data they could glean, or what their agreement with Apple is.
Now official: Apple to Reopen 10 of 17 Retail Stores in Italy Next Week
This is interesting. Apple just got FCC approval for a network adapter/wireless router for use in factories, internally, and in stores. Codenamed “Meerkat.” This won’t be sold to consumers.
That was quick, the NextVR app has already been yanked from Google Play.
RT @MacRumors: HomePods have reappeared with a small shipping delay in the U.S. Apple Store
The open Apple stores in the U.S. and other countries still have them. Still, when was the last time an Apple product has been listed as “sold out”? I only recall a decade ago with the original iPhone, but there have probably been other examples.
Apple Supplier TSMC to Build Chip Plant in Arizona With Government Support by @debbywuintaipei @ianmking
Apple Helps Suppliers Reconfigure Factories to Limit Covid-19
RT @QuickTake: Los Angeles now has the capacity to perform 20,000 #Covid19 tests a day. Bloomberg's @chrispalmeri and family visited one o…
Shout out to my friend @apollozac who nailed the NextVR deal a month ago at @9to5mac:
New story: Apple has acquired NextVR virtual reality content and broadcasting company, which shut down this week, it confirmed. It’s likely another step toward Apple’s future AR and VR headsets.
How does this fit with the thin-glasses strategy Apple was pursuing?
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