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I may regret this… https://iqunix.store
I think we've found the line where 'matte black everything' has gone too far...
Nahh I think if this goes well, next step is to paint my windshield matte black 😭
RT @MKBHD: NEW VIDEO! CyberTruck Phone Impressions... Ridiculous https://youtu.be/g9McJA3XEF4
RT @tomwarren: The PS5 design memes have started strong
NEW VIDEO! CyberTruck Phone Impressions... Ridiculous https://youtu.be/g9McJA3XEF4
I have a new video uploaded and processed to 4K ready to go as soon as the PlayStation event ends. Good day to be a nerd 👀
Watching the much hyped PS5 Reveal along with nearly a million others: https://www.twitch.tv/playstation
Someone should do a study on the psychology of this
Recently got the Huawei P40 Pro Plus in hand. Imagine P40 Pro, PLUS the new 6-camera array: -50MP Ultra vision wide -40MP ultrawide -10X tele 8MP -3x tele 8MP -TOF camera -Color temp sensor Feels like the hardware king. But is it enough to get over their software situation?
RT @RakiRamirez01: @MKBHD Marques with his table
NEW VIDEO - Dope Tech: The $3500 Bluetooth Speaker! https://youtu.be/0FC94Tgz2ho
Saying “All lives matter” to Siri now redirects to http://BlackLivesMatter.com
Yeah let's maybe shut these robots down for the rest of 2020 just in case https://twitter.com/jachristian/status/1269015927082762240
Feels like the need to gather in groups and socialize and feel together is both the strongest and weakest thing about humanity https://twitter.com/ArashMarkazi/status/1269169419998990336
A PSA 🙏🏾 I’ve linked some of my favorite creators below the video: https://youtu.be/o-_WXXVye3Y
I've learned so, so much from Marques the person and MKBHD the YouTuber over the years, and I have so much more to learn from him in so many ways https://twitter.com/MKBHD/status/1268651702141370368
I’ve learned more from you than you know, man
Reflecting on the Color of My Skin https://youtu.be/o-_WXXVye3Y
CES is literally the worst case scenario 100,000+ people flying in from all over the world Everyone touches the same stuff and shakes hands for a few days Then everyone flies it back home There's a reason there's already a flu named after CES. Should probably cancel this one https://twitter.com/verge/status/1268203014474645505
Smallest terabyte I’ve ever seen
RT @WVFRM: New Episode! The Ethics of YouTube Tech Reviews with @TheMrMobile! Listen Anywhere: http://bit.ly/WaveformMKBHD https://t.co/5sNhPb…
2020 is already the longest chapter in future history books.
Shoutout to SpaceX Shoutout to NASA Shoutout to SCIENCE!
Cannot confirm or deny the actual height of that random bolt
NEW VIDEO - Escobar Responds! A PSA https://youtu.be/Ns8ydpZ5-4o - RT!
Haven't reviewed a Sony phone in a while, but the Sony Xperia 1 II has to be the next one I try, looks sick! Side note: Sony is still terrible at naming phones
The accuracy is incredible 😳 https://twitter.com/Stussy_Fly/status/1264992227106971649
Can’t even be mad at this lol 😭 https://www.reddit.com/r/starterpacks/comments/gqa9wl/the_tech_youtuber_starter_pack/
Required fake plant lol
So I opened the package the Escobars sent me.... video coming tomorrow ☠️
Shot on OnePlus 8 Pro
NEW VIDEO - Poco F2 Pro: The Full Screen Deal! https://youtu.be/bfbyCTyHFo4 - RT!
Here's the thing. Really wanted to love it. Shot the last video's intro with it. The small body and autofocus are great, but... Where's USB-C? Where's the ultra-wide angle lens for actual vloggers? Where's the touchsrceen for touch-to-focus? What about dual card slots? 🤔
Sony unveiled their ZV-1 "Content Creator Camera" that they've been teasing: 20.1MP 1" CMOS Sensor Shoots Internal 4K video Approx 24-70 f/1.8-2.8 lens Advanced autofocus + eye tracking Articulating non-touch LCD screen High quality mic array MicroUSB Big record button $799
No SoundCloud, just tech videos https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqQNt9DP_BNAU8c1KroIe-PAmrhu-7Xcn
Please, Instagram don’t change a thing about how you work on the iPad. Everything is perfect just the way it is.
*Googles reverse psychology Yes Instagram you're doing great. Please don't change a thing. This is what I'd expect from one of the biggest companies in the world
haha... mmm, this is why the best tablets are actually (shhhh) Chrome OS devices that can trick any Android app into forcibly resizing or reorienting at the OS level; developers are none the wiser
RT @Kurz_Gesagt: Nobody on this planet may have spend their time at home better than @MarkRober in the last few months. https://t.co/dSPI8D…
Final Cut Pro has quit unexpectedly https://twitter.com/medburnbook/status/1263677983199461376
Made a bet with @austinnotduncan on his trivia show If I won, I’d get to tweet whatever I want on his account I think we all know that turned out 😅 https://youtu.be/AEuCh_79z2U
RT @GioakG: A few of my favorite @MKBHD thumbnails we've done in the last few months 🖌️
NEW VIDEO - How Teslas Upgrade Over Time! https://youtu.be/_SoviSNZjso - RT!
Name what doesn't belong in this photo 🤔😂
Working on a different video today. Now feels like a better time than ever to experiment with different formats and video styles. Hope you’re all down to go along for the ride 🤓
Congrats @MKBHD on the #emmy nomination!!! If you win, gonna need an unboxing of the award!
Retro Tech is EMMY NOMINATED! And what great company, too! Congrats to the other nominees and to the Retro Tech team whose hard work made the whole series possible
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