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New episode of WVFRM, getting into the details of our creative process. This is why I love having a podcast! ♥️ https://twitter.com/WVFRM/status/1220669306205364224
To this person in California who has taken their support to the next level... I salute you 👀 Posted to r/MKBHD
Everyday carry update: OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Wallpaper and home screen below We'll see how long this lasts with the 2020 flagships on the horizon
Knowledge: Knowing James Corden doesn't actually drive during carpool karaoke Wisdom: Not letting it get in the way of enjoying the show, any car commercial or literally any high budget movie with driving scenes ever 😅 https://twitter.com/barstoolsports/status/1220366788153749504
I thought I told u to unsubscribe! 😅😅 Srsly tho. Thank you so much. I have the best job in the world and I owe it all to you. Late night celebratory stream?
Congrats the tech tips are much appreciated
U 2 hahaha. Honored to be among such elite company (finally... Haha)
The drone did in fact go through a slot between power lines. Complete accident. Not a recommended maneuver 😅 https://twitter.com/andrewpprice/status/1220129128134823938
Small gap in videos 3 top secret video shoots in a row January walks so February can run I hope you’re ready 👀
Ooo that's a fun little saying. Hyped!
It's kinda like TV but without the pictures, the #shortyawards nominees for Best Podcaster are🎙🎧: 👇https://shortyawards.com/category/12th/podcaster
@jackdwagner, @jennafischer, @AngelaKinsey, @jonlovett, @ThisIsTheRead, @MKBHD, @MoRocca, @nhannahjones, @ramonashelburne 🎧
Fun fact a while ago we sanded down and painted a tiny Android in the blackest, "matte-est" paint we could find. Looks pretty cool in photos, but still nowhere near this mythical Vantablack 😎
I really want to get my hands on some of this Vantablack stuff. Every video of it looks so incredible I gotta see it for myself 👀 https://twitter.com/universal_sci/status/1219265014575648768
Some little things I noticed in London - Working phone booths all over the city - Traffic lights turn yellow BEFORE they turn green - The bottom floor is the 0th floor. The NEXT floor is the FIRST floor - The "travelator" SPEEDS UP when you step on, then SLOWS DOWN when empty 🤯
2020 is already 1/20th over 😭 https://twitter.com/year_progress/status/1218805293980749824
Galaxy S20 “Ultra” is about to have 120Hz display 5000mAh battery 108MP camera 512GB storage Expandable via microSD card 16GB of RAM Samsung’s best version of Android yet But someone out there will rant… about the lack of a headphone jack. I guarantee it.
Cmon dude I love everything about the inevitable Bixby Buds
As long as they dock on the Bixby speaker I'm happy
Thank you r/MKBHD 😅
People who rip off their seatbelts and stand up at soon as the plane lands... what are you trying to prove?
Alright so I’ve been in London for about 36 hours, so here’s my impressions: The views are dope The weather is gray The food varies a lot The accents are incredible Overall 9.6/10 would visit again
Shot on iPhone. Sometimes I enjoy unrealistic edits 🔥
RT @MKBHD: NEW VIDEO - Why Everyone is Copying AirPods: Explained! https://youtu.be/zHAB4qDsgKY - RT!
NEW VIDEO - Why Everyone is Copying AirPods: Explained! https://youtu.be/zHAB4qDsgKY - RT!
Did something yesterday that I never do. I left the studio in the middle of an edit. Went outside. Went home. Ate dinner. Went to sleep. Coming back to the studio this morning with fresh eyes is gonna make this video better in so many ways. New year new me, new video today 🤓
SOMEONE ASK HIM ABOUT AN EDIT BUTTON https://twitter.com/aProperFox/status/1217144551464493058
RT @MKBHD: NEW VIDEO - The MKBHD Setup Tour 2020! https://youtu.be/pgmHkfvGYnY - RT!
I went half on a baby! 👶🏾 https://ift.tt/3aa2vZI
NEW VIDEO - The MKBHD Setup Tour 2020! https://youtu.be/pgmHkfvGYnY - RT!
New video dropping in a few short hours…
OnePlus confirms their next smartphone will have a 120Hz display… ALL ABOARD THE HIGH REFRESH RATE TRAIN https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/deep-dive-120-hz-fluid-display-the-best-youll-lay-eyes-on-in-2020.1167710/
WOW 🤓 https://www.instagram.com/p/B7OzlajowST/?igshid=7mfgap25h3ip
I swear I had nothing to do with this 😭
Galaxy S20 leak. Thanks @MaxWinebach 😅
Phantom's roof in the rain Shot on iPhone 11 Pro Max
GM to revive the "Hummer" brand name ... on a brand new electric pickup truck They'll pay LeBron James to endorse it and will have a super bowl commercial next month https://www.wsj.com/articles/gm-to-revive-hummer-name-on-new-electric-pickup-model-11578686692
CES got a little crazy this year https://twitter.com/wvfrm/status/1215656236684861440
First year I didn’t see Dr Fuji
PSA: Turn your phone sideways when shooting videos. That way Samsung has no reason to make this rotating TV. That is all.
RT @MKBHD: NEW VIDEO - Dope Tech of CES 2020: Sony Made a Car?! https://youtu.be/x1T-VTFiUwc - RT!
RT @ChuckWendig: honestly do you blame it https://twitter.com/nypost/status/1215281841709703168
This robot emotional support dog charges via USB-C" - 2020
Hi :) new vlog 🤓 https://youtu.be/cV4tXFrPaAg
I've now realized I need a Peter Mckinnon style video of MKBHQ in a couple weeks 🤓
NEW VIDEO - Dope Tech of CES 2020: Sony Made a Car?! https://youtu.be/x1T-VTFiUwc - RT!
Here we can see a Royole tree. With leaves made of the screens of all the Flexpais they didn't sell 😭
I saw not one but TWO different TVs at different booths that rotate in sync with a smartphone. This one is Samsung's "Sera" I can't believe this is a trend... but I have seen mountains of vertical video being captured everywhere so I guess I shouldn't be surprised
Most TV bezels are pretty thin, but Samsung's 8K TV wins the "thinnest bezels I've ever seen" award and I'm loving it.
Rematched the Omron ping pong robot! This year it’s more “emotionally intelligent” and won’t beat you as bad when the AI detects you’re unhappy. I clearly got really mad so it let me have this point 😅
In record time, @HectorTrejo has saved the day! The CES thread lives on!
Forgot my SD card at the hotel 😭 Next person that finds me at CES (Central Hall rn) and can loan me an SD card wins 1000 internet points, saves this thread and gets at least a selfie out of it 🤓
A functioning piano made entirely from OnePlus 7Ts
This Rivian R1T though... most compelling feature set of a new electric vehicle for sure. Cannot wait for them to actually ship this year (Auto focus episode, maybe?)
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