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These articles always miss the point that the OS is what matters and most are either Android fans of iPhone fans.
One thing that confuses me about Huawei - people ask whether the PRC government owns it, as though that would mean it can use Huawei products for spying/control, but if the Chinese government asked any other Chinese company to insert XYZ, could they say no?
The US government can spy on anyone provided that they have a court order. China is the same without the court order.
Journalists like to start articles with real stories. This is a reasonable strategy to engage readers but frequently it is not a good strategy to portray society. When you read a story ask yourself, but how representative is this one case?
Rats Are Taking Over New York City - The New York Times. Hay ratas en Madrid? Nunca vi una. Por que hay tantas ratas en las ciudades norteamericanas?
RT @PeteButtigieg: El país más poderoso del mundo no debería temerle a un niño que huye de la violencia, y más importante aún, un niño que…
The dark side of being smart
With great branding you eliminate selling.
I am at the KV Summit of Silicon Valley CEOs. 60% of founders were born abroad. Without immigration Silicon Valley would not exist. All this anti immigration talk is innovation suicide.
AOC is so powerful that foreign opposition leaders consider her the leader of the US opposition.
Also if they get lost anywhere, a park, a mall, an airport, I tell them to immediately look for a family (parents with kids) and tell them they are lost and give them our phone numbers (memorized), especially not to wait for anyone to come to them.
I love the Bay Area for many reasons but one of them is how to easy it is to pack for it. So informal. So unlike NYC or London. Will be in SF from tomorrow to Wed evening. Lost in a jungle of t-shirts.
I gave my kids a password. Maybe you should too. If anyone who my kids don't know asks them to follow, they will ask this person, what is the password? And if they don't know it they will shout for help.
Instead of making new rules so one kid in 1000 can go to the best universities, shouldn't we figure out ways to provide quality education for many more students?
In the USA alone 3 million kids turn 18 every year. Around the globe it's 60 million. But the number of spots at the top 20 universities in the world has remained mostly constant for the last 50 years, stuck at around 60k.
But since then US population and global population grew 40% and 75%. Moreover global gdp per capita also doubled. So now there are three times the number of applicants for the same 1200 spots at Columbia University.
But what makes it extremely hard to get to the best colleges is not quality of demand, it's supply. For example Columbia University where I studied has the same incoming class sizes since I was there in the 80s.
We are trying hard to make college admissions more fair
RT @business: Germany has opened the first stretch of a so-called electric highway that will charge trucks as they drive…
He said I don't vote because it makes no difference, and went on to add the 23,585 like on an Instagram....
CRISPR instead of abortion
Paro España 13,9%, paro Portugal 6,3%. ¿Por qué?
RT @techreview: Imagine solar cells put on windows, irregularly shaped surfaces, or even moving vehicles. Now consider that these Perovskit…
How to get a green card. Not easy.
First rule of landscape designers: avoid the shortest path from A to B.
Estamos en Comporta, Portugal, en el hotel Sublime. ¿Alguien me explica como es que los portugueses hablan tanto mejor inglés que los españoles? Hasta el jardinero del hotel lo habla.
It's not that women don't want babies. They want them later. Hence @prelude IVF, egg freezing, egg donation.
Sometimes USA is so backwards, in Europe you do not see electrical wires in poles over roads, they are all buried, in the USA they are very common and disasters like this can happen um=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1557992150
Lo que hizo Carmena con los patinetes electricos en Madrid es absurdo. Simplemente que copie a Paris, esa si que es una ciudad que entiende la micromovilidad.
Some experts I spoke to don't believe in this design. I hope they are wrong because it looks awesome.
RT @juliaioffe: Since conservatives love babies so much that they want to overturn Roe v Wade, may I suggest that they focus on, say, expan…
Egg freezing is not an insurance policy, nobody at @prelude says it is. What we say is that it greatly increases your chances of becoming a parent in your late 30s and 40s.
Si tienes más de 40 consulta con tu médico tomar 850mg de metformina por dia. Si sabes de ciencia Lee este artículo.
Climate change is a serious problem but lack of affordable health care for all is a much bigger and urgent issue. Life expectancy in the USA is declining while medical costs per capita are the highest of any nation.
But USA needs no immigrants some say!
Reality check: If the 50k Wall Street bankers who make an average of $425k distributed their income among all 330m Americans the average American would earn $60 per year more per year and USA would not have financial markets.
Maybe before allowing CRISPR Germany should allow the most common forms of embryo testing like PGT legal almost everywhere but illegal in Germany
RT @Cotizalia: Banco Santander anuncia un ERE para suprimir 3.700 empleos y 1.150 oficinas
RT @tictoc: China vows to "fight to the finish" in the escalating trade war against the U.S.
‘No End in Sight’ for Farmers Feeling Pain of Trump’s Trade War Esto ayuda a Argentina?
Whatever this was it was not assault.
USA where justice is so unpredictable.
A Chinese dictator probably has more of a chance to win a trade war against a US president seeking reelection.
El mejor candidato!
Even though I have left @Fon years ago to work on human fertility @prelude it's great to see the company deploying in Kenya
Uno de los desafíos del transporte eléctrico es la falta de electrolineras. Si hubiera un producto que te dejara venderle electricidad a los que pasan por tu casa. ¿Lo comprarías?
AI not so I
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Those who get upset when they hear a foreign language are annoyed at their own ignorance.
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