countries make different choices about the safety of their citizens
The E key on my touchbar macbook pro stopped working but it's ok because it's not like it's one of the important ones
Do you mind following me back? I’m writing a story on this and would love to ask you some questions.
I'm honestly amazed this many people know the reference. I know it but I'm old. Y'all are all this old?
My new health plan gives out 90-day amounts of prescription pills, but for years I only got 30 days at a time. I realized I used to spend 10% of every month stressed out about this.
"It's a dessert topping! It's a floor wax!" Do you get this reference?
I say it at work when I only want people over 40 laughing
These all got big applause so far: - pushed his cosponsored bill on nationwide vote-by-mail - wants to ban electric voting machines - wants our Rx drug prices to match EU prices - wants the popular vote to win national elections
I’m at a town hall where my senator @SenJeffMerkley is taking any and all questions. Remember when republicans used to do these?
This new site for bike nerds is incredible, especially if you're shopping for a new bike and want to compare stats on everything
That time you caught your smiling parent’s gaze as you walked to get your diploma during graduation, and you thought they were thinking about your scholastic achievements? There’s a healthy chance they were actually (briefly) reflecting on one of your more epic diaper blow-outs.
Older kids (and non-parents) might not realize exactly how high poop-blow-out events rank in parents’ lists of significant memories of their children.
after a harrowing flight where she went through 2 onesies and we had to get it out of her hair, we disembark into a Toronto winter & she's wearing shoes and a diaper and nothing else, and our buh-bye-buh-bye flight attendants look down and say "blow out?" and we nod and they nod.
The Adnan/Serial docu series on HBO is so good it made me completely change my tune on what might have happened.
@marcoarment thanks for the updates to Overcast on CarPlay, the UI is more refined and nicer in lots of cool ways.
menstrual products should be free in all public restrooms exactly like toilet paper is
I would back a kickstarter that did nothing but publish to github an entire step-by-step guide to how kickstarter employees unionized with copies of all legal documents and whatnot.
I back a handful of non-MaxFun podcasts through Patreon at $5-$20/month levels because they're also vital entertainment that brings me great joy. I support things I love! If you enjoy these shows as I do, become a #MaxFunDrive donor today (lower levels are fine too!)
For this year's #MaxFunDrive I realized I listen to all these religiously: - Bullseye - Judge John Hodgman - My Brother, My Brother, and Me - Friendly Fire - Bubble - Heat Rocks - Who Shot Ya? - Dead Pilots Society (I also regularly sample a half dozen more MaxFun shows)
12 years ago, I started underwriting @MaxFunHQ as a network sponsor because I believed in @jesseThorn's work and wanted to see him succeed. About 7 years ago I switched to being a $100/mo donor in a #MaxFunDrive. A hundred bucks?! That's wild, right? But the shows…
Shrill was amazing and made me start crying at this shot
Why is it so hard to recover lost items from a flight? You have a seat number, you have a plane number... and you simply can’t reach a human being to ask if it was found during the cleaning.
Same, but with hotel rooms.
Anyhoo, I support very much what the YouTube team is doing. And am confident the service will continue to be proactive in managing these issues w/o degrading the experience for 99.9% of good content & good users. 8/8
Related videos are the most powerful discovery component. There's likely more nuanced solutions over time but what about just removing it from grey area videos? You at least stop people from going down the rabbit hole. Freedom of speech, not Freedom of Reach 7/x
I feel like the recommendation algo could use sentiment analysis. So how angry/agitated/ranting is the video both in words used and sound analyzed, but also look at the pattern of interactions, then delist things that are "hot"when measured since it's likely to be controversial.
rebooted my dead battery macbook pro and Chrome couldn't restore the 100 tabs opened in several windows going back months and months and for the first time in years I feel truly free
Three eps in thoughts • holy shit they went from one cry moment/show to four. They’re getting great at editing • so much untreated trauma is tangling up peoples lives. I wish the fab 5 gave everyone free therapy for a year after • the show just keeps getting better & better
I love that in the first minute of the new Lindy West Hulu show Shrill they drop @johnroderick’s favorite meanest put-down possible HE SKIS IN JEANS and it’s never remarked upon and is in no way part of the story, it’s just perfect set dressing.
The new queer eye season came out two days ago and no one told me?! So called friends: you’re all on notice.
actual shot of the new movies list on
me at the start of 2019 vs now in 2019
This is how you road trip
In n out as a @nathanwpyle comic with two aliens: “Do you enjoy the succulent meat discs?” “Yes the succulent meat discs are quite good” “And the extruded styrofoam sticks?” “The salty extruded styrofoam sticks are awful”
In-N-Out Burger knows it could change a recipe and make its fries actually taste good right?
keep fighting the good fight I am with you my man
I clumsily copy and paste numbers to open in Messages like five times a week and it still boggles my mind 12 years after introduction this isn’t any easier.
how in the name of 2019 does iOS still think I want to call every number I encounter. Why isn’t this a share sheet with options to Call | Text | Copy
Okay but have you tried calling it? Maybe it's an easter egg? Hint: the southeast corner of the dungeon hides a vorpal sword.
For the same reason that when you tap on a phone number in the "where" of a Android calendar invitation it takes you to Maps and tries to direct you to that number. Still. In 2019.
If you put a Zoom video URL in Google Cal’s location field it always tries to search it on Google Maps on desktop too
Just as phone numbers aren't necessarily called in 2019, locations are not necessarily physical. Why do the biggest tech companies in the world not know this?
RT @mathowie: I've long wondered what the effects of automation are going to feel like in our leisure time. This bar looks like a dreary, b…
RT @mathowie: Imagine when movie theaters will go fully automated. You buy tickets on Fandango or a theater app, QR scan into the door, and…
What is the leadership/culture problem at YouTube/Google that prevents a project manager from taking the lead on defanging their algorithm and making bold moves that could save lives?
RT @CaseyNewton: I wrote about Pinterest's perfect response to anti-vaxx misinformation. Curious what other social network employees think…
I drove 9hrs in a car today and shaved only 20% off my total backlog of unlistened podcast episodes. Time flew by!
the Virgin Hotels 404 page is about as tone deaf as can be
I've long wondered what the effects of automation are going to feel like in our leisure time. This bar looks like a dreary, blah fast food place, not a bar. Would I enjoy the beer there even if it's good and tasty?
Imagine when movie theaters will go fully automated. You buy tickets on Fandango or a theater app, QR scan into the door, and you buy popcorn from a vending machine. The movie projector starts precisely on time. No humans involved. But would I enjoy films in that experience?
There's a self-serve beer bar in SF that is basically a room with a bunch of taps, you scan your card each time to charge for pints. No bar, no bartender, completely soulless.
I bet Fox News goes fucking insane on Beto to bring him down and tries to claim he should be in jail for the next few weeks. Anyone over 65 will likely believe it while anyone under 50 should roll their eyes at what he might have done in CdC.
My first copy of OS X in 2001 was an early developer copy that @doctorow brought to my apartment and installed on a laptop I bought off a friend who stole it from a dot-bomb startup, and I remember the only part I felt shame about was Cory made me buy him cigarettes in return
All of this is to say the things happening at the edges of what’s legal, normal, and allowed is where innovation takes place. It's an early glimpse of the future, and what the markets will want. People fucking around with laws and norms is how a lot of great stuff begins.
I quit after I met @wonderlandblog at an event where we were the only smokers (she quit too!). Now we're married with an 11-y-o daughter!
The owner of my local bodega gave me such a disapproving look when I asked for the pack of Camels, I felt like I betrayed his trust in me forever with that single purchase.
I have pirated software on the following systems: • Apple ][ • Commodore 64 & 128 • NES • Win 3.1 • SNES • Win95 • WinNT • Win2000 • Dreamcast • 80s arcade games via MAME • WinXP • OS X and that taught me how to build and design my own software and systems
this thread is great context for how early hacking lead to almost every innovation we enjoy today
I think it's at least 4yrs too early for Beto to run for president and I won't vote for him in any primary but I must admit him being a member of the Cult of the Dead Cow hacker collective is the coolest shit ever.
The feature is called "setting your home xbox" and even when you only own a single xbox, this is a feature doesn't default to checked, so you can't play any games offline until you mark it. THIS ISN'T A GREAT EXPERIENCE MICROSOFT
if your home network is offline and you want to take a break and play some xbox, but your xbox one has no discs because all your games were purchased from the MS store, you'll get an error message saying offline play is a setting that requires a network connection to change. 🤨
Book news. It's out April 12. You can preorder the Kindle version RIGHT NOW.
it's 2019 so of course we use underwater robots to selectively kill harmful predators in coral reefs
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