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Reminder that the proximate antitrust policy problem is in the courts
RT @ndrew_lawrence: These two segments ran 20 minutes apart tonight on the same show
What Finnish people think about Finnish health care. (Doing this as a Veep plot would be a good way to bring the Minna Häkkinen character back).
Perfection —>
The future liberals want?
If it were legal to situate *multiple* dwellings on these large lots, empty nesters could unwind their investments profitably and millennials could enjoy more abundant housing.
Problem for Beto is that while White Dad Democrats are an influential group in the media this is not actually a large swathe of the electorate.
The essence of Beto’s aspirational dad appeal — he’s one of the few candidates in the race clearly spry enough to climb up on the furniture.
Sounds the right guy to convince ballplayers to wise up and get COLAs in their contracts. I’m haunted by the level of unhedged inflation risk Bryce Harper is walking around with.
A lot of people don’t get this but one of Trump’s key strengths in 2016 is he was seen as an unusually moderate Republican.
RT @chrismohney: Lauara Ingraham calling @chick_in_kiev a “journo-terrorist” on air is an escalation that’s going to get somebody killed ht…
RT @emma_sandoe: Just another reminder that Medicaid expansion won by a *21* point margin.
RT @FrankLuntz: Infant mortality rate: • Finland: 2.5 of every 1,000 births • U.S.: 5.8 of every 1,000 births Maternal death rate: • F…
Bernie comes in out of the gate with the name recognition, the email list, and the bigger team he needs to run a real campaign and very possibly win. I think it would be better for everyone for him to really try to do what it takes rather than run a protest campaign.
There are lots of little ways you can be on the left and even a disruptive presence inside the tent while still clearly situating yourself *inside the party* in a way that matters a lot to a large minority of people.
RT @mattyglesias: The tendency to treat successful CEOs as all-purpose sages is a real sickness in American public life. Jamie Dimon is a…
We talked about this as our white paper on the latest episode of the Weeds. Successful CEOs aren’t super-smart, they’re distinguished primarily by non-cognitive skills — managing big enterprises is hard — that aren’t relevant to this kind of thing.
You wouldn’t ask a climate expert — even a very smart one who once read a good book about meetings — for his opinion on how to run a productive meeting featuring a dozen senior executives of a multinational financial services conglomerate.
The tendency to treat successful CEOs as all-purpose sages is a real sickness in American public life. Jamie Dimon is a guy with a very demanding job that has nothing to do with understanding the Green New Deal or climate policy.
One of several problems with judges acting as legislative horse-traders is they have neither the skills nor the staff to do this kind of deal-making well … Kagan should have pushed for the opposite trade.
To be honest, reliable movement apparatchiks who are familiar enough with real economics to not tank the economy by accident are exactly who I’d give these jobs to if I were president. (But I’d pick a better movement than the US conservative movement)
Star Trek II Star Trek IV Star Trek VI La Règle du Jeu Star Trek: Generations
RT @DafnaLinzer: This girl is a US citizen.
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On the contrary, it’s been nearly twenty years of consistently weak labor markets that have given new life to socialism. Now that I am Chief Shill* we will deliver full employment and restore faith in market. * If this were a real position with any authority.
Back in the real open borders days, you could find yourself on the losing side of a civil war in Mexico then just head to Texas and start a ranch.
DSA refusing to endorse Bernie over his refusal to endorse reparations could help cement his status as the electable moderate in the race.
Ugh, I forgot about the torture and illegal mass surveillance!
If you ignore managing the economy and wars and diplomacy with North Korea (and the homophobic scare tactics), George W Bush was an okay president* who did some good things. * Except on climate change, US relations with Latin America, policy toward Iran, and taxes.
It seems weird to me that they have grades and report cards in my kid’s pre-K class.
Let 👏 Passengers 👏 Wait 👏 On 👏 The 👏 Platform 👏
A favorable map let the GOP keep control of a half dozen extra houses of state legislatures.
In fact, THE LORD invented the Electoral College specifically in order to save the Jewish people. It’s all there in the Federalist Papers.
Yep. This is what happened. They cracked the case.
I’ve been never so directly targeted with identity politics appeals
Trump could launch a nuclear attack on a foreign country while also making disparaging remarks about John McCain and the two topics would get roughly equal press coverage.
Trump keeps proposing various SSDI & Medicaid cuts that would badly hurt people with special needs
This is a preposterous argument
Credit where due here —>
RT @brianbeutler: Mehdi joins the #Buttigeeks.
A lot of the Electoral College discourse is distorted by the fact that strong pro-Democratic bias in Obama’s two elections happened to coincide with him also winning the popular vote reasonably comfortably.
RT @mattyglesias: You may be skeptical but this is gonna break Trump’s support among congressional Republicans. I was around in 2015-2016…
America First!
White candidates may be reluctant to quote the AAVE grammar but Harris should totally do it imo.
Who will be the first Democrat to quote the wisdom of Clay Davis on various “will you accept money from X?” challenges?
RT @tripgabriel: The @PeteButtigieg campaign is staffing up: Job openings in IA, NH, NV, SC & South Bend:
Biden has to understand that people who took a forgiving view of this stuff are going to be harsher in the context of a 2020 primary run, right? Right? Someone has told him this?
Check out this WhatsApp screenshot I logged for posterity.
The good thing about relying on screenshots of WhatsApp messages for document-retention purposes is that no technology exist that allows the digital manipulation of image files.
Always sad to see any Wendy’s go but DC’s two fast food tragedies are the loss of the Popeye’s where Halfsmoke now is and the vanishing of the Taco Bell from 14th & U.
Does the Fed actually know how to forecast future growth accurate? I’m skeptical. But I don’t know who else’s growth forecasts are better and slowing growth while he tries to explains rates vs levels doesn’t sound so good for Trump to me.
I’m not sure how bullish the economic fundamentals really are for Trump ... Fed says it sees growth slowing to 1.9 percent in 2020.
Also the fact that these models claim Trump would win in a landslide *now* when his approval rating is at 41% show how the economy isn't everything and designing good versions of these models is tricky.
RT @mattyglesias: Something I hope Democrats take away from the Trump years is that Fed appointment really really really matter. Your admi…
RT @mattyglesias: I’ve got to say, before asking Trump yet another question about John McCain (he is not a fan) you might want to consider…
This Conway family drama is so beyond dumb, like some kind of dumbness singularity.
The inevitable Adam McKay movie starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper will make this worth it!
Joe Biden’s plan would have made his vice presidency impossible, writes @mattyglesias.
And on some level we all want to see Amy Klobuchar up on a debate stage throwing a binder at Donald Trump.
Beto beat the state-adjusted fundamentals by ~2 points, Klobuchar by ~15 and the Minnesota electorate is much more similar to the key swing states. Admittedly, he had to face an incumbent and she was up against a nobody. But then again the incumbent was Ted Cruz.
I think treating incumbency as essentially a rounding error is a huge problem. With an incumbency advantage of about ~6 points, that basically wipes out the entire difference between Klob and Beto (since she was an incumbent and he was running *against* an incumbent).
I fully agree that if we could somehow guarantee that every election be a landslide in which EC dynamics are irrelevant, it wouldn’t be worth complaining about.
While we're talking about the wtfness of the EC, could we throw in some chatter about the grotesquerie of the Senate?
Obviously in my capacity as Chief Neoliberal Shill I can tell you that the first-best solution is a congestion charge rebated on a flat per capita basis to all NYC residents. But “ban cars” would improve on the status quo.
Does this include livery cars?
It’s hilarious to me that right-wing people are fond of quoting this observation, when it amounts to the insight that right-wing ideas are not defensible on the merits.
Alternatively, the Left is better at marching through the institutions.
"The resistance has demobilized. And for Democrats, it’s probably a huge mistake." — Vox's @mattyglesias
@DLind, @cjane87, and @mattyglesias on the unexpected issue of the moment, plus Swedish administrative data on what makes a CEO.
The real situation is maybe something like Motte: We need a reparations program that goes beyond both affirmative action and ecojomic redistribution to somehow undue a centuries-long racial caste system. Bailey: Someone should do a blue ribbon commission.
The motte is the castle, the bailey is the town
RT @mattyglesias: Pro-life unless you think children need food
Your final chance to vote for this year's Chief Neoliberal Shill. I endorse @mattyglesias.
RT @mattyglesias: Pro-life unless you think children need food
RT @mattyglesias: He ... proposed ... making ... it ... illegal ... for ... Muslims ... to ... enter ... the ... country…
When I make my heel turn and become a conservative, the issue that pushes me over is going to be left-wing hostility to perfectly good standardized tests.
I’ll be right behind you.
RT @mattyglesias: Hard to believe this network won’t be hosting a Democratic primary debate.
RT @mattyglesias: People 👏 In 👏 Diners 👏
RT @mattyglesias: It’s cool that there’s no confirmed head of the FAA because Trump wanted to give the job to his personal pilot and senato…
The fundraising fakeout was a clever move, I think everyone can agree.
RT @mattyglesias: It’s cool that there’s no confirmed head of the FAA because Trump wanted to give the job to his personal pilot and senato…
RT @mattyglesias: He ... proposed ... making ... it ... illegal ... for ... Muslims ... to ... enter ... the ... country…
RT @mattyglesias: More Democrats need to learn to make this rhetorical turn, otherwise the risk is that criticism of Trumpian racism comes…
RT @mattyglesias: He ... proposed ... making ... it ... illegal ... for ... Muslims ... to ... enter ... the ... country…
RT @monkeyes2: @mattyglesias "The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command."…
RT @mattyglesias: He ... proposed ... making ... it ... illegal ... for ... Muslims ... to ... enter ... the ... country…
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