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The other thing about America that would be outlandishly left-wing in the European context is a state-run postal monopoly.
Stop private equity vultures from destroying our country’s great independent paper companies. https://twitter.com/robillard/status/1186070042154356736
Imagine if Trump proposed this.
On the other hand, the German approach to the birthright citizenship issue is way further to the right of anything anyone in American politics would propose. https://twitter.com/tzimmer_history/status/1186039727910207488
What I’ve said on the podcast over and over again is that you can tell from Sanders’ vagueness that he’s perfectly aware he’s not actually going to get Medicare for All done. This reflects wisdom on his part, I worry that Warren is flirting with hubris and folly. https://twitter.com/chortlevork/status/1186045717527220224
I really think Bernie “stay vague” plan is a much better idea (obviously congress isn’t going to do Medicare for All so it doesn’t actually matter how you would pay for it), but I guess we’ll see what she comes up with. https://twitter.com/dylanlscott/status/1186043738717671424
RT @MaxAbrahms: Petraeus is understandably worried that the Syrian rebels will slaughter Kurds, helping ISIS. Like the rest of the foreign…
I feel like this @mattyglesias is the antidote to all the "If Nixon had Fox..." conjecture. We have mass mobilization -- and that's really all we have. https://twitter.com/StandUpAmerica/status/1185310733099261952
Really hoping the answer here is 32 platinum coins. https://twitter.com/joshnbcnews/status/1186008020603621376
A truly iconic American brand. https://twitter.com/whitehouse/status/1186036128765349889
Canadian content idea: Riding by riding tactical voting guide for left-of-center people.
The license plates in Maine say “Vacationland” but now they’re worried about too many tourists? Will Las Vegas be tackling this problem next?
RT @lizcgoodwin: Elizabeth Warren on AOC's Bernie endorsement: "I am a fan of the congresswoman, she's done some terrific work...I know onc…
There was a weird subplot of the Civil War where the Confederacy decided to send ships to sink Union-flagged whaling vessels — 19th century war for oil.
Seafaring adventures, ideally whaling-focused https://twitter.com/theshrillest/status/1185985574047383552
Putin is the most influential Obama/Trump swing voter of all.
Why I made this poll: https://twitter.com/Noahpinion/status/1184830036265721856?s=19
The real electability candidate is Tulsi Gabbard because she’ll have the Russian hackers and propagandists on her side against Trump.
Like if I ran a huge foundation I think it would do a lot of good in the world because of course I agree with my own ideas. But in an objective sense it would be a vehicle for empowering me and my ideas, not an act of self-sacrifice.
I kind of like this idea as an idea and not just as a debating point — billionaire philanthropy by sortition. https://twitter.com/mattbruenig/status/1185976434009038852?s=21
There are donor-controlled foundations that do a lot of good, but I think creating a foundation that you run is a fundamentally different undertaking than actually divesting yourself of financial resources.
If all the billionaires were in fact giving all their money away to charity there’d be no billionaire wealth to tax, and thus no wealth tax debate except in a totally theoretical sense. But that’s obviously not the actual situation.
I feel like thinking it’s bad for billionaires to exist and thinking it’s good that there are donor-finances nonprofits is perfectly consistent. You would need rich people to give away — like genuinely, not just to a foundation they run — all of their money.
One thing that occurs to me about this is the way modern targeting works, liberals are probably very familiar with the messages Obama used to try to gin up small donations in 2012 and may be mistaking it for the ones he used on persuadable voters.
RT @davidshor: @MishaTeplitskiy If you look at panel data matched to administrative vote history, 90%+ of the change in opinion from 2012 t…
The equivalent for a 2020 Democrat would be to do something like decide they were all-in on Medicare for All, and part of that was going to be moving to the center on a half dozen other hot topics.
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Obviously he also amped-up anti-immigrant sentiment. But he amped-down (if that’s a word) on religiosity, said he would raise taxes on the rich, and adopted progressive Democrats’ long-standing critique of NAFTA. A less-awful person who did all that would’ve done really well.
A thousand times this. Social Security & Medicare are the two largest government programs. Republicans have traditionally run on the unpopular idea of cutting them. Trump abandoned these stances in a classic pivot to the center. https://twitter.com/davidshor/status/1185959484809723911
RT @tysonbrody: ygleasias v yeleson threads are the twitter equivalent of benzos
Should China's government be thought of as a rightist regime, a leftist regime, or neither?
It’s the radical center
Also while I thought Omar got a bad rap, she at least really did say a few specific things that touched off controversy. What did AOC do? This is just the most absurd made-up slander.
Honestly I believe the “AOC is an anti-Semite” smear is based on her 1) talking to Jeremy Corbyn and 2) being friends with Tlaib and Omar
Ah, yes, the only Jewish candidate in the race hates Jews. https://twitter.com/rjc/status/1185923134362439682
Attacking from the inside, very shifty
The extraordinarily implausible premise here seems to be that such limits are hermetically sealed from other rights and policy spheres. But... it’s precisely because that’s obviously false that the right to criticize the regime is so enshrined. https://twitter.com/robinhanson/status/1185945237199507459
It’s a pretty good contribution to the growing “libertarian economists for an authoritarian dictatorship” movement that they’re cooking up in the Virginia suburbs.
Medieval peasants: 1. Never stuck flying economy to Asia 2. Ready access to organic, locally sourced gruel 3. No need to save for retirement thanks to short life expectancy 4. Really snazzy outfits 5. Gentrification involved actual gentry
The real tragedy is that we should be spending more time talking about how Bill Bradley would’ve won.
It’s definitely the case that growing up in the 1980s and 1990s I was firmly indoctrinated to believe that RFK Would’ve Won, so I see no reason to think we’ll ever stop arguing about 2016. https://twitter.com/davidshor/status/1185918284480294913
I don’t know how it works when you’re talking about a candidate who already had fringe support. I do think the people confidently predicting this will boost Gabbard should go back to the “Williamson will be at 5% thanks to media buzz” takes.
I don’t think Clinton was playing 3-D chess here, but it’s an interesting test of something that worked for Trump. 1) Make wild accusation. 2) Watch rivals clutch pearls at the wildness of the accusation. 3) Watch voters remember the wild accusation. https://twitter.com/danielstrauss4/status/1185936422408216576?s=21
In general I think Trump is a reminder that lying is a pretty effective political tactic if you’re willing to take a little heat and stick to your guns.
In fairness I’ve been in Iowa all weekend talking to Democrats, but they weren’t in diners so they don’t count
I tend to think this means the implications of Trump going from a big cash disadvantage to a likely large cash advantage are actually more significant than most people believe — there are a lot of hot takes about diminishing returns that don’t seem very well-founded to me.
Sides & Vavrek estimate that 1,000 late Clinton ads in a given county earned her an extra 0.7 percent of the vote share. ymmv as to whether that’s a big effect or a small one https://twitter.com/natesilver538/status/1185929704626413568
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RT @tvoti: I talked to a whole mess of people involved in the 2019 adaptation of Watchmen to ask, essentially, “Why?” and “How?” and “What?…
RT @justinamash: Trump’s words: Bring them home. Trump’s action: Send them to Iraq. https://twitter.com/thehill/status/1185878583983689729
RT @ianbremmer: Why does @MSNBC keep leaving out @AndrewYang on their graphics? It’s starting to look more intentional than unprofessional…
Polls indicate that despite Trump’s early ad blitz, he would lose if the election were held tomorrow. Reasonable to worry if *future* saturation-level Trump advertising will change that. But whatever he’s doing now isn’t working.
In general the fact that Trump is raising dramatically more money than he had in 2016 seems like a real problem for Democrats. Not sure I buy the theory that Trump *spending the money early* reflects a wise tactical or strategic choice on his part. https://twitter.com/theplumlinegs/status/1185883683938537472
The scale of the corruption and looting taking place is staggering https://twitter.com/gordondeeg/status/1185240224756043776
What does “Bernie’s Back” mean? Hasn’t he been running for President more or less continuously for five years?
This shoe has not really dropped yet but I think we’re getting close. https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2019/2/25/18149990/israel-2020-democratic-party-primary
Qantas trying to figure out how to make direct flights from Sydney to New York & London work. Cool stuff. https://thepointsguy.com/news/qantas-project-sunrise-sydney/
Never heard of it https://twitter.com/matt_l1978/status/1185715464451829762
Related: A problem with the 18-month primary is it tends to turn affection for a particular candidate into dislike of the other candidates. The reality is all these people are fine and the extent of their achievements as president would be mostly driven by external factors.
The problem with the “real change comes from durable mass movements not individual politicians” message is that it’s actually true.
Join @ezraklein, @mattyglesias, and special guest @GeneHealy for the first episode of the Impeachment, Explained podcast. This week we go deep into “high crimes and misdemeanors.” 🎧 Listen now: http://applepodcasts.com/impeachment-explained
This week on the Impeachment, Explained podcast @ezraklein and @mattyglesias dig into the three big stories that mattered most in impeachment this week: http://applepodcasts.com/impeachment-explained
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RT @mattyglesias: In contrast to today’s speech, this blog post Zuckerberg wrote last fall does a much better job of getting at a key issue…
RT @mattyglesias: I have been impressed by the literature (some of which is cited in this piece) that mass protests are a lot more effectiv…
My talk last week at the YIMBY Party Party in San Francisco. https://medium.com/@yimby/matthew-yglesias-on-yimby-693b11d798bb
Matt. hey. i appreciate you and like your writing.
RT @mattyglesias: Trump has broken a lot of campaign promises (health care, taxing the rich, bank regulation), but he’s really delivered on…
RT @mattyglesias: The fake origin story of Facebook written for Mark Zuckerberg by the team of GOP political operatives who runs their DC o…
RT @mattyglesias: I find the level of bad faith in this conversation a little difficult to deal with. But if you pretend to take this vie…
RT @mattyglesias: The fake origin story of Facebook written for Mark Zuckerberg by the team of GOP political operatives who runs their DC o…
RT @mattyglesias: The fake origin story of Facebook written for Mark Zuckerberg by the team of GOP political operatives who runs their DC o…
RT @mattyglesias: Here's the thing: If you hate Donald Trump, but think Elizabeth Warren's policy ideas are too left wing you there's actua…
RT @mattyglesias: The fake origin story of Facebook written for Mark Zuckerberg by the team of GOP political operatives who runs their DC o…
The fake origin story of Facebook written for Mark Zuckerberg by the team of GOP political operatives who runs their DC office versus contemporaneous coverage of Facebook’s origins.
I mean do they remember there was literally a movie about this?
That story sounds bogus bit isn't the second image the story of facemash rather than Facebook?
RT @mattyglesias: A fair number of Republicans and lots of national security professionals seem bothered by the unfolding fiasco in Syria b…
RT @LarryMishel: thread @mattyglesias Wisely calls BS on Yang claim we're in an automation wave: https://www.vox.com/2019/10/15/20916635/democratic-debate-automation-productivity citing productivit…
Also, @mattyglesias and I talk about this + the broader question of whether automation is/will cause mass joblessness in our post-debate Weeds — dropping into your podcast feeds soon!
UBI could be the core policy in a shift towards a different societal attitude towards work, "deservingness," etc. That case is harder to make — you're swimming upstream against very powerful ideological currents — but I think it's ultimately the only one that holds up.
RT @mattyglesias: Biden got a pretty basic question about Hunter, botched it, then everyone moved on to argue yet again about Medicare for…
RT @mattyglesias: Pay who? https://twitter.com/abc/status/1182770015587553280
RT @mattyglesias: “Highly attentive moderate Democrats” is a group that’s massively overrepresented in the media relative to its share of t…
It’s genuinely perverse how much oxygen in the primary has been soaked up debating an idea that is so clearly not going anywhere in the senate even if Democrats shoot the moon and pick up six seats or something. There’s a lot of stuff the president actually controls! https://twitter.com/alxthomp/status/1184062088269971456
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