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Awful situation. Still massively better than when the market was at a bottom.
Gotta price the earnings in Bitcoin to get a real picture
And important to say that while the science has changed somewhat the official line never made sense. “You don’t need a mask unless you’re sick so don’t buy masks” but obviously *once you’re sick* it’s not a good time to roam around mask shopping.
Such a catastrophic error by the western public health establishment. I will not claim super-prescience on this but I did get the “you can avoid shortages by making cloth masks at home” tip 2-3 weeks before the CDC by just talking to some people who live in Asia.
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Some day we will obtain an NYT op-ed singularity in which the pace of columns about columns about columns exceeds the human capacity to read columns.
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I remember being in a blogger roundtable with Obama in 2007 and he was asked about marriage equality. He said marriage is between a man & a woman. But also he wonders what would have happened if LBJ ran on anti-miscegenation, lost, and been unable to appoint the Loving judges.
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I've really got to log off. But when I compare the US to social democracies, I see the big differences as being (in order): — Lower taxes — More guns — Bigger military — More prisoners More or more expensive cops is at best a minor factor.
A bunch of interesting papers on policing from @bocar_a
From @brentinmock, a great look at the people behind the crisis at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
RT @BlanksSlate: 2019:”This country wasn’t built on slavery!” 2020: “Do you understand how many monuments and statues we’d have to tear do…
The newest dimension of economic inequality — the working from home class vs the risking their lives class.
perhaps biggest divide in journalism is between generation of editors who take as gospel the need to avoid anything that anyone *could* criticize & young journalists who just want to tell the truth without consideration of how bad faith actors will attack
I’m a little skeptical of that. There are plenty of young journalists who want to empower a different segment of bad faith actors on the attack.
I genuinely don't know who you are referring to
The people who were piling on @lhfang last week, for example.
I missed that. Was it cause he tweeted something racist again or...?
Well there we go. I think we’re going to have to agree to disagree. But I really appreciate the work you’ve done as a pathbreaking for a more outspoken form of journalism.
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RT @EricSchultz: POLITICO reporters rebel against management's directive to sanitize Trump coverage
RT @MurielBowser: RT if you’ll wear a mask today
This has to have been a crazy time to start a new job, but this group is already killing it —>
I don’t 100% agree with this but some helpful factual information here
America was truly built by heirs to TV dinner fortunes. They did the real work.
For days now people have been dunking on me for expressing concern about damage done to my (black) neighbor’s property. So for the record I asked and he’s doing well and wants to see policing changed, but wishes his home hadn’t been vandalized. Seems reasonable.
Guess they were not convinced by my article arguing that positive ads about Biden > negative ads about Trump.
Lots of support for various reforms that would save lives and improve America. But “defunding the police” is underwater 29-49 among African-Americans (26-60 with whites).
It would probably be enlightening for left-wing police abolitionists to dive a bit into the libertarian police abolitionist literature, where the vision is to replace existing law enforcement with gated communities and private security guards.
Cancel this man ASAP!
(This is fake news of course, the economy isn’t fixed until media industry emergency salary cuts are reversed)
Got my first AirBNB booking in months — the economy is fixed.
The world may never unravel this mystery
This response to @terrygtnguyen about why NYPD officers aren’t wearing masks is so telling — top to bottom lack of professionalism and hostility to any form of democratic governance or accountability.
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RT @jeffreyGoldberg: "Trump is effective at corrupting apparently well-meaning officials like Milley, because they don’t have any good choi…
We need to elevate voices from marginalized communities (as long as they agree with me — no representative surveys or dissonant perspectives allowed).
RT @lhfang: New Facebook tool would allow employers to suppress words like “unionize" in workplace chat product
As a sequel to this, I would recommend Christopher Silver who shows that modern zoning took off post-1917 when the Supreme Court started disallowing those segregation ordinances. The idea from the start was to do segregation through the back door.
An oldie but a goody: Cities only moved to embrace formal, legally entrenched segregation laws after a prior system of segregation enforced by grassroots terrorist violence started to break down.
Devi & Fryer argue that when incidents of police misconduct go viral and lead to federal investigation, police departments respond with massive work slowdowns that generate more crime. By contrast, non-viral investigations improve outcomes.
Hot new research: Making friends in school is a good idea, particularly if you manage to do it without being drunk constantly.
Nature is healing
Good Shor/Wasow discourse today, but also note the cancellation of @lhfang for the sin of ... talking to a random guy who was off-message. Lee probably attracts less sympathy because he’s made a lot of enemies on here over the years but the way he was treated was absurd.
lol @eitanhersh needs to write a sequel that is just about amy mcgrath donors
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Defund the Obsidian Order
A lot of widely misunderstood policy issues in the world, but Section 230 seems unique in that the law is frequently described as saying literally the opposite of what it actually says.
Some people worry that if we abolish doctors, cancer patients will go untreated and die. But most doctors don't treat cancer at all. And even oncologists frequently fail to cure their patients.
Strange form of inference: 1) People would like the police to solve serious crimes 2) Many serious crimes go unsolved by the police 3) Therefore, we don't need police
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