Dad, Chief Neoliberal Shill, proud owner of a non-conforming garage.
RT @JohnHolbein1: What happens to companies' stock prices when their workers unionize? They become much less likely to crash in the future…
My unpopular opinion is that Johnny Mnemonic, which I believe is the only @GreatDismal adaptation, is actually a good movie and I hope the success of the John Wick Cinematic Universe will lead more people to reconsider it.
RT @leeanndroid: @mattyglesias Unfortunately, that number is likely a little bit lower now. Missoula’s beloved alt weekly was purchased & s…
Now that everything is being adapted and rebooted and so forth how come there’s no Neuromancer adaptation?
RT @nycsouthpaw: Shot/chaser/glass of ice water
It’s a subtle difference but journalists earn more in the DC market than in New York on top of the fact that the cost of living is somewhat lower here.
The metro area with the highest density of reporters relative to all jobs is not DC but ... Missoula, followed by Great Falls.
The most average jobs in terms of annual earnings are “front-line supervisors of sales workers” and “chefs and head cooks.”
My greatest fear about the 2020 primary is that I’m going to have to finally learn the delegate allocation rules.
RT @HeerJeet: Fairfield University versus Oberlin: compare & contrast. Sexually abusing 170 Haitian kids isn't even registering as a news…
Per @jmpinder there’s pretty good evidence that European soccer players *do* care about taxes. Wonder if the presence/absence of salary cap makes a difference here.
Star athletes evident indifference to high state income tax rates in California tells us something that’s relevant for broader policy.
RT @KFILE: We need every 2020 candidate to weigh in here.
RT @cjane87: I’ve already received multiple college football gambling questions and my response is this: don’t gamble on college football.…
Personally, I thought the original universal version was a good idea but he actually walked away from it and this whole argument is a bit obsolete now.
I sometimes feel like neither Bernie’s fans nor his critics realize that his current free college proposal is means-tested.
RT @dianeyentel: “If we were to look at transcripts for the last 40-50 years from the Republican & Democratic debates, I bet there hasn't e…
Relatedly, I’ll be in Dublin next week with my family enjoying the electrical outlets and whatever else — in the market for kid-friendly suggestions.
Do they use the same plugs in Ireland as in the UK or is it like the plugs on the continent?
I actually think a better idea would be for the FBI Director to launch extended political attacks on the credibility of the candidate he doesn’t like even after his investigation cleared her of any criminal violations.
smh at the loss of neighborhood character
My true contrarian view is that to the extent there’s a difference it’s that Bernie is the more moderate electable alternative to the somewhat more hardline Warren.
Obviously true except for the part about the differences being meaningful
“New building should be legally required to resemble nearby older buildings” is an odd aesthetic principle beyond the economic costs involved.
Post-9/11 security regulations forced Jack Reacher to get an ATM card and start carrying a passport.
RT @mattyglesias: Or maybe we shouldn’t have backed out of a perfectly reasonable diplomatic agreement with them for no reason. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯…
Supermarket and drug store chains typically charge the same price for merchandise at their stores even though economic circumstances differ from neighborhood to neighborhood. Always refreshing to see an economics paper that’s devoted to studying how the economy works!
This is bullshit but I also think Democrats would be well-advised to nominate someone who’s comfortable saying he or she does not intend to make the interests of rich shareholders the lodestar of economic policy.
— Trump’s polling is bad right now — Historically, polling changes a lot over an 18-month period — Trump-era polling has generally been very stable
Wow, left-wing campus activists really don’t understand the value of free speech
Say what you will about Trump but no previous president has ever done as much as him to discourage auto sales. Fitting that a Manhattanite would be our greatest urbanist President.
Nope! — Advanced America’s core interest in-nonproliferation — Came at less-than-zero economic cost to the United States — Improved US relationship with our important allies — Was kinda bad for a number of other Middle Eastern countries whose interests diverge from ours
The Iranian leadership is bad but nobody can articulate why it’s important that the United States heavily involve itself on the side of the also-bad leadership of Saudi Arabia and the UAE in a regional conflict that has nothing to do with us.
Trump blew up a painstakingly negotiated international agreement that the Iranians weren’t violating & then set about trying to destroy their economy. The only reasonable course of action is for us to climb down from this.
It’s likely the Trump administration is lying about the tanker just because, in general, they are always lying. But it’s not central to the *policy question* which is dominated by the reality that Trump is single-handedly responsible for the downward spiral in relations.
I think it’s easy to underestimate how much immigration policy preferences are driven by the fact that high openness vs low openness people have very different attitudes to seeing a town’s food mix change.
Truly the ultimate Piscataquis County story.
There’s a lot of nuanced science here but to me there’s just something odd about an advocacy strategy where you talk yourself into a corner such that “actually only five billion people will die” would count as an optimistic scenario.
For a couple of years now I’ve been desperate to read a clear, rigorous account of apocalyptic rhetoric around climate change and @KelseyTuoc really hit it out of the park.
RT @PeterGleick: 1/5 A thread: There is a severe and growing #climate and #water disaster in India. Delhi just saw its highest ever June t…
My treasured personal conspiracy theory is that Iranian intelligence was behind the forged yellowcake documents and other key lines of bogus intel that Bush used to sell the invasion of Iraq.
“The guys arguing against the nuclear deal just want to start a war.” “That’s a vicious smear, we just want a better deal!” [one year later] “Man those Iranians are crazy, gotta bomb ‘em”
Or maybe we shouldn’t have backed out of a perfectly reasonable diplomatic agreement with them for no reason. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Voters seem really sure here but frankly I’m skeptical
RT @7im: These text messages among Border Patrol agents will leave you cold:
Not only did the Obama White House go on a little YIMBY kick while Castro was HUD Secretary, he even has a YIMBY plank in his education plan.
I think Castro deserves a YIMBY point
Do the right thing @peretti
RT @sarahmillerdc: If you care about fighting monopoly power, @BernieSanders’ speech today gave the fight a boost.…
RT @mattGrossmann: When Bill Clinton declared “the era of big government is over” in his 1996 State of the Union address, it turned out to…
Personally, I think the “actually Trump knows Biden is a weak candidate” take is a little too galaxy brain. But what is true is that Biden is the matchup against whom Trump could most literally replay the exact message he used against Clinton, which would appeal to lazy people.
Like note the key line "ABC News did not obtain the poll’s early matchups against other candidates.” Someone on the Trump campaign specifically wanted to generate a “Trump is polling poorly against Biden” story and did not want that fact to appear in a broader context.
But maybe they'd knew people would come to that conclusion, and so it's a second level thing where they actually fear Biden
I’m a landlord. I own a now-vacant unit that I must lease at a sub-market rent. Lease it to who? To whoever pays me the biggest bribe under the table? To my cousin’s friend?
Had a Qdoba burrito with Impossible meat for lunch today and it's really good in that context.
Discovered the same thing with less-famous vegan meat. I throw 'em into omelettes and they taste great.
Going to do another Ask Weeds Anything pretty soon with @DLind & @cjane87 so you need to ask us things.
How optimistic are you about zoning reform in the medium term? Do you expect reforms/deregulation in the next 10-20 years significant enough to stop or reverse rising home prices in big American cities?
I love twitter and hate email but please send an email instead of replying here so that we have all the questions in one place!
FDR was a great president! But FDR fandom seems a bit at odds with the notion that self-ascription as a socialist and uncompromising support for single-payer health care are the two key criteria in evaluating a president.
Nations with single payer healthcare systems charge half what we do. Half. That's a tremendous advantage for businesses located elsewhere.
Wall Street bankers also see Warren & Sanders as similar, which I guess is part of their long game to avert socialism.
There remains an assumption among bankers that "socialism" and economic growth are incompatible. But the gating factor to growth today is human capital. Social programs produce it in abundance. Maybe we should call socialism "open source economics."
When I tweeted that Sanders & Warren are similar a few days ago I mostly get yelled at by Warren fans, but when I tweeted it this morning I mostly got yelled at by Sanders fans.
They're both pretty similar to Clinton, right?
RT @mattyglesias: I don’t have a super-strong conviction about who would be hardest for Trump to beat, but it’s definitely not “clear” that…
RT @mattyglesias: Identity politics (though we don’t call it that when we’re talking about white Christians) holds together a GOP coalition…
Major tourist attractions have become underrated thanks to outliers who travel orders of magnitude more than normal people dominating the world of travel takes.
Related: I’m taking a trip with my family next week and looking forward to ruining everything by doing so.
Please post lots of selfies
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