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And, if you want to go suuuuper deep, @ParkScopeJeff has collated 20 years of Lutz’ writing here (manually!) https://twitter.com/parkscopejoe/status/1163150054686953475?s=21
An interesting as hell weigh-in from co-founder of Mice Age with Lutz Mike Yee — he says it’s a joke that it wasn’t Al writing all those years, but that Iger and Mucha may have been sources. https://twitter.com/figment_jedi/status/1163226537619075072?s=21
Without context, you’re just a tool.
One of the reasons that it is important, in my opinion, to know 70% more than you actually publish. Because when you hear a thing and your reporting doesn’t go further than here’s a thing I heard you are being manipulated.
Everyone has sources and when they’re anonymous it is muuuuch harder to divine their motivations. It can get addicting to be in the know and to have someone high up at a powerful organization talk to you and tell you things that can make you popular and respected.
In my opinion, here are the questions: 1. Did Kalogridis actually meet with Snyder in 2001 2. What was the topic of discussion? 3. Was this Troy Porter character a ghost writer or just a ‘primary source’? 3b. How aware/involved was corp comms in feeding info to Lutz/proxy
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As for me, at this moment, I was completely disinclined to believe the Snyder post because it’s so far fetched —- until the extremely suspicious denial from Micechat. SO strange!
Ongoing tea is ongoing!
And what the family ties are https://twitter.com/benwszalek/status/1163216196398919680?s=21
But wait! Further plot twists are still inbound as we speak. Now people are trying to examine who Snyder is and what his motivations are https://twitter.com/benwszalek/status/1163215693191532545?s=21
The response from Lutz’ site Micechat served only to make more people believe that it MIGHT be true, because it was so non-denial-ey and milquetoast.
The latest Lutz post, Snyder claims, is to position Chapek as incompetent and unwilling to spend the resources that it takes to make GE successful — and, he says, to set up the current president of Walt Disney World to take the job.
If true (it’s wild so man what a stretch) it would place the corp machinations leagues above the silly press manipulation games most tech corp comms gets up to.
The goals were likely shifting over the years, but booting Eisner out of Disney and getting Iger set to use Disney as a launchpad are what Snyder claims were the initial parameters. They used this ‘voice of the community’ to serve the narrative they wanted.
The claims, basically, are that Al Lutz’ columns have been ghost written for decades by a Disney employee. The columns served to forward the interests of the controlling entity inside Disney, its comms lead.
Which brings the tea. A post by Gary Snyder on Medium lays out some pretty incredible and as of yet completely unproven claims. WARNING: It is really poorly written, my editor’s fingers were quivering the whole time. https://medium.com/@snydergary310/the-dis-influencer-2ec902b53c77
Lutz has gotten quieter in recent years but resurfaced to post about low Galaxy’s Edge attendance and, seemingly, to put this failure on the shoulders of Bob Chapek, current head of Disney parks. https://www.micechat.com/233418-miceage-disneyland-rumor-update-promising-the-moon/
Over the years, people have speculated about his sources and status with regards to Disney. Basically Al Lutz was Fake Steve Jobs but if you “knew” who he was.
Lutz’ big coming out for most mainstream press was his piece about Lindsay Lohan getting loaded in the parks https://web.archive.org/web/20060718033807/http://miceage.com/allutz/al071106a.htm
His voice of criticism was in the mix alongside Roy and Gold’s in outlining the failures of Disney’s California Adventure expansion project and Paul Pressler, then Disneyland President.
Lutz’ big moment came around the time that Roy Disney and Stanley Gold were forcing Eisner out of Disney. Well chronicled in Disney War — an incredible business book by James B Stewart https://www.amazon.com/DisneyWar-James-B-Stewart/dp/0743267095
He gained a following for his increasingly cantankerous and seemingly well sourced gossip about the inner working of Disney’s Parks division. He seemed to know real stuff, a lot of it, and had no problems placing it in a strong contextual light. Basically being irritable.
His writing was originally pretty straightforward this and that is happening at the parks, but it eventually turned to criticism of declining maintenance and upkeep (peeling paint, broken fixtures, signs of neglect) in the pre-re-expansion Disney Parks era.
Lutz began as a blogger in the pre-cambrian era of internet writing, the late 90’s/early aughts. Message boards and usenet and eventually websites, that kind of thing.
Because Disney is a secretive company that does not like to share things before it is ready to ship things (sound familiar?) the rumor spilling is by far the most popular category. One of the bigger names in this arena over the past 20 years was Al Lutz.
Ok. Here goes. I know my audience is fairly tech oriented so I may make some analogies here, if they’re not accurate you can dock my pay. First, the disney blogging community is split into three basic categories. Original, sourced reporting, fan blogging and rumor spilling.
Anyone interested in a quick tweet primer for people un-initiated in dumb Disney corporate machinations and blogosphere?
Also Messages is acting up on this plane wifi and I am locked out of the discussion my private Parks chat is having about it and it is KILLING ME.
There is some SCALDING hot tea going around in the Disney blogging community. Just piping hot. Man this is fun.
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