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RT @ChrisBHaynes: After all the drama from months ago, Anthony Davis got what he wanted. The Lakers are positioned to make a run at multipl…
For those unfamiliar with the situation, Craig is Calvin’s patsy. Who do you think is pumping/dumping BSV? (Hint: it’s not Craig).
No fiat currency has survived dropping to zero value (or within .05% of zero) in 300 yrs. Why would anyone think the current crop of fiat around the world is any different? ⭕️ https://www.dinardirham.com/the-rise-and-fall-of-fiat-currencies/
Who’s the bigger patsy?
No country is more motivated, or would benefit more spectacularly right now by switching to #Bitcoin — than 🇹🇷 Do it as if your monetary life depended on it. (Hint: it does). https://twitter.com/schuldensuehner/status/1140005811034308608
RT @stacyherbert: I've finally had a chance to start reading Collusion by @nomiprins. OMG. It's so good. Get it. Seriously, go here now ---…
To the people who ignored the Russophobia peddled by 🇺🇸 media these past 8 yrs and took @KeiserReport’s advice and bought #Bitcoin at $1. To the hundreds of thousands of BTC millionaires we created globally. Thanks for watching! As we celebrate 10 Yrs. of @KeiserReport
No fiat currency has ever survived. Avg. lifespan is 27 yrs. Oldest, the £, has lost 99.5% of purchasing power. So my call that no fiat will survive is easy because none have. I’m been telling my 30M viewers on @KeiserReport since 2011 when BTC was $1 that I own and buy it. https://twitter.com/sam_liban/status/1139634001298231296
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Guess the pundit: Half the time he’s right and market responds accordingly. Half the time he’s wrong and market responds accordingly.
When O. J. Coin? https://twitter.com/therealoj32/status/1139743663737622529
RT @HeisenbergCap: News: major exchanges mass-delisting alt coins. #Bitcoin target of $100,000 still in place since 2011.
RT @jonmatonis: “Only put money in the banking system that you can afford to lose,” advises financial commentator @maxkeiser https://t.co/N…
The market is saying you’re wrong. In fact, the market’s reaction to this $FB_coin news suggests the complete opposite of your analysis. https://twitter.com/peterschiff/status/1139543731663773697
RT @nic__carter: If you think regulators aren’t peeved about exchanges, read this letter. You think your favorite crypto casino will be aro…
RT @nic__carter: 77k people with their names indelibly linked to scammy ICOs sweating heavily as they realize alt szn isn't coming back htt…
RT @nic__carter: very overdue mass delistings hitting now. the casino era of crypto is coming to an end. pour some out for the raccoons and…
RT @Schuldensuehner: There is an earthquake happening in govt bonds, SG's Edwards says. With European yields plunging to new neg lows and t…
RT @yassineARK: In the last 100 years, three periods were followed by HALF of the world's currencies losing HALF of their purchasing power:…
RT @AJEnglish: Germany announces a European payment system designed to circumvent US sanctions on Iran will be ready soon https://t.co/AO3u…
RT @ZonePhysics: Transparent Solar Cells Make Any Window Generate Energy https://buff.ly/2TnO3Fd
Chances that the June 18th $FB Coin White Paper publication triggers an alt-coin blood bath?
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Today’s $FB Coin news market action, in #Bitcoin terms. BTC up. Top 30 alt coins all down. This is what we predicted. BTC competes with Gold. Alt-coins haven’t yet found a use-case. However, unlike fiat, alt-coins don’t go to absolute zero.
RT @HeisenbergCap: #Bitcoin v. Top 30 Coins. See a pattern?
Fact: @KeiserReport reports for months confirmed, Brit Bitcoin premium expands on political chaos. ✅ https://www.trustnodes.com/2019/06/14/bitcoin-at-a-premium-in-britain-amid-potential-no-deal-while-libdems-look-to-double-mps vs. Delusional @Frances_Coppola (via @Forbes) “Max Keiser's Claim That Brits Are Dumping Sterling For Bitcoin Is False” ❌ https://www.forbes.com/sites/francescoppola/2019/01/19/max-keisers-claim-that-brits-are-dumping-sterling-for-bitcoin-is-false/
RT @TheBlock__: SCOOP: Facebook’s cryptocurrency partners revealed—we obtained the entire list of inaugural backers (via @fintechfrank & @A…
What % of financial media’s crypto coverage will be spent talking about $FB coin?
Have Vitalik’s balls dropped yet? https://twitter.com/camirusso/status/1139559358713536513
Has Vitalik’s balls dropped yet? https://twitter.com/camirusso/status/1139559358713536513
RT @cryptomanran: Binance just dealt alts a major blow. Banning their US base from trading will have a significant effect on price and liqu…
RT @Hipster_Trader: Nothing to see here https://twitter.com/cnbcnow/status/1139603169594478592
Curious about this? @KeiserReport’s been covering this emerging relationship for 10 yrs. (@CNN @MSNBC still caught up in #RussiaGateHOAX) https://twitter.com/zerohedge/status/1139590831910858752
#Bitcoin price has no top because zero fiat currencies will survive the next 10 yrs.
Will @realDonaldTrump be live tweeting? https://twitter.com/zerohedge/status/1139573796216692737
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RT @Ginohard_: NHL 20 cover?
Calling @PlanetPonzi !!!! https://twitter.com/zerohedge/status/1139560686265278464
If crypto is the new internet tech wave, what year is this, in comparison?
Trump: ‘Stocks would be 50,000 points higher if we printed another $40 trillion to keep the rolling bailout of banks and Warren Buffett going’.
Trump: ‘Stocks would be 50,000 points high if we print another $40 trillion to keep the rolling bailout of banks and Warren Buffett going’.
The Bitcoin Black Market will be dominated by:
RT @TheBlock__: BREAKING: US customers to be blocked from trading on http://Binance.com https://www.theblockcrypto.com/2019/06/14/us-customers-to-be-blocked-from-trading-on-binance-com/
Better name for $FB Libra Coin would be:
RT @TomForUtah: Capitalism is so good that it has only existed for 0.00000011% of the Earth's life, but during that time it's threatened a…
Will Silver outperform Bitcoin over next 12 months?
Has the 10 yr. window Bitcoin had to dominate crypto closed?
RT @ThisBoyTV: #KeiserReport: Zero Rates Coming? (E1396) bond #markets are saying apocalypse is on the horizon @KeiserReport @maxkeiser @s…
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