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RT @maxkeiser: Not all is lost if I block you. Make your appeal (beg) here... 😂👍
#Perfect UK, like Thomas Cook, going under with millions of jobs lost. Racism and greed doesn’t pay like they used to. 😂😂😂
RT @zerohedge: CNN Deems It A "Conspiracy Theory" To Question Biden Ties To Ukraine
RT @udiWertheimer: Reminder: just a few days ago @wmougayar who sits on the @kin_foundation board, had the audacity to predict a 10x increa…
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RT @RT_com: Lifehack: When in doubt – blame Russia for literally anything. Latest #RussiaGate craze: Times claim that MI6 fears Russia has…
RT @mayazi: Kik fired all the Kin Israel stafc (70 ppl) & is considering closing down the app. The firing drama seems to have been going o…
Live. My one-man show! Cleveland!!!
RT @historylvrsclub: Flamingos in the bathroom at Miami Zoo. Hurricane Andrew, August 24, 1992. Check out for more pics:…
‘Commit all fraud you need as long as you support the US dollar’ – Max Keiser on JP Morgan scandal
RT @ln_zap: Bitcoin, for you. Bitcoin, for fun. Bitcoin, for friends. Bitcoin, for payments. Bitcoin, for freedom. Bitcoin, for everyone.…
Pure larceny.
The U.K. is top terrorist funder in the world (via KSA). The destruction of 🇬🇧 via #Brexit chaos will make the world a safer place. (With less Prats).
RT @Rhythmtrader: Bitcoin is one small application for cryptography, and one giant revolution for the world.
RT @Rhythmtrader: Why do people struggle grasping how scarce bitcoin is? Because there's nothing else to compare it to.
RT @Rhythmtrader: The President said bitcoin is "based on thin air" while the budget deficit, national debt, global debt, negative yeilding…
RT @goanabootbiddy: JP Morgan just invested in Glasgow @maxkeiser when you coming to Kirkcaldy? Home of Adam Smith
#Bitcoin shaking these alt anchors from the market. Keep flash-crashing every day until they’re all dead’ish, BTC. We ❤️ U.
Don’t worry. Tomorrow, Greta’s speech will be forgotten and you can go back to incinerating your kids for heroin. 😂😂😂
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Who’s more impactful and timely in our era.
RT @SeekingDusan: @maxkeiser She's inspiring them too... I saw in the UK news that Burger King UK has discontinued plastic kids toys with m…
RT @godface9: @maxkeiser I agree 💯 max. This is a courageous young lady. The cowards call for political sides and ignore issues. The coward…
Judging by the comments, this seems more true than ever...
Climate change? What climate change? 😂😂😂
Climate disaster denier’s definition of a ‘commie’.
RT @RudyHavenstein: If I Google "Lagarde," Google wants to know my location.
Ryan’s a #pussy. Imagine cowering in fear when this young woman speaks. Another huge disgrace to my gender.
RT @RudyHavenstein: Too bad about what happened to Steve Martin. @SteveMartinToGo
Greta’s message is going directly into the brains of her generation. Do something now, kids. Or perish... That simple.
RT @ian_gates_btc: @maxkeiser Thanks for bringing attention to this lately. You’re on the right side of history again. 👍🏻
Brit cognitive dissonance. ‘Thomas Cook collapse has *nothing* to do with #Brexit’ 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Limey twats getting royally screwed by their greed and racism.
Love all the “anarcho-capitalists” and “Libertarians” tweeting how they’re calling the Feds. These folks are fake AF. Inside every AC and Libertarian lives a statist.
Not all is lost if I block you. Make your appeal (beg) here... 😂👍
RT @Pedersenmart: @maxkeiser Dinesh and people who follow him are brain dead individuals
Courage personified. If you’re cowering in fear when Greta speaks... You need to grow a pair.
IT’S HAPPENING!! 😂😂😂 Brits are so screwed. As a Scot, been waiting for this for many, many yrs.
What a worthless cunt this Dinesh. Do us all a favor, blow your brains out on live TV. 😂👍👍👍
RT @wcgwvids: Let me pretend spit at this animal infamous for spitting, WCGW
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RT @ActualidadRT: @maxkeiser @stacyherbert Según @stacyherbert, "el canibalismo es el causante de la enfermedad de los humanos locos, o al…
RT @ActualidadRT: @maxkeiser @stacyherbert Desarrollando el paralelismo, la presentadora indica que enfermedad de las vacas locas se adapta…
RT @ActualidadRT: @maxkeiser @stacyherbert "Y ahora, por culpa del cambio climático y de las granjas industriales, vamos a darles humanos d…
RT @ActualidadRT: @maxkeiser @stacyherbert @maxkeiser continúa la idea y explica que "para mantener esta estafa Ponzi hay que alimentar al…
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I’m all for the right to own guns, but only for women.
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