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Yes, @maxkeiser called 'bitcoin' the apex predator two years ago at least https://twitter.com/maxkeiser/status/946166999373242368 and in past year https://twitter.com/maxkeiser/status/1124126652425023489 and https://twitter.com/maxkeiser/status/1087150454100770816 https://twitter.com/danheld/status/1185918595563474949
RT @AntnioM13665295: Today's brilliant moment brought to us by @maxkeiser @stacyherbert @KeiserReport the "reverse liquor store hold up" co…
RT @michaelpento: Thank you @maxkeiser and @stacyherbert for another great interview on the @KeiserReport https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uen1wucKzuA
RT @LibertyBlitz: .@maxkeiser called it long ago. "The casino gulag economy." https://twitter.com/IBKR/status/1184212316923060226
RT @ThisBoyTV: #KeiserReport: GOLD and the #economy The Trust Anchor for Financial System (E1450) @KeiserReport @maxkeiser @stacyherbert ht…
RT @MarketSanity: Max interviews Michael Pento about the repo markets, gold, QE4, and more https://bit.ly/32p7bH8 @maxkeiser @stacyherbert
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#Perfect UK, like Thomas Cook, going under with millions of jobs lost. Racism and greed doesn’t pay like they used to. 😂😂😂 https://www.apnews.com/662be672d3464330bc3d2b26e3abe333
RT @zerohedge: CNN Deems It A "Conspiracy Theory" To Question Biden Ties To Ukraine https://www.zerohedge.com/political/cnn-deems-it-conspiracy-theory-question-biden-ties-ukraine
RT @udiWertheimer: Reminder: just a few days ago @wmougayar who sits on the @kin_foundation board, had the audacity to predict a 10x increa…
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RT @RT_com: Lifehack: When in doubt – blame Russia for literally anything. Latest #RussiaGate craze: Times claim that MI6 fears Russia has…
RT @mayazi: Kik fired all the Kin Israel stafc (70 ppl) & is considering closing down the app. The firing drama seems to have been going o…
Live. My one-man show! Cleveland!!! https://twitter.com/cryptosavy1/status/1173741127184322560
RT @historylvrsclub: Flamingos in the bathroom at Miami Zoo. Hurricane Andrew, August 24, 1992. Check out for more pics: https://t.co/ri8TF…
‘Commit all fraud you need as long as you support the US dollar’ – Max Keiser on JP Morgan scandal https://www.rt.com/business/469340-jp-morgan-spoofing-keiser/
RT @ln_zap: Bitcoin, for you. Bitcoin, for fun. Bitcoin, for friends. Bitcoin, for payments. Bitcoin, for freedom. Bitcoin, for everyone.…
Pure larceny. https://twitter.com/lisaabramowicz1/status/1176207985493852163
The U.K. is top terrorist funder in the world (via KSA). The destruction of 🇬🇧 via #Brexit chaos will make the world a safer place. (With less Prats). https://twitter.com/cryptoblood_/status/1176202897769598976
RT @Rhythmtrader: Bitcoin is one small application for cryptography, and one giant revolution for the world.
RT @Rhythmtrader: Why do people struggle grasping how scarce bitcoin is? Because there's nothing else to compare it to.
RT @Rhythmtrader: The President said bitcoin is "based on thin air" while the budget deficit, national debt, global debt, negative yeilding…
RT @goanabootbiddy: JP Morgan just invested in Glasgow @maxkeiser when you coming to Kirkcaldy? Home of Adam Smith https://twitter.com/maxkeiser/status/1175849114765889536
#Bitcoin shaking these alt anchors from the market. Keep flash-crashing every day until they’re all dead’ish, BTC. We ❤️ U. https://twitter.com/zerohedge/status/1176151887785189379
Don’t worry. Tomorrow, Greta’s speech will be forgotten and you can go back to incinerating your kids for heroin. 😂😂😂
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Who’s more impactful and timely in our era.
RT @SeekingDusan: @maxkeiser She's inspiring them too... I saw in the UK news that Burger King UK has discontinued plastic kids toys with m…
RT @godface9: @maxkeiser I agree 💯 max. This is a courageous young lady. The cowards call for political sides and ignore issues. The coward…
Judging by the comments, this seems more true than ever... https://twitter.com/maxkeiser/status/1175845065232539648
Climate change? What climate change? 😂😂😂
Climate disaster denier’s definition of a ‘commie’.
RT @RudyHavenstein: If I Google "Lagarde," Google wants to know my location.
Ryan’s a #pussy. Imagine cowering in fear when this young woman speaks. Another huge disgrace to my gender. https://twitter.com/realsaavedra/status/1176149492698992641
RT @RudyHavenstein: Too bad about what happened to Steve Martin. @SteveMartinToGo
Greta’s message is going directly into the brains of her generation. Do something now, kids. Or perish... That simple.
RT @ian_gates_btc: @maxkeiser Thanks for bringing attention to this lately. You’re on the right side of history again. 👍🏻
Brit cognitive dissonance. ‘Thomas Cook collapse has *nothing* to do with #Brexit’ 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Limey twats getting royally screwed by their greed and racism.
Love all the “anarcho-capitalists” and “Libertarians” tweeting how they’re calling the Feds. These folks are fake AF. Inside every AC and Libertarian lives a statist.
Not all is lost if I block you. Make your appeal (beg) here... 😂👍 https://twitter.com/maxunblock/status/1134196789635158022
RT @Pedersenmart: @maxkeiser Dinesh and people who follow him are brain dead individuals
Courage personified. If you’re cowering in fear when Greta speaks... You need to grow a pair. https://twitter.com/afp/status/1176153566798651392
👍👍👍 https://twitter.com/inquestionrt/status/1176178061039087618
IT’S HAPPENING!! 😂😂😂 Brits are so screwed. As a Scot, been waiting for this for many, many yrs. https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/23/business/thomas-cook-collapse/index.html
What a worthless cunt this Dinesh. Do us all a favor, blow your brains out on live TV. 😂👍👍👍
RT @wcgwvids: Let me pretend spit at this animal infamous for spitting, WCGW
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RT @ActualidadRT: @maxkeiser @stacyherbert Según @stacyherbert, "el canibalismo es el causante de la enfermedad de los humanos locos, o al…
RT @ActualidadRT: @maxkeiser @stacyherbert Desarrollando el paralelismo, la presentadora indica que enfermedad de las vacas locas se adapta…
RT @ActualidadRT: @maxkeiser @stacyherbert "Y ahora, por culpa del cambio climático y de las granjas industriales, vamos a darles humanos d…
RT @ActualidadRT: @maxkeiser @stacyherbert @maxkeiser continúa la idea y explica que "para mantener esta estafa Ponzi hay que alimentar al…
RT @RonStoeferle: Breaking: Our Incrementum Inflation Signal just moved to a full inflation signal!See our interpretation of inflation dyna…
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I’m all for the right to own guns, but only for women.
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