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Congratulations to the @Affirm team on this honor! Reinvigorated to see that we're still regarded as a disruptor in the finance industry and excited to further our mission of delivering honest financial products. https://twitter.com/Affirm/status/1128702660490567681
RT @GlowHQ: Today Glow reaches a major milestone with over 1 million pregnancies reported! We are proud to play just a small role in the li…
RT @Affirm: What’s your dream vacation? From booking your flights to purchasing gear, we’re here to help you think big. Follow the link to…
Finally got to dig into a few books that have been on my reading list for quite some time. What did you read in April? https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/what-i-read-april-max-levchin/
Say what you will about Pet Shop Boys, but their uniquely recognizable (yet varied) chord progressions make one of the most identifiable aural “trademarks” of recent 40 years.
RT @BenjaminJun: Congrats to @jennifer_tye of @GlowHQ for making top 30 list of FemTech Healthcare Influencers! https://www.aginganalytics.com/femtech-healthcare-q1-2019 ht…
h/t to @nlevchin for spotting https://twitter.com/mlevchin/status/1116355423672553472
Does anyone actually edit these things, or is it just bots publishing stories for other bots?
Congratulations to @Affirm partner @tonal on its recent funding news. A very well-deserved Series C! https://techcrunch.com/2019/04/04/tonal-raises-45-million-to-bring-strength-training-to-more-living-rooms/
Congratulations to @Affirm partner @tonal on its recent funding news. A very well-deserved Series C! https://techcrunch.com/2019/04/04/tonal-raises-45-million-to-bring-strength-training-to-more-living-rooms/
Excited to share the latest developments at Affirm - new funding, new team members and a renewed sense and dedication to expanding our mission of honest and transparent finance. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/news-from-affirm-series-f-new-team-members-board-max-levchin/
Inspired by Women's History Month, I reflected on a woman who had quite a profound impact on my life (my grandmother) and asked some of the women leaders around Affirm to share their biggest role models. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/celebrating-womens-history-month-max-levchin/
Thanks @BoF for highlighting the people-first culture we’ve fostered here at @Affirm and sitting down with me to discuss our plans for the fashion industry. It was a pleasure! https://www.businessoffashion.com/articles/sponsored-feature/prioritising-people-at-affirm
RT @Affirm: Don't miss out on Affirmation 2019! All retailers are welcome to participate in the conference. Register now: https://t.co/ZszO…
RT @abargmann: If you want to be a part of the team that's approaching specialty insurance from the ground up in order to redefine the indu…
February was a busy (albeit exciting!) month but I did manage to get through some excellent reads. Anyone familiar with these two picks? https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/what-im-reading-month-march-max-levchin/
RT @MuhammadLila: Halfway through the New Zealand shooting, as dozens around him lay dead, a single unarmed worshipper rushed the shooter,…
Seven years of hard work, copious amounts of coffee and an unrelenting dedication to improving lives. Happy birthday @Affirm – onward!
Seven years of hard work, copius amounts of coffee and an unrelenting dedication to improving lives. Happy birthday @Affirm – onward!
Congratulations @WarbyParker on this _incredible_ milestone! @Affirm is one proud partner, today and every day. https://twitter.com/WarbyParker/status/1105838479076925440
Happy International Women’s Day, @nlevchin, my amazing everything co-founder! (And everyone else celebrating, especially the inspiring women of @Affirm!)
Expert curler, quoter of German folklore and Head of Banking @Affirm. Thanks @koblovinamerica for taking a chance on our (then) small team almost three years ago. We’re lucky to have you. https://tech.affirm.com/affirmer-spotlight-nik-koblov-vp-of-software-engineering-e269f6ad75b5
A good reminder for those about to go out before first light — on four wheels, or two. Stay safe out there. https://twitter.com/miketomalaris/status/1103416037289025536
Update: @Superhuman is indeed is a _massive_ improvement over other options. Thank you all who suggested it, and @rahulvohra for personally on-boarding me. Inbox-360 to inbox-40 in about two days of casual effort. https://twitter.com/mlevchin/status/1094767480587907072
RT @tearsheetco: Affirm lands the grandaddy of retail partners, Walmart https://tearsheet.co/payments/affirm-lands-the-grandaddy-of-retail-partners-walmart/
RT @TechCrunch: Affirm’s latest partnership brings its alternative financing to Walmart’s U.S. stores and website https://tcrn.ch/2T7O2sN b…
RT @Affirm: It's here! Very excited to announce this partnership. 🎉 Take home today and pay over time with Affirm, now available at Walmart…
Extremely proud (and sufficiently humbled) to announce @Affirm's nationwide partnership with @Walmart today. One big step forward in our steadfast mission to bring honest and transparent financial products to all. http://www.affirm.com/press/releases/affirm-and-walmart-announce-omnichannel-partnership
Congratulations @rabois, bringing his exceptional talent-spotting skills and inimitable risk-taking style to @foundersfund, after a stellar run at @khoslaventures. Proud to have both funds as investors in @Affirm :)
Happy to be an investor in @divvyhomes! https://twitter.com/divvyhomes/status/1097892403006955520
Welcome to @Affirm Christina! https://twitter.com/christinaphili5/status/1097891976915996672
RT @Affirm: Our customers "...expect their financial institution to screw them, and are delighted by the fact that we don't." Get this and…
Last week: I go on an unsubscribe-from-mailing-lists rampage. Weekend: Corporate spam appears to recede! Today: Spam levels back up, with 4 pieces about "Democratizing AI." So OK, they sold me down to the lowest... but why is AI Democratization last topic of call for spammers?
RT @mikekhuang: Incredibly excited that @glowhq is partnering with the Match Group to provide the state-of-the-art fertility benefits for t…
Of all the thorny immigration policy issues, this is the no-brainer one. Proud to stand together with some great people calling for a permanent fix. https://twitter.com/TheToddSchulte/status/1094925093279592449
OK, I cannot be the only email power user who (after years and years of trying) just _cannot_ make gmail native interface work for me. And yet, searching gmail "folders" on Airmail 3 just sucks. What OS X mail client you use, email power users (must work with gmail)?
I too am bound to Gmail. @SuperhumanCo is the best email client I've ever used for Gmail. Disclosure: I'm an investor (but would make the same recommendation even if I weren't).
Congrats to @Affirm partner @goatapp on today's investment news. Proud to be a partner as you grow. https://www.forbes.com/sites/kurtbadenhausen/2019/02/07/foot-locker-invests-100-million-in-secondary-sneaker-firm-goat/#18622fc2568d
RT @jmuller: Life at @Affirm: Meet General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer Manny Alvarez https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/life-affirm-meet-general-counsel-chief-compliance-officer-max-levchin/
re: Sweden vs Venezuela. I am no expert, but here's what Swedes have to say on the matter: https://sweden.se/business/how-sweden-created-a-model-economy/ -- "in 1996, a ceiling for public spending (utgiftstak) was introduced." To clarify: I am a fan of sensible economic reform, but against blind socialism worship.
I try to keep out of politics generally, but having spent the first 16 years of my life in the then-socialist paradise, this rings true: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/25/opinion/venezuela-maduro-socialism-government.html. The poor do matter, and it's on all of us to improve income inequality, but socialism is _not_ the way.
RT @Affirm: If you're a federal employee affected by the shutdown, we're here to assist you! Please use this page: http://bit.ly/2RcEpCU
Thank you @SFELC_ for hosting me for the fireside chat with @BenjaminJun.. and for making me look huge!
As of this morning, quite certain we have crossed over into the "Wag The Dog" version of American Politics. Next up, food fight!
But you can be pretty sure that these are actually from me.
And -- Virgin (I mean Alaska Airlines) Viasat-powered inflight WiFi SSL certificate expired in September 2018, and trying to get online involved some seriously gut-wrenching "sure, I trust this certificate" decisions for this security-obsessed traveler.
More air travel trivia from the frosty North East: Air Canada will silently drop the last character of your name if it ends with an "M" and you won't be able to check in without seeing an agent on (at least) US-bound flights. Apparently, known, long-standing bug in their system.
Is Toronto Airport’s international arrivals always like this after midnight? Must be about a thousand people here, in a somewhat organized (but polite) anarchy, queuing to kiosks, printing something, queuing again... madness. And yet somehow seems to move fairly quickly.
One of these things is not like the other.
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