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Still miss @mailbox every day. But some good news: the team behind that brilliant product is back with something new and different and potentially very useful in @navigator
Looks like they've have to revive the credibility of that domain...
Hmmm... /cc @gentry
Also, reminds me of @Astro?
RT @cdibona: $1 billion for 20,000 Bay Area homes @Google a mix of affordable and market rate housing. We've been w…
RT @FOX17Zach: How cool is this? @umichbaseball head coach Erik Bakich on his recruiting philosophy: "We think our roster should look like…
See also: “PC guys are not going to just figure this out. They're not going to just walk in.”
I’m sure this quote will age well. Like a fine steak. 🥩
The ghost of Ken Olsen appears, wearing the chains of bad predictions he forged in life...
On a naming scale of 1 to 100, ‘IMDb TV’ is about a 30. But that’s a win since ‘FreeDive’ was a negative 80.
I somehow have a vivid memory of listening to the radio — the radio! — in my parents bedroom one morning and hearing about this.
Also, didn’t remember this aspect of Tyson/Douglas. To be fair, I was 8 years old at the time. But I do distinctly remember when that happened!
Buster's own personal story before/around that fight is also worth diving into, assuming you haven't already. Got lost in the shock of the upset.
“The way I look, the extra flab that I carry.... Now, I want to get in really good shape and look like a Mexican Anthony next time we fight.” Looking forward to this Rocky 2 -> Rocky 3 transformation. Actually, more like Rocky 6 -> Rocky 4? 🥊
Happy Father’s Day to my dad. And thanks to this little one for making me a dad. 👨‍👦👨‍👧
she's reaching for an iPad
Just 4 minutes in and I already had completely forgotten that Raymond Tusk, Logan Roy, and Bosch are key characters in this...
Think it’s finally time to watch the Deadwood movie. But first, I’ll rewind 13 years - ! - to the last episode.
This is a solid reference... ...that will also potentially get you shadowbanned from Twitter.
True Detective: Season 4
Almost forgot about the ability to RT with a GIF when this is the actual moment this entire feature was made for...
RT @MichiganOnBTN: The moment @umichbaseball took Game 1. ⚾️〽️ #NCAACWS #GoBlue
Rewatched last night. It does hold up very well. The craziest thing about the movie may be that despite being set up to showcase San Francisco, there is not one shot of the Golden Gate Bridge. True restraint from a young David Fincher.
I prefer Dirty Harry films for the best of SF :-)
RT @Rachel__Nichols: “Thompson was wheeled into the MRI machine. The game ended while he was in there. ‘What happened?’ Thompson asked as s…
If you were a voice assistant, would you trigger yourself?
The long, strange ownership history of Pebble Beach ⛳️
RT @pastramimachine: They are coming for your jobs
It’s like deja vu and deja vu all over again. (I kid, I kid. Quite happy about this! Potentially!)
“Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they should, they didn’t stop to think if they could.” Wait a minute....
Narrator: well, it sort of did. But seriously, what an amazing game. And an amazing run by the Warriors. They had no business taking it this far given the situation. And yet they did. Congrats to the North. 🏀🏀🏀
This game has to end with a Steph 3, it just has to, right? #nbafinals
This is in-sane. #nbafinals
RT @mgsiegler: Every time this pops up while on a call, it may as well be written in Latin.
If Klay comes back to the floor in the 4th, they may not need to demolish Oracle. The crowd will bring it down. Wild game. #nbafinals
RT @zbgolia: I made this for no one and no reason. Plz Enjoy.... "Jonathan Frakes Asks You Things"
Every time this pops up while on a call, it may as well be written in Latin.
They need “I’m feeling lucky”
I can either figure this out or keep listening. I have not concentrated more than trying to figure that out for the first time recently. I failed. Hung up.
RT @GVteam: GV general partner @mgsiegler sits down with CNBC at #CodeCon to discuss the IPO landscape and promising startups – https://t.c…
Aaaahhh, that’s more like it. The temperature in SF just dropped 20 degrees in the past hour. Welcome back @KarlTheFog
Wow, congrats St. Louis 🏒🎶
RT @WillOremus: This is remarkable: Total downloads of Snapchat more than *doubled* after it launched the baby-face and gender-swap filters…
RT @lorengrush: Emerging through the clouds!
Good overview of #CodeCon 2019 by @stevesi
RT @TheKendallBaker: Basketball porn
so @Medium is now basically @TheAthletic for Everything But Sports
All eyerolling and well-earned skepticism aside, impressive rollout.
I can do sports ball?
RT @amandaknox: I've chosen not to do interviews in the lead up to Italy, in the hopes that what I will say in Modena will speak for itself…
RT @chartier: If you have trouble with orienting your Siri Remote, here is a solution to consider (not mine, found in a Slack, they didn’t…
Just in time for San Francisco winter.
Just in case you weren’t impressed by The Rocketeer, I’ll point out that he’s doing this in all black, in 100 degree heat. 🚀 🥵
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