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"You should opt out of the Apple Card’s arbitration clause — here’s how. Really good advice IMHO.
"Five questions to ask yourself before you apply for an Apple Card." Smart advice
Great review of Note 10+. Most thorough I've seen so far.
Echo Auto invite came. Quite pleased with it for the price. Worth it for the Bluetooth accessory on my bluetoothless car.
Those of you buying a Note 10, are you going for the 10 or the 10+? What color. Asking for a friend.
Clearly Samsung more interested in their partnership with Microsoft than Google. Didn't hear the word Chromebook today either.
RT @LaurenGoode: What’s interesting is that Samsung is obviously reliant on Google for its mobile OS, but I’m not sure the word “Android” w…
RT @sharatibken: IMHO some of the biggest today from @samsung is what we didn’t get: still no Galaxy Home smart speaker. It was announced a…
RT @digitaldad: #Samsung Galaxy Book S - I was using it today to watch the #Unpacked event over a super smooth gigabit #lte connection. Les…
Apple still knows how to tell a story and create aspirational experiences that drive their eco system. No one is else is close in that regard.
Samsung had had done pretty awful keynotes (anyone recall 2013?). This one was fine but doesn't come close to the polish that goes into an Apple keynote to make each event memorable.
Most important product that Samsung didn't mention at all was the Galaxy Fold. I do wonder if this device will ever ship.
Samsung showed some interesting stuff but I didn't feel any of it was aspirational at least to me. There was nothing I saw that impressed.
RT @DrSteveGlicks: “I am so often accused of gloominess and melancholy. And I think I'm probably the most cheerful man around. I don't cons…
RT @RStomel: 👏 👏 👏 👏
RT @geoffreyfowler: Welcome to my class in iPadOS finger yoga: With a big software update, the divide between iPad…
Unless Tim Cook hit your car at the mall and didn't leave a note I can't think of a single reason to buy a tablet that isn't an iPad.
If it’s used as a real tablet I’m in 200% agreement. I’d go as far as to say buying a 2 year old iPad is better than buying a brand new, high-end android tablet. The one area where I’ll quibble is if you literally want a sub $50 Netflix/YouTube/Kindle app device.
Because if we're being completely honest, a $50 Kindle Fire is better than a $200 iPod touch for most people.
not if you want to out it in your pocket and okay iOS games etc.
I'd agree. Cheap content consumption is fine on cheaper stuff. That said, I'd still buy a refurbished iPad.
There were enough half lies told over the last two nights to choke a team of oxen. Or as my grandfather used to say "A halbe emes is a gantse lign"
Uh oh, it appears I accidentally started running again.
RT @AriFleischer: In other (more important) news, the Yankees won 7-5.
RT @reckless: I am extremely interested in what powers Marianne Williamson thinks you get when they crown you president
RT @brooke: I have never ever wanted to hear an entire panel of talking media heads sit around and talk about something more than I do now…
RT @jsnell: Apple, what are you doing
Jaybird’s Vista earbuds overcome the company’s true wireless problems." I love JayBirds stuff. Seems to fix issues with earlier generations
RT @mhaithaca: @Gartenberg @jsnell @TossingStones I was just thinking last week I miss my Duo. Great form factor, and cool way of handling…
Definitely entering into a whole new Apple business and revenue model.
Pretty good indicator of where the company is going but can services really offset hardware revenue?
RT @bleedsixcolors: Apple's revenue guidance for next quarter is somewhat underwhelming. It's between $61B and $64B, and last fourth quarte…
"Add This to Things You Can’t Take on a Plane: Missile Launcher." Damn
As always stay tuned for @jsnell transcript and charts that break it all down.
Pretty sure what iPhone and iPad numbers will look like. The spin will be interesting.
One thing too look for from Apple's earnings is if they give actual numbers for News +, the first of the paid services Apple is bringing to market this year.
Anyone using a Ricoh GR III? Curious about the experience.
"I love the Galaxy Note but not the curved edge trend it helped create." O agree, I couldn't type on the Note. Too many errors and false touches on the curved screen. Looks cool but not a great user experience.
RT @mollyfud: @Gartenberg Oh this is gold!It is also 100% why U never get all narky about how you are gods gift to privacy!This is why I wo…
"More recently, the Surface series of convertible notebooks have made bold and welcome changes to a form factor that had stagnated in the wake of Apple’s influential mid-2000s MacBook Pro designs"
"It's time to take Google's Pixel phones more seriously." 3a with nearly the same feature set as the 3 at a much lower price and availability on all carriers helped Google. Let's see what happens with the 4
Maybe I should get one. I still have an old Google Android phone but I don't even keep it charged.
they're quite good. I have a 3 but I'd buy a 3a. Arguably best camera on a phone and some very nice other features.
It would appear that what happens on your iPhone doesn't necessarily stay on your iPhone after all. #oops
Great piece on Apple's Jeff Williams by @markgurman wth a few comments by yours truly
RT @HeerJeet: 1. Mad magazine was primarily read by kids between 9 and 14 years old. It was also the most important satirical magazine in A…
RT @Hilaliya: @Gartenberg Well that explains the underwhelming iPhone designs the last few years & the upcoming iPhone 11.
RT @toddheberlein: @Gartenberg I feel many of the complaints about Apple products over the last few years are when design (as in “look”) tr…
"Jony Ive ‘dispirited’ by Tim Cook’s lack of interest in product design: WSJ." This is what I've also heard. Apple Park was the last design achievement and will last long after the last iPhone is retired.
"Jony Ive’s departure from Apple is an even bigger test than losing Steve Jobs." Agree
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