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RT @Lagarde: Today I informed the #IMF Board that I will resign as Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, effective Septembe…
Probability To Win The 2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination -- Top Five Candidates {@theterminal chart link: }
2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination Probabilities -- given the current polling data I was a bit surprised by the implied front runner: @KamalaHarris {@theterminal chart link: }
Is there an account historic live tweeting Apollo 11?
Department Stores vs. Non-Store Retailers (Online) as a percent of total retail sales:
The answer is: The price of the items in my cart went *up*! To $230.41
It’s a Prime Day miracle.
And who said inflation was dead
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China's growth rate continues to moderate, but economists are still forecasting that it will remain 6% or higher through 2020: (different story in 2021)
Percent of each country's total exports consumed by China:
Global Trade as a Percent of the World's GDP: (Globalization Proxy)
Number of Wire Stories Mentioning Each Candidate, Week-on-Week Change:
Number of Wire Stories Mentioning Democrat Presidential Candidates, Rolling YTD Sum:
RT @USCG: .@VP is welcoming back the crew of CG Cutter Munro as they turn over 39K lbs of cocaine from drug seizures like this one from a s…
Total Global Trade as a Percent of GDP:
China's Net Orders of U.S. Soybeans:
HURR<Go> or click here:
Happening in about one hour:
(Chart of the Morning) Number of Fed Rate Cuts Priced in by Year End -- Intraday:
U.S. Yield Curve (Intraday):
S&P 500 Futures (Intraday):
(U.K. Politics in a Chart) Probability of who will be the next U.K. Prime Minister, Brexit by Nov. 1 & a 2nd referendum by Oct. 31: {@theterminal chart link: }
Bloomberg Central Bank Webinar Series (July 11): U.S. Rates and Macro Outlook Amid Rising Uncertainty with @irajersey & @Riccanomix Register Here:
Market implied probability of a Fed rate cut at each meeting now through June 2020: (The probability of a 50bp cut in July has diminished, but the market still sees a 25bp cut)
The Turkish Lira following Murat Cetinkaya’s unexpected dismissal as central bank governor: 5-story.html
Feeling that one in LA again...
U.S. Equity Indexes YTD Performance:
Actual Release ADP & Non-Farm Payroll Data:
We are now in the midst of the longest economic expansion in U.S. history -- though admittedly not the steepest:
RT @Lagarde: I am honored to have been nominated for the @ECB Presidency. In light of this, and in consultation with the Ethics Committee o…
RT @eucopresident: Getting closer and closer...
I could see this getting awkward:
S&P 500 Futures are now trading and rising post-weekend news:
Regarding Trump-Xi meeting, I will quote the late, great Yogi Berra, "It's like déjà vu all over again."
In terms of year-to-date total number of wire stories, Joe Biden remains the leader, Elizabeth Warren is catching up to Bernie Sanders for the second spot and Klobuchar and Gillibrand are starting to lag Buttigieg, Booker, Harris & O'Rourke.
Impact on press coverage from the Democratic debates on each candidate: (Kamala Harris +426% week-on-week, Joe Biden stays in top spot & Andrew Yang sees biggest percentage jump (+1,484%) but from a very small base, Drudge poll impact?)
Tweet Me Maybe?
It’s a bit like a Twitter version of that Carly Rae Jepsen song:
RT @YAN0: It's garbage like this that causes me to always order from over the phone using the number listed on their website or menu. http…
Happening Today: Join Bloomberg and the African Development Bank (AfDB) for the latest in our Central Banks Webinar Series, which will discuss developments in African bond markets through the performance of the Bloomberg African Bond Index (BADB).
June Conference Board Consumer Confidence falls to 121.5 from 131.3 (survey: 131.0)
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