My new film, FAHRENHEIT 11/9, is now STREAMING on AMAZON PRIME. “One of the 10 Best Movies of the Year!” - New York mag. A NY Times Critics Pick. Also on iTunes
How is it that only one Democratic candidate for President is brave enough to call out Capitalism for what it really is? “Doomed Boeing Jets Lacked 2 Safety Features That Company Sold Only as Extras”
RT @SaveManning: DAY 14 (March 21, 2019) Two friggin weeks & you don't know the half of it! 😳 Today, we are collecting as much as possible…
RT @FAIRmediawatch: 16 years ago today, the Bush administration began the invasion of Iraq, aided and abetted by corporate media. https://…
What a true world leader looks like. The prime minister of New Zealand put on a hijab, said “They are us,” announced the gun laws we’re going to change and called out white supremacists, haters and Donald Trump. She’s 38. SHE. hy-love-and-integrity?utm_term=Autofeed&CMP=fb_us&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1552932032
Happy 86th RBG!! Ageless, priceless, fearless. Our national treasure. We are all here for you.
HAPPY 85th BIRTHDAY RBG!! “I would like to be able to take out my pocket Constitution and say that the equal citizenship stature of men and women is a fundamental tenet of our society like free speech.” -- Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Equal Rights Amendment
As we await the release of the Mueller report, Trump again threatens violence.
Yeah, Bernie. You’re sooooo not relevant! Right about climate change. Right about income inequality. Right about health care. Right about the war. And the next war. And the war they’re planning to conduct next. Stop being so right!! You’re making yourself irrelevant!
All these weak-kneed Dems and hypocritical Republicans sneering at “socialism” when they are ALL 4 socialism for the rich. The “Capitalism” they claim to support does nothing but bludgeon and bloody the working people of this country. Our youth are going to bring an end to this.
Trump’s attempt to create his own Gulf of Tonkin lie fails for now—but he won’t stop. He needs to create a major distraction soon as his crime family faces the eventual music. From the NY Times:“Footage Contradicts U.S. Claim That Maduro Burned Aid Convoy”
Yes! International Women’s Day! How ‘bout this: Let’s pass the Equal Rights Amendment for women THIS YEAR to honor the 100th anniversary of women winning the right to vote. C’mon people! This is a no-brainer! Let’s make it the law!
“Manafort devoted his career to normalizing corruption in DC. By the time he was caught, his extraordinary avarice had become so commonplace, that not even a federal judge could blame him for it." -from “Paul Manafort's 'Otherwise Blamess Life' of Crime”
Congratulations! A victory for free speech. House Democrats knew better than to attack the brave Congresswoman from the Twin Cities. “Ilhan Omar’s Victory for Political Sanity” from The New Republic
HAHAHAHA!! Hey fellow angry Midwesterners w/ a high school education like me—how u like your Trump now? You were right 2 b pissed off—but to recklessly throw your vote away...u like getting fucked now? Hey I grew up w/ you—pull your heads outta your ass!
From MondoWeiss: “Jews stand with Ilhan: There is nothing anti-semitic about calling out AIPAC's noxious role.” IXs4
10 yrs ago, the “Capitalism: A Love Story” crew w/ fan-boy Hugo Chavez. At the UN he called W. the Devil and claimed he could tell Bush was nearby because he could smell the sulfur Satan emits. Hilarious. Loved how he drove the heads of our military-industrial complex crazy.
Every Day it takes a newspaper from the United Kingdom (which is neither united nor a kingdom) to tell us stories like this about ourselves that we might not otherwise know. Maybe it’s the distance that’s needed to see things more clearly. rvival?utm_term=Autofeed&CMP=fb_us&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1551711066
“The United States will never be a socialist country!” Oh yeah, baby! #LivingWage #FreeCollege #FreeDayCare #FreeLibraries #SocialSecurity #MedicareForAll #TaxTheRich
Cannot wait to see what I’m sure will be yet another piece of powerful filmmaking by the great Ava DuVernay. Five innocent human beings — Donald Trump took out a full-page ad to call for their execution. What if he had prevailed then as he is prevailing now?
Yeah, Mr. Meadows, you’re an effin’ racist. Get it all out of your system bro because a country like ours which is nearly 70% female, people-of-color and/or young adults is taking power—and the day of the angry, racist, white man is soon going to be a thing of the past, farewell.
After testifying to Trump’s crimes for four hours, things got real...
Wow. That was something. The president who is my cousin? HERBERT HOOVER! Apologies to all who suffered during the Great Depression. I had nothing to do with it. The first to guess it was Hoover, our winner, is @Destinyuhva ! Congrats. We’ll send u your prize.
Thank you Spike! So many of us who make these films owe you so much.
Which President is my cousin? There are 41 separate sets of Presidential DNA, and I’m connected to one of them. To help you out, I’m gonna go out on a limb and give you a clue: The President that I’m related to is a man. “Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates”, PBS 8pm tonite
Can you guess which America president is my cousin? You have 45 choices. A prize for the winner! Can you guess the look on my face when Professor Henry Louis Gates tells me the name of that President? Find out tonight when I appear on “Finding Your Roots” on PBS—8pm ET&PT, 7pm CT
Tomorrow night, Tues Feb 26, I will be one of the subjects on the PBS show "Finding Your Roots" hosted by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Whatever I thought the story was of how my family came to America, that all got turned on its head! Watch: 8pm/ET&PT, PBS.
I’m not for Amy Klobuchar because if the Democrats run a centrist or moderate, Trump will win. But when I heard how she mercilessly beats up on her staff AND eats salads with a comb, I thought, huh, maybe she COULD beat him. A crazed street fighter versus a crazed street fighter?
I watched “Larry Charles Dangerous World of Comedy”, new on Netflix. Wow. The director of Borat & Religulous takes a world tour of comedy in Iraq, Somalia, Palestine & elsewhere-plus a deep dive in the US. Comedy as resistance, rebellion & refuge. Watch!
A must-read, whether you’re for Bernie or not. Nobody has to make up their mind a yr in advance. But the facts must be told. We need the one who will CRUSH Trump. “20 Reasons Bernie Sanders Is The One To Beat Trump In 2020 (*Backed By Data)” (from Medium)
Too early to endorse, but very happy to see Bernie Sanders running again! Medicare for All, the $15/hr minimum wage, free college tuition — all ideas pushed by Bernie in 2016 (they called him crazy 4 this) and now all polls show the MAJORITY of Americans take the same position!
Over 50,000 protested Trump’s fake national emergency today in dozens of cities around the US. Thank you MoveOn, ACLU, Indivisible, SEIU and the teachers unions for standing up for the rest of us.
Andrew McCabe, American hero. ation-james-comey-russia-investigation-2019-02-17/
Alec Baldwin tweets back as Donald Trump talks of 'retribution' for SNL
Worshipping the Electronic Image
My enormous thanks to the Writers Guild of America for nominating “Fahrenheit 11/9” as the Best Documentary of the Year. I’m honored that this new film is being recognized by my fellow writers. The film warned of the current “National Emergency” & what Trump will do next with it.
You can’t declare a “national emergency” when you ARE the national emergency.
Parkland, Florida. March 15, 2018. They were planning the “March for Our Lives” at a “secret location” due to fears of, well, living in America. A week later they would ignite an historic moment in American history. We are still in that moment. How this ends is up to us.
We are a violent people. We cherish violence as much as we claim to cherish Apple Pie. I honor the Parkland dead every day and I thank and honor the living Parkland students who have ignited a mass citizens movement. Each of us have to do our part, or this madness will never end.
Halting all efforts to save the planet from climate change is an act of violence. Mass incarceration is an act of violence. And, right now, this hr, the Senate would not pass the bill to keep the government open UNLESS THE “VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN ACT” WAS ELIMINATED! And it was.
We are a violent people. We solve our problems through violence. We are always at war somewhere. As one of the last nations on earth that has the death penalty, we seek revenge through state-sanctioned murder. Forcing 40 million people to live in poverty is an act of violence.
These are 17 beloved people who live on, 1 year later, in all of our lives, inspiring us to act, to fight, to never give up until this uniquely American epidemic is obliterated. Today alone, nearly 100 ppl in the US will die from gun violence. That’s 5 Parklands every day here.
There is already a massive amount of evidence - much of which has come from Trump himself - to file Articles of Impeachment. The 30 daily lies, the money laundering, the ethical violations, the refusal to receive a daily security briefing, not working 60% of the time — IMPEACH!
Dems must quit saying they’re waiting 4 the “Mueller Report” like Moses is making a delivery. There may not be a “report.” He may not have Trump’s fingerprints on actual crimes. If Mueller can’t deliver on Trump, Dems’ll be backed into a corner cause Trump will’ve been “cleared.”
Ha! Can’t wait!
The number of U.S. workers involved in a strike in 2018 was the highest since 1986
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