husband..father..grandfather!...iron chef on @foodnetwork of burgers, brew & q on @cookingchannel...lifelong browns fan...I like to cook stuff!
I like it all depends on your personal tastes..
Why thank should have said hi
excited to be teaming up with BeardFoundation for a night in cleveland!!...we're bringing a few of cleveland's best chefs together to cook...june 5th at urban farmer in cle...tix available now!
Drain and rinse
season finale of #burgersbrewque tonight!!...headed to buffalo, indianapolis and home to CLE...tune in at 9pm ET on Cooking Channell!
I will be home then for Lizzie’s bday
See you there!
RT @bevsbliss: @chefsymon @chefsymon My son, one of the pickiest eaters on the planet, said the ribs at Mabel’s must be what they serve in…
Again..we go with averages
72 is supposedly the most common temp
All u can ever do is try to make majority happy..& that goes with food, service, atmosphere..everything...there will always be people that are easy to please and people you can never please...that’s just the biz..I love it though..nothing better than making a tough customer happy
Oddly enough we set our restaurants at 72...more people ask for it to be cooler than warmer...u try to find a happy’s like the music also..some ppl like it louder some want it off...u just have to find the middle ground .. because everyone will want it their
U can..add a grain like barley will pull some of the salt
Thank you!
RT @KJBailey5: @chefsymon I'm not upset at anyone that The Chew was cancelled, just upset. I always felt that it was like a break with ha…
We had a great run...7 years...1500 shows and a lifetime of laughs!
Living in cleveland I was lucky enough to see @KingJames play in high school & you could just see he was flat out different & special ... @ZionW32 is the first player I have seen at around that age that you feel the same way..makes everyone around him better
Time to watch Zion & imagine him in a @cavs jersey
Crispy pig ears
Thank you!
Thank you!...that’s a great compliment
Which I believe baker does and will continue to do
Just went for 31/11 and played the whole game...I think he is ok
Well it’s been fun..good night
U have flat out went cray
Since you said we did you a favor by taking obj...I think you should give us the number 1 pick and Zion!
That duke nc game was really good ... they are so evenly matched ...please let cavs get Zion ...
Ask his coach
I watched him since college ..santonio was def a diva
Winning cures alot & losing creates a lot
Bill I just think your disdain for obj is really clouding your judgement ... wr as a whole tend to be divas..they all want the ball..and I am@fine with that & respect it ..but I have not talked to a single person I know in the nfl that doesn’t say obj works as hard as anyone
He did with the packers
Santonio Holmes?
Not every team has tom Brady...u have to think pre brady & Gronk is no saint !
Even @michaelirvin88 would say he was a diva! of the greats of all time and worked his ass off...but he wore a mink to court!..I love Irvin but he was a diva
Antonio freeman
Andre rison
I can cont if u like
Isaac bruce?
What about plax?
Obj is said to be one of hardest workers in the game..and I have heard that from players
Hmmm....michael Irvin May not agree with that statement!
I don’t know they are 5 hours
On another note I just got these @sorelfootwear slippers today and they are the most comfortable damn things I have ever put on my feet
I really don’t think the players have changed...but the coverage and scrutiny has...either way..I love watching sports ..always have..always will..been doing it since I was by my dads side as a 2 year old ..
And so will we!
Don’t forget Albert bell!’
We would never know if@they social media..way less coverage..from what I know from friends and family who played in nfl ..wrs always have been on the diva side of things .,lol
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