husband..father..grandfather!...iron chef on @foodnetwork of b b & q on @cookingchannel...lifelong browns fan...laugh, love, live..don’t yuck my yum has worked well for us
It’s really fun with a group
When I talk to the customers every has really loved usually tables get different things and share and then reload...I’ll def look into it but it has been very well received ...sorry you didn’t enjoy your experience
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Always send it back...mistakes are sometimes made..fixing them is key
deer creek 89
beef bones & truffle fried chicken
i have
no cream in traditional carbonara
Well thanks!...about 50-60 shows
Do a nice cauliflower gratin & a salad ... gratin will hold & will eat like potatoes & salad is quick and light
It shouldn’ may be cooked down may be more of a raw may have cheese in it..etc...lots of factors
Anything by @PaulKahan and u will be very happy
Ripple @GratefulDead
225 till internal temp is 200-205
Murals @grindstonedonut are looking so great!...proud of you Ky!!
Will be even better
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Had to get my tan on somehow ... seemed like a good spot!
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A girl & her dog
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What a wonderful special place...redhooktavernbk was fabulous is so rare that a restaurant is everything you want it and expect it to be... @willmd22 we love you brother
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Expectations ....the rest will take care of itself
Oh I agree ...worst call I have ever seen...
Landry face mask call on td run...obj getting collar tackle...all ridiculous imho
RT @NRyanH: @chefsymon first time at Mabels. I love a good smoked wing and these are some of the best. Also love the chip dip with the crac… coach should have less than 3 yrs...espn a first time head coach...
Turmeric, ginger, cider vin, micro plane
Not an excuse at end of the day you have to overcome...but I have been watching football religiously my entire life & that was easily worst called game I have ever seen ... refs should control the game not dictate it
Announcement coming soon!
Stuff like this just gives me faith in the world...Turley thank you for the thoughtful gift last night at #titansofbbq ...means alot and lizsymon and I love it!...miss my boy but this makes me smile
Whatever makes you happy...
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You sam!!
Meatballs, bolognese , stuffed peppers, stuffed eggplant, stuffed tomatoes...sauté with pine nuts & parsley and fill filo then bake ...pasticcio
I’d pull the flat at 195...intake the point to 203
In that world I always think of myself as a chef/restauranteur who ended in tv and writing books..was never the plan but have enjoyed it very teaching people about food
Comes with the on tv...writing cookbooks...owning restaurants...just opens you up to criticism’s all good...I’m fine with everyone has dif makes the world go round
Again..not saying msg is just doesn’t work for me...I wish it did because of how it elevates taste ... but if I’m going to feel shitty from one of my triggers I’m going ice cream!
I’d go 195-200 if you want to slice
We can do this all day...have had auto immune for 25 plus years..I know what affects me and does can tell me and research and give as many facts as you choose..but at the end of the day I know what affects me adversely and how to limit those things...I know me
The msg makes me swell up..but it’s the breath it gives that really gets me!...😂
RA & external lupus
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