Fun Stack Developer. Started Xamarin, Mono, Gnome with great friends. Working at Microsoft on .NET, Xamarin, Mono, VSMac. migueldeicaza
41 peeps I follow still follow him. Like @peterhuene said, let us get that to zero.
that's.. not good?
Tulsi Gabbard has put her life on the line to defend this country. People can disagree on issues, but it is outrageous for anyone to suggest that Tulsi is a foreign asset.
Bernie should sign up for this new course, seems like he needs it:
Well this end of the world just ruined my evening.
I lost track years ago on those Marvel movies. Same story arch, different costume. It is like eating a box of donuts, a moment of satisfaction, a summer of regret.
RT @ben_a_adams: @migueldeicaza Invert the polarity: RISC-V in F#
I forgot to mention, the most fun I had in years was Zelda Botw.
These two threads yesterday
RT @DavidLammy: Not all heroes wear capes 👇🏿
It has been years since I enjoyed a video game for its playable story. Like BioShock, Uncharted2, Resistance or infamous. Anything like that nowadays?
RT @rmondello: Hi! That’s extremely kind of you to say. Thank you! Since we’re talking about this, here’s a short story about this feature…
Two apps are recommended here to track time - does anyone know which apps can track usage across multiple Macs? (Two work ones, two home ones)
RT @mattblaze: Trump hotels should call their frequent guest program “Emoluments”. When you reach Ambassador status, you actually get appoi…
RT @Taniel: How many takes are written on whether Warren's left politics would have enough of an effect to cost Dems a tight race, versus a…
Today I am endorsing Senator @BernieSanders for president. In the end, we must come together to defeat Donald Trump. We should do so knowing he is a symptom of a larger problem - and our greatest hope is a multiracial, working class movement in the United States of America.
I like Bernie, but I like Elizabeth more. Counting on your vote for Liz next!
Dropbox may go down in history as the tech company that snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. They had the global file system. That's a Napster-like platform. It should be the new Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, all of it.
RT @therealfitz: Read the numbers in the second photo. THIS is what @CTULocal1 is striking about.
I look forward to Dropbox Classic. A web-based way of accessing my Dropbox files without all the corporate groupware they've tried to layer on top of it. The clutter is getting epic. :-(
I was rooting for iCloud Drive for this reason. But it has been delayed.
Don’t do the crime if you don’t want to do the time
RT @ErynnBrook: “If you can’t have friends who disagree with you politically you’re weak” — is a bullshit take. For one, it’s not weak to…
I read this and translated to English so you don’t have to. Mark wants you to use Facebook services so he can charge money for ads. You are welcome.
RT @chknofthescene: I've started learning SwiftUI by working on a material design components library. Aside from a glitchy preview canvas,…
Nice fixes from @lewurm and Zoltan, bring Mono's performance on TechEmpower within reach of RyuJIT:
Oops - my bad, this was also the nice work of @lambdageek!
How big is the noise generated by the for-profit industry? Big enough that they employ 870,000 people (source:
RT @StephanieKelton: No more surprise medical bills in the mailbox. No calls from a third-party bill collectors. No more out-of-network non…
RT @StephanieKelton: THREAD I've been getting calls from a lot of Congressional candidates who are looking for effective ways to respond to…
Do you think they like me?
Poor Barron. No innocent person deserves the burden of the Trump surname. @Flotus, you love your child. Do what is best for him. #namechange
They are staring down at an incompetent buffoon
RT @ericuman: So we got Trump Org tax documents. And you know what they seem to show? Fraud.
RT @JamesMontemagno: Congratulations to @mtrostyle for winning the 2019 Google Material Design Theming Award for @rrruffapp! Built with @Xa…
During the month of October, Microsoft organizes #MicrosoftGive and we donate to various non-profits and Microsoft matches the donation. Like previous years, I donated to the top rated @ThePCRF that provides critical medical services to Palestinian children. Join me!
RT @abock: I hope to one day recover this account over the phone.
Pixel 4 now costs more than the iPhone 11, and is within striking distance of the 11 Pro (the storage configurations are different). First year that I won’t upgrade my Pixel.
It’s a separate question whether Facebook should be airing political ads of dubious content. Cable networks have discretion. Broadcast networks do not. Facebook seems more like a cable network to me.
Mark Zuckerberg - or anyone - meeting with Americans of different political ideologies and backgrounds is a good thing.
Except he didn’t meet to have a beer and exchange ideas. He met to cut a deal. This is not hard.
We are doomed:
RT @BFriedmanDC: Jesus. I just read this article on how Facebook is helping Trump spread lies. It quotes Facebook official Katie Harbath wh…
RT @StephanieKelton: THREAD Ask not what your candidate will do for your country. Ask how s/he will "pay for" it. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
Question: how many of you still have Facebook accounts and why? Not asking to judge. Just doing a little research. Wondering if there are other services that might fill those needs.
When you're too busy computing to go poop on the potty...
RT @dotMorten: @migueldeicaza or maybe this is why
RT @devilscalc: In designing The Devil's Calculator, I found myself reading @alexbellos, watching his #numberphile videos and finding solac…
RT @JuddLegum: “Facebook Newsroom” now openly criticizing Warren on Twitter Has it ever done the same to @realDonaldTrump?…
I think by now is clear that despite all the destruction brought in by this administration, as long as cash keeps flowing into Zuck’s coffers, he does not mind one bit.
he painted his own nipples
when I had zero babies I wanted 4. Then 1, I wanted 3. Then 2, I’m good with 2. just posting this to look at when I’m pregnant with my third
RT @stroughtonsmith: A must-read for prospective Catalyst developers; look at how much thought went into redesigning LookUp for Mac Catalys…
Another customer for the new Harvard course described here:
RT @ErynnBrook: One session with a therapist will cost you roughly one women’s haircut, and take at least half the time. Sounds like all yo…
I am fine with TV shows and movies - that have a long time span and can be very inaccurate over time- doing this. And should apply to the Middle East and other stereotypes places. It is just a cheap trick.
RT @ErikLoomis: No one has ever claimed that the United States run by smart people. Well, if they have, they were wrong.…
RT @13spencer: Watching Elizabeth Warren debate Trump will be like watching a nuclear physicist explain gravity to a giant jar of spoiled m…
Why is @KamalaHarris the only person that laughs at her jokes... always way to long and way too hard? The most disingenuous person in politics... after Hillary.
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