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A thread and replies to ponder
The other 30% is “why is this sticky?”
Whoa! Game developers are unionizing. It is our turn high-tech and compiler people:
I have this reoccurring nightmare where my employees vote to unionize and I quit on the spot out of principle. And then the company goes on fine without me.
We can make it a win-win all around :-)
Except that I've now quit in a huff ;-)
Oops- The flying coffins are coming back to a sky near you.
For a short period of time in the history of humanity we should be willing to pay the price for fixed (var p = str) to convert/copy.
I hear Rune things are happening to those that believe in Unicode. Next step: System.String needs to be the storage for Utf8 (switchable storage with utf16, and support snall strings in-line)
RT @BrianRoemmele: Apple AirPods H1 chip (SOCs) has the processing power of an iPhone 4—in each ear! Class 1 Bluetooth 5. H1 die size is ~…
I can’t wait for tomorrow’s Apple announcements. This has been a good week.
It is all A12 silicon or death in my house now
With @kskrygan at GDC enjoying tasty burritos
The GDC conference is app is another train wreck. Used @glideapps to put together something to survive the week:
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Theranos doc: looks like the mini lab could have worked had it been larger, done fewer tests or used more blood? Shame this is now a nuclear wasteland and nobody will touch the idea.
That was my immediate and first thought, double the size of the box. Fewer tests would be good too.
I think that’s the unknown part — how good was any of the tech, realistically. But even if we accept that the tech *could* have worked, it didn’t. And even worse, it didn’t work the way it was promised and explicitly stated it worked and worse it was handling real patient data.
Mind blowing-A pilot prevented the crash of the 737 Max one day before - his fix was to shutdown one of the engines during the flight.
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The group of experts was named the Robb-Silberman commission. Its report was issued in March 2005. It can be found in full here:
The group of experts was named the Robb-Silberman commission. Its report was issued in March 2005. It can be found in full here:
The group of experts was named the Robb-Silberman commission. It's report was issued in March 2005. It can be found in full here:
After the war, a bipartisan group was created to determine what went wrong, particularly why the intelligence community's conclusions about Iraq were so different from what was found on the ground after the war.
What went wrong was you were bent over on invading. When Blix couldn’t find any weapons, he asked for more time. Bush answer was “no more time”. The detectives on the ground were telling you “can’t find your imaginary weapon”
The CIA, along with the intelligence services of Egypt, France, Israel and others concluded that Saddam had WMD. We all turned out to be wrong. That is very different from lying.
There was no need to rush, the UN inspectors asked for more time- because no proof had been found of it, and the evidence was flimsy and debunked (“the British dossier”). You lied, people died.
The fact is that President Bush (and I as press secretary) faithfully and accurately reported to the public what the intelligence community concluded.
The Iraq war began sixteen years ago tomorrow. There is a myth about the war that I have been meaning to set straight for years. After no WMDs were found, the left claimed "Bush lied. People died." This accusation itself is a lie. It's time to put it to rest.
Nope, you definitely lied.
We will remember you both as an accessory to war crimes and a liar. You though “16 years sounds long enough for people to have forgotten the facts” - we don’t and we have receipts.
You pushed Helen Thomas out of the way - we saw this, because she asked unconfortable questions. And you didn’t like being caught lying:
There was a dedicated column “Ari and I” detailing your lies on stage. Here is a refresher:
The 101 reasons to not go to war from January. You had two full months to address, you didn’t, and now you are just an accessory to war crimes.
Your lies didn't work then, don't work now.
I ordered an iPad mini. Don't @ me.
I strongly support this. This is not an @ :-)
This tech but to create 3D scenes and 3d assets for your games
Update: I had to go into Exchange admin console and remove myself from quarantine.
New phone. Added my Office 365 account. This was stuck in my inbox. Yes MS halted sync on my account while I ponder outlook mobile. Srsly. This is like some sort of time out or Apple Mail penalty box. Crazy. 🧠💥
I’ve seen reports of this but never been able to replicate. Did you add via ActiveSync?
one way to gain market share. Keep your users hostage.
The moment when the @outlook team wakes up and realizes they are today’s character: @koush
What happens at the MVPSummit gets subtweeted on social media.
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Current status: googling the lyrics for Baby Shark
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Reviewing my MVP session “Miguel unplugged”: Me: that’s the name of my session??? Joseph: yes, you can talk about whatever you want Me: cool, anything I want? Joseph: yes. But you won’t have a mic - you are unplugged. #MvpSummit #blessed
Twitter User’s Guide in 140 chars or less:
RT @migueldeicaza: This should settle the debate on “should industries self-regulate”- In-depth reporting of the 737 MAX crashes. I don’t…
This should settle the debate on “should industries self-regulate”- In-depth reporting of the 737 MAX crashes. I don’t feel comfortable with software fixes after reading this.
RT @trevorsumner: 1of x: BEST analysis of what really is happening on the #Boeing737Max issue from my brother in law @davekammeyer, who’s a…
My first reaction was “but how much would they keep after taxes?” The second “laundering money sounds like a lot of work, I am exhausted already”
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I miss the days of a working ktrace/strace on MacOS. dtrace on MacOS seems like an abandoned effort.
It's a horrible situation. And valgrind working tends to be a coin-flip too.
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Vox really does employ a boy whose job is to take TV screen shots of any critics of the Democratic Party and then post them to Twitter in the exact way that most blatantly distorts what they say. It's always screenshots - never links or videos - to enable the lies to thrive.
Probably due to the rampant practice of deleting tweets.
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I think I have a nerd crush on the NSA’s open sourced tool:
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My conversations with Google assistant take one of two forms “what is the weather today” and “can dogs eat...”
New services to complement your existing game investments. A menu of services that pair well and you can pick and choose as many appetizers, entrees or desserts tor your project.
The true jewel behind MMT is that it removes the fog, the aura of unreliability, the uncertainty and the seemingly disconnected pieces of the economy into an understandable and congruent framework.
This is a great article - the best part are the claims in that second screenshot, with links to all the materials and predictions that were right - ahead of the mainstream understanding of economics
RT @omanReagan: Warren has proposed more actual good concrete policy plans in 2019 than anyone else running.
RT @stshank: This is a smart ad. Relatable, analog, non-paranoid, and an antidote to the "why do you care if you have nothing bad to hide"…
One bit I haven’t tried yet, but looks promising is the team collaboration to decompile code.
Ghidra has democratized “view source” for compiled *and* obfuscated native code
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