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Though it's nice that I enjoy what I do so much that even given the opportunity to click my fingers and have retrained for a different career, and be at the same stage of a career that I'm in now, I wouldn't do it for anything.
Odd as it sounds I think I'd be a logistician of some sort. There's something about it that I think I'd find very satisfying.
Inspired by a slightly more niche question: what would you do if you weren't doing what you do now, and you could go back and start again? Nothing closely related (e.g. no finance, economics or journalism for me)
100% I'd be studying psychology and organizational behavior, which was my plan in high school. I even did a Westinghouse project on it. How did a nice girl like me end up in a finance place like this etc etc etc
Country music star
RT @tara_mulholland: Carrie Lam has postponed the extradition bill, and the Hong Kong meme accounts are on it
Well, it's vivid
RT @antd: Very unclear whether the bill is withdrawn with possibility it will never be reintroduced (like Article 23 in 2003) or Lam is mer…
RT @5_min_macro: Seeing a number of market strategists dramatically revise their Fed forecasts to bring them in to line with soaring market…
RT @maryhui: Lam has announced that the Hong Kong government will suspend the #ExtraditionBill indefinitely. No timetable for when it will…
RT @antd: The power of protest - but this is key: “China’s government is expected to endorse efforts by Hong Kong authorities to defuse pub…
The city’s leader plans to suspend a contentious extradition bill that sparked violent confrontations between protesters and police, a person familiar with the matter said.
I was wondering this yesterday but had no idea if there could be a linguistic issue at work. Great thread.
!!!! Hong Kong government will announce pause on unpopular extradition bill by early afternoon via @scmpnews
To be frank I highly doubt that anyone involved in this decision believes that Donovan was anything more than moderately incautious with his phrasing. But UBS has strained more than any other western bank to get decent China access and they're not going to give it up over this.
Paul Donovan has been placed on leave, according to UBS
"China’s May economic data confirmed what earlier trade and business surveys had already hinted at: China is at risk of a substantial slowdown... Further monetary and fiscal support is all but inevitable." - @nate_taplin
RT @Hariboconomics: Enjoyed writing today’s @CityAM Editor’s Notes. Featuring @WilliamSitwell, @geraldratner and... @Birdyword…
The HK meme accounts' shift from banter, to political banter, to political sincerity has been pretty jarring
If they're going to do this, they'll want to do it before the weekend's protests...
The soft bigotry of low economic expectations, Eurozone edition.
There's also ironically pressure from the other side making the city less attractive to wealthy Chinese people: since last Sept, mainland authorities can collect info on income and assets of Chinese citizens in HK, and they can now levy taxes on their total global income.
A decade ago, Chinese assets made up just 5% of Hong Kong's banking claims. Last year it was 30%. “Once the legal firewall between the ‘two systems’ is breached, there is no going back,” said David Webb, an outspoken investor and corporate-governance advocate in Hong Kong.
This week's violence has highlighted an important question for Hong Kong: will it continue to be an international financial centre, or just become China's gateway to global capital markets?
RT @Sam_Dumitriu: My 5 point plan to heal the divides in Britain: 1. Improve education 2. Better regional development 3. Smarter public se…
Not doing down the research, which is very interesting. I just don't think it's much a gotcha to say Germany and Italy are more unequal than the UK. A Shetland pony could jump that bar.
The UK: Not quite as regionally unequal as a country half-governed by a communist autocracy for five decades. It's got a ring to it, we could put it on the tourism literature.
'Bond King'
UBS economist's ‘Chinese Pig’ comment caused an online furor. Then, China's largest brokerage said it would no longer do business with UBS.
Just whisper it, but what if we could have very little inflation, low interest rates, neutral to stimulative fiscal policy and low unemployment, and it was all.. fine?
RT @rthk_enews: Executive Council convenor Bernard Chan says it's now impossible for Legco to debate the #ExtraditionBill and the #HongKong…
Cringing so hard that the blood vessels in both my eyes have burst
Hong Kong protests above the fold and dominating the front covers of the journals of record for international business this week. "Asia's World City" can't run on historical reputation forever. #antielab #HongKongProtests
'The property market and stock market are over!' - Someone's been paying attention in the Marketing To Boomers class at HKU
It's funny that they're called the Toronto Raptors because it's such a gentle place. They should be the Toronto Pelecanimimi. That's your basketball commentary for the day.
The theories about debt and deficits and whether they matter—once widely shared in Washington, on Wall Street and in academia—have fundamentally changed. via @WSJ
"In the near- to medium-term, labor markets in the US and probably even Canada have scope to be more inclusive without triggering sustained acceleration in prices." - @IrvingSwisher What's true here for Canada is also true for UK, Germany, Japan.
As recently as the turn of the century, the US had high employment rates relative to other developed markets. It is now a distant laggard.
Senator Marco Rubio requests information from MSCI over decision to add Chinese companies to its equity indices
RT @India_Emerging: @Birdyword Surge in onion prices has made governments fall in the past in India.
Turns out there aren't a lot of second reference options for 'onion', I'm not sure if I'm proud of "the aromatic bulb" or not.
What does this mean for Menshn?
India is facing a surge in onion prices. It must release the onion options. Let loose the shallot swaps
RT @jonsindreu: Ok, so due to popular demand (sort of): My second meme ever.
Alexandra Wong's flag makes it to the front page of The Times
RT @natashakhanhk: The unfolding situation in #HongKong is once again on the front page of the @WSJ (this time above the fold of the newspa…
I've soiled myself, which is my hidden advantage. I can only get cleaner from here.
This is amazing. It's a hidden advantage to be poor because that means you can aim to be rich.
RT @NegarMortazavi: Iran reformist newspapers welcome the visit of Japanese Prime Minister Abe to Tehran as a messenger of diplomacy to red…
Hong Kong on the front of the Wall Street Journal this morning.
Organizations like @OECD have done themselves an huge discredit by encouraging Tokyo to go ahead with this, even suggesting absurd increases in tax to push Japan into a needless primary surplus. Glad to see @ojblanchard1's PIIE paper recently pushing back against this nonsense
Why are they raising taxes?
Didn't know people still believed that stuff!
You don't have to be an MMTer to realise what is simple, vanilla economic history: countries GROW their way out of fiscal deficits, or suffer enormous pain to do so.
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