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you could say i hold grudges i vividly recall a cab ride in which the driver scammed me for 20 bucks by not turning on the meter this happened seven years ago
weird that u left out that the cab driver was travis kalanick
::whispers:: thats chippy
(also Facebook, the political ad spend platform of choice for the incumbent candidate, has been around for 15 years and remains completely unregulated, unlike p much every other traditional broadcast medium)
during my 1st journalism internship in 2007, we were talking about the rise of digital campaigning. i was obsessed with facebook, and thought obama's strategy was brilliant. a few of my classmates called me dumb they were, in fact, the dumb ones https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/05/21/us/politics/trump-2020-facebook-ads.html
hard to believe ANY of the people completing in 2007 an internship in....... journalism........ are "dumb ones"..... seems like a genius move on everyone's part
you, dumb intern, 3 years after launch of Facebook: I have failed to understand Facebook herp derp I'll never change mike isaac, genius intern: I understand deeply how Facebook will remake American society, offering untold opportunities to profit. I will stay in journalism
it’s like you were in the room
RT @yashar: 1. On May 10, journalist @bryanccarmody was awoken when @SFPD raided his home with a sledge hammer and guns drawn. They were th…
instead of watching dudes cut through penny loafers with a twenty dollar ginsu at 2am bc i cant sleep, i now see these terrible gizmos all day long the question now is “what is it about crappy infomercial items that make for good instagram feed ads”
instagram ads are basically the home shopping network
(ill still see every sequel )
John Wick was at its best when it was just a story about a guy wasting everyone over a dog and should have remained one movie
yeah, but that library scene with Boban tho
Facebook marketing budget includes street murals promoting its big push into Groups (this is on Folsom)
im extremely the guy on the timeline defending the GOT showrunners’ honor against mean journalists
RT @randygdub: samwell: what if we let the people decide all the lords: in venezuela they’re eating rats have you seen their gdp
alright f this im watchin barry
RT @nlyonne: Why so much hugging and calligraphy
RT @Pinboard: Err, open to almost anyone. I forgot this important stipulation from http://paulgraham.com/start.html
RT @Pinboard: This is a masterpiece of the tweeting arts. Two of the founders of AirBnB went to RISD (a prestigious American design school)…
spoilery angst below: they made greyworm suck jon is a virgin in the woods bronn had a midseason crossbow threat moment for no reason tyrians “stories” soliloquy sounded like a term paper that was written the night before it was due and arya..........loves the sea
mfw someone calls me bran the broken
Growth of impermanent formats like Stories, which may be shared more in 2019 than News Feed posts, shows awareness that digital pasts are a liability for many (@MikeIsaac / Brain Dump) https://mikeisaac.substack.com/p/nothing-bad-can-stay http://www.techmeme.com/190519/p14#a190519p14
i promised myself i wouldnt get in any fights this week and i failed before 9am
RT @pt: @VanessaAlvarez1 @gaberivera Paul built an accelerator that he located next to Stanford and MIT. It’s not that anyone can’t start a…
RT @chuakongho: Homelessness surges in San Francisco while tech's richest grow richer https://buff.ly/2M4JMqu
Awfully nice subtweet, cc @paulg. full on ideological debate raging yet ideas aren’t really discussed — rather mud is thrown at the participants for their “dubious character” - which is the definition of a bad debate. Challenge the message, instead of shaming the messenger. https://twitter.com/MikeIsaac/status/1130137057756532737
im fine telling Paul my direct feelings without one of his underlings copying him to come running
I pray at no one’s altar.
Totally agree with @MikeIsaac here. The rise of “small social” (e.g. private groups) – which @Kantrowitz wrote about in 2015 – portends seismic shifts in the years ahead. https://mikeisaac.substack.com/p/nothing-bad-can-stay
Ok, why not, I'll weigh in too! Founding startups comes easier when you're richer than middle class, but the point that middle class folk can often do it is also correct!
Of all the people with outsized influence in the valley, I think Paul graham is the most dangerous — he poisons the minds of countless young brilliant entrepreneurs who might not have been delusional meritocratic acolytes otherwise
Isn't he basically perma-ratio'd now? All his tweets arrive with dunking barnacles...
But he has the shrine of hacker news where everyone worships him and shares their awful Silicon Valley bad takes.
yeah I still think he has a lot of power for someone so obviously trollish and lame
It’s not dissimilar to the Vaynerstans, who descended on @mcwm this weekend.
some dudefollower in another thread just quote tweeted me and narced to Paul with an at mention he’s like varys— pigeons everywhere — but bad
Hey at least we’re not mocking Elon Musk’s inane views and riling up his army *ducks*
RT @MikeIsaac: good god what is it about *some* uber employees that they cant keep it together the moment booze enters the picture youre…
salt, fat, acid, twete — a memoir
RT @mdudas: @AdamSinger @antoniogm @MikeIsaac This happens at a lot of companies. One dude passed out at the Google sales conference years…
RT @hknightsf: My latest: Taking a sledgehammer to a journalist’s door and handcuffing him to root out his source is a huge violation of fr…
good god what is it about *some* uber employees that they cant keep it together the moment booze enters the picture youre rich! youve already won! have some tonic water ffs https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2019/05/17/uber-rang-its-ipo-with-champagne-mimosas-then-hangover-began/?utm_term=.438bf60f509b
strong first single after a decade-long hiatus https://open.spotify.com/track/2G3KEwucOC8V1DV3dgealJ?si=_Dn781j8SEG1DGkDyEtlQA
"Twitter is super fucked if it doesn’t start testing different versions to experiment with ephemerality. But god knows what's going on over there these days, since it takes them 3+ years to formulate a plan to deal with harassment," says @MikeIsaac https://mikeisaac.substack.com/p/nothing-bad-can-stay
RT @CNN: In San Francisco, an attack on press freedoms and echoes of autocracy | By @yashar for @CNNOpinion https://cnn.it/2VNJhWy https:/…
rainy day writing: facebook and the impermanent internet https://mikeisaac.substack.com/p/nothing-bad-can-stay
me after getting one tattoo
RT @ginarush: Reductress is going so hard this week
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