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RT @rcalo: 2019. The year of the targeted privacy ad.
Yes, please.
RT @FortuneMagazine: For first time ever, a woman wins the Abel, the ‘Nobel Prize’ for mathematics
ICYMI we covered Brexit in #MakeMeSmart this week and how it relates to you, me, and all of us. And turns out ... TIMELY.
Thanks to @geekwire and @kuow for hosting and posting our great conversation in Seattle about data and privacy. I learned a LOT from @rcalo, @giri_sreenivas, and @mnickelsburg, including that getting paid for our data doesn't actually free us. Dammit.
This. 9/487296cc-4a4d-11e9-b79a-961983b7e0cd_story.html?utm_term=.3f4b6c53b006
I'll take it.
Some more damn fine reporting today.
Love this. Good take.
It’s a new #MakeMeSmart for your enjoyment! I think we FINALLY get Brexit thanks to the wonderful @BBCRosAtkins. And I think we made some progress understanding quantum computers, too! Good times.
Actually here’s my theory. I think the big platforms know they don’t need much data for ads, and haven’t for years. But they’re still gathering it cuz guess what. It’s awesome for training AI.
RT @anildash: Wait, Google’s big announcement is that they’re integrating the commenting platform & content recommendations of YouTube dire…
RT @mnickelsburg: Donald Trump is doubling down on Facebook advertising again. This chart (via @BPIMedia) shows his FB spend versus other 2…
We’re spending the next few days on #MarketplaceTech digging into radicalization online — how a troll becomes a terrorist, how there’s a playbook for recruitment, and what platforms can do to combat it. First up, the “jokes,” with @beccalew.
Getting closer to equality
Those lines never lie.
See ... now we're talking productively ... this makes sense, right? I can imagine this becoming whack-a-troll, though, in the case the Post article described, where the volume was so fast. But also could be an easy software setting, for all I know.
Should these platforms consider literally suspending real-time uploads completely during an event like this? I’m asking, not prescribing. But one commenter on this thread describes quarantine — that’s what you do in an outbreak, right?
hmmm, if you were going to go down this path, what you'd do is pause uploads from "new" accts, or accts w policy strikes against them for previous CommunityStandards violations. probability accts w long, productive histories are going to suddenly upload snuff films is near 0
We took a mental break this weekend to learn about Austin’s cool indie mineral water and how it got co-opted by The Man. Also, a puffy coat vending machine that kicked off a thing. New at It’s A Thing!
Twitter will never be better than this mmment right here.
I can’t believe I haven’t heard more about this! 😢
This is like ... the greatest thing ever. We are so lucky.
RT @jenniej23: Please read @zeynep today
You probably don’t want to read this. But don’t sugarcoat it in your mind, either. Radical white supremacy is a terrorist movement that’s spreading fast and has lots of homes online, even the ones you wouldn’t expect.
Also worth noting: Mark Zuckerberg's power within Facebook must be nearing Absolute at this point. He's now appointed or is appointing the heads of all existing products AND architecting the direction of the shift to integrated messaging. HOPE EVERYONE IS ON BOARD!
Here's a time all the way back in 2010 when I tried to pin him down on the company's strategy around our data. My takeaway then: "if you choose to play, you accept that future features might just share that information by default."
This is a HUGE deal. Chris Cox has been the most loyal of loyal soldiers.
RT @KUOW: This is tonight! Join us, @geekwire, and @MarketplaceTech host @mollywood for a conversation about how user data has become the c…
Helpful ...
RT @kurteichenwald: 1. I want to give a visual depiction of what is going on. These images are from down detector. The lines at the bottom…
Mmmm. Guys?
So you’re telling me Gmail AND Facebook had outages in the last 24 hours??? Are we ... worried about this?
Faves in particular, like “likes,” are really just engagement hacks anyway, and maybe the ratio thing would reduce callout culture just a hair. Endorse.
Update: your girl arrived in Seattle on a nice safe old 737-800. No driving required.
RT @vtitunik: The new model for Facebook? WeChat, says @mollywood Really worth reading
CORRECTED: New Make Me Smart is live! In which @shoshanazuboff explains to me and @kairyssdal how all this seemingly harmless data collection becomes mass behavioral control. Good times with #SurveillanceCapitalism!
This week’s Make Me Smart is live! In which @shoshanazuboff explains to me and @kryssdal how all that seemingly harmless data collection eventually evolves into mass behavioral control. Good times with #SurveillanceCapitalism! learned
This morning’s walk-to-school conversation with my son: #VarsityBlues, but for gene editing. I really hope society gets its shit together before he gets too much older.
As part of our Evenly Distributed series, we’re talking to real people who are overcoming the digital divide, skills gap, or uneven access to tech. Meet N’Dera Muhammad—she’s got an idea for a fabrication shop ready to go.
Different rules, y’all. Different rules.
I thought everything was irredeemable today but turns out I was wrong. <3
Pulitzer-level tweet.
Taylor is so on top of it that it hurts.
RT @oliviasolon: Universities used to pay people to come into the lab, get their written consent & have their photos taken for facial recog…
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