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RT @museumviews: #ClimateCrisis "These days, Silicon Valley (except Musk) has yet to engage meaningfully on the question of climate change…
RT @Marketplace: Psst if you haven’t heard, @mollywood picked up her Gracie Award tonight! Congratulations, Molly! 🔥🙌…
I’ve missed Heart Attack Warriors. I’m glad they’re back for this entire series.
Um yes I made this exact walk today. Dramatically.
RT @apmdistribution: Help your audiences understand the intersection of tech and climate change adaption - and why its critical to our surv…
RT @nxthompson: Totally in agreement with @mollywood. We need to think about 1) slowing climate change 2) reversing climate change with t…
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And to top off the week ... I took this topic over to @WIRED, with this, on how tech-enabled adaptation is simply not optional, and sci-fi has long shown us the way. Featuring @GreatDismal and Kim Stanley Robinson — who, I should note, does not agree.
And a matching conversation with longtime Marketplace sustainability and climate reporter @tongscott, on the evolution of the climate conversation and why it doesn’t sit right with everyone.
Omg Warriors. My entire text list right now is basically this: LOOONEY. LOOOOOOONEEEEEYYYY! CURRY! LOOOOOONEEEEEEEEEEEYYYY! And finally: IGGY!!!! #sportswriting #warriorsvsblazers
RT @stephanie_h: We listened to this today in the bureau -- excruciating and beautiful. So good.
RT @laurankuhl: A pleasure to discuss adaptation technology with @Marketplace In a changing climate, we need tech to adapt…
👇 Also, you're deluding yourself if you think space piracy is not gonna be a thing.
But still best when sung to the tune of Boz Skaggs’ “Space Cowboy”?
Isn’t everything, really?
Thread. 😐
RT @Marketplace: It might be too late to avoid the consequences of climate change. Let's talk about how we survive it.…
RT @427climaterisk: How can tech drive adaptation? In today's episode of @Marketplace tech's series "How We Survive," @mollywood highlights…
this photo illo is funny it's supposed to depict "clearing browser history" but comes off as "blowing lines of facebook-shaped cocaine"
I don't feel so good Mr. Zuckerberg...
Or, what seems to have been happening in Zuck’s office for the last four years. HEYO.
In other news this is really good basketball. #RaptorsVsBucks
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"Anyway, stay strong."
Millennial Elders is my new favorite term. Genius.
And second, it’s a crossover episode of #MakeMeSmart, with climate and public policy researcher Solomon Hsiang. And don’t sorry, there’s almost no dark place moments!
It’s a climate adaptation two-fer today. First, on #MarketplaceTech, if we’re going to get serious about adaptation tech (or any climate tech, really), private money will have to get in the game. It’s an opportunity AND an imperative.
Oh. My. God. I am the world’s oldest Millennial, you guys. That kind of explains a lot, actually. (Also? Love this.)
Second installment of my new #MarketplaceTech series on adapting to climate change: the intelligence. And if you want data at a global scale, then the first stop is @NASA. #HowWeSurvive
I almost forgot to tweet about the latest #ItsAThing!! Universal wine glasses, soccer, whether there’s hope for hockey (lol), SO many emails about pea milk, and if you’re a patron, a bonus pea milk challenge!
RT @BerkeleyLab: In a changing climate, how can tech help us survive? #climatechange @Marketplace #BringingScienceS…
I am so proud of this new series we are launching on #MarketplaceTech, about climate adaptation — as in, climate change is here. How can tech help us survive? And bonus: custom illustrations! Please listen and subscribe to the podcast for more!
New favorite everything ever of all time ever
Oh hey, so, in other news, @Marketplace got a new website. And it is BEAUTIFUL. And it's so much easier to play our shows and stuff. Go look! Click things! Play all the audio! This is not a trick, it's really new.
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Brutal Muffin.
Today on #MarketplaceTech, I chatted with @paulmromer about his idea that taxing revenue from targeted ads could force tech to embrace privacy and for big companies to get smaller. And it was *fascinating.
The argument (in an NYT op-ed this week) is that a tax on ad revenue would incentivize other business models, like subscriptions, or maybe less targeted advertising overall.
And that if the tax is progressive, that is, the tax grows with the size of the company and the amount of revenue it brings in, that it could discourage consolidation (like a "marriage tax"), and even encourage companies like Facebook to break *themselves up.
He argues that existing antitrust law isn't quite enough to take on the likes of Facebook or Google, because of its harm standard that basically requires the government to prove unfair pricing. (True, for now.)
And that companies tend to run roughshod over their regulators here in the US (see: Boeing and the FAA. Ahem).
Oh and look! Some other folks are thinking about taxes as a regulatory tool, too!
It's too real.
Me, just now, to a friend: Oh, the episode is about how the generally accepted tools of economic policy -- like lowering interest rates to raise inflation -- don't behave like they are supposed to anymore and so like, what tools do we have when the next recession hits (1/2) ...
. and also, what does that actually MEAN in terms of these global forces -- like company size, or disruptive economies of scale -- that are re-writing economics as we know it? And then I was like, holy shit, I work at MARKETPLACE. Like for REAL.
RT @puiwingtam: Facebook says it shouldn’t be broken up because it is very successful via @verge
This alone is reason enough, but there are thousands more words worth reading from Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook: "There is no precedent for his (Zuckerberg's) ability to monitor, organize and even censor the conversations of two billion people."
Kinda hilarious today, but when combined with the straight-edge tough guy water that’s not for “yoga Whole Foods moms,” starts to look like a little darkness, don’t it.
I’m gonna need some calm down whiskey.
RT @katetscott: Klay and Dray. Warriors FOR LIFE.
Also once Metallica is playing I am LOCKED. IN. #WarriorsGround
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