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Why is my dentist pushing an unproven coronavirus treatment?
America, it’s time to embrace the bidet.
"Ordering people back to work without respect for whether they will be safe and can be safe for their family—that is the ultimate in treating people as if they are just means to an end and not about their intrinsic value."
Roughly speaking, it looks like about 70% of Americans wear masks routinely when they leave the house, according to a new poll. "Now just imagine how close to 100 percent we could get if our president and all our governors got on board," writes @kdrum.
The "nature is healing, we are the virus" memes are my plague comfort
There’s a lot less pollution but climate change is still getting worse. Experts liken what’s happening to a plugged-up bathtub where “slowing the flow doesn’t mean the tub will stop filling.”
Will Donald Trump ever break 45 percent approval?
If you haven't heard of @bigfreedia and/or bounce music, do yourself a favor and listen to this song:
Help, I can't stop buying old horror movies on VHS
RT @DanielGStone: .@MotherJones and Jacob Rosenberg have written about my and others experience with Dollar General and my firing. You ca…
RT @bendreyfuss: my father still has twice as many followers than me and he hasn't tweeted in a year. Please follow me so that I can surpas…
Breonna Taylor is one of a shocking number of Black people to see armed police barge into their homes.
News is like waste management. It’s essential, it can’t happen if we don’t pay for it, and if it goes away, you’re buried in crap.
The ambient escapism of Normal People's real playlists for imaginary characters
This is incredibly painful, but incredibly necessary. These are not numbers. Each is an immeasurable loss.
In March, Donald Trump bragged about “Project Airbridge,” his mysterious effort to transport medical supplies from Asia. Now, lawmakers are demanding answers about who is benefitting from the project, and Trump is refusing to talk about it.
"The pandemic is teaching me that I couldn’t just continue to rely on my mom to cook my favorite dishes; it may be a while before that can happen again…I had to learn to cook them for myself and my child. It was time for me to become my mom."
RT @DanielGStone: .@MotherJones and Jacob Rosenberg have written about my and others experience with Dollar General and my firing. You ca…
No one has forgotten that Biden voted for the Iraq War. But on issues where there's a growing consensus within the party—such as ending support for Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen—Biden has moved toward more progressive views.
“Theoretically, this approach can reduce the need for clinical providers to collect specimens, increase safety for healthcare providers, and reduce demand for personal protective equipment.”
The non-paranoid person's guide to viruses escaping from labs
Decades of negligence and billions of dollars in unmet need from the federal government have left tribal nations without basic infrastructure like running water and sewage systems, along with sparse internet access.
As high-profile restaurateurs make the case for a special bailout, other industry veterans are wondering: Is the pre-pandemic restaurant industry really something we want to return to?
How much mask-wearing do we need?
Mitch McConnell robbed her of a federal court nomination. Now she's running for congress.
ICE asked parents to choose between family separation and prolonged detention—during a pandemic
By insisting that boys’ and girls’ brains are wired differently, proponents of single-sex education are selling all kids short.
Is Donald Trump siding with an alleged war criminal in Libya?
• Trump's golf outing today was his first since March 8 • It was also his 250th as president • He played at one of his own courses, which helps promote his floundering business and forces the Secret Service to spend taxpayer funds at Trump properties
"If you think of Trump as a disaster, the pandemic in the US is shaped very much by that disaster—dismantling our pandemic response, not keeping our emergency supplies stocked, not respecting science."
RT @dfriedman33: Trump golfing as Americans continue dying by the thousands is in fact a big deal. Now watch this drive.…
"Symbolism matters. And as the death toll mounts, golf is the symbol Trump picked Saturday."
The United States' coronavirus death toll is about to hit 100,000. Donald Trump went golfing today.
A former labor secretary's message to essential workers: when this ends, "threaten to strike"
“I feel fairly optimistic that if you train hundreds of contact tracers—not just in contact tracing, but in the complexities of what it means to deliver public health care—we transform society.”
In case you missed it: Shelter-in-place orders saved nearly 250,000 lives, according to a new analysis
Donald Trump’s Campaign Sent Out a Very Bad Tweet. It Says a Lot About Donald Trump.
RT @kdrum: Imperial college says the most dangerous states are the ones that are reopening
Fans of a German soccer team might have figured out how Democrats can safely hold their convention this summer
This might be the weirdest—funniest? creepiest?—home-field advantage in professional sports
A German soccer club came up with an oddly ingenious way to fill its empty stadium
Toward the end of the new documentary "AKA Jane Roe," Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade fame) makes a self-described “deathbed confession” that she was paid to denounce abortion.
A shockingly large number of people believe Bill Gates wants to microchip them
Jeff Sessions tried to stand up to Trump on Twitter. But all he did was repeat a major Russiagate lie.
Jeff Sessions just proved he still hasn't learned how to deal with Trump's bullying after all this time
Jeff Sessions would like Alabama to think Trump can’t push him around. He just proved that’s wrong.
As if 2020 hasn’t been difficult enough, NOAA just released its prediction for the Atlantic coast’s hurricane season. They estimate that there’s a 60 percent chance that the number of tropical storms and hurricanes will be “above-normal.”
“I hear people joking around at State now, ‘Maybe Tillerson wasn’t so bad.'”
Biden's dumb comment distracted from what else he said on "The Breakfast Club"
Biden's now-viral comment wasn’t the only problematic part of his appearance on "The Breakfast Club." He also made several misleading or downright false statements about his role authoring the 1994 crime bill and the impact it had on mass incarceration.
In case you missed this piece of bad news from me. Sorry. via @MotherJones
RT @MotherJones: "Just as Trump has claimed he’s an expert on public health, he has also declared he’s an expert on nuclear weapons. Heaven…
Jared Kushner had one job: Solve America's supply crisis. He helped private companies instead, via @smencimer via @MotherJones
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