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One app, Flash On Calls & Messages (1 million installs since January 2019) tries to convince users it never installed properly in the first place.
The global crackdown has so far led to the arrest of 337 alleged users, and to the rescue of at least 23 victims living in the US, Spain and the UK.
Many staffers in Baltimore's IT dept have been storing files on their computers’ hard drives – i.e, they haven’t kept properly backed-up data, stored in the cloud or off-site, an audit has found.
We did some RDP research And in eighty seconds flat The cybercrooks came after us, And that, my friends, was that. And SSH was even worse - Just a minute till their knock. If you pick shabby passwords Then the crooks will pick the lock. #NCSAM #BeCyberSmart
Duck and Harry are about to go live on Facebook in 10 mintues discussing a recent phishing sms with our of our colleagues. Join us at
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Listen now: Our special episode on social media is out. #podcast
Phishy text message tries to steal your cellphone account
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We challenge you to assemble the galaxy's most awesome sci-fi/fantasy super group. Tell us who's on the mic, guitar, bass and drums. Bonus points for amusing parody song names.
Some Android adware apps hide icons to make it hard to remove them
Bitcoin money trail leads cops to ‘world’s largest’ child abuse site
👽🛸👾 Where will humans discover extraterrestrial life first? Reply if you have a better answer.
S2 Ep13.5: All about social media: Growing up online, parent advice and social shaming – Naked Security Podcast
Much-attacked Baltimore uses ‘mind-bogglingly’ bad data storage
The “potentially toxic box” was connected to the onboard LAN of a ship that the team was performing a security assessment on.
🎉SUPRISE! 🎉 We just posted another podcast to celebrate #NationalCybersecurityAwarenessMonth. 😀 This episode is dedicated to the culture of #SocialMedia: growing up with it, being a parent and cancel culture. Be one of the first to listen:
🎉 SUPRISE! 🎉 We just posted another podcast to celebrate #NationalCybersecurityAwarenessMonth. 😀 This episode is dedicated to the culture of #SocialMedia: growing up with it, being a parent and cancel culutre. Be one of the first to listen:
The system figured out how to overcome little hurdles, like being nudged by a stuffed giraffe when trying to do important robot work.
The cache contains details stolen from retailers over the past four years, including nearly eight million uploaded so far in this year alone.
RT @NakedSecurity: Update now!
Update now!
I never thought that cybercrooks      Would want to pick on me   But they will pick on anyone          Whose network they can see. #NCSAM #BeCyberSmart
S2 Ep 13: Weird Android zero day and other tech fails – Naked Security podcast
Pen testers find mystery black box connected to ship’s engines
Robotic hand solves Rubik’s Cube by learning how to learn about it
Hackers hack card details from BriansClub carding site
Adobe fixes 46 critical bugs in patchfest
#TechFails, Twitter 2FA faux pas and an Android zero-day with a difference. All this and more on the latest episode of our podcast!
Our own @duckblog is in London to give a cybersecurity talk - seems he took a little side trip to see where East meets West...
Two separate #ransomware incidents hit Pitney Bowes and Groupe M6.
British food writer and activist Jack Monroe has had her bank account drained by hijackers, despite using two-factor authentication (2FA) to protect accounts.
The Good, the Bad, and the, um, Medium?
Facebook says it worked quickly to fix an issue with account verification requests. #FacebookLockout
Ransomware’s a dreadful thing Designed to make you pay But offline backups help ensure The crooks don’t get their way. #BeCyberSmart #NCSAM
Food writer Jack Monroe loses at least £5,000 in SIM-swap fraud
Pitney Bowes and Groupe M6 join ransomware’s victim list
Microsoft lets Xbox users censor what messages they see
#FacebookLockout: Users who report fake/scam accounts locked out
Facebook really wants to find those bugs!
Seventy percent of women and 50% of men surveyed said they thought that a jail sentence is appropriate for cyber-flashing...
Make sure you’re using iTunes version 12.10.1 (iCloud for Windows version 7.14).
Watch out for this latest LinkedIn phish that’s ‘sent’ by a friend
“Of course, it’s not great news in the short term, but in a way it’s liberating.” Well, ok then.
Apple’s been quick to allay user concerns after someone spotted it was working with Tencent to check its users’ website requests for malicious URLs.
On social media I engage with... #NakedSecurityPodcast
What social media platforms do you use and have you ditched any recently? #NakedSecurityPodcast #DeleteFacebook
What social media platforms do you use, and have you ditched any recently? #NakedSecurityPodcast #DeleteFacebook
We're recording a bonus #podcast tomorrow all about social media cultures. We'll be posting a few questions which will feature in the show. First question: what worries you most about social media? #NakedSecurityPodcast
Organizers called the results “astounding”. on/
We're a day early with the podcast this week - lucky you! This week we talk Twitter's recent faux pas, an Android zero-day with a difference and @MarkStockley gets controversial about @StackOverflow. #TechPodcast #Cybersecurity
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