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The Evernote extension for Chrome has a vulnerability that needs patching now.
Hey, iOS users. Got a spare Android phone lying around? Now, you can use it as a secure access key for online services.
Facebook's last research app was kicked off the App Store. Now it's got a new one.
A male student posed as a young girl and went out to catch a predator. He got a cop.
Critical flaw found in Evernote Web Clipper for Chrome
Android phones can now be security keys for iOS devices
Facebook got 187,000 users’ data with snoopy VPN app
Cop arrested following explicit chat with bogus 16yo girl
The deepfake of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is here to stay – for a while at least.
The backpacker says he found cameras hidden in walls, behind corrugated metal shelves, and in the shower, along with one microphone.
Diehard text editor users everywhere breathed a sigh of relief this week as the open source community fixed a bug in Vim.
SandboxEscaper currently takes credit for 21 Microsoft vulnerability disclosures dating back to 2015, three of which were in this month’s Patch Tuesday. undhog-day/
Facebook keeps deepfake of Mark Zuckerberg
Backpacker claims to find a network of hidden webcams in farm stay
Vim devs fix system-pwning text editor bug
Microsoft’s battle with SandboxEscaper zero days turns into grim Groundhog Day
RT @eastangliapics: Paul Ducklin @duckblog delivers keynote about the #cloud and #cloudsecurity at the #OptimiseIt conference #Silversto…
The padlock symbol and the ‘S’ on the end of HTTP in a web address means that site is trustworthy, right? Wrong.
Radiohead slapped that extortionist like a mosquito. #ransom #radiohead #extortion
Critical Adobe Flash player bug and more in June’s Patch Tuesday
US Customs and Border Protection has confirmed that a subcontractor's network was hacked - and travelers' photos and images of their license plates were stolen.
FBI warns users to be wary of phishing sites abusing HTTPS
Radiohead releases ‘OK Computer’ sessions that hacker tried to ransom
Hackers stole photos of travelers and license plates from subcontractor
Researchers have found a bug that could enable an attacker to steal an organizations' highly prized secrets.
In the business version of sextortion, this #scam email is threatening your reputation if you don't cough up.
New in iOS 13 - see what apps are track you in the background via a handy map. And then turn them off.
If you know someone with an Amcrest security camera - let them know they should update it now!
Critical flaws found in Amcrest security cameras
iOS 13 will map the apps that are tracking you
It’s a SCAM: Send Bitcoin or your company’s reputation is TOAST!
Researchers crack digital safe using HSM flaw
Will an extra security step at the checkout really lead to $billions of lost revenue for e-stores? After all, people still need socks. 🧦🧦
A roundup of the top #infosec stories of the past week - from the vulnerable Windows RDS 'feature' to the privacy of US visa applicants, and everything in between.
Podcast sofa has arrived! Sound panels go in on Thursday. Our studio is starting to take shape!
The feds have announced - two-and-a-half years after the fact - that they're examining the laptops involved in the NC 2016 election polls
This thwarted attack on a crypto-wallet goes to show just how important it is to check your open source code #komodo #security
Microsoft warns of time-travelling equation exploit – are you safe?
It’s been a bracing few weeks for anyone who relies on Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). #BlueKeep #GoldBrute
The GoldBrute botnet is trying to crack open 1.5 million RDP servers
Cryptocurrency attack thwarted by npm team
Laptops used in 2016 NC poll to be examined by Feds – after 2.5 years
Online shops fear 2FA at checkout will increase abandoned carts
Monday review – the hot 21 stories of the week
Oh dear. Anyone can run commands on Exim.
How do you decide what to patch?
Who needs shoulder surfing when you can do something a million times more difficult?
The FBI's photo album is bursting at the seams.
Action required! Exim mail servers need urgent patching
What’s the best approach to patching vulnerabilities?
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