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🚨 Attention media coming out for our Apollo media day 🚨 we have time carved out for you to watch Administrator @JimBridenstine's briefing and call into the media telecom. See you all in the morning! 🚀
Want to send your name to the Red Planet aboard our Mars 2020 mission? 🌌 From now until Sept. 30, you can add your name to the list and obtain a souvenir boarding pass to Mars here:
Celebrating #LSP20th, #OTD 2018, @NASA_LSP launched GRACE-FO, a joint project with the German Research Centre for Geosciences, to track Earth's water movement. NASA's #ICESat2 is adding data on the ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica. Learn more -
RT @JimBridenstine: Want to supply the lunar Gateway? @NASA will work w/ US industry to deliver cargo (food/water/experiments/etc), critica…
Student teams braved the cold to launch their hand-built rockets at the 10th annual First Nations Launch, a high-powered rocketry competition for tribal colleges. 🚀 ❄️
Celebrating #LSP20th, #OTD 2007, NASA's Spirit acquired this mosaic on the mission's 1,202nd Martian day (sol) investigating an area in the "Columbia Hills." It shows disturbed soil made by Spirit's stuck right front wheel. @NASA_LSP launched Spirit in 2003 on a 90-day mission.
A @NASA flag representing our team supporting the Gateway—the agency’s “base camp” for the Moon 🌑—is on its way to the base camp for one of the most challenging exploration destinations on Earth: Mount Everest:
RT @NASA_Johnson: 50 years ago, as Apollo 10 was en route to the Moon, the Apollo 11 Saturn V began moving to its ultimate destination. Apo…
50 years ago, as Apollo 10 was en route to the Moon, the Apollo 11 Saturn V began moving to its ultimate destination. Apollo 11 astronauts, training for the first lunar landing, watched the rocket on its slow trek to the @NASAKennedy launch pad. #Apollo50
RT @NASAhistory: Today in 1969, the Apollo 11 Saturn V rolled out on a 5.6 km (3.5 mi) trek to Launch Complex 39A. #Apollo50th…
Celebrating #LSP20th, #OTD 2005, @NASA_LSP launched NOAA-N (NOAA-18) to collect data about the Earth’s surface and atmosphere. Learn more - @NASAEarth
Celebrating #LSP20th, #OTD 2017, @NASA shared surprising results from its @NASA_MMS (Magnetospheric Multiscale) mission launched in 2015 by @NASA_LSP to study magnetic reconnection. Learn more -
#OTD in 1969 Thomas Stafford, John Young, and Eugene Cernan, were strapped into their Command Module perched atop a Saturn V 🚀 and lifted off on time at 12:49 PM EDT. Their mission? To sort out the unknowns before we land a human on the moon 🌑 :
Celebrating #LSP20th, #OTD 1999, @NASA_LSP launched TERRIERS to study the ionosphere. NASA will continue to study the ionosphere with the future launch of ICON. Learn more -
Check out our May issue of Spaceport Magazine to read about the latest happenings at America's multi-user spaceport — including how the Super Guppy aircraft has been fitted for our #Moon2024 plans 🚀:
Celebrating #LSP20th, #FBF 2018, @NASA_TESS provided a test image centered on the southern constellation Centaurus, revealing more than 200,000 stars. @NASA_LSP launched TESS to continue the work of Kepler.
Our #Moon2024 goals center on returning humans to the Moon — not just for a visit, but to stay. At the center of that plan is Gateway 🌑 👨‍🚀. Listen to the latest episode of the Rocket Ranch podcast to learn all about our new lunar outpost:
@NASA_Technology developed for space flight benefit our everyday life. Tune in at 2 p.m. EDT to learn about how the cutting-edge tech that allowed humans to walk on the Moon has forever shaped the way we live: You can tweet questions using #NASADEEP 🌑
When astronauts return to the Moon and go forward to Mars, they'll need a way to grow fresh food. 🌱 The PONDS-02 experiment currently underway aboard the @Space_Station is bringing us one step closer to growing nutrient-rich food in space 🌌 :
Celebrating #LSP20th, #OTD 2018, data from NASA's SMAP Mission, the first mission dedicated to measuring the water content of soils, was used by the @USDA to monitor global croplands and make commodity forecasts. @NASA_LSP launched SMAP in 2015.
RT @NASA_Technology: Calling all media! Register to cover the @AF_SMC Falcon Heavy launch next month at @NASAKennedy. We're launching: ⏱ an…
RT @Commercial_Crew: S-A-F-E-T-Y, safety is a top priority as @BoeingSpace and @SpaceX prepare for their crewed missions to the @Space_Stat…
We're pickin' up good vibrations ☀️ The @NASA_Orion crew module was blasted with extreme vibrations during testing to simulate what the vehicle will experience in space 🌌. Orion is the spacecraft that will take astronauts to deep space: #Moon2024
RT @NASAhistory: #OTD 1997: Shuttle Atlantis lifts off from Launch Complex 39A @NASAKennedy in the wee hours of the morning (4:07 am) on ST…
Celebrating #LSP20th, #OTD 2018, NASA’s SDO captured this image of the Sun. @NASA_LSP launched SDO in February 2010. Learn more - @NASASun
✓ Get a behind-the-scenes tour of our center ✓ See a @SpaceX rocket launch ✓ Meet @AFspace, @NOAA & @NASA experts Only one day left to apply for our #NASASocial this June 🚀 Submit your application to go behind the scenes:
We are going to the moon, and this time we're going to stay🌑 NASA’s science, technology and human exploration work touch every aspect of our lives here on Earth 🌍, and we want to extend our presence to the farthest corners of the universe: #Moon2024
LIVE NOW: tune in to hear @JimBridenstine talk all things #Moon2024 🌑 and take questions from @NASA employees:
Join Administrator @JimBridenstine at 12:30 p.m. ET for an employee town hall live from @NASA Headquarters. Learn more about how we are sending astronauts to the Moon and then on to Mars, in a measured, sustainable way:
We are going 🌑 and this time, to stay. Tune in at 12:30 p.m. ET to hear Administrator @JimBridenstine answer questions from employees about the @WhiteHouse budget amendment that supports our #Moon2024 plans to land @NASA_Astronauts on the lunar surface:
RT @JimBridenstine: This is the down payment @NASA needs to move forward with design, development & exploration. It includes funding for:…
RT @NASAHubble: #Now in 2009, Space Shuttle Atlantis launches from Kennedy Space Center with seven astronauts prepared to rendezvous with a…
RT @NASASocial: During our #NASAsocial event in June, we’re inviting you to: 📷 Go on a behind-the-scenes tour of @NASAKennedy in Florida…
RT @NASAEarth: An international handshake 🤝 in space! This morning Canadarm2 unloaded @NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory-3 handing it off…
RT @NASAedu: Growing plants on the @space_station isn’t as simple as putting seeds in dirt & waiting for them to grow. @AstroHague explains…
High school physics teacher Isabel Kennedy in West Orange, N.J., has a true love for science education. She worked with KSC Education supporting NASA workshops for teachers, and she’s returning to create new educational content for high school classes! #TeacherAppreciationWeek
On the final day of #TeacherAppreciationWeek our employees have a few more teachers they want to thank 🍎
Students from around the country convened with NASA scientists in Miami for the Student Research Symposium on April 27 as part of the Growing Beyond Earth program, a partnership between NASA and the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden:
RT @NASA_Johnson: Astronauts are testing @NorthropGrumman’s deep space habitat prototype, one of several in development by American compani…
Happy #TeacherAppreciationWeek from KSC employees! 📚🚀
Celebrating #LSP20th, #OTD 2018, the joint U.S./European Jason-3 mission provided these comparison images of sea surface height with respect to the seasonal cycle and the long-term trend. @NASA_LSP launched Jason-3 in 2016. Learn more -
Our employees are continuing to #ThankATeacher until May 10 🍎
Happy day 3 of #TeacherAppreciationWeek! We'll be highlighting some of our employees influential teachers until May 10 🍎
Jill Gilford, a teacher at Twin Lakes High School in Monticello, Ind., loves bringing space into the classroom! She was selected for the 2019 Alan Shepard Technology in Education Award for her STEM work and her program Science Buddies. #TeacherAppreciationWeek
New #NASASocial alert! 🚀 We're opening our doors in June for you to see @SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket carry 20+ satellites to space. Apply to go behind the scenes, meet experts from @AFspace, @NASA, @NOAA & much more:
Stay tuned throughout #TeacherAppreciationWeek for more stellar teachers 🚀
As part of #TeacherAppreciationDay our employees would like to recognize some of their out of this world teachers 🍎
Honorees were distinguished as “Chroniclers” during a ceremony May 3, at the NASA News Center 📰 Jim Banke, Todd Halvorson, Vic Ratner & Peter Cosgrove were recognized for their roles in helping spread the news of American space exploration from Kennedy:
RT @NASASocial: Here's a surprise to brighten your day: a new #NASASocial! 🚀 We're opening our doors in June for you to see @SpaceX's Fal…
Happy #TeacherAppreciationWeek! Dan Leppold, an earth science and advanced geology teacher at Spring-Ford High School in Royersford, Pa., loves bringing space into the classroom with the Sally Ride EarthKAM. And his students love taking pictures of the Earth from space 🌎
Celebrating #LSP20th, #OTD 2015, NASA's IRIS - The Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph completed its 10,000th orbit of the Earth. @NASA_LSP launched IRIS in 2013. Learn more -,
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