Deputy managing editor, @engadget. (Sent with lasers)
@cfisherwrites has some very important questions for TV man!
RT @c_davies: Congratulations to Verizon, which took Tumblr, soured its relationship with a huge % of users, failed miserably to remove adu…
I think this means I get to run around the office wearing one of these
some personal news... after seven years at the @verge, I'm still working at the verge! but I have a new title of Deputy Editor now, which I'm very proud and excited to hold. still in charge of our Guidebook reviews program, which I have ~big plans~ for (also we're hiring)!
deputy Dan! Congrats my man
Congrats buddy, well-deserved 👏👏👏
Video games aren't the problem, Mitch and the Senate are the problem.
RT @TigNotaro: Any pizza is personal if it killed your father
wait wait I lied *this* is your brain on tabs
how has your computer not collapsed on itself yet
i’m starting to think that google’s whole goal with drive is “no you can’t have your files back they are ours now you may only look at them through the visitor’s window"
google drive really is a terrible cloud service. love 2 wait ten minutes for it to zip up 100MB of files so i can download them
Dammit Dan. I've used Drive as my main cloud for a while. But you're right. But I share all that space with Gmail and Photos, two super useful options. What am I supposed to do now pay for that AND Dropbox?!
I’m going to be controversial and sound like a shill. But One Drive is um, good now. iCloud is a lot better too but it still doesn’t have the features I need from Dropbox/One Drive
RT @EricWolfson: When Mitch McConnell says “Democrat obstruction” into the mirror three times, #MerrickGarland appears. #MoscowMitch #Mosc…
RT @ParkerMolloy: I feel like there’s a pattern when it comes to who Trump thinks *is* racist...
"Better to have some vermin living in your neighborhood than to be one." 👏👏👏@baltimoresun
RT @tribelaw: BREAKING NEWS: Bipartisan Senate panel concludes Russia penetrated all 50 States’ election systems and is poised to change vo…
also im supposed to go to a show tonight but i might be too tired to travel to oakland to hear guitars this.....getting old?
also i took a chance on a seasonal lunch salad and it was awful today is shit
You get to start your day over now Mike.
I blame FB for everything, including that salad
Next time wait until the season is "Pasta"
RT @Devindra: I agree with this @cwarzel piece, we need a whole new agency to deal with these data monsters®ion=stream&module=stream_unit&version=latest&contentPlacement=1&pgtype=collection
Facebook is a fuckin' mess.
I love notes and note-taking apps and I don't really know why but here are our favs. (Also, somehow I have never really used Evernote. I know that ship has sailed mostly but that's still weird to me.)
RT @jdickerson: “When you type in all caps, it does not make untrue things true.” — AP Style book.
Booked a trip to spend a few days at @Arcade_Museum and @funspotnh later this summer and I am beyond excited.
My fav space writer @skrishna is back on @engadget today talking about the MOON. Specifically, Project Artemis and WTF needs to happen for it to be a reality. Not just hot Apollo 11 content out there today...
I reviewed the new MacBook Pro! It is very good (much better than the model it replaces) provided you can live with the keyboard. If you can, you should probably buy this instead of a MacBook Air.
I cannot believe this Google Doc exists and I love it
i tuned out from Muse after absolution (when they went full Rush) but they still had a few bangers later on
not sure what brought this on but yes to all of this
i tweet my thoughts as they come
what must it be like to live life so free
Hell yeah
this is a fascinatingly strange gaming laptop that would be a lot better with either a 144Hz display (for gaming) or support for an active stylus (for design work). but it has neither
@S10Bird wrote the most joyous and amazing thing about Megan Rapinoe and so much else and it's just wonderful
RT @dabeard: Take a moment today and remember the reporters of the @capgaznews. They were just doing their job a year ago today when an arm…
RT @OwensDamien: Can we please not just breeze past the fact that the American president defended himself against a rape accusation with th…
It makes plenty of sense for Google to get out of tablets. But one thing I didn't cover in this is that I'll miss their oddball experiments.
Pouring one out for the Pixel Slate 💔
it’s also why Reddit (one of the most popular services in the US) is so undervalued imo
first thing I learned when I left reporting 😃
slack will kill email, etc. 😁
forget the wallpaper, where can i get a phone with an ipod clickwheel and an inch-wide bezel
that throwback phone is most definitely a mood
RT @laurenarankin: Amazing breaking news out of Maine: Governor Janet Mills has signed LD 820, which expands insurance coverage of abortion…
RT @Wario64: ok there he is
RT @Bandygrass: When just about every Zelda game is trending because someone made a "What's your favorite Zelda game?" tweet and Twitter is…
Apple announces iPad news, I write about iPad news. As a fan, I'm hype for the new software, but I don't think haters are going to change their minds this year.
oh my god it would be out of control if that worked.
ellis misses marker felt and wood grain
Wow, more than a year? That's rough. Support for the walkout!
RT @JenniferWeeks83: For #WorldOtterDay, this cool story fuses math, statistics and ecology to chronicle how sea otters repopulated Alaska'…
Wait, Mitch McConnell's a giant fucking hypocrite? Color me shocked.
lots of things to like in the new XPS 13 2-in-1, but the most significant is the new 16:10 screen. hope that becomes standard for Dell.
It's amazing how much more usable 16:10 feels compared to 16:9.
I'd prefer 3:2 over both, but if I can't get that, I'll take 16:10 over 16:9 every. single. time.
Yup. It's funny, I remember wide-screen being a big selling point for-ever, but the first time I tried the Chromebook Pixel I loooooved that extra vertical real estate.
wide screen can be more tolerable on larger laptops, but it's like looking through blinders on a 13-inch or smaller.
Especially when this is a pretty common web-browsing experience these days...
i am so glad i constantly save screenshots of app UI
I like your new friendship
GOOD WORK NEVADA / more of this other states please
RT @Public_Citizen: Corporations funding the abortion ban: - AT&T: $196,600 across 6 states - Walmart: $57,700 across 6 states - Pfizer:…
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