Deputy managing editor, @engadget. (Sent with lasers)
GOOD WORK NEVADA / more of this other states please
RT @Public_Citizen: Corporations funding the abortion ban: - AT&T: $196,600 across 6 states - Walmart: $57,700 across 6 states - Pfizer:…
RT @ewarren: We need to fight like hell to protect #RoeVWade and protect women’s rights to control our own bodies. Join @NARAL, @PPact, @Mo…
A most illuminating read about the ways white dude editors and their biases get in the way of good reporting. Something to keep in mind for sure.
RT @lauren_kelley: With all these “heartbeat bills” in the U.S., I keep thinking of this memorial to Savita Halappanavar in Ireland, who di…
RT @RAYGUNshirts: government small enough to fit inside your vagina? must be what freedom feels like. #raygun https…
RT @LaurenGoode: 'Heartbeat' Bills Get the Science of Fetal Heartbeats All Wrong via @jetjocko…
RT @DataProgress: There is no state in the country where support for banning abortion reaches even 25 percent. (Data for Progress analysis…
RT @AlyssaRosenberg: If you're going to make carrying pregnancies to term mandatory, and you say you value unborn life more than anything,…
RT @aprilaser: I probably wouldn’t be a journalist if I didn’t have choice. Some of us at Slate decided to share our stories last year. htt…
This is a great read, and something that strikes me as a very good use of technology at a time when those users are hard to find.
RT @amandalitman: Do you live in Georgia, Ohio, or any other of the (unfortunately many) states where the GOP is taking away a woman’s righ…
RT @laurenduca: 10 years in prison for PLANNING TO LEAVE THE STATE TO GET AN ABORTION? It's not even remotely hysterical to liken this to T…
I guess the moral of this story is to take a chance. I did the right thing even though I wasn't prepared and didn't know what I was getting into. In the end, I helped a sad and sick dog become a beaming bundle of joy. Take a chance, it could change a/your life.
Cesar is now up for adoption. He is the world's most kind, gentle little dog. He's about a year old now and would make an excellent addition to any energetic household. You can apply to adopt him through this link:
YAY so close the happy ending 😭 dogs are the sweetest creatures that can also just rip your heart out
not sure if you've kept up with deity pup willy wonka but omfggggg she's too much
Yes, this is an "opinion" piece but:
Amidst the many lousy things happening today, the White House is yet again severely curtailing freedom of the press:
RT @AOC: “6 weeks pregnant” = 2 weeks late on your period. Most of the men writing these bills don’t know the first thing about a woman’s…
RT @AshleyEsqueda: "Since the adults won't fix it, I'll jump in front of a gun to save my friends" is a horrible, desperate solution. It's…
Hell yeah I am extremely here for this take
Dust. Wind. Dude. Dust clearing winds detected by @NASAInSight’s sensors are revealing a lot about #Mars weather:
oh my GOD this is such a nerdy reference and i am so here for it
does anyone have any tips for getting ants out of a heat spreader's cooling fins
today in things I did not expect to have to deal with: disassembling my Mac Mini to clean out the COLONY OF ANTS that decided to make it a home over the past month
this wouldn’t have happened with a Windows rig
Journalist friends, take advantage of this!
1PW is a good product and I like that they offer this, but it makes my Ethics Alarm go off for anyone that covers this particular industry
i also hate how g*merg*te ruined any actual good faith discussions about ethics in journalism!
took me a second, but yes / UGH
*opens Apple Music, runs away screaming*
happy throwback thursday 2 all
Jealous. My interview w/ @KimKardashian from that office has disappeared from the interwebs.
RT @ParkerMolloy: This is what conservatives playing the refs results in: a different, more permissive set of rules for them. Twitter is s…
Not all heroes wear capes.
RT @jordan_stratton: Government: You owe us money. It’s called taxes. Me: How much do I owe? Gov’t: You have to figure that out. Me: I j…
Hey @VanityFair, why the hell do you need this persistent "read more" bar at the top of the screen when I'm only 1/4 of the way through the long-ish story I want to read? Between that and the login prompt, that's an awful lot of screen real estate I'd like back.
This is especially useful for hot takes
I think we should all start ending statement sentences with “bam!” Like imagine if someone was pitching you and after sentence or graph they were just like “bam!”
i write about anything that ends with "bam!"
RT @maxberger: The GOP is a white nationalist party. The GOP is a white nationalist party. The GOP is a white nationalist party. The GOP is…
Swapna, can i get 600 words on this by noon? THANKS
day three of excruciating self-promotion: just sold a book to my (lovely) neighbor as we were both picking up our dogs’ poops ( baby!)
Is this gonna go on till September?
hello award-winning investigative reporter Rat King!
on a scale of 8 to 9, how hard has self-promoting been so far?
honestly can't tell if you're trolling or not
for the uninitiated, here's more background on the title:
hi everyone... after 18 months of reporting and writing, i am thrilled to present to you my book: “Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber” — coming to shelves Sept. 3rd. Available now for pre-order:
free copies for all your twitter followers right
psyched to see you make magic ;)
If only there was an adverb-adjective combo to describe my enthusiasm for this book 🤔
RT @JeromeTaylor: Difficult to put into words the scenes we saw today as New Zealand marked the one week anniversary of the #Christchurch m…
Christchurch shooting happened less than a week ago, and New Zealand has already banned "military-style semiautomatic weapons and assault rifles." In six days. The right-leaning opposition party supported the measure. man-had-planned-another-attack/2019/03/20/fa76af1e-4ad6-11e9-b871-978e5c757325_story.html?utm_term=.a3adcee76964
RT @missmayn: Democrat: Healthcare is a right. Media: Have the Democrats moved too far to the left? Republican: All poor people should di…
i truly love the obsession with "the tool" in each iteration of this issue, whether it's Google+ circles or a new to-do app or a new social network like Peach... The primary value usually isn't in the tool itself — but the ability to simply start over again
I have zero idea why email newsletters have taken off, and this didn’t really help. My email is a mess and I don’t want more things coming into it....and I’m not even one of those people with 3,000 unread messages.
I will say that I get the benefit to a publisher - keeping more direct control / context with your audience is important. (And Mike’s piece got at that well.) But I don’t see how the end result is all that good for the reader.
luke had the best quote
i wrote about newsletters
Will you be distributing this in your next newsletter?
sometimes i think of every email i send to someone as a personalized newsletter, just for them
You know it was coming (or you didn't, that's also perfectly reasonable): my annual-ish musings on Apple's ever-shifting iPad lineup.
to be clear, this isn't a bad thing and is arguably good for consumers and how things should work (yesterday's breakthrough tech at lower prices today) the only thing it's not good for is companies that are trying to sell tablets to compete with the iPad.
Already regretting this one.
How many of @thedemocrats have the infrastructure to raise what they need online and be competitive? Which of @thedemocrats has the best technical infrastructure behind them?
two year old iPads are still so far ahead of the rest of the tablet market that Apple can just rummage around for old parts, cobble them together with a new processor, and then run laps around everyone else
as someone who wants something nicer than the base iPad but can't justify the cost of those Pros, I do have to say the Air is pretty compelling. The stuff it is lacking compared to the Pro mostly doesn't matter to me.
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