Deputy managing editor, @engadget. (Sent with lasers)
Twitter has informed me that I’ve wasted 12 years of my life on this hell site. #MyTwitterAnniversary
amaze, my 10-year is today. bless us all
always 👏 transcribe 👏 interviews clap 👏 yourself 👏
I mean, it's a massive boobache but it's part of the process, no? when I listen back to transcribe I pick up details and ideas that inform the piece. Just sayin
Have you tried services like Descript? The automated transcription is pretty amazing and can easily be cleaned up as it matches text to audio.
that said, Farhad also notes that I’m not really spending time teaching my kids how to use Windows or Mac unless they want to — they are already versed in touch interfaces and will learn Chromebooks in school.
Super stoked to announce that @abcdedgar (of @engadget fame) is joining the @inputmag team as senior editor! Edgar is an incredibly skilled writer, editor, and most importantly has the Supreme burner phone so... we're going to have A LOT TO TALK ABOUT.
please o please make him use it and nothing else for a week!
RT @Slade: "wE nEeD tO SePaRaTe pOLiTiCs FrOm SpOrTs," crow the patriots who insist on full-throated submissive support for the National An…
just upgraded my six year old macbook air and every "improvement" on the models of recent years — from keyboard to touchpad — is friggin awful the obsession with thinness ruined three years of laptop models for no reason
Is this a subtweet of that obese cat the internet was obsessed with a few days ago?
Certainly will not disagree about the keyboard, but… display? Pretty important. Also, the trackpad seems pretty good to me, but obviously a very personal sort of thing.
current me is pretty stoked that past me bought an extra candy bar and stashed it in my desk drawer
The Pixelbook Go is “just” a laptop, but it excels at being a laptop. I only wish the screen was a little better.
RT @elivalley: .@AOC: "In your ongoing dinner parties with far-right figures, some of whom advance the conspiracy theory that white suprema…
A few of us wrote about our favorite things about the first month with Apple Arcade and dropped a bunch of game recommendations:
Besides @wherecardsfall and @skatecitygame from @builtbysnowman , which I write about, I'm also pretty hype for @dinopoloclub Mini Motorways, Super Impossible Road, What the Golf?, Overland and there are maybe 5-10 more I want to try but haven't had time yet.
In fact, time is probably the biggest constraint here. So many games to play in a broad sense that adding Arcade to the mix is tough. But it does fill a slot that, say, the PS4 doesn't.
Things @AaronIsSocial just said: “looking forward to watching the entire freaky Friday multiverse.” This upcoming disney+ launch is going to be a big deal…
I played The Last of Us Part II this week! It's familiar, but refined. It's beautiful, but brutal. I know almost nothing about the story, but the gameplay feels pretty great. I can't wait to explore more of this world.
Out in LA for...reasons.
Today I had a too-brief fling with this tangerine @vw Golf R. Not only was it a lovely shade of orange, it had three pedals on the floor! Confess I'd probably go DSG were I buying, but regardless, was nice to get a few hours in one before they all turn i…
RT @Googleearth: Happy #SeaOtterAwarenessWeek! Dive in with @MontereyAq to learn why they play an essential role in maintaining a healthy c…
The Sonos Move is a very good speaker! I love the versatility of being able to bring it literally anywhere. But that freedom will cost you.
Gotta say that @Devindra has made me pretty excited to try Apple Arcade when it arrives later this week.
We hate to break it to you but Samsung's Galaxy Fold is coming to the US
RT @JYSexton: Insecure men. Radicalizing media. Toxic subculture. Guns. Insecure men. Radicalizing media. Toxic subculture. Guns. Insecur…
This is why you impeach. If you just let political pragmatism get in the way then all meaning starts to erode. If you don’t impeach you send a signal that literally nothing matters and that’s exactly where we are.
this last bit is the problem. even for those who are vigilant it's hard to feel like anything we can do at an individual level matters. that doesn't mean I won't be voting for the people who will do try and fix things, but... right now, it's hard for the average person to do much
at least that's how it feels on the bad days. just getting numb to it all, I guess.
That’s the issue. The illusion of powerlessness that’s emerged from the televisioning of politics and the construction of social media as a release valve. It’s poison.
Right, we all said we can't let it be normalized and yet here we are. I mean, we all know it's not fucking normal, but day to day it feels more and more like Trump can just literally do whatever he wants with no consequences. Thanks, Congress.
also, while I have your ear, your most recent book was excellent. 👏👏👏
Okay now Loki the corgi is back in her spot and we’re all feeling pretty great about today’s new friend adventure
Inching closer, hoping for pets
RT @jscros: the best part about the bret stephens v random college professor david karpf thing is that karpf is inarguably better at stephe…
Hey esports / Overwatch nerds! My man @krisholt wrote an epic update on what's going on with Overwatch League right now. As someone who knows almost nothing about this stuff, it was both educational and surprisingly interesting.
Let @Devindra convince you to go see The Matrix when it comes back to theaters this weekend!
Some personal news: Today is my first day as the senior home editor for @sunset, a magazine I’ve been reading since I was a kid. I’ll be overseeing 12+ pages of the home + design coverage for the mag and doing a boatload of digital content strategy. I’m beyond excited!
that is awesome, congrats!
For those asking, they're @drbuzby's Toe Grips. Pricey, but hopefully they make a difference.
Dawwww. Had an old doggo for a while and they didn't stay on his toes sadly. Just ended up putting yoga mats around the house for extra traction :)
This seems to ignore the Siri disabled setting and it's quite annoying. My mom's hands aren't so steady and this is all new to her, so sadly the right answer isn't "Tell her to not press the button so long."
given that apple loves to hype accessibility, i feel like there must be a way. i don't have a phone handy to check that though. (helpful, i know)
Settings->General->Accessibility->Home Button:
@cfisherwrites has some very important questions for TV man!
RT @c_davies: Congratulations to Verizon, which took Tumblr, soured its relationship with a huge % of users, failed miserably to remove adu…
I think this means I get to run around the office wearing one of these
some personal news... after seven years at the @verge, I'm still working at the verge! but I have a new title of Deputy Editor now, which I'm very proud and excited to hold. still in charge of our Guidebook reviews program, which I have ~big plans~ for (also we're hiring)!
deputy Dan! Congrats my man
Congrats buddy, well-deserved 👏👏👏
Video games aren't the problem, Mitch and the Senate are the problem.
RT @TigNotaro: Any pizza is personal if it killed your father
wait wait I lied *this* is your brain on tabs
how has your computer not collapsed on itself yet
i’m starting to think that google’s whole goal with drive is “no you can’t have your files back they are ours now you may only look at them through the visitor’s window"
google drive really is a terrible cloud service. love 2 wait ten minutes for it to zip up 100MB of files so i can download them
Dammit Dan. I've used Drive as my main cloud for a while. But you're right. But I share all that space with Gmail and Photos, two super useful options. What am I supposed to do now pay for that AND Dropbox?!
I’m going to be controversial and sound like a shill. But One Drive is um, good now. iCloud is a lot better too but it still doesn’t have the features I need from Dropbox/One Drive
RT @EricWolfson: When Mitch McConnell says “Democrat obstruction” into the mirror three times, #MerrickGarland appears. #MoscowMitch #Mosc…
RT @ParkerMolloy: I feel like there’s a pattern when it comes to who Trump thinks *is* racist...
"Better to have some vermin living in your neighborhood than to be one." 👏👏👏@baltimoresun
RT @tribelaw: BREAKING NEWS: Bipartisan Senate panel concludes Russia penetrated all 50 States’ election systems and is poised to change vo…
also im supposed to go to a show tonight but i might be too tired to travel to oakland to hear guitars this.....getting old?
also i took a chance on a seasonal lunch salad and it was awful today is shit
You get to start your day over now Mike.
I blame FB for everything, including that salad
Next time wait until the season is "Pasta"
RT @Devindra: I agree with this @cwarzel piece, we need a whole new agency to deal with these data monsters®ion=stream&module=stream_unit&version=latest&contentPlacement=1&pgtype=collection
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