JUST POSTED: @StarTalkRadio episode celebrating the life of Neil Armstrong, the first person to step foot on another celestial object - the Moon. With former astronaut @Astro_Mike Massimino & @chucknicecomic. [video: 50m] https://youtu.be/8a6gedra8Tg
Twice a year, the setting Sun renders New York City's urban canyons aglow in fiery light. Crowds gather. Traffic stalls. Behold Manhattanhenge. [Video: 6min] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixi4XDpGZLI
On this evening of @MLB’s 90th @AllStarGame, I’m compelled to note that after careful observation, Players & Coaches of a 3-hour baseball game spit up to 6-gallons (24 liters) of Saliva onto the field — in case you ever wondered.
Congratulations to the US Women’s Soccer Team — World Cup Champs. And welcome to New York City, my home town, for a Ticker Tape Parade this week, up the Canyon of Heroes. No more ticker-tape, but just know that when we dump shredded paper on you it’s our highest sign of respect.
As a matter of fact, it is Rocket Science. A shout-out to @elonmusk for keeping the dreams of Space alive for countless millions of people, and for revealing this mindset to untold others, who don’t yet know why.
On the 4th of July, AD 1054, the Chinese recorded a new “star” in the sky. Steeped in the Dark Ages, Europe made no mention of it. Was a supernova. The explosion of a dying star with the Crab Nebula as its gory remnant In the USA Astrophysicists celebrate annually with fireworks
Can he eat just one Hot Dog in 10 minutes? @StarTalkRadio’s "Playing With Science", the sports spinoff, challenged Takeru Kobayashi, the Hot Dog eating champion, to a Slow-Dog eating contest. [Video: 10min]
During a solar eclipse, the Moon’s shadow crosses Earth’s surface at speeds exceeding 1,000 mph. So if you're in the path, the poetic phrase, “I’m being followed by a Moon Shadow” is just wrong. Better: "I’m being chased by a Moon Shadow that will catch me and darken my skies."
Solar Eclipses are one of Nature’s great spectacles: The Sun is 400x wider than the Moon and 400x farther away, making them the same size on the sky -- endowing Earth with the most badass eclipses in the Solar System.
The Moon’s Shadow in space touches down on Earth this afternoon — crossing Chile & Argentina. Behold, a Total Solar Eclipse.
The Universe contains more electromagnetic vibrations — colors — than we will ever see, but they nonetheless permeate space & time, and occasionally, if we are open to them, our hearts.
The full electromagnetic spectrum contains all the colors of the rainbow, as well as unlimited (invisible) colors that extend “above” the Red and “beneath” the Violet, such as seen via the VISOR worn by @StarTrek’s Geordi, played by @levarburton.
The exact Rainbow any of us sees in the sky is entirely our own -- a personal, yet communal gift from the laws of optics.
Of the seven rainbow colors, Indigo is often omitted. It’s quite narrow relative to the big six. And admit it — how many of us (other than interior designers) have ever used indigo as the descriptive color of anything.
Passionate about the number 7, Isaac Newton made sure he ID’ed seven, not six rainbow colors: Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-Blue-Indigo-Violet, the first letters of which conveniently spell a would-be spectral superhero: Roy G. Biv.
Actually the brain is not all that picky. You will still see White Light even when your eyes are exposed to equal amounts of just Red, Green, & Blue. Hence the video importance of “RGB"
White Light is an illusion — first demonstrated by Isaac Newton (Opticks 1704) to be comprised of all the colors of the rainbow. Our brains “see” White when our eyes are exposed to equal amounts of each color in the rainbow.
Are Dark Matter & Dark Energy manifestations of Alien Technology? A brief clip from @StarTalkRadio’s #CosmicQueries goes there, with gravity by physicist @JannaLevin & levity by @harrisoncomedy. [Video: 2m 30s] https://twitter.com/StarTalkRadio/status/1129919600483692545
June 21, 2019; 11:54am ET. Happy Solstice to all residents of planet Earth.
Science Literacy empowers you to know when others lie about objective realities.
If you don’t embrace the methods, tools, and discoveries of science, the obvious next step is to dispose of your cell phone.
The astrophysicist does not fear the dark because we know the night to b ablaze with light our eyes cannot see.
Freedom isn’t free.
Congratulations to this season’s Graduates. Just remember that graduations are not really the end of anything. Instead, they are the beginning of everything.
What? Saturn doesn’t spontaneously form in *your* cup of soup?
Dad-Joke Alert…. If the Chicago Bears moved to Detroit Michigan, then Detroit would field the Lions, the Tigers, and the Bears. Oh MI !
Mathematics is not about calculating things. It's about understanding the operations of nature at their deepest level.
The @StarTalkRadio Interview with George R R Martin (@GRRMspeaking). And yeah, we went there — Dragon breath, his take on graphic violence in @GameOfThrones, and his origins story. [Audio: 50 min] https://www.startalkradio.net/show/playing-the-game-of-thrones-with-george-rr-martin/
Sorry. Didn’t mean to be obscure. Flea Markets & White Elephant sales are both places where you sell stuff you no longer want. Yet one animal ten billion times the mass of the other. Perhaps I’m the only one to find that amusing.
Odd that both Fleas and albino Elephants have markets named after them.
The @BigBangTheory on @StarTalkRadio. Full-length Interview with co-creator @BillPrady & actor @SimonHelberg [Audio: 45 min] https://tunein.com/podcasts/Science-Podcasts/StarTalk-Radio-p334521/?topicId=128773000
Farewell to @CBS's @BigBangTheory. My two episodes on the show were a delight to film. Including the first of this final Season 12. [Video: 4 min] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtxeYr1vLD8
Congratulations to the @StarTalkRadio family for winning the 2019 “People’s Voice” #Webbys Award for Science & Education Podcast. But more importantly, thanks to all the fans of the show who inspire us daily to bring “The Universe Down to Earth”.
If Ghosts were real, they’d surely be made of Aerogel. Adam Savage (@donttrythis) and @chucknicecomic agree. [Video: 3min 20sec] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRYM2jTFJ0U
Arc of Enlightenment in a rational, civilized world: Data → Facts → Information → Knowledge → Understanding → Wisdom.
We cry foul when fooled by fake news and other forces of brainwashing, when perhaps we should instead build intellectual defenses against it, inoculating us from such influences in the first place.
The Qur’an says plainly that daytime fasting during Ramadan ends at “Dark” not at sunset. “Dark” is a good match for the end of twilight. This time of year: up to 15 mins later in equatorial latitudes. 30 mins at middle latitudes. And 45 mins at higher latitudes. I’m just saying.
During Ramadan, daytime fasting for Muslims ends at sunset. But for Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, the Sun sets four minutes later at the top than at the bottom. High-floor dwellers see beyond the ground-level horizon, farther along Earth’s curvature.
Fan of Jeff Goldblum? Science with swagger. “Making Science Cool” on @StarTalkRadio [Audio: 50 min] https://www.startalkradio.net/show/making-science-cool-with-jeff-goldblum
Odd that we don’t solicit a second opinion from Doctors after receiving a good medical diagnosis.
Stars in the universe that burn the brightest, live shorter lives than others. And with their high-energy light, they transform all that basks in their luminosity. Farewell John Singleton (1968-2019).
Sometimes I wonder if in Deer Heaven they are outfitted with rifles and hunt Humans.
As the area of our knowledge grows, so too does the perimeter of our ignorance.
If you wield the power to snap your finger and end half of all life in the universe — to preserve resources for those who remain — then you surely have the power to snap your finger and double the resources instead. @Avengers, I checked the math on that one.
Caught #AvengersEndgame last night in a private @IMAX screening. All three hours of it. Never before knew how many @Avengers were actually running around the universe. Including blue ones and red ones and green ones and black ones. And one that glows.
FYI: An average comet contains as much water as has ever been consumed by all humans who have ever lived. FYI: A garden-variety metallic asteroid contains vastly more gold than has ever been mined in the history of the world.
Sure, Thanos is singularly evil. But I bet he flunked Astro 101. He wants to kill half of all living things to save the other half — due to limited resources. But the universe has vastly more resources than can possibly be consumed by civilizations that have access to space.
For me, every day is #EarthDay.
Not that anybody asked, but… Easter Sunday can never have an Eclipse of any kind. Here’s why. Also, why Easter meanders on the calendar from year to year. [Video: 4m 30sec]. https://twitter.com/startalkradio/status/1119443563056594945
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