Sterling Higgins, a black man in Tennessee, called the police in March 2019 and told them someone was following him and trying to kill him. He died in police custody after a struggle captured in newly released video that is now part of a lawsuit.
Pride events scheduled for Boston, New York, San Francisco and elsewhere have moved almost exclusively online this year, giving members of the LGBTQ community and their allies who haven’t been able to attend a new way to participate. Here’s a schedule:
“You can no longer hide behind your black wife and children,” Jumaane Williams, New York City's public advocate, said of Bill de Blasio. Williams, who is black, added, “We are at a time when we are asking you to do the things you said you were going to do.”
Bubba Wallace is the only black driver in NASCAR’s top-flight racing series. He called on Monday for Confederate flags to be removed from NASCAR events, and on Wednesday, the organization announced that the flags were banned.
Early data shows a significant new presence of white protesters against racism — but if that translates to broader change remains to be seen. Some participants will become passionate for life, scholars say, for others “it may be nothing more than a fad.”
We wanted to know how people who are living together — romantically or otherwise — have fared after months of sheltering at home. Here are 18 stories of isolating together.
When the coronavirus lockdown hit, the owner and workers at the Hitch, a California tavern, threw one last party and hoped for the best. The next 3 months brought theft, unemployment, hunger, a cancer diagnosis, and a last-ditch plan to save the business.
U.S. police, already using tear gas, rubber bullets and stun grenades on protesters, are also turning to paintball guns. But for unsuspecting people not wearing protective gear, they pose a significant risk — "lethal in disguise," one ACLU director said.
Breaking News: Texas, Florida and California all recently reported their highest daily tallies of new virus cases, a concerning sign as the U.S. continues reopening.
In a new song, “The Bigger Picture,” Lil Baby speaks out against police violence. Here are this week’s notable new songs.
The mayor of Boston declared racism a public health crisis and said the city would take $3 million from the police department’s overtime budget and spend it on health initiatives
Robert Frank chose this image for the cover of his eye-opening book of 83 photographs, “The Americans,” published in 1959. The photo captured the ongoing story of a divided nation. Here's a close look at what it shows.
Many football players say the NFL must recognize Colin Kaepernick if the league wants its newfound progressive stance to be viewed as legitimate: "This was the one guy who did something."
In Opinion @fmanjoo is talking about his column, “Black Lives Matter Is Winning”
An interview with Bob Dylan on mortality, history and his new album
As African-American populations have expanded in American cities, so have police departments, a number of studies have found — by spending and force size.
Critic’s Notebook: “Architects should not contribute their expertise to the most egregious aspects of a system that commits exceptional violence against African-Americans and other minorities,” @kimmelman writes
Video of a police officer punching a First Nations leader, Allan Adam, and putting him in a chokehold has shocked many Canadians. Adam was being questioned about an expired license plate and ended up charged with assaulting an officer and resisting arrest.
“This question about whether technology superpowers can play fair by the tried and true rules is a central legal, economic and ethical confrontation of our age,” writes @shiraovide in On Tech.
“Breonna’s Law” will ban no-knock search warrants in Louisville, Kentucky, after police officers shot and killed Breonna Taylor in her home in March. The city council voted unanimously on the ban and the mayor pledged to sign it.
A former Covid-19 triage tent outside a Manhattan hospital is offering health care workers a chance to de-stress
“For someone who had seemed so averse to activism as the world has roiled from inequality for years, it felt like a desperate grasp for relevance,” says @giniaNYT about Anna Wintour’s essay on Black Lives Matter and Joe Biden’s potential running mate
“There’s definitely a lot more anxiety and nervousness around now than there used to be,” said Bob Dylan in a rare, wide-ranging interview about mortality, history and his new album, “Rough and Rowdy Ways,” which comes out June 19
10 U.S. Army bases bear the names of Confederate officers. A national debate is unfolding over whether to rename them.
Did you follow the headlines this week? Take our quiz to find out.
A teacher in Columbus, Ohio, on the crisis in education and what comes next. Listen to today's episode of The Daily.
Matt James has been cast as the next star of "The Bachelor." He will be the reality show's first black bachelor.
Video: Protesters left a trail of red paint behind them to symbolize blood on the New York City streets as they marched to oppose police brutality and racism in the criminal justice system
“It’s all screwed. It seems to me that we’re pretty close to a fall.” With the U.S. battered by the coronavirus crisis and fury about racial injustice, voters are mourning the past, worried about the present and fearful of what comes next.
Disney, Papa John’s, Poshmark and T-Mobile have distanced themselves from “Tucker Carlson Tonight” after the host’s comments about Black Lives Matter protests
In Los Angeles and Chicago, teachers’ unions are pushing to get the police out of schools. Some black teachers and students, in particular, say they consider officers on campus a danger.
"I feel the pain of my ancestors and my great-grandparents." Graduates from around the U.S., some in their caps and gowns, have gone to protests after their virtual graduation ceremonies.
The Trump administration proposed a rule this week that would raise the standard of proof for migrants hoping to obtain asylum and is expected to propose additional visa restrictions
Democrats have taken to calling out the problem of “systemic racism.” But some say politicians are using the language of systemic change but stopping short of the more radical policies to address it.
“I think about the death of the human race. The long strange trip of the naked ape,” Bob Dylan said in a rare, wide-ranging interview about mortality, history and his new album, “Rough and Rowdy Ways,” his first album of original songs since 2012
Here's a rundown of the highlights worth watching from late-night TV
In a statement marking the second anniversary of a historic summit meeting between Kim Jong-un and President Trump, North Korea said hopes of diplomacy had “faded away into a dark nightmare,” and vowed to increase its nuclear weapons capabilities
A new wave of anti-government protests erupted across Lebanon after the Lebanese pound sank to a new low against the U.S. dollar, obliterating the purchasing power of many Lebanese
As European cities emerge from quarantines, bicycles are playing a central role in getting the work force moving again. Miles of pop-up “corona cycleways” had been laid.
In Opinion Gurminder K Bhambra writes, "The glorification of the British Empire despite its histories of colonization, plunder and enslavement is evident in the plethora of statues to its architects"
U.S. lawmakers are considering investing tens of billions of dollars in America’s semiconductor industry over the next 5 to 10 years to help the United States retain an edge over China
Is it safe for kids to return to reopened playgrounds? Here's what we know.
Goldman Sachs is trying to get federal prosecutors to ease up on the bank for its role in a brazen scheme to loot billions of dollars from a Malaysian sovereign wealth fund
Poaching of jaguars in South and Central America increased 200-fold over just 5 years, and a new study links their slaughter to corruption as well as investment from Chinese companies
Zoom acknowledged that the Chinese government had contacted it about 4 meetings that would be hosted on the site to commemorate the Tiananmen Square crackdown. The government asked Zoom to terminate the accounts hosting the calls, which it did in 3 cases.
In the first verdict of its kind, a South Korean court has ruled that Kara Bos, a woman adopted by an American couple almost 4 decades ago, must be recognized as a daughter of an 85-year-old South Korean man
India has added nearly 11,000 new virus cases, its biggest single-day rise so far, officials said on Friday. The country’s total confirmed caseload has now overtaken the United Kingdom’s and is the fourth-largest in the world. Live coronavirus updates:
"I have always loved restaurants, but the last few months have shown me how much they act as a respite from the grind of daily life," writes Besha Rodell, a columnist for our Australia bureau
America’s civic unrest has encouraged protests in Europe, where demonstrators have invoked the names of victims of police violence in their own countries as they demand systemic racism be redressed. Their calls have been met mostly with official denial.
Europe morning briefing: Here's what you need to know to start your day
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