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RT @DrLeanaWen: My statement stepping down as President/CEO of @PPFA and President of @PPAct.
History will look with particular severity on Mitch McConnell and his complicity in the collapse of good governance in America. https://twitter.com/sahilkapur/status/1151211995825430528
The questioning misses the point that 3 of the 4 are native born. They have no country to go back to.
Interesting research: When Trump lies, there's often an unconscious "tell"--he drops the word, "sir." https://www.cnn.com/2019/07/16/politics/sir-trump-telltale-word-false/index.html by @ddale8
My colleague @paulkrugman eloquently makes the point that states claim that they are improving competitiveness by cutting taxes, but often the result is to cut education--which hurts a state's competitiveness in today's economy https://static.nytimes.com/email-content/PK_15257.html?campaign_id=116&instance_id=10937&segment_id=15257&user_id=1a77b4fbad71f2e7ae52d97f062d4192®i_id=45616064
RT @crampell: If you flush drugs down the toilet, you could be creating 'meth gators,' cops say https://www.cnn.com/2019/07/15/us/police-warn-flushing-drugs-create-meth-gators-trnd/index.html
RT @MittRomney: The president’s comments were destructive, demeaning, and disunifying. The President of the United States has a unique and…
RT @Alyssa_Milano: This will affect low-income women’s access to basic medical care, including birth control, cancer screenings and testing…
Opinion | George Conway: Trump is a racist president https://wapo.st/2LtXKBx?tid=ss_tw&utm_term=.3abf8fec9988
RT @jkbjournalist: UPDATED: Epstein accusers finally face him in court; safe held passport with his photo, fake name https://www.miamiherald.com/news/state/florida/article232671822.html
If this was any of our relatives, we'd seek a mental health evaluation. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1150874781744607232
the doctors would be overwhelmed I'm afraid
RT @TimOBrien: I think "al-Qaeda" is spelled out phonetically here as "ALCAIDA" so President Trump can be induced to pronounce it correctly…
Totally agree. Democratic candidates shouldn't be afraid to speak of faith and shouldn't cede religious ground to Republicans who sometimes praise the Bible without showing any sign of ever having read it. https://twitter.com/Sarah_Smarsh/status/1150818683599708161
RT @jahimes: Unlike the Democratic Congresswomen @realDonaldTrump attacked today, I actually am a foreign-born Member of Congress. But I’m…
Trump's call for several US-born members of Congress to "go back" where they came from is of course racism: https://nyti.ms/2LokWkq It's not new. I dug into Trump's history and wrote in mid-2016 that he was racist: https://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/24/opinion/sunday/is-donald-trump-a-racist.html What's saddest is the echoing GOP silence
Hong Kong protests expand in geography and goals, with calls for universal suffrage. Imagine that, in 2019, citizens calling for the right to elect leaders! https://wapo.st/2JH9Wvi?tid=ss_tw&utm_term=.e9f6faa32280
On the family farm in Oregon, with my family trying to turn a patch of ground into a #cider apple orchard. The cider will be delicious—in a few years! @ Yamhill, Oregon https://www.instagram.com/p/Bz4dxsXACZ8/?igshid=sjygftzsnxx7
RT @gtconway3d: “‘It was just one of those strange nights,’ @chelseahandler said in an interview. ... Woody Allen, who attended along with…
RT @lindsaycrouse: I was so inspired by that image of Brandi Chastain in ‘99. But now all of us who taped her photo to our bedroom walls ar…
RT @NAChristakis: An extraordinary thread. https://twitter.com/carolblymire/status/1149805563674583040
Do subscribe to your local paper! That's a far more patriotic act than standing for the national anthem. https://twitter.com/JTMontgomery8/status/1149926716472586240
Mr. Vice President, silence becomes you better than this mendacity. https://twitter.com/VP/status/1149879269373300736
Simona Halep defeats Serena Williams and wins Wimbledon, leaving Williams still one short of a record-tying 24 Grand Slam single titles.
A Florida cop planted meth on random drivers, police say. One lost custody of his daughter. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2019/07/11/florida-cop-meth-drugs-arrests-scandal/?tid=ss_tw&utm_term=.aa6d099296a9
RT @GlennThrush: Don't believe your lying eyes: The president just accused the @nytimes of writing a "phony" about inhumane conditions on I…
RT @NickKristof: The arrests of R. Kelly and Jeffrey Epstein, and the resignation of Secretary Acosta, all are consequences of indefatigabl…
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RT @NickKristof: The arrests of R. Kelly and Jeffrey Epstein, and the resignation of Secretary Acosta, all are consequences of indefatigabl…
RT @NovkovJulie: @NickKristof Larry Nassar's downfall too.
The arrests of R. Kelly and Jeffrey Epstein, and the resignation of Secretary Acosta, all are consequences of indefatigable journalism--a reminder that despite many failings, journalists aren't enemies of the people but provide accountability and serve the public interest. https://twitter.com/nytimes/status/1149536380889882624
RT @naderalihashemi: "We have to...have a check on this president,” said Representative Ro Khanna...“There is no priority higher than stopp…
For many years, the West sanctioned and scolded Sudan to try to remove a genocidal leader. Then the Sudanese people did it on their own, showing immense courage, and received little outside support or notice. May the Sudanese finally get the decent government they have died for. https://twitter.com/BBCAfrica/status/1149611759814135811
Nothing restores the soul like a backpacking trip. Greetings from Three Sisters Wilderness in Oregon. @ Three Sisters (Oregon) https://www.instagram.com/p/Bzzg45eAq8f/?igshid=hctajhkwml9x
U.A.E. Pulls Most Forces From Yemen in Blow to Saudi War Effort https://nyti.ms/32o8UN1
A Fox News host sent lewd texts to his co-host, including telling her, "Just pull your boobs out." https://www.huffpost.com/entry/fox-news-tyrus-britt-mchenry-text_n_5d277b6ce4b02a5a5d57cd13?ncid=engmodushpmg00000004 This seems pretty much the definition of a hostile and degrading work environment.
China's kidnapping of Canadians has been a particularly egregious form of hostage taking, without enough international protest from the US and other countries. How can China expect Huawei to be treated with respect when Beijing takes hostages? https://twitter.com/paulmozur/status/1149471829410455553
RT @ABC7: #BREAKING California lawmakers pass bill requiring Trump, presidential candidates to release tax returns in order to appear on st…
A GOP candidate for governor in Mississippi says a female journalist can’t shadow him — unless she brings a man along https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2019/07/10/governor-candidate-says-female-journalist-cant-shadow-him-unless-she-brings-man-along/?tid=ss_tw&utm_term=.97183e4ad9ac
The World’s Fastest (Old) Man https://nyti.ms/30xhCHl
An awful court decision for anyone who cares about access to birth control: The 9th Circuit allows Trump to go ahead with rules that could gut access to the Title X women's (and men's) health program that is crucial for low-income Americans https://www.nationalfamilyplanning.org/9th-en-banc-decision-to-deny-preliminary-injunction
But there are some interventions that increase marriage rates. Job programs like Career Academies did so. As did Moving to Opportunity program. Providing birth control to those who want it increases marriage rates. Reducing mass incarceration and raising wages probably would too. https://twitter.com/FamilyStoryProj/status/1149347923576139776
RT @Sarah_Smarsh: My dad has been working construction in Memphis all summer. Notice workers today, would ya? They're making the roads and…
Yes! And if Saudi Arabia is willing to allow women to travel, it should start by allowing Loujain al-Hathloul out of prison and out of the country. And what does MBS think he's going to do if Loujain, nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, wins it while she's still in prison? https://twitter.com/sarahleah1/status/1149254402907299840
Interesting study argues that in both Europe and the US, marriage has better outcomes for kids than cohabitation. That's apparently because marriage is far more stable and less likely to lead to breakup and upheaval http://brook.gs/2opVtaA via @BrookingsInst
Leaked Report: WWF-Backed Guards Raped Pregnant Women And Tortured Villagers At DR Congo Wildlife Park Funded By US Government https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/tomwarren/leaked-report-wwf-backed-guards-raped-pregnant-women via @tombwarren
I agree entirely with @RichardHaass' take. Of course ambassadors should call them as they see them, and Ambassador Darroch acted honorably at every step, even when others in London and Washington did not. https://twitter.com/RichardHaass/status/1148931063751692288
Good grief. Can't we agree that the US women's soccer team is an amazing tribute to our country, rather than foaming about how the players are trying to "destroy everything that is wholesome"? To think that Gorka was a White House aide: Imagine his counsel during an Iran crisis! https://twitter.com/JasonSCampbell/status/1149068997058580481
On a @jstreetdotorg variant of a Birthright trip to Israel, visitors see Israel's triumphs but also its repression https://nyti.ms/2JMBfV9 I wish more Americans visiting Israel also had these glimpses of the Occupation of the West Bank.
RT @SBalaghi: @NickKristof @jkbjournalist Yes. And this is why local journalism matters. Support your hometown newspapers!
Here's a @jkbjournalist article from November that is worth rereading for the light it shone on Jeffrey Epstein and those who gave him a pass because he was a powerful billionaire. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/article220097825.html Great journalism doesn't just capture the world; sometimes, it changes it.
For an example of painstaking journalism at its finest, forcing the world to remedy a horrible injustice, you can't beat @jkbjournalist's pathbreaking work on Jeffrey Epstein and sex trafficking, leading to his new arrest. https://nyti.ms/2Jxree3 This is why journalism matters.
RT @TiffyRenner: US rapper Nicki Minaj has cancelled a performance in Saudi Arabia in a show of support for women's and gay rights in the u…
In Ashland, Oregon, for the Shakespeare Festival with Sheryl wudunn and @AnnCurry (who’s a hometown Ashland girl!). My favorite plays here this year: Indecent, All’s Well that Ends Well, Cambodian Rock Band, and… https://www.instagram.com/p/BznvWvIA3vl/?igshid=1tv5tgys9ooht
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