i’ve had a sticker obsession since i was 12
RT @NicolaPeltzInfo: 🏳️‍🌈
RT @herofts: @nicolaannepeltz tell ur naunni i LOVE her energy and that she has the most heartwarming laugh 💘
RT @herofts: she’s a 3 year old in a 24 year olds body
RT @kingbarbie90s: Nicola 𝑰 𝒍𝒐𝒗𝒆 𝒉𝒆𝒓
when boys appreciate a good mani
RT @NicolaPeltzInfo: May be an angel 😇 may be the Devil 😈
k. maldives https://twitter.com/goodygrace/status/1136078495820394496
only if my naunni approves u
RT @vourgue: her happiness is something that fills my heart with love
american teen is just so fucking good @thegreatkhalid
RT @herofts: me when someone mentions dogs
wow. these two years ago today snapchat’s are crazy.
RT @char_dalessio: nothing more unattractive than ego
calling it now this is @goodygrace ’s year 🖤
RT @herofts: nicola bothering connor: a thrilling saga
ur my favorite everything
if u walked away from a toxic, negative, abusive, one sided, dead end relationship...u won :)
someone asked me if i could redo everything would i do it all the same? i said yes. not because i think i did everything perfectly but because every mistake i’ve made was a lesson. i’m grateful. xx
RT @Chiara_Aurelia: “just friends” lol
the next director i’m working with put me in my first ever movie. i love that.
U ARE I AM OBSESSED WITH U https://twitter.com/goodygrace/status/1130352944136695808
i just found out my dog is allergic to everything except humans and horses
when you send me songs 🖤
RT @charlottelawr: men should never be allowed to make laws about women’s bodies.
RT @QuincyDJones: https://seasonsfoundation.org/donate/
RT @cailinrusso: I’m here for it 💫
love is an infinite power
celebrate the women in your life. they are so powerful 👼🏼
we owe everything to our mama’s
if u only could read my mind...
RT @goodygrace: come out & haunt me i know you want me
i had fomo https://twitter.com/alecbenjamin/status/1126907677085290496
RT @rihanna: big day for the culture. thank you Mr.Arnault for believing in this little girl from the left side of an island, and for givi…
RT @herofts: my heart in human form
RT @ifironman: you’re my favorite girl
isn’t it amazing how people can feel like home?
RT @herofts: angel. that’s it. that’s the tweet.
i love celebrating people i love. that shit makes me so happy
RT @char_dalessio: it’s so crazy most of us will go our whole lives never saying certain things we wish we could. gonna try my best to say…
RT @ChazzyWazy: Who’s going to stand for truth in this lifetime?
RT @peltzfire: this sequence😂
RT @AndreaRussett: it’s cool to be nice
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