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the revolution will be memed
I guess I do truly love the idea that posting the image of some magic words is a meaningful way to express the desire to renegotiate the monopoly power of a faceless corporation
RT @blakereid: I loved @reckless’s interview with @MichaelBennet. If the Presidential debates had anything close to a similar vibe I would…
The final stage of the Internet is everyone having to be a copyright lawyer https://twitter.com/taylorlorenz/status/1163987445337264129
One entire extra year of high school, just for copyright.
RT @CaseyNewton: Hulu should fight back, on the day of the Apple TV Plus launch, by announcing it has built a working laptop keyboard https…
Have as many meals as you can with as many people as you can who don’t agree with you on politics, history, or anything else that matters to you. https://twitter.com/staceyjspiehler/status/1162898073665884160?s=21
Let’s talk homey
RT @DrJenGunter: You are the party of death https://twitter.com/VP/status/1163912798545612800
Pivot Live with @profgalloway and @karaswisher has already gotten to death by vending machine vs shark, so as expected
I will also be rescheduling our talks to purchase Greenland, thank you https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/1163961884225277954
"To state the obvious, properly designed, installed, inspected, and maintained solar systems do not spontaneously combust." https://www.theverge.com/2019/8/20/20825566/walmart-tesla-solar-panel-fire-lawsuit-negligence
RT @CaseyNewton: A fourth Matrix??? Finally we’ll see *checks notes* whether the peace between the Oracle and the Architect held after Neo…
RT @billiamjoel: New hypnotizing art by @SelmanDesign on @verge now! YOU WILL READ THE STORY. YOU WILL ENJOY THE ART. https://t.co/nv0nbUDs…
RT @loudmouthjulia: I blogged my tweets. But basically! A $6 billion content budget, for a streaming service that has no immediate appeal o…
A good thread on the specific issues in the WSJ bandwidth testing story from @film_girl https://twitter.com/film_girl/status/1163889115588202498
I agree totally. See my reply to @mims with this screengrab of my house right now on FIOS. Not everyone’s the same. And many people have way more devices than they once did.
US consumers pay more for slower speeds than anyone else in the world and somehow “maybe you don’t need all that internet” is now a talking point
Truly, no one needs more than 640k of RAM https://twitter.com/mikeofcc/status/1163872892549046273
It is true that most people don't max out their bandwidth regularly, but the point is that usage -- and new kinds of uses -- tend to fill the space over time
This piece is so weird - "4K" appears only once in the text, and only HD and SD are compared? Downloading video games is treated as a niche activity? There's no mention of families that have cut the cord and stream multiple videos at once? Who is this for? https://www.wsj.com/graphics/faster-internet-not-worth-it/
Big Vergecast interview this week: Sen. ⁦⁦@MichaelBennet⁩ talked about election interference, content moderation, breaking up big tech companies and more with me and ⁦@kellymakena⁩ https://www.theverge.com/2019/8/20/20813368/michael-bennet-colorado-2020-democrat-russia-interference-election-hacked-podcast-vergecast
@MichaelBennet: CEOs testifying Congress seemed begrudging, don’t feel like they owe democracy anything Platforms need to increase own moderation 40% people no pay raise in 20yrs Educ system instead of helping inequality is making it worse https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/sen-michael-bennet-talks-tech-in-the-next-election/id430333725?i=1000447317704 @reckless
If you do need to float some debt on your card, it certainly has a nice interface for looking at that debt and how various payments might affect it. But don’t be fooled: it’s still credit card debt, and it will still eat you alive if you let it
And it's been reported that you can't download its activity into Mint or other personal finance apps. How very Apple. No thanks.
I have been struggling to come up with a way to review the Apple Card since I got it. Basically: it’s a credit card. Don’t get it if you aren’t prepared to pay it off in full every month, just like my dad has drilled into my head about all cards since I was like 5 https://twitter.com/backlon/status/1163810920616906752
Apple is “partnership with Goldman Sachs and Uber” confident in its brand
Apple, champion of values, now has a credit card in partnership with uh Goldman Sachs and uh Uber https://www.theverge.com/2019/8/20/20813621/apple-card-availability-sign-up-uber-cash-back-launch
Oh shit @danideahl’s FUTURE OF MUSIC season 2 is here and it kicks off with a look at how Eric Prydz built a massive LED sphere to perform in https://youtu.be/nrqB5CIyR0s
Trade wars are easy to win https://www.wsj.com/articles/trump-is-losing-the-trade-war-with-china-11566255608
The entire 230 conversation is really a conversation about how to back into speech regulations that would otherwise be unconstitutional, and it's getting more and more transparent by the day
Lotta conservatives confused about whether big companies have First Amendment protections from government interference out there all of the sudden
RT @backlon: TFW you just want to go to bed but your hotel room lock is busted and the configuration gadget with a PARALLEL PORT isn’t work…
Do I even want to know what is going on with corporate chicken sandwiches
there are bodies everywhere Nilay
I would happily pay a monthly fee that included my phone, iCloud, all these content services, etc. But pricing all these things piecemeal and letting them get crushed by Netflix and Disney? I don’t get it https://www.theverge.com/2019/8/19/20813056/apple-tv-plus-pricing-release-date-launch-shows-streaming-disney-competition
RT @danideahl: OH MY GOSH IT'S HAPPENING 😭 The new season of my @verge video series The Future of Music debuts TOMORROW and our first epis…
"The President thinks Google should be sued for delivering information to people unfavorable to him" is a straight-up attack on the First Amendment
How many votes has Fox News swayed? Should it be sued? You start going down this road and very bad things happen https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1163478770587721729
RT @ranimolla: The study he's referring to looked at the search results of *21* undecided voters https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1163478770587721729
Cynicism aside, having all these CEOs come together and say their employees and customers are as important as their shareholders is one of those quiet we-sent-a-letter moments that paves the way for big changes
This is a big repudiation of a lot of 80s economic thinking that led to so much short-term thinking and upside-down executive pay structures. (The cynic in me says this is an attempt at self-regulation before a Warren or Sanders does it for them) https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/19/business/business-roundtable-ceos-corporations.html
“Apple’s highest-profile show features Steve Carell in what appears to be a MeToo redemption arc” is not a sentence I’d ever really expected to put together https://youtu.be/eA7D4_qU9jo
And now it’s a digital media unionization plotline! I’m dying again
There’s a pivot to video plotline on Succession, I’m dying
Ah yes, the party of Lincoln. What was he known for, again? Slips the mind https://twitter.com/ewerickson/status/1163210628703707136
RT @mattyglesias: The snowflakes, triggered once again by difficult material, are demanding safe spaces that are antithetical to learning a…
Netflix, but it’s already partway through This is Spinal Tap when you launch it
Wisconsin Republicans love bad ideas more than anything in the world https://twitter.com/repgallagher/status/1162163381173985282
The replies to this are a bunch of people saying they experience iMessage lock-in and a bunch of people telling them not to experience it. It is so bizarre! https://twitter.com/reckless/status/1162138927094018049
iMessage lock in is such an American thing. It’s historical too, as across the UK carriers charged 50p per MMS so group chat wasn’t viable. WhatsApp mimicked SMS UI on each platform, and offered free group chat. Apple just hijacked SMS with your number and forced adoption
IBM still dominates mainframes. Microsoft still dominates PC operating systems and productivity software. But no-one cares.
And, of course, the anti-trust measures against Microsoft had no real effect on its dominance of PCs, or office software, or the use of Windows PCs to access the web. The dominance was lost years later, because of multitouch, and all the anti-trust had nothing to do with that.)
If Microsoft had crushed or even dominated the web, Apple would have not been able to claw back any marketshare with the iMac, build OS X, and then launch the iPhone as an iPod, a phone, and... a web browser.
‘If IBM had crushed the PC...’. Yes, but how and why would that have happened? The web was a fundamental change in the structure of computing and it was not natural or obvious that Microsoft could just walk in and take it over. Antitrust isn’t the reason you don’t run on ASP
I am sure the Mac would have survived on the rich software offerings available for Mac OS 9 if it had a weaker web browser that was incompatible with Microsoft’s various standards extensions
I get what you're suggesting but the timelines don't line up beyond core issue of "dominating" (google? facebook? yahoo? netflix?) iMac '98 didn't claw back share, it simply sold to Mac fans and bought time until iPod '01. Lessons were learned ;-)
Steve had the 'Beegees' strategy with the Mac: 'Staying alive'. And then waiting for something else to turn up.
1. Those numbers go up and 2. Mask the major fact that the iMac was the single best-selling PC from holiday 98 onwards. Because it was better at the web!
Using Internet Explorer. Still there was no indication it was selling to PC v. existing Mac users. It might have been the best selling desktop, but that was more an inability to figure out model numbers of PC desktops AND consumers were buying laptops (about 50% of the time).
(Even now Apple only has 6-7% unit sales share = maybe double that in consumer)
IE was on the Mac as part of $400m investment designed to keep DOJ away :) And you would definitely know better than me, but laptops were already 50 percent in 98? Seems early
It was a patent cross license and development agreement.
Dude it’s been like 100 years, it’s okay to admit there were ancillary benefits
People love to speculate. The patents were real and had a long history.
(Also I had my numbers mixed up: Msft deal was 150m, Apple bought Next for 400m. Both good deals!)
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