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turtle = good car for rabbit
Headlines I really don't like to see include "China has invaded India"...
This seems...bad.
RT @ASlavitt: 60 days ago (when you wrote this) @mitchellvii we had just crossed 500 deaths.
RT @petergklein: Wonderful Oliver Williamson reminiscences from Scott Masten.
Time to do church on Zoom.
Not sure if I tweeted this one before, but... #CollegeApocalypse
And yet more #CollegeApocalypse
More #CollegeApocalypse
Better do church on Zoom, guys.
RT @thewanreport: Really love this editorial by @nytopinion. We've all been so focused on the's easy to forget America is goi…
I'm not sure which there are more of: tweets that say "we don't know how deadly this virus is", or papers showing the fatality rate is around 1%. There are a whole lot of both.
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RT @stanveuger: Federal judge strikes down DeSantis poll tax
Cyberpunk is back
RT @ScottGottliebMD: New study finds Covid19 patients are no longer infectious after 11 days of getting sick even though some may still tes…
Yes, this.
Well it would be a lower-carbon alternative to air travel.
RT @lhknightbbc: @doctorow @business @Noahpinion you should listen to our podcast tomorrow :)
This was an epic band.
History question of the day: Did the Napoleonic Wars halt a trend toward increasing liberalism in European societies, and put Europe on a trend toward right-wing nationalism?
RT @4misceldah: Employees get exploited by startups through the use of bogus valuations. What to do about it...
When did the Long 20th Century end for the U.S.?
1989, with the end of the 75-year breakup of the system of imperial power. Since then we've been working through other models -fundamenalism, corporatism, rise of Asia, democracy everywhere- with nothing sticking. Interregnum, with hypertechnolization.
Sci-fi perspectives on marrying aliens: Star Trek: Sure, why not, aliens are just humans with different foreheads Octavia Butler: Uhhh...I guess, but it's gonna be weird y'all David Brin: Naah, stick with your own kind Kawamori Shoji: Marrying aliens will SAVE THE UNIVERSE
RT @Noahpinion: One of the Chinese Communist Party's main justifications for authoritarianism is the idea that Chinese people, due to their…
Today in Reply-Tweets: Social media has exposed us to all sorts of viewpoints we would otherwise never have considered
Should I start a Substack blog?
Better start one before I snag noahpinion for myself! 😂
#CollegeApocalypse It's real, folks
RT @wilfredchan: A difficult piece to write, on what is now lost in Hong Kong. My story for @thenation. Editing by @madelesque https://t.c…
RT @ScottGottliebMD: THREAD: We're launching a new tool today to provide county-level insight into COVID infection risk, as assessed by loc…
This, plus I think a period of moderate inflation would be healthy for the economy.
RT @TestnTrace: #TestAndTrace news: What the CDC got wrong on testing data. How some states are stepping up contact tracing. -…
Oh, and fast commuter rail between nearby cities. That is also great.
The great thing about the Japanese railway system isn't the gimmicky monorails or even the famous bullet trains. It's normal boring subway and light rail networks that run on time and have a well-planned, dense network of stations.
There's one in Memphis, Tennessee!
RT @koumenta_m: Oliver Williamson passed away this week. His work on institutional economics made one of the most important contributions t…
No matter how many times I tweeted that educating foreign students is a U.S. export industry, the Trump people never seemed to understand. I wonder why.
RT @joshgans: Alesina raised the piece & said, "you know I read that article and you get money, then worry about a tax here, an investment…
RT @joshgans: 10 years ago I was fortunate to be at a lunch with Alberto Alesina and Greg Mankiw. Mankiw had just written an NYT op ed wher…
RT @john_voorheis: I'm a broken record on this, but if we're worried about non-labor income flows degrading the value of the dignity of wor…
"If the lunch works, why do we need the dinner? If the dinner works, why do we need the lunch?"
This feels like part of what I call the "Golden Put"...sustaining stock market values without regard to the real economy.
RT @joshchin: Wang Yi just now used “长治久安” (long-term peace and stability) to describe its goal in Hong Kong. That’s how the Party charac…
I wish we had leadership like this here in the U.S.
RT @JeremyKonyndyk: This is progress, but to put it perspective: in Eastern Congo during the peak of the Ebola outbreak the health ministry…
Why the U.S. might win the vaccine race after all ☠️
In other words, everyone can have a job. Everyone should have a job. Not giving people jobs is bad for the economy. An economic system that has a "natural level of unemployment" is cruel and unworthy of our loyalty. eof/
Smith devotes a fair chunk of his column to debunking New Classical economists who claim that the New Deal lengthened the Great Depression, an idea that has been comprehensively demolished by careful empirical work, and is only cited today by plute-lovin' motivated reasoners. 2/
With the corollary that when the private sector stops buying things - especially the labor of tens of millions of people - the private sector can buy those things without creating inflation. 4/
Note that what you just said (govt. spending doesn't cause inflation if it's filling a shortfall of private demand) is a result of standard macroeconomic models! No MMT required. 😊
Sometimes, you can actually see the Overton Window shifting. This month is one of those times, with @business running a @Noahpinion op-ed calling for a new New Deal, arguing that the main problem with the last one is that it didn't go far enough. 1/
The Overton Window is probably shifting, but can confirm that most of the folks at Bloomberg have always been FDR fans...
Well here's some news
Month-old news...
At least so far, I haven’t seen any one suggesting to use the market system to allocate vaccines. Not even those who strongly advocate it in other areas. Why is that? @ATabarrok @EconTalker @tylercowen @peterthiel @CliffordAsness @ne0liberal @Noahpinion @joshgans @mattyglesias
@ne0liberal @Noahpinion @joshgans Externalities?
Really impressed with the Test-and-Trace website @Noahpinion has helped put together. If you’re reporting on this, or, even better, working on it in state or local government, this is a great resource. Check it out!
Note that this won't remove the need to block bad actors. Locking replies = locking a thread Blocking = banning from the forum It's just like community moderation in a web forum!
The new "manage replies" function is an excellent idea. Twitter reply threads are a forum. Now that forum will have community moderation; the person who starts the thread is the moderator.
Traditional forums would suck if every person who started a thread was the mod, though.
In this case, the sum of all threads started by a person constitute the forum.
Yeah but you assume everyone knows how to best mod a community, which is actually quite difficult. In any case I’m not super against it, but I think it just feels like a surrender to the power law and cuts off the tail because the tail can be ugly (but also awesome).
Which is what separates Twitter from a traditional forum, for better or worse.
Remember the anti-homeless rock in front of a sushi shop that everyone was complaining about a while back? The sushi shop is gone, but the rock remains.
So the business finally got fed up with the city not doing its job, or failed.
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