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Every ton of coal burned by one of these Chinese-built power plants cancels out one ton of coal that America would leave in the ground under a Green New Deal.
China is building coal-burning power plants all over the world. Remember, there is no "act local" solution to climate change.
We're running out of time to raise the Titanic and turn it into a space battleship
RT @Noahpinion: I think this is a bad idea. Let's buy even more federal land, and use it to preserve ecosystems and forest cover! https://t…
RT @MITGoodCosJobs: Very interesting column on new research by @simon_jaeger of @MITEcon et al.: “Jäger et al….found that the main effect o…
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A bunch of North African countries experienced a sudden rise in fertility rates from around 2005 to around 2014. Wonder what caused it.
Egypt's high poverty rates and high fertility rates, combined with its sclerotic institutions, make me think it's pretty vulnerable to political instability over the next couple of decades. source=twitter&utm_content=view&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialflow-organic&cmpid%3D=socialflow-twitter-view
Twitter Cancellation (TC) is the only effective praxis for bringing about revolutionary social change is EXACTLY the time to sell arms to Taiwan. As much as possible, really.
Yet another important immigration history thread from @hidehirota:
Victoria Ghost Chairs are not about sitting down. They're about punishing people for sitting down.
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Small brain: ditch plastic straws Big brain: ditch paper straws too Huge brain: ditch all drinks Galaxy brain: ditch all human technology and knowledge and return to the Olduvai Gorge
To be fair to China here, getting Americans to hate each other is a lot easier than getting Americans to hate some group of protesters halfway around the world. When Russia was trying to get America not to support Ukraine, it didn't do so well either.
RT @CityLab: How often will bystanders help total strangers in need? Almost every time.
RT @hidehirota: I agree with Professor Carter, especially when he writes "The bigger issue is in the LPC restriction itself." I would just…
I didn't know people were snarkily asking why the homeless have mobile phones, but yes. They're an essential technology for poor people, not just in America but worldwide.
Nazis: Those sneaky Jews with their super high IQs are secretly controlling finance and the media and pulling all the strings in society Me: ...Is this sweater inside out? What if I...oh wait, NOW it's inside out...what if I just half put it on and...dammit, that doesn't work...
RT @AlastairGale: Dirty secret behind Japan's female digital celebrities: some are middle-aged men using motion sensors…
I think this is a bad idea. Let's buy even more federal land, and use it to preserve ecosystems and forest cover!
Whoa, Qatar actually stood up for the Uyghurs!
RT @ScienceNews: “This is a technology that’s here to stay.”
There is no chance that Trump will "prevail" against China. Or against anything. His tariffs might do some damage to China, but that's not the same thing. He's utterly uninterested in crafting a democratic world order as an alternative to China.
Good article, but I felt like @hidehirota needed a shoutout!
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I imagine even Trump supporters must realize what a complete bumbling fool the man is, and only support him because Twitter has made them afraid of antifa or the 1619 project or whatever.
RT @YIMBY_Princeton: In new @Harvard_JCHS working paper, former Obama housing adviser Michael Stegman admits that the Obama administration…
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Work in 1960: Type out memos on a typewriter. Work in 1980: Type out memos in a word processor. Work in 2000: Type out memos in an email. Work in 2020: Collaboratively edit a task list in real-time while on a video call and responding to texts in six different chat apps.
In fairness in 1980 the desk phone was ringing too. And in 2000 a blackberry was vibrating. And before now someone was knocking on your door :)
(1960/80: dictate memos to your secretary, who types them up or maybe hands them off to the typing pool)
2020 can't come soon enough, because judging by how many people are on Twitter all day, "Work in 2019" is Twitter. :D
China’s ability to fire the CEO of Cathay Pacific shows how irrelevant it is to ask who technically owns Huawei. What matters is whether the state has effective control, not legal control, and we know the answer to that for any company in or even near China.
It only really matters for day-to-day capital allocation. "Private" firms are better at it, even though the govt. can come in and countermand their decisions any time it wants.
RT @CityLab: "If there are frictions and barriers that can be solved that would lead people to make different choices, that's tremendously…
RT @petesweeneypro: "Beijing is openly disputing the legality of continental shelf rights guaranteed by UN. The area has been subject to na…
Yay Japan, financially prudent!
RT @barbarastarrcnn: The US won't provide flu vaccines to migrant families at border detention camps
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In general, compared to, say, 15 years ago, young people these days seem: 1. more studious and diligent 2. less inclined toward risk-taking 3. kinder and more considerate 4. more anxious and stressed-out 5. less romantic 6. physically healthier 7. less creative
Good reminder by @tylercowen that history is not as predictable as we think.
Clean up all the lead in America. Clean it up NOWWWWWWW
RT @cattusdixit: HUD disparate impact regs are real bad.
How the internet works, in one tweet
Wow, that's a lot of anxiety. Social media?
RT @ne0liberal: A surprisingly good Vox video that argues that commissions of experts should be setting the inflation-indexed minimum wage…
RT @RichardvReeves: Black and Hispanic women are now enrolling in college at higher rates than white men: https://t…
RT @SaveABunny: Imagine if this were YOUR bunny, playing happily in your house. ❤️
RT @SaveABunny: You could adopt two of these babies!! ❤️🐇
RT @JasonSzegedi: As more and more people go insane, maintaining one's own sanity becomes even more necessary and more important.
RT @limlouisa: Facebook takes down anti-protest accounts ‘due to Beijing links, not content’ via @scmpnews
RT @Noahpinion: This is not good for the U.S.
Republicans complain a lot about A) folks calling right-wingers "Nazis", and B) folks attributing Republican electoral victories to racism. But Hunter S. Thompson does both of these things regularly, in his books. How come Republicans don't freak out about Hunter S. Thompson?
Are they reading him?
And note that to do this, all they have to do is subvert one of Taiwan's two major parties, and wait for thermostatic politics to do its work. Eventually that party will get elected, the president will make some move toward unification, abd the protests will begin.
Glum prediction: HK is China's testing ground for Taiwan. Their strategy will be to 1) Get a Taiwanese president elected who tries to unify Taiwan with China, then 2) use the resulting protests and unrest as an excuse to send troops in.
I don’t think this is the right order of operations. They seemed to be doing a solid job facilitating #1 prior to the protests; HK has thrown that for a loop. I thought Taiwan might be one reason they are not taking a stronger hand with HK (but not a China expert)
RT @Noahpinion: Growth in health care administrators vs. growth in physicians.
RT @Noahpinion: Growth in health care administrators vs. growth in physicians.
Scientists, historians, organizational behavior researchers, and researchers from other relevant disciplines could potentially come up with some interesting policy ideas if they cooperated in a DARPA-style mission-oriented research program aimed at boosting U.S. science.
After seeing a bunch of people get mad at this editorial proposing a "Progress Studies" field, I've concluded that the critics are wrong; an interdisciplinary program aimed at figuring out how to boost the rate of scientific discovery would have value.
this is kind of a funny meta point in that critics of the science of progress are the same people who like to criticize things before they have a chance to play out.
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