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RT @m_clem: ~Cut lawful immigration by more than half. ~Cut refugee resettlement by 75%. ~Eliminate visas for the highest-skill foreign…
RT @profplum99: Incredibly important that this is being published now. Time is running out for the China hustle
This was certainly true of my college!
Jeez, this story.
A friend's pillow
Helpful little robot dude
A winning tweet
Warren as president, Castro as veep, and the rest of the Democratic candidates as the cabinet
RT @Noahpinion: @KrangTNelson Well, no reason not to look at multiple data sources, right? Here's a graph of emissions per capita vs gdp pe…
RT @latenitenoah: Things that will make you feel smarter than you really are: 1. Reading and quoting lots of old books 2. Doing well on I…
Thread on capitalism and climate change.
Weird historical fact: Corporate profits were around 8.5% of the economy under Carter, and fell to historically low levels under Reagan, hitting 3.7 percent in the third quarter of 1986.
RT @Noahpinion: @ThomasHerndon1 @dclingi Of course, more "capitalist" countries also tend to be richer, so their total emissions are higher…
RT @Noahpinion: @ThomasHerndon1 @dclingi The close correlation between GDP and emissions suggest that human desire for higher living standa…
RT @Noahpinion: @ThomasHerndon1 @dclingi We can look at CO2 per $ of GDP for countries with various economic systems. The ones that are doi…
RT @Noahpinion: @ThomasHerndon1 @dclingi In other words, the lesson of the shitty Soviet environmental record is not that modern-day social…
RT @Noahpinion: @ThomasHerndon1 @dclingi I think we understand our system and its faults fairly well, and to first pay the massive fixed co…
RT @DanielKral1: @Noahpinion Chernobyl aside (an accident), the Soviet planned economy in USSR and Eastern Europe damaged the environment o…
Watch The Expanse, watch Kim's Convenience
RT @MikePMoffatt: Seriously. I've been a whole lot of places, but the most polluted place I've ever been was East Germany in 1985. Even wor…
Twitter people: "You should watch Chernobyl on HBO, it's great" Also Twitter people: "Switching to a non-capitalist system would massively improve our stewardship of the environment"
RT @latenitenoah: "As a socialist I've never done anything to actually help the poor, but I dunk on billionaires on Twitter because I'm ang…
The "capitalism is literally killing the planet" people just keep repeating this B.S. mantra over and over again, and keep getting rewarded for repeating it.
I guess "everyone should make themselves as miserable as possible to motivate themselves to carry out Revolution" is no worse than "we should attack Iran and sink their navy", which is a take I read to day in America's vaunted Paper of Record...
RT @RunTucana: @Noahpinion Still the Greatest ever Guardian take
Me, reading the Guardian: "Can't be real. Must be a joke. Can't be real. Must be a joke."
Today in galaxy-brain takes, we learn that reducing stress is bad because stress motivates you to go out and start a revolution:
I think we should have cost-benefit analyses weight the needs of poor people more strongly than they currently do!
RT @OutlawHistorian: Accidental archival find: The closing roster of the Japanese internment camp at Rohwer, Arkansas. Among those listed i…
Kid at my 4th grade lunch table: "You're gay." Me: "How could you know if I'm gay or straight when I haven't gone through puberty yet?" Kid: "'re gay."
In general, Noah Smith is _______ than the average person on Twitter.
Closing existing nuclear plants is bad for climate change.
NIMBYs are not real progressives. They never were.
Twitter adopting my block policy as their suspension policy is sort of tragic and sort of hilarious.
RT @TheTweetOfGod: "Hello God". Please. Don't try to make all kissy-kissy with Me now, Twitter. It's too late. You messed with the wrong…
RT @adam_tooze: Since beginning of 2019, Argentine inflation has accelerated towards 60%! @SoberLook
RT @BecketAdams: whoever pulls the knife from the gator's head is the new king of texas
"You complete me"
Castro should be Warren's veep
RT @Noahpinion: This is some seriously scary shit.
I feel like the internet already rose up and drove MMT back to their motte, but it's still fun to go through some of their stuff!
RT @DKThomp: The physical infrastructure of the modern world was "invented" in like 30 years. Like, look at the sub/urban world. What do…
RT @DKThomp: It's wild how much the physical world changed in the generation before WWI. In 1880, NYC had no subway, no cars, and the tall…
RT @bopinion: "There’s the chance that Uber drivers will systematically give lower ratings to riders of races, religions or genders they do…
No. We should leave Iran alone. Picking a fight with a smaller, weaker country just to revive Trump's flagging popularity would be a moral and geopolitical disaster.
This is a champion rabbit.
RT @bopinion: Since the mid-2000s, the U.S. has been experiencing a slowdown in productivity growth. @Noahpinion thinks that slump is act…
I keep thinking I've finally grasped the true power and pervasiveness of anti-Black racism in the United States, and I keep being wrong.'s some more evidence that Trump's anti-Latino rhetoric may have largely functioned as an anti-Black dog whistle:
RT @Noahpinion: Today's @bopinion post is about the silent pollution crisis that is damaging American kids' brains and raising levels of vi…
oh wow how are you even employed
"To pay the poor, you have to tax the rich, and the Robot Lords are unlikely to stand for that...We’re all worried about the day that the 1% no longer need the 99%–but what’s really scary is when they don’t fear the 99% either."
My scariest article ever. On the rise of drone warfare, from 2014.
I'm surprised they haven't yet become a fixture of war reporting, too -- The CNN drone that flies near the U.S. drone during an attack.
I don't know of any good sci-fi that features detailed battles between people using drones. Some of Vinge's books feature drone fights, but they just tell you who won.
Kill Decision, by Daniel Suarez
RT @Noahpinion: Awww, look at this adorab--- ---wait a sec, what is "school lunch debt"?!
When I make polls that ask people to choose between seemingly arbitrary percentage ranges, my own answer is almost always at the cutoff between two of the ranges. Usually between the first and second poll options. :-)
What percentage of the time?
RT @JStein_WaPo: @Noahpinion @byHeatherLong has you covered:
RT @Noahpinion: Awww, look at this adorab--- ---wait a sec, what is "school lunch debt"?!
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