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Court Dismisses Case Demanding DEA to Move Expeditiously to License Cannabis Cultivators rs/
New Mexico: Governor’s Task Force Issues Adult-Use Marijuana Recommendations
Read about what @peachtreenorml and other Georgian's are doing to reform the Peachtree State!
Listen in to @freedomisgreen tonight on @pcntv discussing the future of legalization in Pennsylvania! cc: @lvnorml, @pghNORML, @PhillyNORML, @LancasterNORML
NORML Canada Launches Post-Legalization Platform on One Year Anniversary of Marijuana Legalization
Maine: Regulators Confident That Adult-Use Cannabis Sales Will Begin Next Spring
Survey: Pain Patients Often Report Substituting Cannabis for Opioids
Clarifying NY State Decriminalization and Marijuana Possession Related Penalties
Report: Marijuana Legalization Not Associated with Adverse ‘Spillover’ Effects in Neighboring States ring-states/
Study: No Uptick in Violent Crime Following Adult Use Cannabis Legalization
RT @TheRealYounGuru: #WeedWednesday 🍃 : “Police across America make a marijuana-related arrest every 48 seconds,” NORML Executive Directo…
RT @VANORML: @MarkHerringVA is right. It's time for better marijuana policies in Virginia. If your state legislators aren't already in boar…
This is wrong. Help us change it:
Nevada NORML Takes Washington, DC
Americans should be outraged that police departments across the country continue to waste tax dollars and limited law enforcement resources on arresting otherwise law-abiding citizens for simple marijuana possession #NORML in @Forbes h/t @tomangell
FBI: Marijuana Arrests Rise For Third Straight Year, Outpace Arrests For All Violent Crimes
Pennsylvania: Expedited Pardon Process Now Available for Those with Low-Level Cannabis Convictions convictions/
Majority of Virginians Favor Legalizing Marijuana
RT @INORML: Where does Indiana gubernatorial candidate @joshuadowens stand on cannabis issues? Find out here.
NORML Testifies to End Employment Discrimination of MMJ Patients in DC
RT @NORMLCharlotte: Officials report that the majority of incidences appear to be linked to the purchase of counterfeit products obtained f…
CDC Provides Update on Lung Illnesses Linked to Vape Cartridges
“By approving the SAFE Banking Act, more than two-thirds of the House affirmatively acknowledged that legalization and regulation of the marijuana marketplace is preferable to criminalization,” - #NORML in the @WSJ
The irony is that, because of decades of cannabis prohibition, the agency is only now beginning to scrutinize these cartridges and the plethora of questionable compounds, additives, and agents in many of them. #NORML's Paul Armentano in @Leafly
RT @TexasNORML: Of the 36 #Texas Federal Representatives, there were 18 YEAS, 17 NAYS and 1 Present Not Voting. Of the YEAS, thirteen were…
RT @alexiskweed: #Cannabis bank bill lead by @RepPerlmutter could open U.S. retail investor access to growth market + reduce risk associate…
"For the first time ever, a supermajority of the House voted affirmatively to recognize that the legalization and regulation of marijuana is a superior public policy to prohibition and criminalization," #NORML in @reason
#NORML recommends employers and lawmakers cease their reliance on these ineffective procedures and, instead, institute alternative performance-based testing in instances where there exists reasonable suspicion of an employee’s impairment in the workplace
The #SAFEBanking bill has passed the House of Representatives and will be sent to the Senate for mark-up. Now is the time to demand Congress do MORE. Read all about it here:
RT @RepCharlieCrist: Floridians have spoken, Sunshine State is one of fastest growing cannabis economies in US. Proud to vote for bipartisa…
RT @kellanhowell: Satement from @NORML's @justinstrekal: “For the first time ever, a supermajority of the House voted affirmatively to rec…
House members pass historic legislation legitimizing retail cannabis sales #NORML Read more here:
Today’s vote is a significant 1st step, but it must not be the last. Much more action will still need to be taken by the House to ultimately comport federal law with the new political & cultural realities surrounding marijuana #SAFEBanking #NORML Read More
Enthusiastic thanks to @RepPerlmutter, @RepDennyHeck, @RepSteveStivers, and @WarrenDavidson for your tireless leadership on behalf of this legislation.
Finally, thanks to @repblumenauer, @RepBarbaraLee, @repdonyoung, and @RepDaveJoyce for serving as co-chairs of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus, & to @RepMaxineWaters, @LeaderHoyer, and @RepJerryNadler for committing to bring the #MOREAct to a vote this session. #WeNeedMORE
This historic vote marks the first time ever that a chamber of Congress has ever held a successful floor vote on a stand-alone piece of marijuana reform legislation.
House Members Pass Historic Legislation Legitimizing Retail Cannabis Sales
RT @MissouriNORML: Under the proposed amendment, a person would not be fined unless found to be in possession of 100 grams or more of marij…
👇👇👇 This is right. We'll win today's vote and then move @HouseJudiciary Chairman @RepJerryNadler's MORE Act after.
Today's banking vote is significant because it provides House members with their 1st legislative opportunity to affirmatively recognize that the legalization & regulation of marijuana is a superior policy to prohibition & criminalization. Read more here:
RT @tomangell: “This public commitment by Chairman Nadler reflects the growing consensus in the House of Representatives to end the failed…
Consumer alert- be informed, be safe!
Thank you @RepJerryNadler for your commitment to move a bill in @HouseJudiciary to end prohibition! Can't wait to be there with you for the mark-up!
RT @HouseJudiciary: House Judiciary Committee Chairman @RepJerryNadler Statement on the SAFE Banking Act and the MORE Act…
👇👇👇!!!! Send a message to your lawmakers in support of the MORE Act now:
RT @NORML: Tomorrow, there is going to be a vote in the House to allow banks to service the state-legal cannabis industry. It’s tally will…
Tomorrow, there is going to be a vote in the House to allow banks to service the state-legal cannabis industry. It’s tally will represent which members of the House recognize that legalization affirmatively works. ay-for?rnd=1569348503
Are You #VoteReady? Make sure you are registered to vote at #NationalVoterRegistrationDay @NatlVoterRegDay
We're calling on our members to celebrate #NationalVoterRegistrationDay & update their voter reg. Register here: h/t @NatlVoterRegDay
RT @MERRYJANE: Why Dr. Sue Sisley sued the DEA for stonewalling cannabis research — via @NORML
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