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My new column exposes the shady rekting racket that is @BitMEXdotcom run by @CryptoHayes: evasion of AML/KYC, front-running, insider trading, massive scale money laundering, gouging of clients, etc. See u in jail! The Great Crypto Heist by Nouriel Roubini
My new column where I expose the shady rekting racket that is @BitMEXdotcom run by the thug @CryptoHayes: evasion of AML/KYC, front-running, insider trading, massive scale money laundering, gouging of clients, etc. The Great Crypto Heist by Nouriel Roubini
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Crypto shitcoin-land is full of clueless, dumb financially illiterate ignorami who don't even get it when you make fun of them. No wonder as their heads are clogged into stinking cesspools of 1000s shitcoins that already lost 99% of their value since peak.
Much worse systemic market manipulation and insider trading likely occur - based on various reports and information - at @bitmexdotcom run by sleazebag @cryptohayes Furious traders slam crypto exchange for fiddling with contracts via @technology
Much more massive scale money-laundering by criminals, terrorists, tax avoiders - in the order of billions of $ - occurs daily through unregulated offshore crypto exchanges such as the rekting racket of @BitMEXdotcom run by the sleazebag-in-chief @CryptoHayes. @CFTC start to act!
One of 100s of criminal scams in crypto. The one of @CryptoHayes & @BitMEXdotcom will be investigated soon. @CryptoHayes: you will soon move from your golden mansions & boiler rooms in HK & unregulated Seychelles into a jail cave where I will visit you to give u ethics lessons
Good article by the IMF's David LIpton. A point he overlooks is that all successful "stablecoins", such as Alipay or M-pesa, have NOTHING to do with crypto/blockchain! Digital upstarts need to play by the same rules as everyone else via @financialtimes
I see that the sleaze crypto-land of shitcoins makes money even off my name on tee-shirts without paying me any royalties. My charity contribution to all those crooks, scammers, con men who will soon be in jail. I will come to visit @CryptoHayes in jail to give him ethics lessons
I already debated @VitalikButerin in Seoul earlier this year. He is much smarter than that low-life con man of @CryptoHayes but he is a poor debater too. So I won that debate too, as well as that with @ethereumJoseph last year in New York. All those debates videos are online.
Time to get out of your criminal unregulated caves you crypto scammers, con men, crooks, snake oil salesmen, price manipulators. Got the message you crypto sleazebag-in-chief @CryptoHayes with your rekting racket of @BitMEXdotcom? Will visit u for ethics lessons when u in jail!
Agreed. Emerging markets have more sophisticated digital money systems than advanced economies that do NOT rely on crypto or blockchain and are used by billions of people for billions of transactions a day rather than the pathetic 5 transactions per seconds allowed by bitcoin
Fully agree that @CryptoHayes runs a rekting racket in @BitMEXdotcom : proof #1 is @BitmexRekt where rekt and liquidated retail suckers - otherwise defined by @CryptoHayes as "degenerate gamblers" - get shamed in public after losing their shirt on 100x leverage toxic derivatives
Thanks for recognizing that I won the debate. If my tone was aggressive it is coz I had to deal with an arrogant & unprepared ass who was talking his book & made self serving arguments. I debated @VitalikButerin & he is smart even if we disagree. @CryptoHayes is a mediocre mind!
Well that would at least make bitcoin less unequal than North Korea as the Gini Coefficient of inequality in bitcoin is 0.88 as opposed to 0.86 for North Korea! It takes a special greed and sleaze to make bitcoin more unequal than Kim Un Jung who owns most of NK! Kings of Greed!
As you and most agree I won the debate. Your argument that eventually in the future crypto will succeed is only a speculative guess with little basis so far. I remain super-skeptical and so far I have been right. Crypto is useless. No useful case study or killer app yet.
I indeed totally crushed that clueless and self-serving @CryptoHayes . Unveiled his shady drug pushin biz model: peddle 100x leveraged toxic crypto derivatives to retail suckers he calls "degenerate gamblers" and then liquidate them and rekt them again through liquidation funds
Luckily most people listen to me. Even after the debate most folks who attended agreed that I totally rekt that pathetic @CryptoHayes
"A fool and his money were lucky to get together in the first place." -- Wall Street No pity for a fool. Keep up the good work, @Nouriel
He looked totally pathetic, arrogant and unprepared. Worst spokesman for the shitcoins he was shilling for. Fell into that stinking cesspool
U would indeed be wise to run away from all this crypto stinking shitcoins' cesspool before u get sucked into it.
Happy that smart crypto supporters agree on me. But you deluded to believe that XRP is any better or more scalable, decentralized or safer than BTC
Indeed most folks listen to my anti-crypto arguments. Only who don't are crypto zealots sinking in the stinking cesspool of shitcoins. @CryptoHayes got totally rekt in our debate
Finally, after being shamed by ALL of crypto Twitter @CryptoHayes and @BitMEXdotcom give in and release the full video of our debate. Watch it and decide for yourself who won. I started destroying their drug pushing model based on rekting "degenerate gamblers" with 100x leverage.
RT @BitMEXdotcom: Alright, we had our fun trolling. Special thanks to @Nouriel for nailing his part by melting down over this past week. We…
Video link of my remarks at a crypto panel. Watch me destroy @CryptoHayes and @BitMEXdotcom "drug pushing" biz model that hooks "degenerate gamblers" - ie retail suckers - on 100x leveraged crypto derivatives & then profits from their liquidation
There are massive triplications of very expensive & shoddy transport infrastructures in China: 1000s of miles of semi empty high speed trains literally next to 1000s of miles of semi empty highways next to 1000s of near empty new airports. A massive waste! No wonder debt/GDP=260%
David LIpton is wise in his advice. Acting IMF chief backs monetary easing by central banks via @financialtimes
Thanks. Happy to show the flaws of crypto and blockchain. The few smart ones in this field appreciate the criticism. While those involved into non stop nasty attacks and threats on me are just ignorami zealots and/or scammers and crooks. And too many of the latter in crypto-land
Indeed decentralized exchanges (DEX) are are unsafe as centralized ones but they also happen to have no liquidity and are thus useless. The is NO SECURITY in crypto!
99% of all ICOs are non-compliant securities in spite of all the legalese mumbo-jumbo of trying to pretend they aren't securities. So shitcoins are illegal scams aimed at skirting all AML/KYC and other proper regulations and securities laws, incl. protection of small investors
The Ethereum ICO was just a scam aimed at filling the pockets of a small group of insiders including @VitalikButerin. This was no ordinary/fair sale. And the scam was also aimed at pretending that Ether isn't a security while it is obviously one. Crypto is the mother of all scams
Only way to be "safe" in crypto is to go back to the Stone Age: keep your crypto in a cold storage cave (so like gold u can't transact it) & write your private key on a piece of paper and hide it in a mattress; and hope u aren't victim of a crypto-robber or of paper eating rats!
Yes cash is used for money laundering. But it is highly inefficient compared to Bitcoin, now the favorite tool of criminals, terrorists, human traffickers, tax avoiders and all sorts of crooks. And even so there is little anonymity in BTC; so it is NOT censorship resistant!
Hopefully regulators and law enforcement authorities will start taking action soon against the "BitMEX scamshop" !
EVERY day another hack of a crypto exchange. They aren't secure. And the argument that one should move to the DEXs is nonsense: 99% of all crypto trading is on unsafe centralized exchanges. NO one is using the DEX as they have no liquidity or transactions AND are hackable too!
Donald Trump is right about bitcoin
This tweet and linked video appear to suggest that the internal trading desk of @BitMEXdotcom may be front-running their clients. Such allegations against @CryptoHayes biz were made before in some articles but this could be first-hand evidence of such illegal long-running.
European Drug Traffickers Pay Colombian Cartels Through Bitcoin ATMs: Europol Official
Bitcoin ATMs = Money Laundering tool as no AML or KYC and flouting all other money laundering regulations
Even Trump telling @CryptoHayes: enough of your rekting racket of @BitMEXdotcom where you flout all regulations re AML, KYC., security laws, protection of non-accredited small retail investors that Hayes calls "degenerate gamblers to be rekt with 100X leveraged toxic crypto, etc
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1st time I agree with Trump: no country, not even USA skeptical of excessive regs, will allow the wild west scams of unregulated crypto with no AML/KYC, being a bank or money servicer with no bank license/regs. Get used to it u crypto fools/scammers. Start to comply or disappear!
The latest. There is NO security in crypto!
Another crappy crypto project gone 1000s of previous one...a cemetery of rekt vaporware delusions now gone bust
No, you are not the only one: most crypto supporters agree that @CryptoHayes was royally rekt in his debate with me. That is why he is desperately avoiding the release of the full video while using his scammy PR machinery to release doctored edited "highlights" of his meltdown
Crypto zealots ar giddy that regulators will not let Facebook's Libra start given concerns about AML/KYC, operating de facto as a bank or as a security offering, doing reg arbitrage, having systemic risks, etc. So why are they deluded that cryptocurrencies will bypass such regs?
RT @bubbles_crypto: @CryptoHayes @Nouriel Just release the whole unedited video. No one is ever going to choose to debate you again if you…
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