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Days after announcing the next G-7 summit would take place at his golf course, President Trump announced a change of plans. He said on Twitter it will no longer be held at his Doral resort, blaming "both Media & Democrat Crazed and Irrational Hostility."
Here's what you need to know about the latest in the Ukraine affair and the impeachment investigation, before likely another busy week.
"The Less People Know About Us" is a memoir by way of a true-crime story. Axton Betz-Hamilton details identity theft her family experienced — a theft from which she never really recovered.
Three soldiers were killed Saturday in a training accident involving the Bradley Fighting Vehicle at Fort Stewart in Georgia, officials say.
Gavin Newsom is a former scholarship athlete. "I would not be sitting here without baseball," the California governor said. He also recently signed the "Fair Pay to Play Act" to allow college athletes to profit through endorsement deals.
To help smokers kick the habit researchers are testing an unconventional method: magic mushrooms. Well, not actual magic mushrooms, but their main ingredient psilocybin might be an effective treatment for diseases such as depression and addiction.
"Gung-ho" became such a well-known slogan by some Marines that it was turned into a 1943 movie. The original Chinese is 工業合作社, which means "industrial cooperative" —工業, (gōng yè) meaning "industry", and 合作社, (hé zuò shè) meaning "cooperative."
The first genetically modified mosquitoes were released in a lab in Italy. The modified insects could curb how much of the species transmits malaria.
Mick Mulvaney, the acting White House chief of staff, said Sunday his words were taken out of context when he acknowledged Thursday that military aid to Ukraine was being tied to Trump seeking a political favor.
Art classes can level the playing field when it's at the center of the learning experience. The focus helps kids with learning disabilities, students still learning English, or others with less background knowledge about a topic.
"Curious Toys" is a chiefly compelling historical thriller by Elizabeth Hand. And it gets itself into trouble it does not need to be in.
Deep partisan divides have emerged over a settlement plan by Purdue Pharma, the maker of Oxycontin, in the opioid crisis. So far, only two Democratic attorneys general nationwide have backed the plan, with more than 20 rejecting it.
In an Indonesian village, 48-year-old Marhana climbs up the trees to harvest damar, a resin used in paints and varnishes. The trees are part of an "agroforest," which could prevent deforestation and conversion of forests into palm oil plantations.
Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney tried again to walk back his acknowledgement of military aid to Ukraine being tied to a political favor for the president. "Did I have the perfect press conference? No," Mulvaney said Sunday.
The overprescription of opioid pain medications has been blamed for an addiction epidemic in the U.S. And it has spurred a flurry of court cases — with thousands of plaintiffs and defendants like Johnson & Johnson and CVS, down to individual doctors.
RT @NPR: Before Chaka Khan's "I Feel for You" became a smash hit, the song existed only as an unreleased acoustic demo by Prince — who was…
Firefighter Pinyo Pukpinyo has been snake wrangling in Bangkok for 16 years. He says he has been bitten more than 20 times but helping people desperate to get rid of snakes in their homes "makes me happy."
RT @NPRWeekend: The push to hold drug companies accountable for the opioid epidemic has been broadly bipartisan. But Republican and Democra…
A brainless, bright-yellow organism — better known as "the blob" — can solve mazes and heal itself. It's making its debut at a Paris zoo this weekend.
President Barack Obama endorsed Trudeau on Twitter. "I appreciate the kind words and I'm working to keep the progress going," Trudeau said.
Three soldiers were killed and three more were injured in a training exercise on Fort Stewart in Georgia Sunday, officials say. The accident involved the Bradley Fighting Vehicle the soldiers were riding on.
Environmental activists have been squatting in Germany's Hambach Forest since 2012. They're hoping to save the 12,000-year-old forest from the threat of the country's biggest power company.
Happy Sunday! Here's the Taylor Swift Tiny Desk!
Mark di Suvero says he uses a crane the way a painter uses a brush. It's a tool for doing the work, just bigger and way scarier. The work of the 86-year-old sculptor has been on view in public spaces from New York to Paris.
Defense Secretary Mark Esper traveled to Afghanistan in an attempt to restart peace talks with the Taliban. President Trump scrapped plans for negotiations at Camp David last month.
"When we're talking about Donald Trump, we are losing to Donald Trump," presidential candidate Andrew Yang says, "even if it's in the context of talking about impeaching him." Yang tells @NoelKing the country needs a strong vision to move forward. #OffScript2020
A majority of Americans favor stricter gun laws. Now 60% of Americans say gun laws should be tougher, up from 57% last year and 52% in 2017, according to a new Pew Research Center survey.
Researchers in Italy have begun genetically modifying mosquitoes. These mosquitoes could sterilize populations of malaria-transmitting mosquitoes in the wild, causing them to crash. Watch the video:
Canada's election is Monday — and polling has been neck and neck between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Conservative Party candidate Andrew Scheer.
"Fella who came down here and got in trouble — overstepped his bounds to a degree some folks thought. And they cured him of his problems." John Whitten, a former Tallahatchie county PROSECUTOR said this about Emmett Till ON THE RECORD to @NPR in 2019.
Anger is universal and complex: it can be quiet, festering, justified, vengeful, and destructive. This time on @TEDRadioHour, speakers explore the many sides of anger, why we need it — and who's allowed to feel it
BOB ❤ ABISHOLA is a love story about a middle-aged compression sock businessman from Detroit who is smitten with his cardiac nurse, a Nigerian immigrant. The show is definitely an exceptional moment in U.S. television.
President Trump has abandoned his plan to host the next G-7 summit at his golf resort in Doral, Florida. The announcement comes after bipartisan concerns that he's exploiting his presidency for personal profit.
Responding to a question about why some residents in his hometown of Newark, N.J., don't see him as "the voice" of black youth, Sen. Cory Booker said: "Let my work speak for me." More from his interview with NPR's "Off Script" series:
Goldfish are among hundreds of products caught in the wide net cast by the Trump administration's trade war with China.
Here's what it's like being a reporter going into Syria. "It is horrible to see a grandfather cry. It wouldn't be the last time we witnessed that on our trip."
Surveys show more and more people are coming out as gender nonbinary. For many, being out at work means fielding endless questions about their personal lives — and having to navigate forms and institutions that weren't built with them in mind.
Soldiers patrolled the streets for the first time since a military dictatorship ended nearly three decades ago.
Ex-CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus called the decision to withdraw American troops from northern Syria "a betrayal." He said it's unfair to the Kurdish fighters who had been key U.S. allies in the fight against ISIS.
🦈 How much do (do do do do do) you think opera star Renée Fleming knows about the hit children's song Baby Shark? @waitwait found out:
Every 2 minutes, a woman dies from childbirth or pregnancy-related causes. Many of these deaths are preventable. Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Lynsey Addario spent 10 years on a story that wasn’t easy to get published: maternal mortality.
Trump blamed the reversal on what he described as "Media & Democrat Crazed and Irrational Hostility," following bipartisan claims that he's exploiting his presidency for personal profit.
🚀 About 35 years after the first American woman walked in space, NASA set another milestone on Friday — as astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir conducted the first all-female spacewalk.
President Trump deputized lawyer Rudy Giuliani to run a shadow foreign policy for Ukraine outside the State Department, witnesses told Congress. The White House said people should "get over it." Here's the latest in the impeachment investigation:
"For me, this is not about 'Why not any other candidate?' " Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said. "The fact that [Sanders] has been fighting for these issues for so long struck me in a very personal way."
Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang says Democrats need to articulate a vision for the country. "When we're talking about Donald Trump, we are losing to Donald Trump, even if it's in the context of talking about impeaching him."
"You know, you can get one person who posts 150 messages in three days, all of which is 'Where is Winds of Winter?'" author George R. R. Martin says. "So at this point, it is what it is."
Review: Legendary cartoonist Kim Deitch's new book is packed with monkeys, cartoon magpies — even a superhero Jesus. While it starts with some childhood stories, it quickly becomes just as weird as you'd expect.
Before Chaka Khan's "I Feel for You" became a smash hit, the song existed only as an unreleased acoustic demo by Prince — who was just 20 years old at the time. His estate just dropped that demo as a surprise release.
When Mark Morris was 6, he'd stuff his feet into Tupperware cups so he could walk en pointe. In essence, it worked. Now, the dancer and company director has written "Out Loud" — a memoir of dance, hits and flops, and goose and mescaline holiday dinners.
“Shoeless” Joe Jackson became the man most closely associated with the 1919 Black Sox Scandal. But the Boston gambler who put the fix in motion — Joseph “Sport” Sullivan — remains largely in the shadows. (@OnlyAGameNPR)
RT @Zach_Graumann: After our 10 hour+ #AskAndrew marathon, we’re hopping on @NPR to discuss our vision with undecided voters. Not pictured…
Opinion: The Washington Nationals are headed to the World Series. Given the complicated history of baseball in D.C., @NPRscottsimon says it's hard to pin down the last time a hometown team made it this far.
Sitting down with undecided voters today on @NPR with @NoelKing 👍
RT @NPR: A center at the University of Iowa is working to include teens with autism spectrum disorders in its programs for gifted students.…
RT @NPR: Peter Navarro, White House director of trade and manufacturing policy, made up one of the people he repeatedly quotes in several o…
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RT @NPR: A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.
RT @NPR: The Census Bureau is turning to existing government records, such as state driver's licenses, to try to fill in gaps on people's U…
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