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RT @plantprefab: Proud to be sharing @PlantPrefab's lessons and vision for the #future of #housing at the @MIT World Real Estate Forum toda…
✔️ All-electric. ✔️ Vertical take-off / landing. ✔️ 5-seater. The prototype is working, folks. Congrats to the @Lilium team from a humbled and proud investor! @andrewbeebe @joeblairvc https://www.theverge.com/2019/5/16/18625088/lilium-jet-test-flight-electric-aircraft-flying-car
Table stakes for urban structures in the near future: 🌇Every building generates more energy than it consumes 🌊Water is captured/filtered/reused like never before ⚡️Rooftops/curbsides are built for electric transport of all kinds https://worldpositive.com/a-tale-of-two-cities-2030-edition-c9bceb8ea1e3 @andrewbeebe @DiAnnEisnor
Every industry is now becoming a tech industry. Companies that follow an empathy-driven playbook vs. a "move fast and break things" approach will define the next chapter of Silicon Valley - and the global economy. https://worldpositive.com/industrial-iq-where-high-tech-meets-low-tech-27e2d920e2e @nanli (cc @karaswisher)
🙌🏽 Green light for @ltse from the SEC! "A market where companies are rewarded for choosing to innovate, to invest in their employees, and to seed future growth." -@ericries https://www.wsj.com/articles/silicon-valley-backed-venture-cleared-to-become-14th-u-s-stock-exchange-11557511056
RT @FutureLivingPod: If you believe business does not have to sacrifice profit for purpose, this FOL episode is for you. @obviousvc's @jose…
Near Future 2019 kicking off with a @davepell bang and a @zem @jamesjoaquin jam! Excited for what's ahead! @nearfuturenow! #NFS19
RT @chadloder: Just discovered the #AfterOn podcast by @Rob_Reid. It’s fantastic! Thanks to @obviousvc for supporting AfterOn. Makes me ho…
ISO: Entrepreneurs building products that make this a reality, because it won't happen without them. https://twitter.com/tristanharris/status/1125410654234583045
👇🏽 https://twitter.com/nanli/status/1125419492526280710
Congrats to the @BeyondMeat team on their wildly successful IPO today! We're proud to be investors in this #worldpositive company proving that PROFIT & PURPOSE are two great tastes that taste great together! #GoBeyond #Vegan #PlantBased
Holy Cow! @BeyondMeat, congrats your IPO milestone! You represent the best of what’s ahead for our food system, our environment, and our personal health. The future is #plantbased https://youtu.be/c8REuOEbvZE
Holy Cow! @BeyondMeat, congrats on it all. You represent the best of what’s ahead for our food system, our environment, and our personal health. The future is #plantbased https://www.beyondmeat.com/
RT @ev: 🙌 Huge congrats to Ethan and team! Also thanks to @biz for getting us involved early (@obviousvc). https://twitter.com/beyondmeat/status/1123947550917185538
Note to startup selves: Words like "disruption" and "break things" just don't work in the biggest sectors of our economy. @nanli https://worldpositive.com/industrial-iq-where-high-tech-meets-low-tech-27e2d920e2e#---772-1051
RT @RecursionChris: Great writing on the convergence of silicon valley tech and big, conservative industries, where Nan and Obvious were in…
RT @nanli: As tech spreads to every sector of the economy, a new playbook for company creation is being formed. Lessons from observing the…
RT @gabekleinman: "Humans are bad at the process of scientific discovery." - @labgeni_us @jejfield I'm guessing @RecursionChris might agr…
The Game of Life For Startups (in one chart). #IndustrialIQ @nanli https://worldpositive.com/industrial-iq-where-high-tech-meets-low-tech-27e2d920e2e
Here's your ringside seat to the transformation of the largest sectors of our economy, thanks to visionaries at @Zymergen @RecursionPharma @RecursionChris @XpertSea and more. @nanli #IndustrialIQ https://worldpositive.com/industrial-iq-where-high-tech-meets-low-tech-27e2d920e2e
Tech has broken out of the Silicon Valley sandbox, and is now transforming industry. [Startups beware: "disruption" can carry with it a hubris that doesn’t play well within these trillion-dollar sectors.] A brilliant take by @nanli https://worldpositive.com/industrial-iq-where-high-tech-meets-low-tech-27e2d920e2e
Nothing speaks to the need for "local everything" economies, powered by electric transport, quite like high oil prices! @andrewbeebe @DiAnnEisnor https://worldpositive.com/a-tale-of-two-cities-2030-edition-c9bceb8ea1e3#---0-341
What could a Full-Stack City look like? This: https://worldpositive.com/a-tale-of-two-cities-2030-edition-c9bceb8ea1e3 @andrewbeebe @DiAnnEisnor #UrbanUpgrade
Good questions! @andrewbeebe @DiAnnEisnor #UrbanUpgrade https://worldpositive.com/a-tale-of-two-cities-2030-edition-c9bceb8ea1e3#---120-329
Talented artists help bring written ideas to life. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 to @srsalme for dreaming with us (@andrewbeebe @DiAnnEisnor). Cities of the near future never looked brighter. https://worldpositive.com/a-tale-of-two-cities-2030-edition-c9bceb8ea1e3
A preview of cities in 2030: "The air is cleaner. Creative classes are thriving. More production of food, goods, + services is local. We are increasingly fulfilled, living with less friction in all that we do, than ever before." @andrewbeebe @DiAnnEisnor https://worldpositive.com/a-tale-of-two-cities-2030-edition-c9bceb8ea1e3
Electrification is a necessary precondition for the positive transformation of cities - especially autonomous [cars/buses/trucks/air taxis]. @andrewbeebe @dianneisnor https://worldpositive.com/a-tale-of-two-cities-2030-edition-c9bceb8ea1e3#---68-327
Electrification is a necessary precondition for the positive transformation of cities - especially autonomous [cars/buses/trucks/air taxis].
By 2030, will our cities be (a) stuck in time, or (b) undergoing an urban renaissance? We choose (b). @andrewbeebe and @DiAnnEisnor explain how it happens. https://worldpositive.com/a-tale-of-two-cities-2030-edition-c9bceb8ea1e3 @GoodEggs @Lilium @Proterra_Inc @Joinmosaic @sighten_io @HelloInspire @plantprefab @lyric
Today Unilever acquired portfolio company Olly. Congrats to the entire @OLLYnutrition team! Here's the inside story on how the Olly team built a disruptive wellness brand in record time. https://medium.com/obvious-ventures/vitamins-reimagined-8b3698007582
🙌🏽 A modern hotel operator that's actually responsive to the needs of today's travelers. Once you stay @Lyric, you'll never want to go back. [Great partners, too, in @Airbnb @NEA @rickyang @obviousvc @dickc @adambain @signalfire @fifthwallvc @NFXGuild] https://techcrunch.com/2019/04/17/lyric-raises-160-million-series-b-led-by-airbnb/
RT @BeyondMeat: Let's go! https://twitter.com/DelTaco/status/1117819876033335299
@WellyFirstAid + @OLLYnutrition founder Eric Ryan on what *hasn't* changed in the past 20 years: To create a successful consumer product company, you still need to "build great brands, great products, and strong retail partnerships." https://digiday.com/retail/method-olly-co-founder-eric-ryan-hard-build-profitable-brand-online/
RT @CP3: I tell my son that my job is to fight for progress and to look out for the next generation. This starts with taking care of myself…
RT @WellyFirstAid: LIDS OFF! We're so excited to finally show you what's inside the tin. http://www.getwelly.com #getwelly #wellyprepared @…
RT @WellyFirstAid: We're excited to have the whole crew together finally. Check out http://www.getwelly.com to be the first to get more inf…
RT @GreenspringVC: Great profile on Greenspring manager @obviousvc, detailing their mission to invest in purpose-driven entrepreneurs and #…
RT @HashtagAngels: Interested in an associate role in VC? Our friends at @obviousvc are 💯 and hiring: https://link.medium.com/rPZjPJmwfV
RT @t_equitable: "Organizations cannot simply launch “diversity and inclusion programs”,deliver communications campaigns aimed at showcasin…
No matter your gender, race, sexual orientation, or birthplace — please apply for this role! We know having varied backgrounds makes us stronger at Obvious, and are actively working to diversify our ranks. https://medium.com/obvious-ventures/join-the-investment-team-at-obvious-c80a630e157 [TY @allraise for spreading the word!]
Amen @DiAnnEisnor! Congrats to you on the new CEO role @WeWork dedicated to upgrading the urban environment. https://qz.com/work/1576322/we-company-hired-a-google-executive-to-launch-a-smart-cities-project/amp/
RT @andrewbeebe: Purpose drives profits. We’ll keep saying it as long as it’s true. Thanks for the profile @Crunchbase @bayareawriter https…
RT @gabekleinman: 🧐 Oh hey a profile in @WSJ on @obviousvc "Obvious has carved out a reputation for spotting early some of the emerging mod…
RT @crunchbasenews: .@obviousvc doesn't consider itself to be an impact investor, yet its mission is to invest in startups that make a posi…
"Because the world needs fixers." Yes it does, @grist! Congrats to @sighten_io CEO Conlan O"Leary on the nod. https://grist.org/grist-50/2019/
World positive women, world positive entrepreneurs. #InternationalWomensDay https://worldpositive.com/a-sea-change-in-seafood-8f0340506fa @XpertSea
World positive women, world positive entrepreneurs. #InternationalWomensDay https://worldpositive.com/a-boon-for-business-creating-a-windfall-for-causes-e94c5b772113 @MixedBagDesigns @SerenaandLily #BoonSupply
RT @nanli: We are looking for someone to join the investment team at @obviousvc! https://link.medium.com/YhT1C9ysTU
Extraordinary women, extraordinary entrepreneurs. #IWD2019 https://worldpositive.com/miyoko-schinner-the-premier-pioneer-of-plant-based-cheese-8a172c075031 @MiyokosCreamery @MiyokoSchinner
Extraordinary women, extraordinary entrepreneurs. #IWD2019 https://worldpositive.com/food-is-medicine-and-neka-pasquale-wants-to-be-your-doctor-c05e600cca29 @UrbanRemedy @NekaPasquale
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