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RT @davewiner: @om @gruber @Yankees @tim_cook I bet Steve Jobs was a Mets fan.
RT @andrewbusey: @om I mean if he gets to keep the $700mm and nothing else, he's still done better than 99.99% of entrepreneurs. Which is f…
One day you are master of the universe, the next day the guy who gave you money & made you boy king wants you gone. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/09/22/softbanks-masayoshi-son-in-favor-of-ousting-wework-ceo-adam-neumann.html
RT @rohit_x_: hmmm @amazon I think your delivery man just threw a box, took a picture, then took the box away.
Hey @gruber look who is at @Yankees game today...
I bet Steve Jobs was a Mets fan.
I just saw that!
I am looking forward to the conversation between him and @pschiller
I get him being at the game, but that cap?? It’s just not right!
Really long running TV series are a dying breed writes @lizlet https://medium.com/@lizlet/you-only-like-the-beginnings-of-things-95fdc08aab06 https://om.co/2019/09/22/really-long-running-tv-series-are-a-dying-breed/
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No not Santa Monica 😜 #iphone11pro https://om.co/2019/09/21/no-not-santa-monica/
RT @bryantchou: @hnshah @om 2030: Apple announces the A23 bionic chip complete with neuralink support
RT @om: Well, hipsters have won.... again https://twitter.com/vvfriedman/status/1175396912444448769
An Exclusive Look Inside Apple's A13 Bionic Chip by @om https://buff.ly/2Ofidua
Cc @HODINKEE https://twitter.com/thefashionlaw/status/1175443353615372294
Well, hipsters have won.... again https://twitter.com/vvfriedman/status/1175396912444448769
RT @dearsarah: @_evhan55 @xeni @kimmasters @jkbjournalist @VickyPJWard @evgenymorozov @om @RuMboya @ekp @chengela @starkness @signehasrhyth…
RT @dearsarah: @_evhan55 @xeni @kimmasters @jkbjournalist @VickyPJWard @evgenymorozov @om @RuMboya @ekp @chengela @starkness @signehasrhyth…
RT @dearsarah: @_evhan55 @xeni @kimmasters @jkbjournalist @VickyPJWard @evgenymorozov @om @RuMboya @ekp @chengela @starkness @signehasrhyth…
RT @dearsarah: @_evhan55 @xeni @kimmasters @jkbjournalist @VickyPJWard @evgenymorozov @om @RuMboya @ekp @chengela @starkness @signehasrhyth…
RT @dearsarah: @_evhan55 @xeni @kimmasters @jkbjournalist @VickyPJWard @evgenymorozov @om @RuMboya @ekp @chengela @starkness @signehasrhyth…
I meant @rabois the auto correct is still stupid https://twitter.com/om/status/1175192672765497345
This one I give Google A+. They were leaders on this a 100 percent. https://twitter.com/sundarpichai/status/1174781446688362496
We’re hitting peak VC Twitter satire. I’m OK with that.
Honestly If this much energy went into being empathetic to founders, we won’t even need VC twitter. Also I just follow @rabbis for real talk. Rest is just marketing speak
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RT @DrSepah: Your Company Culture is Who You Hire, Fire, & Promote At True University with @om & @trueventures: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oF4C8TXlbh8
Unfortunately it is hard for one to believe @Google after all their past indiscretions. I am surprised @tim didn’t push @sundarpichai harder. It is hard to take either Google or FB at any kind of face value. https://twitter.com/hannahkuchler/status/1175064870393434112
This is probably the best thought piece on why pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was allowed to infiltrate the science and intelligentsia https://www.theverge.com/2019/9/19/20870858/jeffrey-epstein-science-philanthropy-donation-prestige-mit
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RT @Bandcloud: Interesting thoughts from @valenti of @ghostly in the latest Love Injection zine https://loveinjection.nyc/ https://t.co/NN55jv…
RT @ryanlawler: Declaring podcast bankruptcy
Psst... wanna buy an igloo hotel? https://www.messynessychic.com/2012/10/18/just-an-abandoned-igloo-hotel/ https://om.co/2019/09/20/psst-wanna-buy-an-igloo-hotel/
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RT @dearsarah: @_evhan55 @xeni @kimmasters @jkbjournalist @VickyPJWard @evgenymorozov @om @RuMboya @ekp @chengela @starkness @moorehn @Sara…
Thank you all for the very kind birthday wishes!
A happy belated birthday to you and The Beard.
My piece in @WIRED about @Apple A13 Bionic #chips $AAPL https://www.wired.com/story/apple-a13-bionic-chip-iphone/ https://om.co/2019/09/19/my-piece-in-wired-about-a13-bionic/
As the earliest backer of @Automattic, we are happy to hear about their #SeriesD funding announcement today from @SalesforceVC. Congrats @photomatt and team! https://om.co/2019/09/19/salesforce-invests-in-automattic/ @om
Thanks for being OG backers, shout out Blacksmith & @MrVelvet.
Salesforce invests in Automattic - congrats @photomatt and team @automattic https://om.co/2019/09/19/salesforce-invests-in-automattic/
On Moats & Competition - new wonderful essay by @ganeumann which qualifies as a must read right now. #startups http://reactionwheel.net/2019/09/a-taxonomy-of-moats.html https://om.co/2019/09/19/moats-competiton/
Very few people could get me to read even 100 words about new chips but @om got me to read at least 1,500 here https://www.wired.com/story/apple-a13-bionic-chip-iphone/
Awww. Thank you for making time for this 🙏🏼
An in-depth look at Apple's six-core A13 Bionic processor, found in the new iPhones, which promises 30% more efficiency than last year's A12 chip (@om / Wired) https://www.wired.com/story/apple-a13-bionic-chip-iphone http://www.techmeme.com/190919/p14#a190919p14
So @RichardPhotoLab it is time for you to learn that there is such a thing called too much marketing emails. I just unsubscribed and you lost me as a customer, because it is irritating like hell.
Does anyone know if @GNARBOX is still in business? Waiting for the 2.0 drive which keeps getting delayed and delayed. It makes me highly suspicious. I am looking for a new drive and might have to go elsewhere soon.
I have still not gotten used to seeing photos on @daringfireball Good indepth review by @gruber https://daringfireball.net/2019/09/the_iphone_11_and_iphones_11_pro
Hodinkee on Apple Watch 5 - review from @hodinkee is worth reading. https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/apple-watch-series-5-review https://om.co/2019/09/18/hodinkee-on-apple-watch-5/
RT @danrubin: This officer ought to be hung out to dry. No excuses should be made for anyone with that sort of power. None. https://t.co/KJ…
It's my birthday 🥳 And the one thing I'm asking for is help honoring my friend @tiffani & @humanutility. ➡️I'm gonna match $1800 of *your* donations to HU 🙏 HU pays off water bills for families in need. Direct assistance 🙌 Give with me? https://detroitwaterproject.org/#give
Oh, & some other wonderful ppl raised their hands too and&will be matching your donations to @humanutility as well. Up to $15k!!! TY @lizthegrey @__aston__ @anildash @rohit_x_ @harper @everettharper @marcprecipice if you r able to match $500 or more of donations, jump on in!!
is this happening to anyone else?
my laptop is being destroyed by @Dropbox. It grinds to a halt until i kill the dropbox client then it comes back. rinse repeat
could. but its so handy. granted, it is way less handy than it once was.
I took it off my laptop for a week and iCloud with new soon to be released MacOS works well enough to say goodbye to Dropbox. They really screwed up on the product and pricing.
Another day another Facebook lie. Why are we surprised? And why do media people continue to take $FB at face value. I mean, they have worse record of back tracking than some politicians 🤷🏽‍♂️ https://twitter.com/chafkin/status/1173976784011956225
Really interesting comparison of night mode photography between iPhone Pro 11 and its competitors by @RafaelZeier https://www.zeipad.com/iPhone11_iPhone_11_Pro_Max_Camera_Comparison_Huawei_Samsung_SonyA7
Sometimes an Apple event is not just an Apple Event (aka @cwarzel vs @gruber ) https://om.co/2019/09/17/charlie-warzel-of-ny-times-vs-john-gruber/
Taxing Personal Data via @haroldfeld https://wetmachine.com/tales-of-the-sausage-factory/a-tax-on-silicon-valley-is-a-dumb-way-to-solve-digital-divide-but-might-be-a-smart-way-to-protect-privacy/ https://om.co/2019/09/16/taxing-personal-data/
I wrote about the curse of consumerism in my newsletter this weekend because it seems we are not really consuming, but playing a game of consumption. Time to really rethink what & why we do it. https://om.co/2019/09/16/the-consumerism-curse/
This is why we love sports - great story about an impossible star who was half-blinded as a child by smallpox. https://om.co/2019/09/16/this-is-why-we-love-sports/
RT @dearsarah: @_evhan55 @xeni @kimmasters @jkbjournalist @VickyPJWard @evgenymorozov @om @RuMboya @ekp @chengela @_KarenHao @starkness @hy…
What to read this weekend https://om.co/2019/09/15/what-to-read-this-weekend-13/
So @melindafarrell can I make an impolite inquiry? How does one ensure that only you & @GeorgeDobell1 are the only presenters for #PoliteEnquiries Rest of the cast is like English/Aussie batsmen- they have their moments, but.....
RT @TheFashionLaw: Gigi Hadid is being sued for a third time for posting another's photo on her Instagram. http://www.thefashionlaw.com/home/gigi-hadid-is-being-sued-for-a-third-time-for-posting-anothers-photo-on-her-instagram https://…
Two articles in two major publications basically are saying - it is okay to take money from a pedophile (or any kind of dirty money) but keep it secret. I don’t know what it means for others, but to make it shows bankrupt value system at institutions of higher learning.
Snap & Climate Change: Is there a link? https://om.co/2019/09/14/snap-climate-change-is-there-a-link/
Hey @goodeggs making log-in near invisible for pre-existing customers on your website is not such a smart design idea, and can lead to annoyed customers. Just saying.
RT @maxrogo: @mgsiegler If Apple has to spend more to not recycle old IP this is a win for everyone. That Abrams needed to be overpaid beca…
A new (tech) front in US-China​ Trade war? https://om.co/2019/09/13/a-new-tech-front-in-us-china%e2%80%8b-trade-war/
The noise of the Square Card Reader https://theoutline.com/post/7929/the-square-credit-card-reader-sound-is-dissonant-and-terrifying https://om.co/2019/09/13/the-noise-of-the-square-card-reader/
The Jony Triptych​ https://om.co/2019/09/13/the-jony-triptych%e2%80%8b/
Dreamcast failed, but gave gaming new dreams to dream https://om.co/2019/09/12/dreamcast-failed-but-gave-gaming-new-dreams-to-dream/
Space is running out of space ;-) https://potsandpansbyccg.com/2019/09/11/the-busy-skies/?mc_cid=8e8e0c1630&mc_eid=8bc746ca38 https://om.co/2019/09/12/space-is-running-out-of-space/
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