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It seems @RealShubmanGill is the next @im_manishpandey no matter how good you are, you always going to play second fiddle to management favorites who might be under performing. #INDvsNZTestCricket
FaceTime with Tech's Dual Reality: An essay about our increasingly complex dual relationship with technology & need for a new narrative around technology. #longreads https://om.co/2020/02/20/facetime-with-techs-dual-reality/
From Death Valley to Silicon Valley - a short journal entry + new photos. #lecia #NPS #blog # https://om.co/2020/02/19/from-death-valley-to-silicon-valley/
Till the cows come home #landscapes https://om.co/2020/02/18/till-the-cows-come-home/
Someone with access to my netflix credentials keeps renaming my sub account "poopy pants". Never share your netflix credentials. My best guess is, this is @om
RT @arrington: @johnbiggs Yeah I don’t know either. But at its core journalism is about telling stories. When journalists hate what they co…
RT @chudson: Congrats to the ⁦@RangeLabs⁩ team! General Catalyst leads $6 million investment in team productivity startup Range – TechCrunc…
This thread about the Journals racket is spot on.... https://twitter.com/doctorow/status/1228333976609148928
I think this is proof that there is divine forces still around in these dark time. Hallelujah https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/juliareinstein/romphim-male-romper-closing-out-of-business
I want a fact checked version of this book. I don’t trust anything coming out of the mind of someone who says they popped 6- pills a day. And remember facts/ seriously who can say that this is not the book version of clickbait, and @nytimes is helping gullible readers pay for it https://twitter.com/mathewi/status/1227696945969451010
RT @jbrowder1: Exciting news! We are launching a new service that gets you compensation from robocallers: 1. If a robocaller calls you, gi…
Why is he the only one who has the guts to really speak up about the stupidity that is MLB Executives. And they call him ridiculous. No commissioner of MLB should be without actual pro baseball experience. https://twitter.com/BauerOutage/status/1227345375352082432
We are living in the golden age of half truths. https://om.co/2019/04/08/the-golden-age-of-half-truths/ https://twitter.com/zsk/status/1226862176813666305
A day in sunny Palo Alto with only a manageable number of techies in cafes and on the street is a welcome break from my South Park haunts. I might consider moving down south just for that. Cc @jcal7 @puneet324 @rohit_x_
The Only KPI that really matters https://om.co/2020/02/10/what-really-matters/
No one wants to talk about the elephant in the room: Boom Boom Bumrah is lacking some serious bite since his return from injury. As a casual TV viewer, you know he ain’t the same and seems to be broken. https://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/28658844/we-let-things-slip-first-half-virat-kohli @melindafarrell
And yet, this is promoted on iPhone, the glow of which is meant to drive us to purchase of this book on the iPhone, and the article to be read to drive advertising revenues. Oh, the sad challenges of living in the age of hypocritical convenience masking as outrage https://twitter.com/nytimes/status/1226229218260004868
Two Photos from Iceland in Monochrome #lecia #leciamonochrome #B&W #landscapes https://om.co/2020/02/06/iceland-in-monochrome/
Some thoughts on @Protocol https://om.co/2020/02/06/protocol-is-live/
It is a sign of the times that doing the right thing deserves headlines. What a rare thing it is to do the right thing.
I am going to call it here: @jeffweiner will be the next CEO of @Disney https://twitter.com/danprimack/status/1225091502516461569
He's definitely one of the greats, as evidenced by this tweet: https://twitter.com/jeffweiner/status/824415350670368769
Strangely he didn't buy it for LinkedIn and turn you into the giant you are supposed to be.
every giant is a policy failure
Are you sure about that? What about Shrek?
In the last 20 years, software ate the world. In the next 20 years, AI will eat software.
You know AI is software, right 😀
The process of software development itself is affected by AI-powered automatic code completion and generation tools. AI is increasingly encroaching all parts of software development and eliminating mundane tasks of coding and programming rapidly.
So I assume you are agreeing with me. If code is helping write better code or better software-informed tools, it is still coding, aka writing software.
Oh wait they got @bizcarson & @jank0 too. Amazing. https://twitter.com/om/status/1225089897112850438
Really excited to see my friends @jopearl @tomkrazit be part of a new energetic media platform, @protocol https://www.protocol.com/welcome-to-protocol Onwards.
Leaving it here! https://twitter.com/fbnewsroom/status/1224438877324054528
Only the Good People https://om.co/2020/02/03/only-the-good-people/
RT @katiefehren: Hearing a lot of Silicon Valley now talk about 'climate tech' - is this our new term for clean tech without the negative h…
MacBook Pro 16 has a big Fan Problem #newpost $AAPL #apple https://om.co/2020/01/31/macbook-pro-16-has-a-fan-problem/
RT @Joelsherman1: Not sure I could say this about any other player I covered, but I would not be surprised if 10 years after retirement Cur…
RT @ThisIsLioli: thanks for the retweet @gardnersmitha and welcome to @ThisIsLioli 👉check your inbox
A Portrait of Elodie @elodiemailliet #ricohgr3 https://om.co/2020/01/30/elodie/
3 Simple Steps on how I store my (digital) photos #photography #howtos #lifehacks https://om.co/2020/01/30/how-i-store-my-digital-photos/
RT @GoDaddy: @om We couldn't be more thrilled about this news! The best is yet to come. 🙌
We @trueventures are delighted that @GoDaddy has decided to join hands with #truefamily company, @over Congrats @AaronMarshall @mattwinn on following your dreams. It has been a pleasure to ride along. To Over team: a big thank you. https://trueventures.com/blog/congratulating-over
It is hard to get the maestro in front of the camera. And even when you, it is virtually impossible to get him to stop and laugh. Great human, a great artist, and a True friend (see what I did there @jcal7) I so appreciate you @chrismichel & what you have taught me!
iPad at 10. An affair forever https://om.co/2020/01/27/ipad-at-10-an-affair-forever/
RT @RafaelZeier: For my English-speaking friends: Here's our infographic with the #iPad family tree. https://www.zeipad.com/happy-birthday-ipad-10-year-anniversary #iPadAnniver…
In shadows, we exist #newphoto https://om.co/2020/01/26/in-shadows-we-exist/
A phone call 25 years in the making #derekjeter #yankees https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/videos/the-call-derek-jeter-hall-of-fame-announcement
Question to ponder: given that our government and legal authorities have no rules and regulations that protect consumer rights in data and use of algorithms, should class action lawsuits be one way to bring some semblance of balance?
For instance it would be a good way to dig into @Uber Routing algorithms and finding if we have been over billed. Ditto for other such offerings, including companies selling our data for profit. We don’t know what the impact of those sales are on our future.
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