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REEEALLY loved it. It’s a cringe-y & heartfelt piss-take on how people fumble “inclusion.” You were hilarious — especially the whole “step out of the shadows” sequence. Very LIVING IN OBLIVION. https://twitter.com/adam_pearson/status/1185941092895723521
👇👇👇👇👇 https://twitter.com/thecomedystore/status/1185965603087106048
What a fantastic week of movie watching. Monday was @TaikaWaititi’s JOJORABBIT, Friday morning Bong Joon Ho’s PARASITE and today was Aaron Schimberg’s CHAINED FOR LIFE. All of them brilliant, un-categorizable, and essential.
Should’ve added “lol” at the end https://twitter.com/barvonblaq/status/1185692767747559424
🎶Shootin’ at the walls of heartache
🎶Shootin’ at the walls of heartache
🎶Shootin’ at the walls of heartache
🎶Shootin’ at the walls of heartache
RT @danagould: I don’t care if you don’t like her. She was right. https://twitter.com/millenpolitics/status/1185587054257811456
RT @alicewillhelp: Although we try to remain anonymous, sometimes a child finds out that we've help them....
RT @jackiekashian: A. Who is Brooke Hogan and B. I understand she smells like bologna https://twitter.com/complex/status/629052147804598272
RT @jarrettstodg: watch this, you’re not gonna regret it 😭
RT @_jpham_: “I want blues and pinks, I just want to avoid the blacks and reds. Because the red is when you’re manic and you’re burning eve…
You should say you’re ssss... sssuuuh... sssrrrrrr.... https://twitter.com/hwinkler4real/status/1185282898401878022
RT @brucemccorkinda: My #Inktober theme: Arthouse Muppets! Day #19: Miss Piggy and Janice in Ingmar Bergman's PERSONA. Just for fun, this o…
RT @IMDb: "In the therapist's office, no one can hear you scream." Watch this clip from IMDb's new comedy-horror show #YoureNotAMonster fea…
You can literally retire now, Randy. There’s nothing after that zenith. Good Lord. https://twitter.com/randyrainbow/status/1185251262297759744
RT @david_j_roth: People are talking about Trump's protuberant diaper-driven frontbutt in this video, and deservedly so, but spare a minute…
RT @TommyMcNam: Yeah I like A24...A 24 pack of beer 😎
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Please get behind @JustinPHannah and help turn Virginia BLUE! Thanks! https://twitter.com/bluevirginia/status/1185276766908272642
“Change the batteries!” https://twitter.com/mjmckean/status/1185246888422862848
PARASITE is amazing and you should see it right away. Thank you. 🍑☔️🏹🚽
Jordan beat me to it and did it better. Just deleted mine. https://twitter.com/jordanuhl/status/1185252561017815040
*gung gung* https://twitter.com/tedstew/status/1185237178948997125
So happy to get to be a part of this. Also, @amandaseales and @CarolineRhea KILLED. https://twitter.com/tomcaltabiano/status/1185263509740720128
RT @kylekinane: Don't believe the fake news! The only people telling the TRUTH anymore are unfunny comedians who became libertarian youtube…
RT @jondaly: Two women floating in space were forced to talk to a rapist. https://twitter.com/nasa/status/1185239556661993472
RT @meakoopa: this song is about men fucking each other at the gym https://twitter.com/sarahamatthews1/status/1184970043605561345
RT @goldengateblond: “k” — Nancy Pelosi
More like Elric of Melniboné finding himself in the cursed forest of Troos after escaping the city of Nadsokor. (walks into traffic) https://twitter.com/j_smithcameron/status/1184847148174729217
More like Thomas Covenant, Ur Lord, Unbeliever, White Gold Wielder, journeying from Kevin’s Peak to Revelstone to deliver the message of Lord Foul the Despiser. (wakes up, again a leper)
daaaaaamn I need some hurtloam for that burn
Uh...sorry. You cannot get to Revelstone directly from Kevin's Peak! One must take a ferry thruster (only accessible by thwarting the Onion King) and even then one must dispel the Curse of the Yarnackle first!!!
Excuse but winning one measly 4H Club Equestrian Groomsmanship award in 1979 hardly makes one a, "jock"
RT @fuckthem00n: fly me to the moon let me kick it's fucking ass let me show it what i learned in my moon jujitsu class
RT @perlmutations: At the heart of the heartbreak that is killing our soul is not knowing the difference between a shrill, white hater, tre…
Um... sweetie... https://twitter.com/meredthsalenger/status/1185015091722276864
IT IS TIME! https://twitter.com/team_kepyr/status/1184682290925862912
May I say, as someone who devoured both seasons of #Succession and can’t WAIT for the third, that you left me and, I’d wager, most viewers — BEYOND chuffed. What an icy, shifty legal-demoness you are. https://twitter.com/j_smithcameron/status/1184986080053026817
YUP https://twitter.com/primevideo/status/1184967895450714112
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yup https://twitter.com/therealkripke/status/1184957609343799297
Oh Countess Luann, you’ve done it again! https://twitter.com/bananapeele/status/1184908706963738624
So proud to be part of this with so many other amazing comedians. And happy early birthday @normmacdonald!!! https://twitter.com/teamcoco/status/1184921329973121024
RT @BrianStack153: One of my favorite remotes from the “Late Night” days. #ThrowbackThursday https://twitter.com/teamcoco/status/1184894342894370816
RT @brendanJNewton: Reading my way through @hingstonolsen's Ghost Box III. Thus far I think my favourite is Terence Taylor's "Wet Pain." Am…
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I LOOOOVE this poster by the great @ryanOnorato for me gig on October 26th at the @WinStarWorld casino! Go to http://ryanonorato.com and buy yourself a copy! All $$$$ goes to the artist!
wait...you think...you think this makes HER look bad that's what you think okay https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1184597281808498688
Please take a moment to watch this. #TheEpidemic #HardToSee https://twitter.com/MonicaLewinsky/status/1184488097024749570
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