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Totally agree with this article, sweetie. And I’ll never forget how you rescued our reality — my and Alice’s. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ https://twitter.com/meredthsalenger/status/1119251460435271680
Three-tweet thread you need to read. #ImpeachTheMF https://twitter.com/jlcauvin/status/1119247655413190656
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Thanks for pointing me towards him, Glenn. I only knew @RichardHawley ‘cuz of the single “Cole’s Corner.” But man o man “The Ocean” is amazing. https://twitter.com/glennhowerton/status/1118995128314556416
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YES. @villepique has a hallway scene that is John Wick-ian in its obnoxiousness. Don’t miss it! #APBio https://twitter.com/maroldswan/status/1119049791076360192
WEST COAST! New @NBCAPBio in 30 minutes! With special guest star @timheidecker! And a severed toe! I’m not kidding! #APBio
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RT @NBCAPBio: High school always comes back to haunt you. #APBio
THIS comic book. Issue 2 came out yesterday. LITTLE BIRD by @DVPdirect, @MDHollingsworth & Ian Bertram. You should be reading it. It. Is. Amazing.
BLUSHING UNTIL I EXPLODE. #APBio https://twitter.com/villepique/status/1118927437482479616
RT @TheDweck: I love when the president takes a break from just being racist to remind us he’s also dumb as shit
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Sooooooo it’s not illegal if you’re really upset?
Tonight 8:30/7:30c! @APBio #APBio
This just made my week. We’re gonna make it https://twitter.com/buffcode18/status/1118886041191100418
YES. Yes yes yes. I love @curtisisbooger so much in this scene. @johncusack’s heart is crushed, and Curtis leaps in and defeats the bullies by psychotically “yes”-ing them to death. Influenced how I deal with trolls and hecklers. https://twitter.com/logicnerd/status/1118737213032812545
Is this the first time a colostomy bag has been used as a weapon? #SeeHappy https://twitter.com/happysyfy/status/1118703753325105152
WEST COAST!!! 15 minutes to @HappySYFY! Tonight we’re killing Nazis! #SeeHappy https://twitter.com/happysyfy/status/1118733392173064192
Mine is, “I thought I was looking at my mother’s old douchebag, but that’s in Ohio.” And he waits until Ted McGinley is WELL out of earshot before he does it. @curtisisbooger is a national treasure. https://twitter.com/mattoswaltva/status/1118724533672742912
We love you too, Curtis! #SeeHappy https://twitter.com/curtisisbooger/status/1118694544801841152
That poor woman. #SeeHappy https://twitter.com/pfischler/status/1118695965278388224
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That was a FUN episode. They filmed me coming out of the darkness like Brando in APOCALYPSE NOW. https://twitter.com/parajess/status/1118417054606905344
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oh my god https://twitter.com/AlienAnthology/status/1117812394628190209
If @Avengers Endgame doesn’t use @realmichaelpena’s Louis to recap what’s happened (with the characters lip-syncing their parts) then I just don’t know.
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RT @TheDweck: At least he’s finally eyeing ‘20 instead of ‘17 https://www.al.com/news/2019/04/roy-moore-leads-early-2020-alabama-senate-poll.html
This “ain’t I a stinker?” morning zoo fake-thoughtful bullshit in the service of pure, profit-driven nihilism and racist violence. Fuck Glenn Beck and fuck his fans and employers forever. https://twitter.com/jasonscampbell/status/1117960297388572673
Oh that’s right oh my God that middle scene. PLEASE include it on a DVD or leak it or something. #veep #jonah https://twitter.com/davidhmandel/status/1118053502498918400
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@pattonoswalt stopped by to talk about comedy, cereal, and badly written porn spam. https://apple.co/TeamCoco
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