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From the bottom of my heart and with deep respect I say: Look at this little fatso
RT @nwalks: Transitioning your look from spring to summer
RT @FarbodNBA: me in 30 years listening to my "old school" playlist
RT @FernieCommaAlex: Don’t tell anyone, but I have the Snyder cut of Justice League and I will NEVER release it. Warner Bros wants me to, b…
The one hawk CLEARLY hired the owl to do this
I knew it! cc: @ScottAukerman
RT @jpbrammer: in the middle of my tiny hometown on a dark, still night, you can walk up to the quilt store and read this joke. nothing wil…
I always forget not to engage with any “fun” things on here because the replies are always full of “WRONG” and “WHO LIKES THAT” when I just take it for granted that it’s just supposed to be read as your opinion and not as an aggressive NOSTALGIA CHALLENGE
RT @pixelpreaching: Y’all. I got this text from my sister. Then about three hours later received this photo from her.…
Predictive text tried to make a fool of me but ultimately gave me a great business idea for Goth-Ter Pops
Otter Pops. They had cartoons of different otter characters on the plastic sleeve. PURPLE
I miss lightning bugs very much.
Also not for nothin’ this idea was already a failure in Los Angeles decades ago
Whoever wrote this tweet for Localish seems very excited about this concept and may be someone to keep tabs on if the prison restaurant experience isn’t prisony enough for them
RT @Yassir_Lester: Would be cool if when you went there all the non violent offenders that have been sitting in jail for years stabbed you…
RT @hunteryharris: brad pitt's interview with a vampire blowout stronger than the marines !!!!
RT @ProfessorDoye: Don't be fooled. "You get to make your own schedule" means you have to make your own schedule
RT @sannewman: I'm always a little worried that a guitar might have internal organs
RT @jamieloftusHELP: every teen girl who got hit on at cosmic bowling 10 years ago just finished grad school and every teen boy who hit on…
RT @ClintSmithIII: Whenever I think about the times I’ve been bamboozled I think about how the dairy industry created the Got Milk? ™️ camp…
RT @AliciaATobin: I love children but I especially love children wearing part of or complete Halloween costumes as part of an outfit.
RT @KrangTNelson: contorting my brain into unholy shapes as I attempt to understand what bill is going for here
Absolutely same.
LOS ANGELES! An important message from Upton about WorkJuice Improv with special guest @Vangsness, happening this coming Wednesday night! Heed his words, word-heeders! Tix:
If there is some small possibility this show could come back ya gotta go for it! #SaveAPBio
RT @levarburton: I rest my case...
RT @Nicole_Cliffe: this video is what God wants for us
RT @Caissie: Yes, for $3,350/month I was gonna say it BETTER have a teddy bear sconce with a cracked mirror.
RT @wespooky: today is the only day you can retweet this
RT @diamondzo: Starring a couple queens named Tawny and Quinta
RT @PFTompkins: It’s completely easy not to feel sorry for her, I’m doing it right now
RT @AsteadWesley: An illuminatingly direct message from Baltimore's police union
RT @BrotiGupta: Great job making a movie. Go absolutely nuts at Target
RT @BrotiGupta: What if instead of an Oscar they gave you a gift card for like target
RT @nicolebyer: I made a woman cry at my show tonight. It’s because I asked people to NOT talk during my show and she TALKED during my show…
RT @bnacker: See if you can keep track of which version is which. If you get confused, check the bottom left for the answers!…
RT @BAKKOOONN: note: i dont want to get married. leave me alone!!
RT @PadleyDan: @PFTompkins 1LOWCAT feat. guitar accompaniment
RT @BrotiGupta: Waze was where I first heard about Aladdin
RT @puppetsnshit: @PFTompkins I'd like to amend my closing comments on @SPONTANEANATION ep199 and add - Show drops on Netflix, August 30th.…
I thought this but felt it was not my place to say it but THIS IS FUCKING TRUE. “Being the leader of a country is a hard job but yeah, standup’s the easiest thing, I could probably do it if I felt like it, I just have other priorities.”
Will everyone please stop “informing” me that Theresa May “inherited” Brexit as if she accepted the job of PM not knowing what it was & then had a meeting with a lawyer who revealed to her that Brexit was now hers & also she got some rare books
RT @morninggloria: I am the Abraham Lincoln of not giving a shit about Jon Voight
Scrolling though his feed, I truly cannot determine if @EylonALevy is being sincere or just joshin’ but at least it led to me getting replies from people willing to defend disastrous world leaders by saying what a hard job it is. It’s an interesting world!
This is terrible news.
RT @oneamyzimmer: Millennials can’t cook!! It’s pitiful really....a whole generation clueless in the face of bananas ham hollandaise. Proba…
My parents died in 2007 and 2011. I’m also a childless orphan, so I speak with some authority here: she won’t be any lonelier than anyone else who is hateful and/or incompetent and if the life of a former prime minister is “horrid conditions” please sir, can I have some horr’
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