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RT @PFTompkins: New York! Tonight at 10pm! Come to the nice, cool Bell House for SponTourCo with special guest Aparna Nancherla! Tix: http…
RT @AnthonyDeVito: In honor of @PFTompkins Brooklyn visit, here's a clip of him, @AndyRichter and myself from a few years back produced by…
New York! Tonight at 10pm! Come to the nice, cool Bell House for SponTourCo with special guest Aparna Nancherla! Tix:
RT @murraynmitch1: I know we are all talking about what happened 50 years ago, but 10 years ago today @PFTompkins and @scharpling discusse…
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NEW YORK! TONIGHT! SponTourCo comes to Brooklyn for two shows! Join us and our special guests John Paul Brammer and Aparna Nancherla! 7pm: SOLD OUT 10pm Tix:
RT @draganakaurin: You can’t put a bear on a state flag and then act surprised when it shows up for a town hall meeting…
RT @michaelpielocik: me: I think Cats looks stupid. also me: I hope in Venom 2 we get to see Venom fight the devil.
Hey Brooklyn thank you for two absolutely joyous Superego shows. We love you! Superego WILL return
RT @LPizzle: This is the worst fight in nail salon history. A FLYING CRANE KICK, FAM??? Into the plants???
RT @BajillionTV: Hot today? We'll just leave this here. #bajillion
Nanu nanu my friend!
I am very jealous of this person’s crow friendship
This is nothing but fantastic and everyone is having a gd blast
NEW YORK! Still a few tix for my final Bell House show this weekend! Don’t miss out! Tomorrow night, 10pm. Tix:
RT @Fred_Delicious: Happy 50th anniversary of NASA painting a moon onto the ceiling above flat earth
RT @quendergeer: Bernie 2020: y'all want anything from the store
RT @aparnapkin: under convictions on my resume it reads “Breakfast sandwich” in 24 pt font bold garamond
Just arrived in New York and as always happens when I do I remember when I briefly worked at a comic book store & the manager informed me that the conventional wisdom in the comics world was that Metropolis represented New York and that Gotham represented Chicago.
RT @TrentonHassles: Damn I really understand Trump’s base now that I heard this lady say: I like him because I agree with him…
Oh! And it will be scored LIVE by Mr. @ebanschletter!
TONIGHT IN BROOKLYN! Superego: Forgotten Classics will be performing Tom Clancy’s famous Tom Clancy novel, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six! Come and watch us Tom this Clancy! 10pm at The Bell House! TICKETS:
PHILADELPHIA: Thank you for welcoming me back & for treating my friends so nicely. Performing with Superego in my hometown meant the world to me. Plus I guided James through ordering a Shorti at Wawa as Christ advised us all those years ago. See youse again before too long.
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I was on my way to the Superego show when I completely accidentally happened upon this sign. I saw the Brock Lovett side first and was intrigued, then saw the other side and was delighted. Thanks Elixer Coffee & sorry I missed you, Matt! This amused me very very much.
Backstage in Philadelphia and was just handed this tremendous Bajillion fan art by Heather Surprenant! I wanted to tag her but there is a surprising number of Heather Surprenants on here!
Then we’ll find out who all their mothers truly are
RT @RheaButcher: Hey if you’re a person who likes people who are curious and like the things they like, please listen to me talk about base…
PHILADELPHIA! TONIGHT! Here it is! Still a teeny handful of tickets left! Like a little fat baby hand! And this baby does NOT yet have fine motor skills, so you know those tickets are gonna get dropped! PICK UP THESE FAT BABY TICKETS! Tix:
Written by @sambaintv & directed by @patrick_brice. Doing this show was a dream! Plus you get to see my nude upper lip!
So excited to say I will appear on the new season of Room 104. I got to act with Miss June Squibb and it was a tremendous experience. Please watch and enjoy it!
RT @hayesdavenport: 5’2”. New record. Cashier said “oh my god”
RT @phitcomedy: TONIGHT ONLY! Superego: Forgotten Classics. Only a few tickets left!!! Don't miss these five hilarious improvisers set out…
RT @bnacker: Is the Cats trailer the first time that The Mandela Effect is happening to the present?
RT @PFTompkins: This frog absolutely knows it is called dumpy
This is it, chief
RT @ben_rosen: ok i’ll bite: what is a cat
RT @trixiemattel: A woman
RT @TrondyNewman: For anyone who needs a #Cats cheat sheet
RT @jessicaHuseman: Paying $1.50 a straw to own the libs
Okay I keep thinking about it so I think I will have to see this demented movie when it comes out
I was not booked for the Philly Podcast Fest but I’ll be god DAMNED if there’s a podcast festival in my hometown and I don’t appear on it
You know you have chosen your younger friends wisely when you drop a Raiders of The Lost Ark reference in a text and the reply is, instead of “What’s that” is “I want to get this.”
RT @phitcomedy: FLASH SALE! The balcony for Superego: Forgotten Classics tomorrow at 9:30 is open!!! Limited $20 available NOW! Get yours…
It was like Rashomon except I was both of the Rashomons (I have never seen Rashomon)
I saw it on Broadway when I was in high school & thought it was incredible. I was absolutely blown away. Then a couple years ago I saw a CATS number performed as part of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and I realized how deeply strange and goofy it is.
CATS is an extremely weird show that should not have run as long as it did. I’m really not trying to be snarky. It’s WEIRD and it’s even WEIRDER that it became a huge hit.
This is 100% correct
RT @standupdan: SO excited to make this little dream a reality. I finally have a Food Podcast!! We have an insane lineup for season 1. @ha…
Tugboat felt bad that we didn’t see each other on Friday so he gave me some socks that he wanted to make sure that I absolutely wanted and I passed his test. I love you, Tugboat. You are my best friend and I am yours. Pics: @shanecdotes16 & @ReneeColvert
Please tell Tugboat that I will be wearing the socks he gave me on stage in Brooklyn tonight
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