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RT @johnlevenstein: Trump hasn’t given the former ambassador a nickname because he has his heart set on Yovanobitch. He’s tempted. I’ll bet…
RT @Fred_Delicious: when you say goodbye to someone at the store but bump into them in the very next aisle
RT @TVsAndyDaly: Pizzazz!
It was great to chat with one of my comedy heroes. Listen on up!
Now does anyone know who the man seated behind Amb Yovanovich actually is?
I knew this would happen, even though I was asking a sincere question, but I honestly didn’t expect it to happen this fast. For the record, this is what I look like, as of last night, wearing a bowler hat loaned to me by @PFTompkins
It’s not a loan, it’s a gift
RT @LPizzle: Hey @hallmarkchannel. Long time fan of #CountdownToChristmas. You may recognize me as the guy who made all this hot. I've been…
I enjoyed the movie “John Wick” and will soon watch the subsequent “John Wick” movies
Watching John Wick (1) for the first time as two other people in the room are asleep, AMA
Just a classic “Guys-“
RT @johnjcook: you could cut “people who openly identify as” but it would probably change the intended meaning
RT @Hillbo_Baggins: I have still not learned how to spell the word necessary
RT @classiclib3ral: Here is Charlie Kirk getting chased off scene by Trump supporters after trying to convince his audience that neo-Nazi N…
RT @sannewman: In Christian theology, God has never had sex. Like, He got a human body and came down to Earth and thought, "Now's my chance…
RT @grahamclark: I met this character and drank that cocktail! May he Rest In Peace.
The one time it is NOT nice to see a turtle #ANTSAT
To think I once admired Komodo dragons for biting Sharon Stone’s husband. NO MORE
RT @bestofnextdoor:
*Madea, that is Sorry to this made-up woman
Tyler Perry’s Medea’s Horse’s Car
I am so excited to finally get to do this show with the great Santina and these other fantastic performers. We will all be doing improv in wheelchairs! Do not miss It!
Thank you, @atlasobscura! Let’s get weird!
RT @bestofnextdoor: #polloftheday
RT @threedomusa: Has there truly not been enough
RT @ReelQuinn: Pizzazz
RT @david_j_roth: If you would like to keep up with what those of us in the Deadspin diaspora are writing for sites that are not Deadspin,…
RT @mralistairgreen: comedian hanging around after the best gig he’s ever done
RT @CanYouPetTheDog: You can pet the dog in Thursday the 12th
RT @GetDisneyPrime: Cucked By An Ape (1998)
RT @jpbrammer: in honor of the return of the Motorola Razr I will be heading to Hot Topic and spreading lies
RT @animatedtext: I want to date you but I don't want you to date me
RT @rachelmillman: the person who wrote the “what have you done this decade” tweet has me blocked and I feel so FUCKING free
RT @bestofnextdoor: 🚨URGENT ALERT🚨
RT @GetDisneyPlus: Handsome Dan and His Whispering Pancakes (2007)
RT @bransonreese: Stevie Wonder and 98 Degrees remained friends after recording True To Your Heart together. He was there at 98 Degrees’ we…
RT @goSuperego: NEW EP TODAY: Live at the @LondonPodFest with special guests @robdelaney, @TrondyNewman, and @kumailn free wherever you get…
Not really an enamel pin person but enjoying the heck out of my Comics Code flair
RT @imperialfanboy: Gone Girl (2014)
RT @GetDisneyPlus: We are sorry, due to ongoing problems online, Star Wars content is no longer available for our male fans.…
RT @ChuckEChaves: I love this so much
RT @ben_rosen: you'd think this one wouldnt really change week to week
RT @Jasonlgroce: @PFTompkins :( Harry Burnett Reese is rolling in his plastic-covered grave with a little cardboard bottom and an Identical…
RT @Stitcher: @laurenlapkus @vilujidiot @ScottAukerman @PFTompkins @DammitCARL Here are the tour eps! Make sure to choose 2019 tour in the…
Just a reminder, the proper pronunciations have always been and will forever be: REE-see cups REE-SEEZ PEE-seez You are most welcome
RT @Queer_Kara: Hereditary (2018)
That is a wrap on the CBB Minotaur. Well done, thou good and faithful servant. #CBBminitour
Thank you, DC, for letting us go out on a high note! And thanks to everyone who came out to see us wherever we played. Hope to see you again before too long. #CBBminitour
THIS IS IT! Our very last show of the tour. We still like each other and we still love you! #CBBminitour
RT @Nicole_Cliffe: She’s incredibly naturally submissive and feels, as does @PFTompkins, that nothing on earth could possibly be worse than…
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