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Thrilled this package of stories by my fine fmr colleagues has launched in @MRKR
Proud of you guys!
RT @jlucbouchard: Extremely excited to finally be able to share @MRKR's six-part special report on IPOs!! Learn everything there is to kno…
What if Amazon ran an airline? No jokes, please.
Only flying in Prime section / Prime flights
I specifically banned all jokes, Biggie Smalera.
So what exactly happened in re: tech man v. journalist yesterday? I was kinda busy. DMs open.
@felixsalmon it’s all good. @mrkr and the dream continues!
Meanwhile, keep reading — so many great stories and the team is *just* getting started. ~fin~
Taking a short breather to decide what to do next, but I’d love to hear from you if you have ideas: Focused on finding a great fit and a challenge I can sink my teeth into.
I’ve never worked with so many smart people in one place, and I’m so grateful for the chance to build this thing. I also got to move to SF and adopt a dog, so that’s cool.
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Today is my last day @Medium, where I got to create and launch @MRKR, an entirely new publication about business, startups, and entrepreneurship.
I’m so proud of the team and the work we’ve done to get Marker off the ground. We told some amazing stories and got to work with incredible writers and thinkers. I know more great things are ahead for them.
RT @MRKR: The story of a founder and cofounder who met remotely and ended up launching a startup.
RT @MRKR: Here’s how and why @ramapoola disables his smartphone several times a day, every day.
Late stage capitalism
RT @geoffatkinson: Thank you @smalera and @nbashaw for sharing this story. From my perspective it's a very well written story about the Ove…
How and Why Our Startup Failed by Henry Oakes in @MRKR
RT @MRKR: 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️
RT @kvox: My latest @MRKR column gives you some easy fixes for making great connex right from where you are! "Networking Sucks — So Do This…
RT @nbashaw: My interview with @geoffatkinson, now featured in @Medium's @MRKR!
Networking Sucks — So Do This Instead by @kvox in @MRKR
How a Small Shift in Overstock’s Marketing Fueled its Early Growth by @nbashaw in @MRKR
RT @Medium: At $6 million per 30-second unit, the Super Bowl is typically reserved for billion-dollar companies with a hundred-million-doll…
RT @MRKR: Don't ignore your most annoying customer.
RT @MRKR: You’ll never get results if you quit at the first sign of trouble.
RT @MRKR: "To raise Series A relatively quickly and to have the optionality to choose an investor, in the end, is to leave nothing to chanc…
RT @missamychan: Check out my piece in @MRKR today!
RT @MRKR: What Dr. Seuss can teach you about entrepreneurship.
This is the first in "Read Like a Boss” where business leaders tell us about their favorite books. Pretty cool that Jim McKelvey, cofounder of @square, picked Dr. Seuss.
Our books editor @kozemoze making it happen
What Dr. Seuss Can Teach You About Entrepreneurship by @2000F in @MRKR
What I Learned From My Chinese Immigrant Parents About Hard Work by @missamychan in @MRKR
The Secret to Finding the Perfect Price Market Fit by Nick DePhillips in @MRKR
How to Run a Successful Series: A Fundraising Process by @alexiskold in @MRKR
RT @MRKR: .@kennethroman6, the former CEO of @Ogilvy & Mather, reflects on experiences with some of his firm’s most iconic leaders. https:/…
RT @NathalieMolina: Should You Say No to That Big Job/Opportunity? in @MRKR. @nilofer you have no idea how crazy timely this was today. C…
RT @MRKR: Can Tesla and Rivian convince Ford-loving pickup drivers to buy their futuristic machismo machines?
Making Sense of What May Be a Tesla Bubble by @stevelevine in @MRKR
RT @stevelevine: Are we watching a Tesla bubble? Analysts seem to be holding back while running to keep up. @MRKR @Medium…
Should You Say No to That Big Job? by @nilofer in @MRKR
RT @raju: How @sesamestreet Survived the Decline of Broadcast Television, by @RosabethKanter in @MRKR
RT @RebootByJerry: Check out @jerrycolonna's newest piece for @MRKR!
RT @MRKR: #SuperBowl ads aren't just for billion dollar companies with nine-figure marketing budgets. Just ask these folks.…
Here’s Why My Startup Ran an Ad During the Super Bowl by @karagoldin in @MRKR
RT @MRKR: Is this a passing phase of urban millennial infatuation subsidized by venture capital billions, or are we witnessing a green revo…
RT @MRKR: Eventually a negative popular image will crush your business. If that’s the case, how do we explain Spirit Airlines? https://t.…
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