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I’m Married to an Emergency Room Doctor in New York City
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Please read this beautiful piece by @helenadeabala about her & her husband @fortenko
RT @davepell: One of the first acts of the Trump administration was to delay the issuance of this bill by a decade. People should march un…
RT @alexhillman: “You may compartmentalize and walk away. Others can’t.” @nilofer offers the difference between rights of individuals, and…
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In Your Eyes
What good is strategy right now?
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I hope @SpandauBallet is happy with us too :)
I am so happy to be working on this column with @nilofer and helping people find their creativity and voice.
Kernel Strategies
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So excited that @adam_keesling has launched Keesling's Korner, er, Adam's Apples, wait no, Napkin Math! Worth your subscription!
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Additionally. If you have more of anything than you need, the right thing to do is share it. Meanness - lack of generosity - is a major character flaw. The more you tighten your grip, the more star systems slip through your fingers.
I forgot today's meditation! It's an easy one. Never get high on your own supply.
The Scarface meditation
RT @nbashaw: Big news for independent publishing: One of the top tech journalists goes independent 👇🏼 (I’m really looking forward to rea…
I just subscribed to Big Technology by Alex Kantrowitz
RT @packyM: This chart surprised a lot of people. The whole US podcast industry generated $679mm in ad revenue in 2019. YouTube generated…
Looking For [Praise] In All The Wrong Places (apologies to Johnny Lee and John Travolta)
Spotify Calls Him Daddy by @packyM this will change the way you think about Spotify and podcasting forever.
RT @Myriam_Sidibe: Very insightful @nilofer Looking For [Praise] In All The Wrong Places
RT @nilofer: ”We’re not playing a game of peek-a-boo, where an infant is still learning object permanence. That’s not the case here. Ju…
Sears’ Headquarters Was Supposed to Turn a Sleepy Suburb Into a Boomtown. It Never Happened.(via @Pocket) #longreads great read if you missed it
Looking For [Praise] In All The Wrong Places
RT @nivie: This. Is. Brilliant.
It is usually run humanely, and what disturbs people is that this didn’t seem very humane or smart. It felt shortsighted, and as cold as Bradley’s memo and Jobs’s silence.
Media is a business of constant reinvention. It’s sad to see those with significant resources to innovate instead make moves that look a lot more like what a private equity firm would do. The Atlantic is not meant to be venture scale.
The disruption of the economy and media industry from coronavirus is only starting. We’re not at the beginning of the end, or even the end of the beginning. We’ve experienced one tick of the secondhand on the clock.
The employees certainly knew that business as usual was over. The company could have made clear that if they couldn’t find a new way forward, those impacted still might have to leave. But that could have been the last resort rather than the first.
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