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"How Will Google Overcome Stadia's Biggest Obstacle?" Google IS Stadia's biggest obstacle.
"I Deleted Facebook Last Year. Here’s What Changed (and What Didn’t)" You DELETED Facebook? What about the people who still want to use it?
"Microsoft starts selling the Samsung Galaxy A6, for some reason" I often make fun of terrible headlines. But this is a great headline.
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YOU'RE disc-less!
"Microsoft Defender is jumping from Windows to Mac" I'm pretty sure it's still going to be on Windows too.
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People who feel the need to tell me what I can "stick to" on Twitter can, you know, go F themselves. Sorry I'm interested in more than just tech, but I am a person too.
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Let's see. Windows Weekly starts in 30 minutes...
Microsoft Releases Two Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds -
"Apple approved production of its wireless charging AirPower mat earlier this year, after announcing it in 2017 with a 2018 launch date" They've learned SO much from their experiences with Mac mini, Mac Pro, and MacBook Air.
Hopefully the Switch version will support a normal difficulty mode.
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Apple should name the next version of iOS as iOS the 13th.
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Anti-vaxxers are idiots that endanger those around them. Part 127.
Google to Introduce a Browser Ballot on Android in the EU -
Apple Announces AirPods 2 with Wireless Charging Optional - by @bdsams
"I never signed up for this mailing list" should NEVER be an option on the "why did you unsubscribe from our mailing list?" screen. No mailing list should ever add email addresses without first confirming them with the user.
Caught my reflection in my phone yesterday and thought, hey, there's Craig Federighi! Which is not a normal thought when it's yourself.
EU Fines Google $1.69 Billion for Advertising Abuses -
Google will introduce a browser ballot in Europe, on Android. Yes, really.
RT @TheRichWoods: That’s right. Someone on the Skype team actually said, “you know what would make notifications better? If we emailed them…
RT @vestager: The third @Google case: @Google is fined €1,49bn for illegal practices in search advertising brokering to cement its dominant…
Phil Spencer on Stadia: Google Went Big Today, at E3, We will go Big - by @bdsams
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The new Outlook logo is live on iOS.
Outlook's New Logo Is Now Live on iOS - by @mehedih_ -
RT @mehedih_: Google Stadia: - GPUs w/ 10.7 teraflops of power - x86 processor @ 2.7GHz, 16GB RAM - Controller connects with the streaming…
Stadia, got it. But seriously. How much is the console?
external partners big and small. Names?
Why is there a giant fake chunk of gold on the stage?
I share my state when I go on a rant.
Google's claims here do beg the question of why Microsoft is being so conservative about game streaming adoption.
It's hard to deliver quality for a global two-way service serving potentially millions of players on all kinds of devices, with games that have all sorts of density. I know nothing, but suspect running Android and YouTube created useful knowledge that will be hard to match.
"In iMac Pro's build-to-order options Apple now includes a $5,200 option for 256GB RAM and Radeon Pro Vega 64X graphics with 16GB dedicated video memory for $700" And yet no amount of money will shrink those horrific bezels.
is there a notch, too?
Those with notched phones shouldn't throw out notch jokes!
i don't even see the notch anymore. kind of like how I don't see Fluent stuff
I meant more like this. :)
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