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Ask Paul: June 14 (Premium) -
Huawei Delays Its Foldable Device After Samsung Disaster - by @mehedih_ -
Google Says It is Not Killing Ad Blockers -
Google Refreshes Search Results UI -
"Huawei has started sneakily adding lock screen ads to its phones" It can't be that sneaky if you see it right on your lock screen.
I performed a little dinner theater today with @bdsams and mjfoley99 at AvePoint's #shifthappens @ Marriott Marquis Washington, DC
Microsoft Touts Accessibility Improvements in Windows 10 Version 1903 -
Spotify Refreshes Your Library, Splits Music and Podcasts -
You Have Beautiful Eyes - Windows Weekly 625 -
Hands-On with Android Q Beta 4 -
Google Teases the Pixel 4 -
Chrome 76 to Include New PWA Install Experience -
New Windows 10 Insider Build Brings WSL 2 -
RT @meetdux: Who nailed it? @reverendtimothy or @thurrott? #ShiftHappens #LumberJacks
RT @meetdux: What do #shifthappens speakers do to unwind after day 1? Axe throwing of course @KrakenAxes @maryjofoley @thatmattwade @olenic…
I threw an axe with @bdsams. @ Kraken Axes
RT @twitlive: Windows Weekly is next on the Live Stream with @maryjofoley @thurrott & Leo Laporte.
Google Decouples Drive and Photos -
So, My MacBook Air Died (Premium) -
Hands-On with iCloud for Windows 10 -
Amazon Launches New Echo Dot for Kids - by @mehedih_ -
Samsung's Mid-range A-series Phones Are Coming to the US - by @mehedih_ -
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Google's Pixel 4 Could Include Air Gestures - by @mehedih_ -
Apple Reportedly Wants to Buy Intel's Smartphone Modem Business - by @mehedih_ -
Spotify Now Has a Playlist That Combines News and Music for Your Daily Drives - by @mehedih_ -
"Instagram says it will not remove deepfake video of Mark Zuckerberg, will treat it the same way as it does all misinformation on the platform." By leaving it online. Yeah. Makes sense.
Dropbox's Latest Overhaul Is All About Product Management - by @mehedih_ -
Watch this. Everyone deserves a good cry.
Windows 10 Gets New Cumulative Updates - by @mehedih_ -
Google Docs Now Lets You Compare Documents - by @mehedih_ -
The iOS 13 wallpapers look fantastic. With Windows 10.
I’m working on a story on the greatest apps of all time (native ones, not including games and programming languages, but any platform and era). Gimme some nominations.
Turbo Lightning
VisiCalc Wordstar Eudora Ecco & Evernote dBase II & FileMaker Chrome or Netscape Slack You need an anti-greatest list: PowerPoint
Obviously. But...
Android Studio Will Be 64-Bit Only Going Forward -
My wife is buying luggage. @bdsams
"Andy Rubin just hinted Essential could announce a new phone soon" Who? Yawn.
"Xbox boss Phil Spencer on the future of gaming: ‘The business isn’t how many consoles you sell’" Not for you, it isn't.
Apple iCloud Comes to the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 -
I just noticed that the New Tab button is hiding in Edge Canary. Come on out, little guy. No one wants to hurt you.
Report Details Huawei’s Plans for an Android Alternative -
OnePlus 7 Pro Now Available in Almond -
This is brilliant.
HP EliteBook x360 1040 G5 Review -
Lenovo Announces New ThinkPad Portable Workstations -
RT @bdsams: Friends, Tuesday June 11th, will be hanging out at Maddy's Tap Room - 1100 13th street NW, DC 20005 in Washington D.C 630-830 w…
"Xbox Project Scarlett: everything we know about Microsoft’s next console" Right. Finally. This is the right way to write this headline. Normally, bloggers uses "everything you need to know..." regardless of how little they know about it. You don't know everything that *I* need
Huawei’s Rise to Top of Smartphone Market Has Stalled -
Mozilla Might Soon Offer a Subscription Service for Firefox - by @mehedih_ -
Xbox's Backward Compatibility Comes to an End - by @mehedih_ -
Ubisoft Launches $14.99/month Game Subscription Service for PC, Google Stadia - by @mehedih_ -
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