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Thanks to the @PFF crew for a thoughtful and thorough piece this morning. https://twitter.com/peter_king/status/1140478453520592896
In today's FMIA column at @NBCSports, you'll find: 📈 A new author, the folks at @PFF 🍻(I'm on vacation for a month.) 🧮 How data is changing football right now ☠️ A surprise pick for 2019 passing leader 🧀 The most underrated player in NFL ➡️More: https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/06/17/pro-football-focus-nfl-analytics-fmia-guest/?cid=fmiatw
I'm on vacation till July 15, so I lined up some guests to write my Football Morning In America column. Today, it's the smart team at @PFF on how analytics is changing the NFL's present and future. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/06/17/pro-football-focus-nfl-analytics-fmia-guest/?cid=fmiatw
Everyone’s entitled to an opinion. I don’t think votes should be tied to numbers. https://twitter.com/blykmyk44/status/1139947282504151040
That is a great question. I am more of “go by what I see” voter, but I do have respect for numbers and longevity. I don’t think Hall of Fame voting in football should be a strict numbers game. Eras are too different. https://twitter.com/BigSargeSportz/status/1139945307247120385
In the end, we’re all going to have strong opinions on who should be in and who should not be—or who is most deserving in a given class. I say this all the time, and most people think I’m full of it, but I can tell you I approach the job trying to do the right thing every year.
I did say I have biases “if that’s what you call strong feelings about people being candidates or not." I don’t think that is how most people define biases. When you are voting for the Hall of Fame, the hard thing to do is cut the field. That will never change. (thread) https://twitter.com/SilveyCorp/status/1139939970234421249
The challenge is to try to make the right decision by considering all factors of a career, and to do that by treating the players/coaches/contributors you know and have great respect for the same as those you don’t know as well. Sometimes that’s hard.
Re Monk: You may remember, and may not, that what swayed me on Monk was coming to the conclusion that Monk was his team’s Harry Carson. So much of what he did to help the team didn’t show up in numbers.
Tell me what it is. Happy to discuss. https://twitter.com/SilveyCorp/status/1139936149647048704
Hello @bobsheets16. None of what you say is true. Unless “promote an agenda” means “give an opinion.” That I do. Unless “signature play” means “body of work.” That I promote. Have a good weekend. https://twitter.com/bobsheets16/status/1139853201551892481
Still time when you’re out today to get that special dad in your life a book for Fathers Day. Happy Dads Day to all. -- Thread https://twitter.com/peter_king/status/1137851853872467968
So much good stuff in here from @danpompei, honest stuff from Doug Pederson about a coach living with some regrets. https://twitter.com/danpompei/status/1139262190404460544
RIP Pat Bowlen, a significant architect of a top franchise and of the NFL ... though he never wanted credit for either.
The Girl in the No. 8 jersey. The Derek Boogaard series. The book “The Last Cowboys." So much in this pod about writing and reporting from one of the greats, @JohnBranchNYT https://twitter.com/JohnBranchNYT/status/1138835389727174657
“The Peter King Podcast” has dropped, with authors @JohnCUrschel and @JohnBranchNYT on their new books. Plus: Urschel on his new life; Branch (I’m a huge fan of his) on writing. Enlightening. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/special-fathers-day-book-podcast-authors-john-urschel/id1150960126?i=1000441233177
Why, thank you Matemai. Nice of you to send birthday wishes. https://twitter.com/ThamuTawengwa/status/1138151367833509891
One more time for the Fathers Day book recommendations. And thanks to @NickHardwick for such an insightful FMIA guest column today. https://twitter.com/peter_king/status/1137851853872467968
Great column today, @NickHardwick. Admire how you work so diligently on your post-football self. https://twitter.com/NickHardwick/status/1138042867945881600
In today's FMIA column at @NBCSports, you'll find: 📺 A new author, ex-Charger @NickHardwick 🍹(I'm on vacation for a month.) 🧠 Nick talks post-NFL brain health 💯 The age Nick is striving to reach 🐸 A good story about Philip Rivers and frogs ➡️More: https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/06/10/fmia-guest-nick-hardwick-post-nfl-brain-health/?cid=fmiatw
I'm on vacation till July 15, so I lined up some guests to write my Football Morning In America column. Today, it's ex-Chargers center @NickHardwick on taking a proactive approach to post-NFL brain health. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/06/10/fmia-guest-nick-hardwick-post-nfl-brain-health/?cid=fmiatw
Every year, I recommend books for Fathers Day. Since I’m on vaca (of a kind), I am doing it on Twitter this year. And this thread includes the five books I recommend for the men in your life. Have a good day, everyone. https://twitter.com/peter_king/status/1137798945432834048
That’s my Father’s Day book thread. Each year, I try to recommend books for the men in your life. They’ve got enough ties and gift cards, I figure. Hope you enjoy at least one of these five books this summer.
Five. Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the culinary underbelly (HarperCollins Publishers), by Anthony Bourdain - First published in 2000, “Kitchen Confidential” re-surfaced after Bourdain’s death a year ago. So interesting, a book about how ruthless the restaurant business is.
Bourdain2 … And what being a chef does to your knees and your hands and your head, and yet, how much Bourdain loved the business and the food and most of the people. Added benefit: The book's told in Bourdain’s singular voice. You feel like you can hear him reading his words.
Four. The Man I Never Met (St. Martin’s Press), by Adam Schefter with Michael Rosenberg - Great idea for a book. Excellent execution. Schefter married a 9/11 widow, Sharri Maio, whose husband Joe was at work at Cantor-Fitzgerald when the World Trade Center was attacked in 2001.
Schefter2 This is moving and, at times, filled with gut punches. “How horribly unfair this world is. We were all robbed,” Sharri wrote in a diary entry to her son a year after Joe Maio was killed. Schefter fills in the rest in this tribute to the man he never met.
Grisham2 This one, about a Mississippi World War II hero who returned home to a different world than he left, has one of the best Grisham plot twists in his decorated history of plot twists. I whistled through the 420 pages in two nights.
Urschel2 But it’s close; he loved football too. He alternates his football/math stories, chapter by chapter, very well here. “Urschel reminds us that a full life depends on exercising both your brain and your body,” praised fellow writer Adam Grant.
Three. The Reckoning (Doubleday), by John Grisham - You know I’m a sucker for Grisham; I’m pretty sure I’ve included a book of his every year I’ve done this.
Two. Mind and Matter: A life in math and football (Penguin), by John Urschel and Louisa Thomas - The former Ravens guard retired two years ago at 26 to pursue his Ph.D in Mathematics at MIT, realizing that family and love of math mattered more to him than beating the Steelers.
One. The Last Cowboys: A pioneer family in the new West (W.W. Norton & Co.), by John Branch - So many farming/ranching families in the great West, including the Wrights in gorgeous Utah, struggle to survive. As family patriarch Bill Wright says: “Beauty don’t pay the bills.”
Cowboys2 This story, told with vivid and feeling reporting by Branch over three years, includes the family’s rodeo dynasty. I love books that take the reader to a place he/she might well never go. “The Last Cowboys” is a perfect example.
Hey @mikerodak: Congrats on a great run in Buffalo. You distinguished yourself, and I’ll really miss reading you. https://twitter.com/mikerodak/status/1136318482772111362
Excellent story, told with verve and sensitivity, on the great Gale Sayers living with demential. Great piece by @danpompei. https://twitter.com/danpompei/status/1136227255854731265
My 4 book recommendations for Fathers Day will be posted this Friday afternoon as a thread, on my Twitter feed. Thanks for the interest. https://twitter.com/pinstripefan1/status/1135951597257797634
Way to go, Fred Gaudelli! Thanks for your great and insightful guest column today. https://twitter.com/peter_king/status/1135412615226597376
In today's FMIA column at @NBCSports, you'll find: 📺 A new author, Fred Gaudelli aka @NBCSNF 🍹(I'm on vacation for a month.) 🎥 Fred takes you behind the camera 😬 This player led the league in mood changes 🎼 A good story about the limbo ➡️https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/06/03/fmia-guest-fred-gaudelli-on-a-week-in-the-life-of-sunday-night-football/?cid=fmiatw
I'm on vacation till July 15, so I lined up some guests to write my Football Morning In America column. Today, it's Fred Gaudelli (@NBCSNF) on a week in the life of Sunday Night Football. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/06/03/fmia-guest-fred-gaudelli-on-a-week-in-the-life-of-sunday-night-football/?cid=fmiatw
Usually, my podcast has a couple of conversations with football newsmakers. This week, it’s a pod that’s more like a @Radiolab episode. I talked to players, a helmet manufacturer, and league officials, and I learned a lot. Hope you will too. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-nfl-helmet-past-and-present-and-future/id1150960126?i=1000440024233 https://twitter.com/ProFootballTalk/status/1134405919859716096
Thanks for listening, @MichaelDavSmith. Trying to improve the helmet is vital to football’s future. https://twitter.com/ProFootballTalk/status/1134405919859716096
3 Hugh’s going to write about these people, and life in Richfield. He’s got a folksy writing style that I think we’ll enjoy. Congrats, Hugh. Good luck on the column. - And thanks, all, for your cool ideas about what you wanted to write about. So many good ideas. Much appreciated.
2 Hugh Royal: “I live in Richfield, Idaho (pop.: 400, depending on if any babies were born last week or anyone passed away. The local bar (of which I am part-owner) has diehard fans for Seattle, San Francisco, Green Bay, New England, Denver, the Rams and the Raiders.”
1 FMIA Guest Columnist News: Thanks to 364 readers for sending proposals to guest-write my Football Morning in America column on July 1. I’ve picked a winner: Hugh Royal, from a small south-central Idaho town. He'll write about how small-towners view and follow football.
Featured on The Peter King Podcast: @vicispro CEO Dave Marver, investors @DangeRussWilson and @DougBaldwinJr, Niners T Joe Staley … So much on this episode I never knew about the state of the helmet, and the importance of changes. iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-nfl-helmet-past-and-present-and-future/id1150960126?i=1000440024233
The Peter King Podcast: A look at the helmet, and how changes in the last 3 years—particularly with the advent of a new helmet company in Seattle, @vicispro—have addressed the concussion/head-trauma issues. Is it enough? https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/the-mmqb-podcast-with-peter-king/e/61379443?autoplay=true Seahawks 120-helmet wall below.
Excellent job, @treed1919. We’ll miss Joe Horrigan. https://twitter.com/treed1919/status/1133403892983767044
“The Peter King Podcast” dropping tomorrow features reporting and stories about the helmet. Lots of reporting from Seattle, where a new helmet company, Vicis, is helping remake the industry. @DougBaldwinJr and @DangeRussWilson and Joe Staley too.
That’s a wow, @TylerKepner https://twitter.com/TylerKepner/status/1133111201821593600
Great perspective, @MikeVacc. Thanks to Mookie for speaking the truth too. RIP to a very good player and person, Bill Buckner. https://twitter.com/MikeVacc/status/1133096426525872131
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