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And no, I’m not saying which. If it took me over four years, then I’m OK saying to find it yourself if you’re that curious. :)
Welp, 4.5 years later, I just saw a typo in one of my Crash Course episodes. AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGG
This is amazing. Jamie really is something, and this invention may be invaluable in the coming years.
A flock of pelicans is circling my house, gaining altitude so they can fly off to some other location, and I keep seeing them flying past my window, a flash of eye-searing white against a crisp blue sky. Such a sudden burst of joy for a crisp day hinting at the autumn to come.
Big Bird lied to me.
And now that you watched that, watch *this*, by the RIDICULOUSLY talented cover band put together by Leonid Vorobyev.
And now that you watched that, watch *this*, by the RIDICULOUSLY talented cover band put together by Leonid Vorobyev.
Hey y’all know what today is, right? This is *great*. (via @blainecapatch)
WOW! She’s talking about Slottskog Observatory, BTW.
RT @NASASpaceflight: A very cool video of the Soyuz MS-15 integration flow, including the installation of the Launch Abort System. https://…
Wow! I bet Mitch McConnell will really go for this!
This scene greeted me this morning. A few minutes later they all flew off the tree, and I was shocked. There were maybe 30, not the 10,000 the noise implied.
Or, phrased another way.
Apropos of nothing, I decided I’m done with pork for a while. Not even bacon, unless it’s from a small locally run farm. Even then, cutting back helps the environment and climate.
Yet even more:
WAIT I knew about Firefly Aerospace, which makes launch vehicles for small payloads. I did NOT know they named their engines REAVERS. Shiny. #YouCantTakeTheSkyFromMe
There are a *lot* of people I follow covering this. Go to my Climate Science list, follow them, and see who they are RTing, too. This is big, and I dearly hope signaling a big change in attitude everywhere.
ICYMI, there’s a GLOBAL STRIKE RIGHT NOW to highlight the existential and immediate threat of climate change. This is just in NYC. It’s repeated in cities all over the fracking planet, and our children are the ones sparking it.
This is just jaw-dropping: @kevinMGill took Cassini images of Saturn and created a fantastic video that flies you over *250,000 km* of rings.
Hey! The @RIfftrax guys are doing a 24-hour #Area51 alien movie marathon on their Twitch channel starting at midnight tonight! And get this, it’s free. That’s literally an infinite ratio of laughs to money (unless you don’t laugh, then it’s undefined).
#LLAP #EnterpriseAtNASM
2/2 This covers many reasons why NASA hasn’t been able to send a human beyond low Earth orbit since 1972. #politics #funding and now #infighting
1/2 This makes me pretty upset.
Thread. Emily’s got this exactly right. Of course!
I’m guessing none of them will be Teslas.
I can't think of any good words to play here. @marythechief, any ideas?
Paid subscribers to my Bad Astronomy Newsletter today find out about superlightning (!!) and a gorgeous cyclone seen from space.
SpecTACular. Just gorgeous.
Addendum: Lots of ppl asking about tidal locking, when the planet always has the same side facing the star (like the Moon does to the Earth). It’s not clear how that affects the planet. Air /H20 transport heat, and scientists are working on modeling that. Maybe not a life-killer.
9/9 And THAT, me droogs, is my favorite word in the English language. “Yet”. We’re still observing, still pushing, still learning. We didn’t know exoplanets existed in 1991. Now? 4,000+ and more every day. And hundreds of billions yet to go. /fin
I grabbed this by holding my phone up to the eyepiece of some (stabilizes) binoculars.
8/ If I had to bet, I’d wager that red dwarfs have LOTS of Earth-sized planets. That’s based on the trends I see, but unfortunately it means extrapolating them pretty far. In reality, we don’t know. Yet.
7/ And that’s why these numbers have such huge uncertainties. Detecting planets means seeing how they affect their host star’s light, and that means you need to see that light. Red dwarfs don’t give off much, so you need big ‘scopes and lots of time to observe them. That’s hard.
6/ Which brings me to the point that still makes me chuckle ruefully. Red dwarfs are the most common type of star in the galaxy, but they’re so faint that you need a decent telescope to see the closest one, and it’s literally the closest star to our own!
5/ Heck, Proxima Centauri is the *nearest star to the Sun in the Universe* and getting info on the Earth-sized planet orbiting it is really tough.
4/ They probably make a lot of Earths and even smaller planets, too, but these are really hard to detect, so (despite TRAPPIST-1 and Teegarden’s Star) and we don’t have good statistics on those yet.
3/ This study zeroes in on red dwarfs, which are like 70-80% of all stars. And, even cooler: These stars tend to make smaller planets. *Very* few make Jupiters. Instead they make super-Earths and mini-Neptunes.
2/ Now, to be clear, we’ve known for a while that planets are ridiculously abundant, and that there are at least as many planets as stars. Not every star has planets, but some have many, so it averages out.
New research indicates that the most common stars in the galaxy, red dwarfs, have on average 2+ planets each. That means there are *hundreds of billions* of planets in our galaxy alone.
Goodnight, Colorado.
The Expanse. The Good Place. Succession. Fleabag. Couples Therapy. The Boys. There’s a crap ton of good stuff to watch!!
Some cooking shows are now in 4k, and holy wow. Food porn.
RT @jessphoenix2018: What could go wrong, you ask? See "trichinosis," & then enjoy your parasite-induced nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, feve…
Clayton says hi. #goat
I’m still wavering on whether I prefer the Warren/Harris ticket or the Harris/Warren ticket.
It’s not just that he lies. It’s the ridiculous over-the-top blatancy of the lies. The “are you freakin’ KIDDING me?” lies. It’s a crucial bit for a dictatorship: to have the most twisted lies believed by the proles, or at least not argued against. And a media that abets them.
Just on Monday — two days ago! — I said there was no single explanation that made any sense of Boyajian’s Star’s bizarre behavior. I may have spoken too soon. Let’s talk about… exomoons boiling away as they drop into the star. !!!
I almost never post food pix unless I can make a joke, but seriously, if you can add a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream and a homemade brownie to your life, make that decision wisely.
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