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Good on ya, Denver Airport. Weirdly though I didn't see anything for all-electric cars.
Arkansas: You! Me! Tonight! I will make Star Trek jokes and show amazing photos and probably blow your mind at least a little bit.
I’m really glad to hear this! @FrankConniff is good people and we need him mocking movies and politics for a long, long time to come.
We had a latch on the door for the hay barn but the #horses figured out how to open it with their noses, so my wife replaced it recently with a new knob. Note the tooth dents in it and the scratches. They figured out how the knob works, but not how to gr…
There’s lots of fun stuff here, and the bloopers from Young Frankenstein are worth the click alone.
Hey Arkansans! I’ll be in Little Rock Saturday at 7:00 p.m. to give a talk about exoplanets: “Strange New Worlds”. It’s free!
My daughter wrote an article about dissociation, and what it feels like. This one is tougher to read than most, but if you suffer from this or know someone who does, this is an important thing to understand.
13 years old, but still a puppy when it comes to her toy.
7/7 And a reminder that I have a beautiful image of Westerlund-1 and a description of cool stuff about it on the blog: /fin
6/ The good news is that Westerlund-1 is so far away from Earth (10,000 light years) that when these stars explode — and they will — they can’t hurt us. So that’s why I suggest you put this cluster in your spaceship’s rear-view window and go *anywhere* else in the galaxy.
5/ And Westerlund-1 also has a half dozen hypergiants in it. These are massive stars so huge that if you replaced the Sun with one, the Earth would be fried to a smoking crisp. Because WE’D BE INSIDE IT. More about them:
4/ There’s also a Luminous Blue Variable in Westerlund-1. It’s hard to exaggerate anything about these stars. Eta Carinae is an LBV and has over 100 times the mass of the Sun and is 5 MILLION times brighter. Five. Million. More on Eta:
3/ There are also *24* Wolf-Rayet stars in the cluster, which are incredibly luminous, violent stars. They explode, too, and it’s best to keep the better part of a galaxy between you and one. You can read more about them here:
2/ I seriously cannot overstate the case for staying the hell away from this cluster. It would be bad enough that it has several red supergiants in it that could explode at any time. Those are pikers compared to some of the other stars in Westerlund-1.
Little bit o’ advice here: If someone asks you where in the Universe would you go if you could? Stay as far away from Westerlund-1 as you possibly can. That place is abso-freaking-lutely terrifying.
I just saw that the paperback version of my book “Death from the Skies!” is just $6.57 + shipping, and there are only 7 left at that price.
So cool: An animation from space showing a Siberian river delta thawing and greening up.
That second line is a deep dive but I’m partial to math jokes. It’s how I operate.
Felt acute. Might ∇ete later.
Speaking of anti-vax garbage, the horrid anti-science site Natural News has been banned from Facebook. I’ve written about the founder, Mike Adams, before: #GoodNews
This really is a great book, and if you haven’t read it yet, here’s your chance to get the paperback!
I love seeing the dew drops hanging on the gate refracting sunlight. The color you see depends on the angle between you, the drop, and the Sun, so from closeby there are all different colors.
I like my icy moons with a dash of salt. Lucky for me, sodium chloride — *table salt* — has been found on Jupiter’s moon Europa! This has some very interesting implications for the possibility of wee fishies swimming in its vast, dark, undersurface ocean.
RT @MaraWilson: I was only mildly famous in the '90s but vaccinate your kids
PSA: Celebrities can be duped by anti-science just like anyone else. But this? This is dangerous, putting babies, the elderly, and immunocompromised people at grave risk.
There are times when reading a scientific paper really jolts me: A super fundamental thing we thought we knew about spiral galaxies… well, we *thought* we knew it. Turns out, maybe not so much. Spiral arms really do wind up. This changes everything. is-time
Who among us has NOT been inspired by the word FRES(chair knocked over from behind by rolling cannonball)?
It's because in large part the press won't use the word "lying".
Then she probably shouldn’t lie all the time, including for a living, and work for a lying liar who does nothing but lie. #lies
Rebecca has a lot more info on that terrible, misleading, and potentially fatal list of abortifacients that’s gone viral (and that I tweeted about earlier).
G O O D But this is just Step 1.
Corollary: Intelligent Design my foot. Or my sinuses, more accurately.
Note to future me: Do NOT walk around gardens on the last day of a trip in another country smelling all the flowers. I’ve been home 16 hours and already gone through an entire box of tissues.
Oh this is TERRIFIC! I *strongly* support this.
And I’m excited to be heading there this weekend! Hey Central Arkansans, come hear me talk about new planets littering the galaxy:
This is literally made up nonsense that *at best* will be ineffective. At worst? Unwanted pregnancies and, well, read just what pennyroyal can do to you:
Segue-1 is a mystery galaxy. We don’t know how it formed, or how it got where it is. It’s so shy it barely even shows up in deep images, despite being one of the closest galaxies in the Universe to us!
I still wonder if money will be taken from climate science to fund Trump’s vanity Moon 2024 debacle. The GOP would consider that a win/win. We need to keep a very skeptical eye on what’s going on here.
Sometimes, the best part of travel is coming home.
Yay! This means Jupiter rises at sunset and is up all night. It's the best time to see it but it's still good for many months. Go outside and look!
The (free) BA newsletter is once again out on the wild!
There are Americans who still have health insurance and aren't starving.
PSA: If you are traveling where others congregate (airport, bus station, etc), then I am begging you: Please don't wear perfume or cologne. I know folks who get terrible headaches from it. Sincerely, if you don't, thank you.
Sounds like a good basis for science.
Abell 30 isn't a zombie or a vampire, but its central star did die, was reborn, and then died again.
And the DNC won't allow candidates to debate what to do about climate change.
Fossil fuel is so over. They now sell energy in stores.
A door of considerable difficulty.
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