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In over a decade, there has not been one news story about Facebook that made me think better of it. Not one. Change your passwords straight away, folks.
Reupping this... because I just looked at this article again and, well, it's fine. Good, even, with light edits. Sometimes writing means distancing yourself from the words for a while so you can see them again with fresh eyes and and a better firing brain.
I’m still chuckling over my own joke TBH
Today is World Puppetry Day. [Pic via]
Looks like @SpaceX is gearing up for a second #FalconHeavy launch in a couple of weeks:
We as a species very much need more fact-checking — REAL fact-checking — on news stories. This Kickstarter is 3/4 of the way to their goal of doing this. Push ‘em over the finish line, reality-supporters!
Compare and contrast this with the link in my last tweet about Devin Nunes.
Tasha cooperated with me just long enough to get this shot of the #equinox #Moon last night. Getting her to look up from her dinner hay pile is... difficult.
To thine self-own be true.
I am really super not a fan of Chick-Fil-A. I’d go so far as to say that as a company, they’re disgusting.
This is a truly amazing and beautiful shot of the full equinox Moon last night rising behind St. Peter’s in Rome. Taken by Gianluca Masi of the Virtual Telescope Project.
Pssst. Hey you. Yes, *you*. Wanna name some of Jupiter’s moons?
To be clear it was not a meteor in my earlier tweet. It was sky divers with flares. I only saw one; had I seen there were more than one it would've been more obvious.:)
I'm hearing now they were wing suit divers with flares. That makes more sense. The slow speed bugged me, especially since it appeared to be heading west. That's opposite Earth's spin and orbit, so its be moving very rapidly.
Apparently quite the meteor show over LA tonight! Looks like it skimmed through the upper atmosphere but I'm guessing. Waiting for more footage. It's LA. There'll be more footage.
#Equinox full #Moon over the Belt of Venus and two horses.
Holy sweet merciful antibodies. Cripes, Kentucky, you could've had @DrewCurtis instead of this chucklehead. He seriously endangered his kids. Look up "chicken pox shingles". You have an anti-vaxxer running a state. Terrifying.
Wow, these photos. What a gorgeous ship. #StarTrek
RT @andylassner: I’m not saying it would be hilarious if folks in Fresno showed up to this event just to moo. I’m not saying that at all.…
HOLY WOW This I did *not* have in my article. Amazing.
FYI: People who subscribe to my BA newsletter read all about this news story last Thursday.
Yes, by all means, let’s stick with fossil fuel instead of green energy. After all, fossil fuel is sticking to us.
PSA: The VAST majority of these “inspirational” accounts with names like this one steal content, don’t credit creators, and post stuff that is ridiculously wrong (and many just link to websites where they sell stuff, so it’s also spam). The astronomy ones are just as bad.
OK, fine, but hey, @netflix: I have an idea to pitch to you.
RT @awb_org: T-1 hour: Watch the #equinox #fullmoon rise above Rome, Italy via our friends at @VirtualTelescop and snap a fun #lunarselfie…
I have lots more about this weird little rock of rocks on my blog. Cripes. Space is so freaking bizarre.
And not a very strong bag. The escape velocity depends on where you are on its surface, but it’s less than 1 km per HOUR. If you rolled over in your sleep you’d go into orbit. (well, maybe not really, but pretty dang close)
But Bennu is for real and for sure an actual honest-to-goodness rubble pile. A bag of rocks, where the bag is gravity.
Itokawa prejudiced me, I guess, plus Ryugu from a distance is what I expected Bennu to look like up close. (pic via @elakdawalla)
Look, I know asteroids wouldn’t look like the one from Armageddon. DUH. But this… I was expecting stuff mixed together, rocks sticking out of dust, that kind of thing. This is like a cosmic backhoe dumped volcanic clinkers all over the place.
Also, the surface of Bennu looks like a construction pit with careless workers.
You: “Hey Phil, what’s the weirdest astronomy thing you’ve ever heard?” Me: “Well, the asteroid Bennu IS SPITTING ROCKS INTO SPACE AND WE DON’T KNOW WHY.” !!!
The one-day-before-full Moon rising over the Belt of Venus and a pair of #horses.
What’s more likely to attack us, asteroids or the Sun? I talk about what we can do about both on the latest Space Junk Podcast! Give it a listen, but I’ll warn you: The news isn’t all good.
I’m starting late on this but I’ll stay late for detention after. Tomorrow’s blog post writing begins NOW.
Oh- It’s a red/green anaglyph. I have a pair of r/g glasses in my desk, because of course I do.
What the actual WHAT. This is now very high on my destination list for going to Mars.
I just got word that the ‘Oumuamua episode of Space’s Deepest Secrets airs *tonight* at 10 Eastern on The Science Channel! To borrow a phrase from @neilhimself… Warning: Contains me.
RT @AdamParkhomenko: Someone’s gonna need to hold back this stampede of principled republican senators rushing to the defense of their form…
Pedantry alert: Yes, I gave a TEDx talk, and it’s now on the main TED site. On my blog today I talk about the mistakes I made in the talk, including drugging myself before it.
I’ve been waiting WEEKS to tweet that joke.
Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
Ha! I dig @HamillHimself.
Today’s BA Newsletter (issue 97): Asteroids want to kill us, so we shot first.
And that’s just one of his many, many emoluments clause violations.
I attended a community college for a year, taking classes in French, computers, and music theory. Later, I worked on Hubble Space Telescope. Draw your own conclusions. h/t @_Astro_Nerd_
Congratulations to @BadAstronomer on his 2nd @TEDxBoulder talk to become an official @TED talk. Just published. Give it a watch and like.
One good thing about days like today where getting anything done is a slog: *Anything* I can do is a victory. Answered some emails. Did a little math for something I’m consulting on. Filed some stuff that’s been on my desk for weeks. Each a victory. #SmallMovesEllie
Writing today has been really difficult. I wrote anyway. I think the article is a bit of a mess, and will take solid editing, but that’s for tomorrow. At least words exist now that didn’t before.
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