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“If we had thought Americans would not understand double-negative logic, we would not have said this less plainly.”
I was told there was actual logic on political Twitter today but couldn’t believe it so I came to see with my own eyes.
It’ll be interesting to see what Trump looks and acts like when he’s in a good mood. Does anyone remember the last time that was?
Now that we can all agree on “no collusion,” let’s see what else there is.
I wish there was a catch phrase that could summarize this conclusion, which Trump and his supporters can now finally justly celebrate, despite deriding Mueller as a fraud and the investigation as a witch hunt for two years.
RT @RepJerryNadler: Here is a link to the letter we received from Attorney General Barr. Seems like the Department of Justice is putting ma…
More political engagement by more people is a good thing. More political engagement by the super-rich may be a bit more dicey, especially under our current under-regulated and under-enforced political spending rules.
However, it would significantly increase my desire to spend money to ensure my preferred spending priorities were enacted by Congress. I don’t want my money going to a stupid wall. Is more lobbying and political spending a good thing? I don’t know.
Ok, I’m just going to put this out there: for me, this would be mildly inconvenient but completely justified if put to use to effectively strengthen the resilience of the poor and middle class in this country. However...
Compared to Lock Her Up, Muslim Ban, Build a Wall, and Putin’s Best Friend, it’s a tame idea.
RT @TheRickWilson: "Jared, we need to talk about OPSEC." Jared: "It's fabulous. I've been using it for months and my skin looks radiant."…
After taking part in a “Lock Her Up” campaign based on this very issue, hard to claim this is an innocent mistake by someone new to government service.
The Mueller indictments thus far have been surprisingly readable. I hope whatever we get to see next is not obtuse.
Without comment.
Not sure why people are all worried about issuing subpoenas - the sooner the better, because they’re likely to be challenged in court. And then we’ll see if Separation of Powers still means anything.
Wasn’t he one of the President’s unregistered foreign agents? Whatever happened to that guy?
The voters who like it when Trump does this were also probably birthers.
Future president material right there folks.
No one is surprised Trump lied about a conversation he claims to have had. It’s the one thing his friends and opponents know he does reflexively.
Authoritarianism is awesome - if you don’t care about liberty, or federalism. Or free speech, privacy, justice, even gun ownership, free flow of capital, private property. It’s deceptively comforting when the guy in charge is one of us.
Anti-safe space politician upset at loss of Twitter safe space. Free speech advocate upset at free speech. Free market fan mad at private company. Tuesday.
The longer the president acts crazy, the better it is for opposition voter turnout.
So, not a witch hunt then?
The President of the United States is surprised that investigators had no proof of a crime while they were investigating whether or not there was proof of a crime.
People forget Congress has powers your company’s lawyers never told you about.
Everyone who fights for truth in matters of public safety at the FAA and other government agencies should be outraged at how much this looks and smells like corruption.
I’m sure it’s comforting that a country with leaders who support a president despite knowing he can’t be counted on to tell the truth about most anything says the plane built in their country is safe.
For example, here’s some information about Zero Hedge:
While you’re enjoying the challenges posed by FB’s market and media dominance, consider using @NewsGuardRating to make up your own mind about whether or not a website is worth your time and attention.
Guys, physicists have shown that “alternative facts” are a reality in the quantum world and we are all doomed.
RT @ProfFeynman: I would rather have questions that cannot be answered than answers that cannot be questioned.
It appears the Senate is losing some of its collegiality. The Senate is supposed to be the place where partisan populist passions are tempered, but that hasn’t been going particularly well since Obama’s Supreme Court nomination was ignored.
Smart. Focus on beating him at the ballot. Unless of course Republicans decide pending indictments makes him unelectable and seek to fire him before the election.
What does this say about our ability to set sensible national defense policy in an era of hyper-partisanship and polarization?
People don’t like it when you point out how much unchecked power any US president has. Bush went too far with torture, Obama with kill lists. Nepotism is corruption but at least it’s not fatal.
He’s the president, he can give a security clearance to Putin if he wants.
Loyal subjects support their king no matter what.
This, unfortunately, is why politics in our age of instant social media is so dysfunctional and extremely vulnerable to emotionally-charged manipulation.
Nearly everything about “the President can do anything he wants without Congress” is wrong and conservatives used to be the ones warning us about the dangers of unchecked power in the hands of one flawed person.
“The Dems are obstructing justice.” Yes, please explain to us the process one goes about to obstruct justice.
If it’s legal, it’s literally management’s job to find a way to put money in the President’s pockets if it helps their business strategy. (GOP says it’s legal, Dems say it’s not, I guess we’ll find out.)
Now why would you need a prosecutor with RICO experience? This seems bad for everyone at Trump Org.
MIDTERM ELECTIONS! Americans overwhelmingly voted against your party two years after you won a majority of Congress. This might have something to do with your performance and conduct.
Trump’s approach to decision-making is more like that of a pundit than that of a physician. Each day is a new day and today’s opinions don’t have to square with yesterday’s.
The 45th President’s White House Press Secretary sounds upset.
If we locked her up, would it help?
Make Money Clean Again
I guess Satanists are welcome at Christian colleges again.
Shorter: bring back politics. Congress is messy but the only way to let competing tribes hash out compromises, rather than punt to the courts, an authoritarian, or the regulatory state.
Rather than rest comfortably in the knowledge their campaign had nothing to do with this and would be exonerated, the president and his allies seek to undermine Mueller’s investigation, which has resulted in a very detailed indictment of part of this operation.
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