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About pages are critical pieces of information for the audience.
ICYMI: The New Social Network That Isn’t New at All
Got an idea for innovation in fact checking? The IFCN will grant 50,000 USD to a winning project idea.
ICYMI: 10 takeaways for newsroom leaders from the Power Shift Summit 2.0 Report
RT @dpfunke: With two months until EU elections, 19 fact-checkers are teaming up to fight misinformation
ICYMI: As other social networks wage a very public war against misinformation, it’s thriving on Instagram.
Creating a mission statement can be a fascinating project in a newsroom, leading to deep discussions about the organization’s aims.
Makgato is the second director to lead the continent-wide operation. tinent/
ICYMI: Facebook to reexamine how recently live videos are flagged after Christchurch shooting
“Anyone with even the most minimal knowledge of the current situation in Mexico knows that this is absurd.”
ICYMI: St. Pete-based Penny Hoarder lays off 45 employees, cutting its newsroom in half
The grant process begins this summer.
ICYMI: Beto, Biden and Bernie: The B-Boys and the media’s dangerous, self-fulfilling prophecy -prophecy/2019/03/19/39411dd6-4a57-11e9-93d0-64dbcf38ba41_story.html?utm_term=.98df9d51e319
If you’re an editor, listening can help you earn trust, and nothing is more important than that.
ICYMI: Oaktree Capital Expresses Confidence in Digital First’s Bid for Gannett
Koppel’s message: The media ain’t what it used to be — and has it in for President Donald Trump.
ICYMI: Overseas Press Club of America Announces Annual Award Winners
There's still time to sign up for our @newsu webinar about choosing the best photo for the story!
ICYMI: Google News Initiative launches new fact checking tools, supporting more subscription models
For individuals with their own stories to tell, or for people reporting on gender-based violence, I want to share what it was like for me to tell my #MeToo story.
In California, 33 news outlets have done something previously unimaginable. They are joining forces. s-to-take-it-back/
Please to announced @TelemundoNews and @PolitiFact are partnering to fact-check news for millions of Spanish-speaking Americans
When was the last time you felt like someone really listened to you and then asked you questions that helped you better understand yourself?
Having raised $42 million in six months, the American Journalism Project, is about to start handing out money to non-profit digital news sites.
“We are not the reservoirs of objectivity that I think we were,” Koppel said.
All news sites need an About page. Here's why.
What’s your news company’s mission?
The American Journalism Project is on a fast track to hand out money to nonprofit digital sites
Through a week of training and personalized coaching, our lineup of award-winning journalists will show you how digital approaches and narrative writing techniques can transform your work—whether it’s a daily story or a major project. Apply by March 25:
Here’s a journalism win that’s had a lasting impact
"When I realized how much my experience of sexual assault had motivated my choices, I wanted to be transparent about it." is in a showdown with Cuyahoga County in Ohio over public records
The Virginian-Pilot dove deep into that area’s child welfare system
Africa Check has a new director. Here’s his vision for fact-checking on the continent.
Facebook says it wants to do something about news deserts
I want to link to @mthomps's brilliant piece on the Four Types of Journalists: Newshound, Storyteller, Provocateur or the Systems Analyst. I'm the Systems Analyst, and maybe that's why this music appeals. @Poynter seems to have destroyed the link alas.
The alarming case of Mexican journalist Emilio Gutiérrez Soto has reached a critical stage
(He would never actually flip a table, the stories of his excellent manners and humility are practically legend and his entire team appears to adore him as the most shining of golden children. But he flips tables in his lyrics.)
It’s past time to think more about our audiences and less about ourselves
In California, 33 news outlets have done something previously unimaginable. They are joining forces. s-to-take-it-back/
ICYMI: L.A. Times Owner Sets Ambitious Goal: Five Million Digital Subscribers
What happened after one journalist shared her own #MeToo story.
ICYMI: Surviving the boom and bust of queer media
"I think the idea that news organizations are in direct competition is changing. This project is a great example."
ICYMI: As the Christchurch shootings unfolded, I knew I had to quit my job at Sky News
Print this out and tack it up on your wall.
ICYMI: Bernie Sanders Just Hired His Twitter Attack Dog
It’s difficult to understand why Mexican journalist Emilio Gutiérrez Soto's efforts to gain asylum in the United States have been denied. tion-court-has-ordered/
ICYMI: Google hit with €1.5 billion antitrust fine by EU
"I can’t pretend I have found all the answers. But in choosing to admit my vulnerability, I have found some strength."
RT @katiehawk: Have you ever been laid off from or left a job in journalism? Do you have unresolved feelings about it? Would you be up for…
ICYMI: Does the “backfire effect” exist—and does it matter for factcheckers?
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