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πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» No-code tools make it easy for anyone to be a maker 🌍 What does the future hold as they gain popularity? πŸŽ™ Listen as @rrhoover chats to @ajlkn, Founder of Carrd, on our podcast. πŸ—£ "You don't have to just consume, you can create." -@ajlkn
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Today is the day 😺 Join us 11am PT as we chat with @eva_Ho and @stephpalmeri of @AllRaise, they are on a mission to increase the number of women founders and funders in tech. Submit your questions here:
Join our live Q&A with @AllRaise @eva_ho @stephpalmeri πŸ”΄ Submit your submit your questions now about tech, startups, VC, and diversity in tech πŸ‘‡
Join our live Q&A with @AllRaise @eva_ho @stephpalmeri 11am PST Tuesday, submit your questions now about #tech #startups #VC #fundraising #diversityintech via this link
We're giving you a chance to enjoy a Q&A with prominent VCs @stephpalmeri and @eva_ho of @AllRaise submit your questions now:
Join us Tue 15th May 11am PST for our live chat with @stephpalmeri and @eva_ho of @AllRaise sign up + submit questions here
Join us as we chat with @stephpalmeri & @eva_ho of @AllRaise 15th May at 11am PST. Register for a reminder and ask questions here:
We go live with @intercom CEO @eoghan at 11am PT today. Want to know more about building a startup empire? Ask away here
😺 Today at 11am PT we chat live with @intercom CEO @eoghan -- get your questions in now
"Be scrappy, but respectful" –@MarlonCNichols
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The skills and experiences that make a great VC πŸ‘Œ cc @MarlonCNichols
20 minutes until we go LIVE with @MarlonCNichols of @CrossCultureVC -- get your questions about fundraising, startups and VC in now πŸ‘€
Join our live chat with @MarlonCNichols of @CrossCultureVC this Weds @ 11am PST. Fundraising? About to start? Breaking into VC? Ask your questions now & get an expert opinion πŸ™ŒπŸ½
Can't wait to chat to @CrossCultureVC @MarlonCNichols about life as a VC and future of tech. Start entering questions now, we go live 21 March 11am PST 😸
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Is @ycombinator for you? πŸ€” @patrickc: "YC is hard to beat."
Troy Carter, on the talent managers he respects most: πŸ‘‰ @ScooterBraun πŸ‘‰ @GuyOseary πŸ‘‰ @TyStiklorius
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