my radioshow @QLS is my food venture is @QuestlovesFood & 4 ur kids follow @thepocketkit! i'm in the house!!
*drumroll please*
RT @nataliemorales: What a dream. Even tho @questlove & @theroots played that dang song ⚽️
RT @thephillyvoice: Now, vegan cheesesteak lovers will be able to get Impossible Meat at Phillies home games.
Woodstock 50 is HOOOOOW MUCH!!!????
yes! we need one. and this being brought to you by a non one should speak volumes
RT @ImpossibleFoods: Our friend @questlove has Philly in his roots, so who better to re-create a famous local delicacy? Introducing the Que…
RT @Aramark: We're excited to be the first MLB concessionaire to offer @questlove's new plant-based Cheesesteak Sandwich at @Phillies games…
Impossible Burger Lovers & Cheesesteak Connoisseurs ible-meat/#3b13499c71bb #QuestloveCheesesteaks #ImpossibleCheeseSteaks
welp because of the #RocASpies of twitter lemme avoid an unnecessary "talkin to" 😔 & just say: "i really really REALLY EXTREMELY ABSOLUTELY VERY MUCH EXCITED APPROVED awesomely Love @beaniesigelsp verse on "Where Have You Been"-----#DontIceMeOutDog #WeBolsRight #UrVerseCoolToo?
12 Years A Slave
*grandpa simpson walks in bar/grandpa simpson walks out bar*
Awww man the pet sounds cue tho...perfect touch
Ok yall, this was a year in the making so keeping this a secret was SUPER DIFFICULT!! I’m launching Questlove’s Cheesesteak! As a non vegan/vegetarian i still fell in love with…
congrats @Dart_Adams you just made me dispel my entire creativity book and "kids don't distract yourself" w this LL vs Will & Jeff scenario. I got 32 mins to turn in the TFA 20th deluxe notes and now im doing LL research
RT @soulbrotha215: Hey @Stonekettle @SpicyFiles @lauferlaw @TalibKweli @MrChuckD @krassenstein @questlove I'm reaching out to you all to he…
A tad late @PFTompkins but I laughed so hard at that grandma kidnap scene in @YTWFXX like enough to post this 2:43 am 😂😂🤣🤣
Thank you very much! There is no statute of limitations on liking grandma kidnap scenes.
RT @ryanBartholomee: “Vote for Quest, he’s the best!” @questlove #FallonTonight
The gods are on MY SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Grover & Elmo ask too many damb questions & i don't wanna find out that cookie is an omnivore on a deserted island. so ill pick Oscar cause he won't nag me w questions
I say “A Milli” is the *warmest* bass endurance song. I’ll say “Baby Be Mine” (MJ) Is probably the best natural instrument mix reference (Bruce Swedien is a beast)
But the majority of his fanbase doesn’t have ATCs. Rule one in studio mixing is mix quiet and on special (sh**y) speakers because if they sound great on speakers that are inferior (see your computer/iPhone) then they will kick ass when played loud. But besides surviving Ye...
ANY Kanye song. 2ce in my dj career I got fined for breaking speakers (his songs). His songs are mixed offensively low end (my guess? Blasting mixes in studio—-which 1) destroys your ears 2) ruins mix —-I will say in concert the Yeezy mixes kicked ass (colonic style)
RT @hpstorian: Anning caught in the airport without his fash backup. This is even better than egg boy.
I’m back Vegas playing the dope ish. I love spinning at ontherecordlv at @mgmgrand/ @icedteadamon because you get freedom here that you don’t get anywhere else in vegas: you can go old…
I have to give credit where it is due. We already seen proof that just because you “make it out the hood” does not guarantee survival. And even when you hit 40 and think (“whew I escaped…
RT @ontherecordlv: Let’s go! The one & only @questlove is back at #OTRvegas tonight. Few tickets left! Get yours here:…
Opened bathroom and boom—-I had this pup in captivity for I guess 20 something hours 😏. My guess is maybe she snuck in when I was taking the garbage to chute? 🤷🏾‍♂️. Bottom line is this be happening all the time in building: babies & animals roaming hallway all free
is how to make it stop? finally 6am I realized either the vents in apt are a lil too close for comfort or else.....
I’m all in lobby expressing concern (neighbor & crying daughter setting up posts missing dog signs) I got home super late from DJ gig 445am & in my sleep I couldn’t escape this crying sound. Kinda like when u dream of going to bathroom but don’t feel relief? So now Whole dream is
Lol i had a similar situation: apparently w/o my knowledge a baby puppy snuck in my apt and set up shop under the sink in the guest bathroom that I never use. What made it look crazy was you know how crackheads would help you look for your stolen stuff they took? Basically me
Yup 🤷🏾‍♂️
People all the time tell me/us how much the albums (or books, or the show, or the concerts or job 35) means to them and I appreciate it. But man this RIGHT HERE? This might have me cutting…
RT @hannaallison_: Y'all remember that story about Tupac tried to wyle out on Ms. Maya Angelou
Been in the air all day, just landed, I can’t believe that video is active on the internet. I’m
Once again...avoiding the real and present danger of white nationalism.
This booking is a miracle. Wow!
This post inspired this enjoy!
However: I will allow @Thebadplus version. For 15 years that was my last record of the night and worked like a charm EVERYTIME
Oh damn Jake Phelps died???!!! Wooow, i don’t even skate & I know this is devestaing. Got to chop it up w him in Utah once. & god bless his soul.
Walter & Eddiemight outlive me, & I’m sho nuff making it to 94
Back by popular demand AUSTIN! I’m DJ’ing at playblankos opening night party at SXSW on Friday, March 15th at the Main 10pm
Netflix on a guillotine itchy trigger finger roll
#Repost @flea333 ・・・ The world just lost two beautiful drummers. Hal Blaine, who played immaculately on countless hits, an inspiration to many, died at the age of 90, and in a…
Will it matter this late in the game?
Its just hitting me now 2011 in Akron they shamed & punished (jailed!) mom Kelley Williams Bolar for trying to provide her daughters with a better private school education. This is less of…
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