my radioshow @QLS is my food venture is @QuestlovesFood & 4 ur kids follow @thepocketkit! i'm in the house!!
But stylistically most would agree that my trademark sound (that Trackmasters Snare era sound) was birthed by his “Mothers Son”
“Never Stop Loving Me” a surprising gem from his...😐”Disco Era🤷🏾‍♂️——it’s magic tho
To give you guys perspective on what we at @twoonefiveent (@blackthought #ShawnGee & myself) are up to. We pretty much had a burning desire to create a docuseries that dissects every nilc & crannie of known hip hop…
Y’all fell for that Shane Morris thread? I was done after the 7th post. Even I don’t tell a story that long
RT @funder: Trump helped Saudi Arabia coverup the assassination of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi. A real president would deman…
Lol this poor thread 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂
RT @HenryLouisGates: “I’m frozen, man.” @questlove learns that his ancestors were on the last known slave ship to come to America in 1860.…
RT @ACLU: URGENT: Alabama just passed a complete ban on abortion, part of a dangerous nationwide effort to ultimately overturn Roe v. Wade.…
yeah BUT---Bey got a hell of a 20 year jumpstart. even if it all ended now: NOONE is letting #CrazyInLove #SingleLadies die. GOD icon status is really someone a slew of hits in which 1-3 songs will pretty much remain forever
coming soon from @twoonefiveent on @AMC_TV in Oct 2019 our new docs series @SongsThatShook GGGreat grandad was the last slave forced aboard the #Clotilda ship. -----kinda hard processing that a 10k bet ("i can get slaves"/"no you can't"/wanna bet?") & a last min 11th hr kidnaping ("give us your tallest guy to keep 'them' in line") brought
let the games begin
Our guest on the next @qls is straight up royalty. For as long as I can remember @DyanaWilliams has been damn near in the eye of the storm of black music. She personally campaigned to make June #blackmusicmonth. Her…
End of an era, start of a new. Less “work” & more bucket listing. Less “jobs” & more legacy building. Follow @twoonefiveent we finna bring you a monster in about 5 months.....stay tuned. Matter of fact: follow that…
lol if one more person tweets this pic to me......1) this was our 10th anniversary as a band---she brought us a cake 2) she was our guest (invited us to play/speak at Harvard often) 3) didn't realize i was in a band w a 12 year old lol
Dead pt 2
Same man. Same
Oh OH....
RT @donwill: Ben Carson confusing REO's with Oreos is cool but have you tried Ben Carson mixing up Amway and OMWI?
RT @donwill: welp looks like us folks who got a bag of grocery bags under the sink were right all along
& hell begins
RT @murphdogg29: Tyrion played the smart game. Daenerys played her own game. Jon Snow hated the game. Sansa played the long game. Arya t…
fun fact: when @DJEVILDEE was adjusting the song adding elements (like the water fx) i ran to the D&D bathroom & heard these loud bells. Nosey i peeped in other other room: @REALDJPREMIER & @IAmKRSOne creating #MCsActLikeTheyDontKnow
In The Beginning #Organix May 19th 1993. @ illadelph
RT @fwmj: i hate that billionaires can do a "nice" lil inexpensive (to them) gesture and get all this positive press, when said gesture wou…
Hey @HBO will you be streaming #TheFinalEpisode on your devices for those in other time zones? asking for a ME!
RT @Lawrence: Eric Garner said “I can’t breathe” 11 times as he was choked to death by NYPD. 11 times. “Not a big deal” said NYPD commander…
Damn near had a girl break up w me cause i loved Hard shell tacos instead of authentic i KNOW she'd gone full Bobbitt on me for this.
Any other GOP members following suit or nah?
RT @StaxRecords: We're reissuing Isaac Hayes’ masterpiece soundtrack to SHAFT. The 2-CD set offers the newly remastered, classic soundtrack…
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