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Skift is hiring for an Account Manager to work on our awesome sales team, in NYC, great training on organizations and sales skills for anyone looking to enter sales.
Have always wished to do a photo essay or a doc on couples breaking up publicly on NYC streets, has to be one of the strangest NYC life experiences possible. Someone, please, do it.
To the subway dancers on 1 train last night who introduced me to the music of @alinabaraz, thank you, this particular one has been on a loop non stop:
This is very useful: Digital Pay-Meter Playbook: How Today’s News Publishers Can Use Data, Best Practices, and Test-and-Learn Tactics To Build Better Pay-Meters
RT @skift: Sir Richard Branson (Founder of Virgin Group) endorsed Stephen Cluskey, CEO of @mobilitymojo as someone who will change the worl…
This is nuts>> Texts Between Sabre Execs About Farelogix Deal Fuel U.S. Antitrust Lawsuit via @Skift
Am a fan of Ran and what he is building with Homeis, with all the implications it has in the environment we are in. Onwards!
RT @BrianSumers: Sccoplet: @AmericanAir knows its retrofitted first class is crummy, and it'll make some fixes. "We are modifying certain t…
Excited to hear Glenn speak at Skift Global Forum, curious to hear what they’re doing with Kayak+OpenTable under one roof and plans for it. Come to the best business conference in travel in a month. ps://
Whoa, Leon, my fave UK cafe/fast food chain, is now in U.S., In DC! Why not NYC, @leonUSA?!
This is the best part of our @skiftresearch deep dive into traveler habits of the young, China and India youth have such different motivators. Buy this research to understand this.
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Plea to “seasoned journalists” Facebook wants to hire for this: please don’t go to Facebook, much lucrative as this would look. This would last a year, I promise you, and you’ll be back on the market. Don’t make yourself go through this shit again.
Greenland Doesn't Want to Be Part of U.S. — But It Wants American Visitors via @Skift
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RT @joanna_haugen: Must-read piece for anyone interested in #travel. > Are Cultural Tours Built on Exploitation? vi…
Graydon Carter’s E-mail Newsletter for the Rich and Boring via @thenation
RT @skift: Super investors are backing @reddoorzhq in the face of Oyo’s entry into Southeast Asia.
RT @SethBorko: Report in @WSJ that Airbnb has $3.5B in cash on its B/S! That pretty much confirms the estimate that we put out over a year…
What a President looks like and does, learn and lead by example.
See for yourself why Airline Weekly is called the "Economist of aviation media." The best deep coverage of global sector, in a great package weekly by editor @munnikrishnan & Jay Shabat.
RT @the_statesider: Our friends at @skift ask a good question about cultural tourism. Thoughts?
RT @JenRodbowers: @rafat @ClaraJeffery We also need to address the CEO compensation that is now +/- 900 times more than workers as apposed…
RT @skift: Delta Air Lines Sues Chatbot Vendor Faulted for Data Breach
Private Equity Firm Accel-KKR's Latest Fix: Hotel Enterprise Software via @Skift
RT @Leupp: There’s roughly 80-100 years of legal precedent that will prevent companies from ever putting *anything* ahead of their fiduciar…
RT @davemorgannyc: @rafat Would be nice if the CEO's were really in control @rafat . However, the companies and boards that they work for a…
RT @ilyasu: Traveling without wife+daughter... Day 1: This is just fantastic. Freedom! Day 2: Hmm, how did I ever fill all this free time…
RT @rafat: So this is huge, in theory, that is. Remains to be seen if this is another instance of greenwashing. But if big business returns…
Great exploration here by @SarahEnelow: Are Cultural Tours Built on Exploitation? via @Skift
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The first paragraph of the formal statement from @bizRoundtable does not inspire confidence, the delusion that private enterprise trumps everything is at the root of this issue, not a solution to the world’s problems that in many cases they created.
Another thing: the legal history of corporations in America. & how they got rights as "persons" is a pretty astonishing read, and a precursor in many ways to where we are today with corporations, this is heavy read, but worth first few chapters.
It still reeks of bunch-of-powerful-white-people-get-into-a-room-and-decide-fate-of-the-world. It is worth going way beyond this Fortune cover story & reading history books, like this one which is foundational to understanding this:
So this is huge, in theory, that is. Remains to be seen if this is another instance of greenwashing. But if big business returns to stakeholder capitalism, vs the shareholder capitalism that has destroyed the world, will be worth rooting for:
Very interesting joint move, this $50 million investment in Group360.
Fabulous story on the big hope for Puerto Rico: “Centennials” will fight for a better Puerto Rico | El Nuevo Día
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RT @rafat: Two decades ago this week, left India and came to America. The journey was from India to Indiana, a world apart in all possible…
Great reporting here: Can Cathay Pacific manage a safe landing after protest turbulence?
This is narrow lesson to take away from failures of single-patron media pubs. The biggest lesson in media, which everyone learns again & again at their peril: diversify, diversify, diversify! No single point of failure.
Worth the read: India was a miracle democracy. But it’s time to downgrade its credentials.
RT @skift: Come see over 2 dozen top travel speakers at Skift Global Forum, including @MarriottIntl CFO Leeny Oberg.…
Lastly, I remember going to Kmart in Bloomington early on, my first big box retail experience, and being wowed by all the variety & choices and thinking: *This* is America!
Also this, my first experience: how could sandwiches and tea be consumed cold in this country?
I also remember sitting at Indianapolis airport waiting for Bloomington Shuttle next to the stairs & thinking this is a country I will have to do everything myself, no welcoming party, no real instructions anywhere on how to navigate things.
I also remember landing in Riyadh (my parents lived there for a few years back then) and quickly realizing how badly Saudis treated Indians/Pakistanis/Bangladeshis by the separate lines they had & how they shouted at the people in the line. It has marginally improved since.
I remember leaving Bombay and having to pay a bribe to airport officials just to leave the country as a student to U.S., was a few thousand rupees, whatever INR cash I had. They kept saying I didn’t have a stamp on passport, I was young, native & scared & did what they asked.
Two decades ago this week, left India and came to America. The journey was from India to Indiana, a world apart in all possible ways. In these 20 years America (and for two years in between UK) has given me a lot, and hopefully I have given enough back for its generosity.
The 1619 Project by NYT/Pulitzer Center is breathtaking in scope & looking forward to reading in print @NYTmag. BUT an even bigger project remains untold: The 1492 Project. 56 mn native Americans died by 1600 post-Euro arrival, part genocide, part disease.
Fabulous branding of an alpine hotel in Austria, like this a lot:
Joe is a funny guy. He writes fun stuff. His one liners are funny. But man his comments about coffee are not funny. I need to really help him understand what is good coffee and coffee. Joe, come to SF. @hblodget Henry can pay for this research trip! You can share notes with him.
Joe doesn't work for @hblodget. He works for @rafat at PaidContent.
Shut up and go back to be a husband
Wow that brought back some memories.
Ha! Henry doesn't pay for my research trips anymore! But next time I'm out, let's definitely get coffee. Been way too long.
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