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We had more hair on it than Groupon. Though I guess We has more consistency of supply... but by a related and conflicted party.
I saw this headline and was hoping it would be @United CEO and guy-who-defended-David-dao-being-bloodied-on-aircraft Oscar Munoz. https://www.washingtonpost.com/travel/2019/08/20/two-french-tourists-face-up-six-years-jail-taking-sand-sardinian-beach/?wpisrc=nl_rainbow&wpmm=1
Is there an OTA that provides decent customer service, not the @priceline / @Expedia level of extreme shittiness? Given the margins in hotel bookings, someone should be able to.
Following up to my earlier inquiry with my experience with iPad Pro Smart Keyboard: 1/ really wish it were illuminated 2/ the caps lock key gets in the way ALL THE TIME. 3/ The edge trim of the case feels very cheap and un-Apple.
I wonder what % of Fortune 500 CEOs would do something like this. I’m guessing <25%. https://www.ibtimes.com/cathay-pacific-ceo-praised-not-giving-names-staff-joining-hong-kong-protest-2815487
RT @kennethn: Ted Cruz in 2016: “I mean, we’re liable to wake up one morning and Donald, if he were president, would have nuked Denmark. Th…
RT @scottlincicome: "Hey, don't do X. Every legit expert says X has bad direct effects & potentially really-bad indirect effects" "Shut up,…
Curious: Is Denmark now a shithole country?
Remember when Obama got the Nobel for not being W? What award will the next president get? https://twitter.com/davidfrum/status/1163991337311621120
RT @JenSeniorNY: "Also, I will no longer be serving Danish in the White House."
RT @crampell: Trump tells WH pool he could index capital gains to inflation -- effectively a huge tax cut, primarily befalling the wealthy…
All of these routes, except one, has at least one endpoint in the U.S. Surprised that YVR-YYZ is on the list. https://thepointsguy.com/news/these-10-routes-are-worth-serious-cash-to-airlines/?utm_content=12CEB90A-BEA7-11E9-B511-A822933C408C&utm_term=Editorial&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=facebook&utm_medium=social
Good stuff from ⁦@gokulr⁩. My add: make sure your values are clear and concise. I worked at one company that had 8 value “themes” with sub-bullets for each. https://medium.com/@gokulrajaram/values-based-firing-5a6646617530
Spammers don’t share mailing lists as much as political candidates do. Sharing info for one race gets you on the list for other races not remotely related. Couldn’t care less about NY-21. The only out of state races I care about are senate in ME KY CO TX.
To clarify... I would have found Niagara Falls incredibly disappointing if I’d been to Argentina before visiting NY/Canada.
Better, faster, cheaper. It is the stuff of all technology and much human progress. We work individually and collectively to push the boundaries and move the human race forward. https://twitter.com/stevesi/status/1163886536821096448
If I had been here before Niagara Falls, I would have found them really disappointing.
Next up: Victoria Falls, which will make all other falls seem like they... fall short.
Heh. My wife and I were just discussing how to evaluate various falls. Height? Width? Water flow? Inaccessibility aka bragging rights? We agree that Niagara Falls is nowhere near as nice as Iguazu Falls.
Sentimental favorite for me is Hanakapi'ai Falls, but only because of the beauty of the hike needed to reach it.
#psa Iguazu falls on the Argentina / Brazil / Paraguay borders are incredible. Photos can’t begin to capture them.
Now we need the gutless coward who wrote that times op-Ed to come forward. https://twitter.com/scaramucci/status/1163624285568675842
Ok, not a tweet for everything, but same difference. https://twitter.com/crampell/status/1163440887675990016
Headline nails it. https://gizmodo.com/google-does-good-privacy-thing-users-revolt-1837269018
I had really low expectations of @Marriott acquiring Starwood. The reality has been so much worse than I expected. Too bad @Hyatt deal didn’t work out.
I know republicans don’t have the guts to stand up to trump, but can’t they expel the racist from Iowa?
We bribed the farmers, why not everyone else? Let’s mail out checks with gold embossed DJT on them. (Subhead, MAGA.) https://twitter.com/damianpaletta/status/1163548709839355906
#ux A common use case is that I need to park until 3p.m. Let me put the time in and do the math for me. Or at least have flip dials that also show an updated end time. https://twitter.com/rakeshlobster/status/1162820640300249089
I wonder if mrs. @gtconway3d ever actually advises the president or she just concocts ridiculous lies after the fact to convince us that the things we saw happen didn’t actually happen.
Given that he surrounds himself with sycophants, it would only be surprising if this weren’t the case. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/18/us/politics/trump-economy-recession.html
@mbvoyassist Is it really true @MarriottBonvoy that you won’t do a titanium override if a hotel has a presidential suite left... which reservations can’t book?
The benefit you sell is that I will be able to get a room if the rooms in the hotel are sold out. Is that not the case?
Is it really true @MarriottBonvoy that you won’t do a titanium override if a hotel has a presidential suite left... which reservations can’t book?
Google does seem to be doing some skin tone adjustment with the color pop feature. As a darker-skinned person, I think It’s great. (But I can see how this would be controversial.)⁦ @dflieb⁩
Off to Argentina. See if I can help with that whole currency thing.
Squarely in the first-world problems bucket. But: international business class without personal entertainment? ⁦@AmericanAir ... a⁩ lot of domestic flights have that in coach.
Same with the centurion lounges. Built a gym membership model, but people actually wanted to go to the gym! https://twitter.com/jimyoull/status/1162903504073023489
Same with the @Citi prestige card. Higher fees, fewer benefits. Whomever designed these cards 1/ clearly did a poor job modeling take rates or 2/ undersold the costs to their bosses to hit acquisition targets (or had bosses with unreasonable expectations.)
Continuing to devalue the ⁦@AmericanExpress⁩ platinum card. Several devaluations, but prices went up.
I wish there was a hotel chain like @SouthwestAir that had a brand or not sticking you with bogus fees. But the only one I know that tried had to stop because the OTAs reward the liars.
#ux would you improve this @PayByPhone_NA experience?
#ux intermixing numbers and alphabetical characters means that people on mobile have to constantly switch between two keyboards. Better to use all alpha, or cluster alpha and numeric. https://twitter.com/rakeshlobster/status/1162113500786786305
Suggestions for key largo/marathon key? (Not enough time to get to key west)
Though having two free restaurants and two lounges (one of them nice) is great.
Let's troll the bully in The White House @realDonaldTrump and rename the street in front of Trump Tower in NYC "President Barack H. Obama Avenue." Sign the petition. https://petitions.moveon.org/sign/rename-fifth-avenue-in?source=emailupdate #ObamaAve
First time flying out of T3 @ SFO in forever. Much prefer the airiness of T2 and @AlaskaAir
No matter what I set the dial to, the car stays blue.
Seems google and amazon have come to a truce on prime video and YouTube. Now if google would finally abandon the design decision to not have a remote for Chromecast, it might be a decent product. https://www.blog.google/products/chromecast/prime-video-chromecast-android-tv-youtube-fire-tv/?utm_source=promo&utm_medium=email_crm&utm_campaign=GS102968&utm_term=hero_image&utm_content=110236587
Also not functioning: the lane-departure warning system. No error message I can find for that. Would make the second (possibly 3rd) time I’ve gotten a rental with a non-functioning LDWS. Wonder if there is something specific to rental usage that causes that.
To everyone who responded so far: no, this didn’t turn off after the car started. My best guess is that it means that the system isn’t functioning.
To my earlier commentary on expecting people to respond to cryptic messaging. Any guesses on what this flashing icon means? Looks like a crash is imminent, but blinks when parked, too.
#ux how you improve the experience on this amazon gift card?
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