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RT @KJberrypi: Who would've thought that a @Raspberry_Pi bag could turn @Foustberrypi and I into AN ENTIRE SUPERHERO DUO! @CodeClub_USA and…
Chag sameach! A peaceful and joyous Passover to all.
Build a SatNOGS ground station with a Raspberry Pi 3B+ and use it to track satellites in space with issue 18 of @HackSpaceMag, out today!
RT @Hacksterio: .@Dan_Aldred made a hologram pyramid using a @Raspberry_Pi, an IKEA table, and an old monitor: http…
RT @jaymesdec: Excited to see this foosball table coming together. 4 layers of cardboard with a press fit frame. They are working with @Ras…
RT @coolestprojects: There's still time for your young coder to register for Coolest Projects International! Our deadline has been extende…
Track bats with a Raspberry Pi this #BatAppreciationDay:
RT @HelloWorld_Edu: 3D animation still requires a hefty computer to bring it to the classroom. But maybe something more intensive may be of…
Unlock your inner @rousseaumusique with this gorgeous Raspberry Pi Zero LED piano visualiser. Learn more and build your own:
RT @NexComputer: NexDock 2 Turns Your Android Phone or Raspberry Pi into a Laptop via @omgubuntu
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Well, that was #oddlysatisfying
Pi VizuWall is a multi-Raspberry Pi MPI computing system with a difference. And the difference is servo motors! Find out more in today's blog post (and trust us when we say this project is awesome!)
What a lovely project!
RT @Dan_Aldred: Just making a video about building my @Raspberry_Pi Hologram Machine.
RT @spufidoo: A @Raspberry_Pi based art project!
RT @FutureLearn: Physical computing means interacting with real-world objects by programming them from a computer eg programming an LED to…
There are still a few spaces left for our History of Raspberry Pi talk taking place tomorrow at the shop. If you're local to Cambridge, or know someone who is, and would enjoy hearing @gsholling talk about things, here's the link for your free ticket:
Is this the world’s first Raspberry Pi-powered tweeting cat litter box? We suspect it is. We are not 100% sure we want to follow. 💩🐈💩
RT @amolrajan: Here’s a young boy seeing clearly for the first time. Hundreds of thousands of hours of patient experimentation make this po…
When you’ve literally been waiting your entire life for a product release. Get your own Raspberry Pi keyboard and mouse (approved by this almost-two-year-old) at
RT @HelloWorld_Edu: How can we engage and include all students in computing? Results of a national survey into the state of computing in sp…
RT @ben_nuttall: Liam now works on the @Raspberry_Pi engineering team! -> @FraserLiam
Watch Game of Thrones with this voice-activated, colour-changing, 3D-printed Drogon. You don't need to be a Targaryen to make one...but the fire risk will be significantly lower if you are:
Learn how data is represented through audio, visual and text with our FREE online course, Bringing Data to Life. Sign up today:
RT @grant_gibson: “Alexa, ask Raspberry Pi to pour me a drink” - our school spring break @Raspberry_Pi project. h…
Don’t forget to register your project by Sunday!
With @Avengers Endgame due for release this month, what Avengers-themed Raspberry Pi projects are there? I know we've seen a working Ironman helmet along the way. What else have we missed?
A big thank you to @SlashDataHQ for their recent donation to the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Every penny donated helps us to further our mission. If you would like to find out more about donating to the Raspberry Pi Foundation, please visit:
What song is currently stuck in your head? Ours is:
RT @CodeClub: Can you help us grow our network of over 8,000 Code Clubs? Apply to join our team as Head of Code Club UK and Ireland and h…
RT @HelloWorld_Edu: The Raspberry Pi Foundation research team conducted research at @CoolestProjects 2018 events on how children make digit…
Not one for rising with the sun, and getting more and more skilled at throwing their watch across the room to snooze their alarm, one @Reddit user decided to hook up a physical bell to a Raspberry Pi and servo to create the ultimate morning wake-up call:
Do you want to learn more about algorithms and list structures in Python? Registration is now open for our FREE online Programming 102 course so sign up today and you will!
Today is #NationalPetDay so here, have one of Alex’s house buns doing a boop and share your fluffy besties with us, we wanna see!
Reader, I went with the left one
These are incredible!
It’s @estefanniegg inception at the Raspberry Pi store!
Follow the Raspberry Pi shop on Facebook for updates, offers and event information: We also love a review, so be sure to tag the store when you're telling all your followers how great a time you had visiting us in Cambridge!
Project registration for @coolestprojects International, Dublin, ends this Sunday. Has the young maker in your life registered their project idea? Find out more and register today:
Which T-shirt should Alex buy herself from the Raspberry Pi shop?
Atari’s Breakout was one of the earliest video game blockbusters. Here’s how to recreate it in Python:
We hope @tonyhawk has seen this Tiny Hawk!
Learn basic programming concepts, statements, functions, and more as you work toward creating your first program in Python with our FREE 'Programming 101' online course. Sign up today:
Do you like robots? Of course, you do!
There's still time for the young makers in your life to register their project idea for @coolestprojects International on May 5th in Dublin, Ireland. Project registration closes this Sunday, and you can find more details on the #CoolestProjects website:
“If you can make something robust enough to survive that,” he says, nodding at his daughter and clutching the hem of her dress to stop her pitching over the edge of the banquette seat, “it is probably robust enough to survive running in your factory.”
Blinky lights and music created using a Raspberry Pi? Count us in! When Aaron Chambers shared his latest project, Py-Lights, on @Reddit, we were quick to ask for more information. And here it is:
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